Soooooo.. I guess it’s my turn.. After Fit girl Stephanie posted her “20 facts about”, she nominated me to share 20 facts about myself. Awesome way to get to know the girls better! So Steph, here we go!

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20 facts about Fit Girl Tiziana

  1. The colour of my hair is real… Yes it really is! First I could not define my colour but recently I found out the colour is called “Titian red”. It reveres to a Italian painter called “Tiziano” that painted women with “Titian Red” hair.
  2. I met my boyfriend in the gym… I almost dropped my weights on his iPhone and stepped on his foot because I was out of balance during bodypump. So embarrassing.
  3. I still sleep with my stuffed animal, his name is “Moes”
  4. I love to sing opera. Especially Arias. Like the one from the famous opera Die Zauberflöte 😀 This love started because of my grandfather who loved to watch opera with me. He was the sweetest and I love him very much.
  5. The Netherlands have the best-worst-fast food snacks. My favorite snack is a “sandwich kaassouffle” with peanut sauce and mayonaise.
  6. I have a huge crush on “the land of the rising sun”, Japan. I love everything about this country and their culture. When I was 18 I fulfilled my dream: I travelled to Tokyo and lived there for 3 months.
  7. The movie Kill Bill vol. 1 inspired me to pursue an acting career. This of course to star in vol 3. I love all Tarantino’s movies. I watch art-house, independent and blockbuster movies. Yesterday I saw the movie Lucy with Scarlett Johannesson. She’s such a great actrice and the action scenes were awesome! This is expected from the great Luc Besson, a fantastic artist and director. Looooove his work!.
  8. No I am not Russian or from Eastern Europe! My mother is Dutch and my father is half French, half Algerian and I am born in Amsterdam. Oui oui! C’est comme ca.. une petite mix 😉
  9. I have a serious sparkling addiction. My favorite beverages are: diet coke, sparkling water and champagne. I just love the refreshing and bubbly sensation when drinking it… Hmm getting thirsty thinking of it…
  10. During my bachelor I went away for a month to shoot a movie traveling through Europe (France, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal) called “Things we do for love”. We “couchsurfed” all the way our way with the entire cast and crew.
  11. I once ate a whole bottle of ketchup to win a bet and won 150 EUR. Consequences weren’t pretty…
  12. For two years I lived in my mothers hotel. My bedroom looked like an office and I frequently had hotel guests in my room because they were lost and looking for the bathroom. Awkward..
  13. Daft Punk is my all time favorite artist ever. Especially Interstella 5555 with all the animation :D. I was so lucky to have visited their concert in 2006 in Belgium. It was my first concert ever!
  14. Last month I wore a chicken suit on a food fair in Paris. I stayed in Paris for a whole month! Now that I am graduated, I have a lot of part-time jobs as a waitress and hostess.
  15. It is my dream to go to a cosplay convention and be dressed as Faye Valentine, Tifa Lockheart or Erza Scarlet.
  16. I hated running so much. I was the worst runner ever that almost died after 200 meters. Now I love running so much that I do marathons. In Paris I did the Nike 10 Km “We run Paris”(read the article “Fit girl in Paris” here). And 7th of December I ran my first 15km ever! It is my dream to be able to run half a marathon once in my life. (I would love to do the Nike Ladies only run in Nagoya, Japan next year!)
  17. I have a key chain of Kill Bill’s “Pussy Wagon” on my car keys. Yeah I’m a real Kill Bill geek/fan.
  18. I like to smell my food first, before buying it 🙂
  19. Last week I had a training at a stuntcenter to become a stuntwoman.
  20. When I was 8 years old I broke my leg during skiing. It was the worst stunt ever but it did not stop me from climbing on that mountain the year after. I am a ski-junkie!

These were 20 facts about me. I hope you all liked it. So let’s continue this viral tag! Therefore I would like to nominate Fit Girl Lisa to share 20 facts about herself! And next to that I also want to get to know you better too! So here I have some questions for you 😀 And in case you are more curious about me, take a sneak a peak on my instagram account @Fitgirltizi

1. What is your Dutch snack/delicacy?

2. Where do you ski?


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