The need to retreat

Fit girls are often busy girls. We (literally 😉 ) run from one meeting to another and are not often found relaxing on the couch. Maybe you are reading this on your couch or bed (although I find that unlikely), but in case you are: I am jealous of you! My life has been super duper busy for a couple of years now, which of course I am solely responsible for. I love extra projects to take on although I’m still a student and work a lot. Oh, and I try to have a social life, work out and feed my addiction to TV series. I’m definitely not complaining because I am the one who decides what obligations I’m taking on in my life, but sometimes the pressure of deadlines and the huge size of my to-do-list become too much and I notice that I need to schedule some me-time. And here’s why you should too!


Last week I went on a 2-day retreat in my own country, the Netherlands. Still, it was many kilometres from my home and it felt like I was on a real holiday. Although I relaxed big time, went swimming, read the awesome book #GIRLBOSS, hung out with my family and even went for a run in the forest (happy me in the picture), something was nagging me in the back of my mind. What did I need to do at work when I got back? What would the grade for my thesis be? Did I need to do some more work for the proejct I am working on? Then I realized that I should let go of all these questions and focus on the here and now. Which is easier said than done.

Really, you need some serious me-time in your busy schedule, otherwise you’ll go crazy or make mistakes at those things you’re so passionately working on. Finally I managed to focus on the fact that I was on a tinie tiny holiday and that I should enjoy as much as I could before I’d going back to my busy life again. And it helped! After two days, we went back home and I felt so relaxed. I had two days of no obligations whatsoever and I fully focused on the fact that I could finally do whatever I felt like. In a sense you could say that I tried to become more mindful – focusing on the present instead of the past and future. Steffi wrote an article about becoming more mindful and that was my guideline. I paid attention to what was happening at the moment and not what I was going to do or did in the past. I often notice that I am already playing out the day in my head, what I am going to do and what it will be like. From now on I am going to try to focus solely on the here and now and get all my joy from the present moment.

More relaxing, less worrying

You as a busy fit girl should do so too! You will notice how much more relaxed you will feel and how much more you will appreciate small things. There’s no advantage in looking ahead or behind, there’s nothing you can do about both of them. Don’t worry about things you cannot change. Instead, focus on the now and you will see that that to-do-list doesn’t control your life and your mind will clear up.

Who’s joining me in becoming more mindful?

OOTD: The casual sweats

In our last OOTD I showed you my happy kicks (SO happy with this sneaker trend!). Now, I have to show you my latest comfy crush: the Nike Tech Pack. I always say that sweat pants are made for exercise, but are used for the exact opposite. We jumped, bent and danced.. these sweats are the real deal! Scroll down to check out the latest look.

OOTD: The casual sweats

get the techpack look

Outfit Aranka:

tech fleece pants grey

These pants are my all time favorite. I also have one in black.. although probably Chris is going to steal them. You need a good pair of sweats, you can dress them up with a blazer when going out for a drink drinks and still use them when going to the gym. They are super comfortable with a low crotch for a casual (badass) fit.






pegasus pink

I absolutely love these pink shoes from Nike. They bright up my outfit anyday! I always wear them when I’m wearing a casual outfit. See one of my latest articles (chick on kicks) about how to wear these pinkies after a work-out.




tech fleece cape grey 2


This jacket is also from Nike Tech Pack, matching the pants. The jacket traps body heath and this will create warmth. Moreover, the jacket is light weight. This means that these jackets are ideal for exercising outside!




h&m sportbh



Sport bra’s, you can never have enough. I love the color and the comfortableness of this bra.





Outfit Chris:


Chris is wearing my all time favorites in black. These pants are perfect, I have nothing more to add.







nike air kids


If you’re looking for a comfortable sneaker to wear every day, I would definitely recommend this pair. These are from the children’s line, but Nike has many colors for ‘normal’ people as well 😉GRATIS WATERFLES




Chris is matching this comfortable blue sports bra perfectly with her blue shoes. Chris has too many sports bra’s 🙂






collage tech pack

We had so much fun :)! What are your all time favorite sport outfits?


Delicious summer salad recipes

Now everybody knows I’m a salad fanatic, I can eat them EVERYDAY. There’s just something awesome about mixing all those fresh ingredients together and coming up with something delicious. I love adding all kinds of beans to my salads and sometimes make my own garlic croutons for a crunchy bite.  Sometimes I’m so pleased with the results I actually wanna cheat with it on my BF 😉

2014-06-29 11.45.56 2014-06-29 11.48.00

Delicious summer salad recipes

So I wanted to share my top 5 salads with you. Hope you like them as much as I do! Check it out, get inspired and try them. Here we go!





5. Falafel fattoush with hummus dressing. This salad tastes as awesome as it looks and sounds. I want to eat it right now! 






4. Italian Bread Salad with Strawberries and Tomatoes. This may sound a bit odd, but it’s actually delicious! The strawberries give it a lovely taste. Try it, I’m sure you’ll love it!







3 . Chopped salad with bacon and fried garbanzo beans. Bacon, chick peas, vegetables…What’s not to like? Bring it on!  






2. Salmon salad with chili-caramel dressing. Fresh, easy and so freakin’ delicious! Take out the chopsticks! 





Schermafbeelding 2014-06-29 om 13.58.40

1. Lemon cilantro avocado salad. And this is my favorite salad recipe of the moment. As long as it’s pasta, it doesn’t really matter what you add, I adore pasta salad!




So there you have it, my top 5 favorite salads of the moment. Be sure to share your recipes with us!

Gluten and wheat free, vegan bread

So, Julie from food blog Hapjesprinces contacted me, because she has the most delicious recipe for gluten and wheat free, vegan bread and she wants to share it with the Fitgirlcode community. Us gals at Fitgirlcode just love bread, so we are going to try it! 

“I definitely want to share this recipe with all of you. We all know bread is not exactly the most healthy start of the dag. This recipe is an ideal alternative for bread. It contains no gluten, no wheat and no butter. This bread is a much more healthier version than what we buy at the stores. It’s easy to make, because you don’t have to knead. You only need a spoon and a mixing bowl. It includes grains, nuts and seeds. In short, lots of protein and fiber, it’s gluten free, vegan and soooooo good for you”.  – Julie


Healthy bread with seeds and figs


  • 35 g sunflower seeds
  • 35 g pumpkin seeds
  • 50 g flax seeds
  • 30 g hazelnuts/almonds
  • 75 g oatmeal
  • 20 gr spelt flakes
  • 4-5 figs
  • 1 tsp coconut blossom sugar, honey or maple syrup
  • ½ tbsp sea salt
  • ½ tbsp oil
  • 175 ml hot water


And here’s how it’s made:

  • Mix all dry ingredients(except figs!) in a large mixing bowl. Pour in the hot water and oil and let sit out on the counter for at least 2 hours, or overnight. To ensure the dough is ready it should retain its shape when you pull on the sides of the loaf pan
  • Mash it coarsely with a mixer and stir well wit a spoon. Cut the figs into small pieces and mix into the dough
  • Line a small baking pan with parchment paper and preheat the oven to 180°C. Spoon the mixture into the mold and push firmly. Bake 25-30minutes until golden and firm
  • Cool completely and and cut into pieces


Just look at that! Doesn’t that look delicious? I’m gonna try it, how about you?

Let’s talk stretch marks!

A couple of days ago, Karrueche Tran, the current girlfriend of Chris Brown, posted a photo on her Instagram of “her” booty that included stretch marks. She wanted to show the world that there is nothing wrong with having these tiger stripes. However, the booty belonged to someone else and the owner wanted the picture to be removed. She then posted a picture of her own stretch marks on Instagram but removed it again after a couple of hours. 

Despite the fact that both pictures were removed, Karrueche is right. Having stretch marks is only natural and is something one does not have to be ashamed of. I asked the girls from Fitgirlcode if they have any stretch marks. Turns out, almost everybody has them. And did you know that 90% of women all over the world have stretch marks? Browsing through the web, I came to only one conclusion: most women have these tiger stripes. And girls, guys can get stretch marks too ;).

But what are stretch marks and why do they appear?

Stretch marks are lines that can appear on different parts of your body. Especially in the beginning, stretch marks are somewhat red or purple. But most stretch marks turn white after a while and become less noticeable. Stretch marks can appear on your body at every moment in your life. Most stretch marks appear on breasts, butts, hips and thighs. This can happen during your teenage years, but also when you are older. Examples of when tiger stripes can appear are growth spurts (for example during your teenage years), gaining a lot of weight at a fast pace (for example during pregnancy), bodybuilding (results into a rapid body change), or just simple plain genes. The most important part about getting them is the hormones that are paired with gaining weight. Also, many people believe they can prevent stretch marks, but this is often not the case. However, you should always try to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent excessive weight gain and you have to take good care of yourself.

Having stretch marks is thus completely natural. So what do we do? Not worry! What are stretch marks? Fierceful tiger stripes! What do we think of them? They’re beautiful! So girls, try to see them as scars of the battles you have fought during your life and try to remember that everyone has them.


Looking cool on sneakers: Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max shoes are back in style! After a long way from home, these sneakers have made its appearance back into the fashion world. I have found some of the coolest models from the Air Max Collection!

Almost every girls loves pink. These neon pink Nike Air Max’s are perfect when you want to wear sneakers to get a cool look, but at the same time, want to look girly.

If you are looking for a pair of sneakers that are more easy to combine, you can check out this pair! These Nikes are not so bright, but they still look very nice 🙂

If you’re a colorful type, you will love this neon blue and green pair of Nike Air Max. The logo in gold makes the shoe look awesome.

If you are a colorful type, but not as much as the previous shoe, you might like these. It has some neon yellow in the design but some gray as well that you can combine with everything.

However, what I think it the coolest one of all is that you are able to customize your own Nike Air Max!! Isn’t it cool that you can personalize it to a shoe that no one has!

What do you think of Nike Air Max? Do you either love it or hate it?

From couch potato to group fitness instructor

During secondary school, I was the girl that always had some kind of reason not to participate in gym class. Always picked last when teams were made. I hated every kind of physical activity other than sitting on the couch munching on chocolate cookies.

However, at some point, my mom got a book about Pilates (thanks mom 😀 ). I became curious, because I also wanted that gorgeous body that was pictured on the cover. So I tried the exercises described in the book, and after some time, I bought a few at-home-workout DVD’s. Slowly I got really into it because I felt stronger, leaner and my lower back pain disappeared.

Between secondary school and university, I had a rough year. During that year, I decided to get a gym membership because I had a lot of free time. And then, I discovered Les Mills BodyCombat by accident. Gawd, I still remember my shock and fear as the extremely tough looking BodyCombat instructors stood before me, in stead of my pretty and always joyful Zumba teacher. Then it hit me – I was an hour too early. I forgot to change the clock to winter time. I completely panicked, but before I realized what was happening, the class already started.

It was the best damn thing that could happen to me at the time. After that one class I was hooked. All my frustrations and pain I put in group fitness, especially in BodyCombat and Pilates.

That was almost four years ago. For me, ‘fitness’ is not just about having a smashing body with rock hard abs. Those group fitness classes were like therapy to me.

Now I want to do the same thing back. I want to make people feel better about themselves, and yes, also about their bodies. That’s why two years ago I decided to teach Pilates.

But my true ‘fitness love’ has to be BodyCombat. BodyCombat means so much to me, it has helped me through that rough time. For a long period, I didn’t feel secure enough to teach BodyCombat; what if I was so bad I would ruin it? But I wanted people to experience BodyCombat the way I experience it.

Since two months, I also teach BodyCombat and damn, it feels good. I feel so alive during BodyCombat classes! I’m growing as a person every class I teach.

I’m a group fitness instructor because I want to keep growing, but most of all, I want to inspire people to become the best version of themselves; not just physically. There’s nothing more rewarding than putting a smile on someone’s face 🙂

Fan questions answered

We love to receive feedback and questions from our community!  So a while ago Fitgirlcode fan Priscilla had some questions for us and Annegeke, Anna, Lisa and Shelley sat down to answer them. Here it goes!

annegekeanna  lisa shelley
What kind of oil do you use to cook and why?

Annegeke: I use coconut oil. Coconut oil has a lot of health benefits (can’t remember which haha:p) and does not oxidate like olive oil when you heat it. 

Anna: I use coconut oil because olive oil has a lower smoke point than coconut oil. Thus olive oil is not ideal for higher temperatures (baking). I do use it for salads though.

Lisa: Coconut oil, because of its health benefits, because it’s stable at high temperatures, and because I like the subtle flavor of it.

Shelley: I still use olive oil, it’s not the best I know, but planning to change to coconut oil too. Just have to buy it first, haha.

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Bye Bye Belly Bloat

We probably all have it every once in a while: feeling sluggish and thinking you kinda look like a pregnant woman: belly bloat.  Bloated bellies can be quite annoying, especially if it gives you stomach aches or when bikini season is upon us. What can worsen it, and more importantly, what are the tips and tricks that help reduce it?



Try to avoid:

– Any carbonated drinks, including diet soda. All these bubbles have to go somewhere and unfortunately your stomach is the place to be.

– Artifical sweeteners, they can’t be digested and are likely to cause bloating.

– Alcohol. Besides a headache, my hangovers often involve a not so happy tummy too. So maybe take it slow on the cocktails if you experience the same.

– Gum. When you chew gum, you swallow air. All that air gets trapped in your GI tract and causes pressure, bloating, and belly expansion—none of which help flatten your middle. Drinking from a straw and eating too quickly have the same effect.

– Raw veggies and fruits. Although this is very healthy, most people get quite bloated from eating raw vegetables and big amounts of fruit. Raw vegetables are quite hard to digest for a lot of people. Legumes, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, onions, peppers, and citrus fruits are known for increasing gas and might be better to avoid in large quantities if you’re sensitive to this.

– Lactose. Again, it really depends on your body if you are able to digest this well but for a lot of people lactose can cause bloating. Swap that vanilla icecream for a sorbet to find out if it makes any difference for you.


– Help your digestion by eating more fibre. Increase your fibre intake with wholegrains like oats, and eat fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds regularly.

– Eat foods that contain probiotics. Yoghurt and fermented veggies are good sources of probiotics, healthy bacteria that will benefit your gut.

– Eat slowly, drink enough fluids and keep that booty moving.

– Peppermint tea, chamomile tea, anise, coriander, fennel, and tumeric can help to reduce gas. In case you can’t resist those summery iced teas, fresh fruits, icecreams or cocktails and end up bloated anyways.


After ditching the bloat, it’s time to find your perfect bikini and enjoy the summer! Cheers!


Sale, sale, sale!

Attention to all Fit Girls, it’s time for sale! I would say you can never have enough sport outfits. Therefore, I’ve searched for products on the internet and made a list of the products that I really like and are on sale! 

I am absolutely in love with this sporty tanktop. This top from Puma is definitely not boring and will certainly brighten your day. This top is now 20% off!

A sports bra is one of the most important items to have when you are working out. You can never have enough! This girly but still tough kinda looking model from Nike will make you feel powerful underneath your work out clothes.


This blue sporting pants from Nike is nice for summery work outs when it’s still a tad cold outside. It has a nice baby blue color that will definitely motivate you to do more sports. Especially when you see the discount this website has to offer. I like!


Need new shoes? I prefer to buy my shoes on sale, because this will save me a lot of money, especially when they are from a specific brand. I found this beautiful shoe from Nike that is on sale with a 40€ discount!!


Last but not least, tops! This t-shirt from Venice Beach has a wide fit and is therefore perfect for working out or a lazy day on the couch.



What about you? Do you often buy clothes when they are on sale? 


Summer traveling: best apps to keep you fit

Are you going to be traveling this summer? I know I am! And whenever I do, things tend to kind of shift in my schedule and it all becomes a blur of wanting to do so many things and see old friends and visit many places and uhm… exercising gets kind of pushed to a side… #notcool 

I do however get tangled up in all those things wearing heels, you know, walking a lot, that counts, right ?! No?… Well, I found some handy apps to help me (and hopefully you) stay fit on holiday!

Summer traveling: best apps to keep you fit

Remember how you’re supposed to drink a lot of water and keep hydrated? And how that helps your body a lot, especially in the summer? Yeah, I don’t remember that often… So this little thingie helps me out a lot! It’s called Waterminder and it keeps track of my water intake. Pretty cool right? The app has a cartoon version of its user, which fills up with water as you drink up. When you turn blue, your goal is achieved! An alternative for this app can also be Water Alert,  where you have to swipe over glasses or bottles as you empty them.

Summer traveling? Best apps to keep you fit!

Going to the beach this summer? That’s a great opportunity to burn some calories! Greece, here I come! There’s an app to help keep you fit and sassy even if you don’t play beach volleyball (which you should also try) or you’re not really a surfboard-wave-babe.  Power20 provides you with an awesome 20 minute full body workout! It focuses on improving your overall body strengths and toning you up through squats and planks and crunches – basically most of the challenges you’ve all ready been through as a member of the Fitgirlcode community- let’s face it, you’re a pro by now!

Do you love crowds, the noise and the lights? Your heart belongs in big cities and that’s just what you’ll visit? Well, there’s a fit app for that too! I’m really hoping to visit NYC in July and chances of hitting the gym there are pretty…slim. As an alternative, I’ll Spring (yep, that’s the app) into sightseeing! This basically acts like a Nike+, measuring your rhythm and steps per minute and at the end of the day you can see all the ground you’ve covered walking, running or dancing the night away!


All of the above, of course, if my phone battery won’t decide to break up with me every other 5 hours 🙂

What do you think of these apps? Have you tried any other apps and want to share? I’d like to hear your experiences with them! 

Let’s stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is difficult sometimes!  I personally can’t always reach my goal of 2L of water a day. Thats why I wanted to share with you girls some ideas on how to keep hydrated during those longs days at work or endless hours in front of the computer working for your final essays and exams.

Let’s stay hydrated

Firstly, I want to share with you that I am a tea lover, I could drink tea all day but we need to be careful with that! Several types of tea do contain theine, which is the same thing as caffeine, but this one comes from the tea pant ;). A large intake of theine can have negative effects on us. Additionally, I recently read about teabags, did you know that the pyramid-shaped sachets filled with tea leafs are mostly made from plastic… apparently they are made of either polyethylene or polyactic acid!

According to Sonia Lunder, a senior analyst at the environmental working group stated that, teabags safety as packaging materials have been tested but when you subject plastic to stressors such as heat (hot water) the molecules begin to break down and can leach to your beverage :/

So I thought, why don’t I just use what I have in my kitchen cupboard to make myself some fresh and clean home made tea! Ready? Here are two of my favorite recipes!

I call this one, passion for cinnamon (I love cinnamon!)

Simple as it is, you boil water and pour it into a thermo container and add a cinnamon stick. Close it and leave it for 2-3 minutes, if you wait longer your tea will get sweeter. This one is my favorite when studying or just before going to sleep.

The second is really good for when your throat is hurting or are getting a cold:

For this tea, you add fresh slices ginger into the hot water, a bit of lemon juice and honey. This will really help your through pain and give you a good vitamin C boost!

You can basically do any type of tea with any fresh herbs. I started three months ago growing my own little indoor garden in my student room. I have now tried making tea with fresh oregano and also with my own fresh mint leaves. I really like the idea of being hydrated and of knowing what I drink is fresh, clean and made at home 🙂

Good luck and now time for some tea!!


The awkward moment

Lately, I noticed something pretty special about running which I will call the ‘awkward’ moment. Specifically, I find it really difficult to make up my mind on what to do when passing by a total stranger. Talking about first world problems.. 😉

Imagine yourself running and someone is walking or running your way. You start to wonder what to do; look at the person? Look down? Look away? Help! I usually don’t know how to behave, act and think which doesn’t really contribute to the moment to make it less awkward. Therefore, I have set up some guidelines for awkward persons like myself to survive this somewhat graceless moment.

#1. The most easy way to avoid this awkward moment is to wear sunglasses. However, this is of course only an option when the sun is shining. Since I, for example, come from a country that is not particularly sunny, this option will rarely work unless you want to look like a complete weirdo who wears sunglasses in the pouring rain.

#2. One tip my sister gave me when she experiences the awkward moment is: start staring. Yep, you’ve heard it right, staring. My sister just stares at total strangers as if she participates in a staring contest. According to her, eventually the other person will look away and the awkwardness is gone. Mission accomplished I should say. Though not totally sure if this tip will make the moment even less awkward.

#3. Make a game out of it. This releases the tension by making it more fun. For example, if one person catches your stare, smile! If the other person smiles back, run an extra minute. If not, do 10 crunches. This will help your running routine in multiple ways, no awkward moments and a killer work-out.

#4. Go running with your BFFF. When running together with your BFFF you will not even notice that there is an awkward moment since you are completely focused on how much fun you are having. Again, running with your BFFF will result into more motivation and it will make running a lot more fun. Talking about killing two birds with one stone!

Of course the awkward moment shouldn’t hold you back from going for a run. The most important part about running is enjoying yourself. And just in case that ‘awkward’ moment pops up, think about these tips or, most importantly, try not to think about the awkwardness of the whole situation and enjoy yourself.

Trouble in paradise: bikini stress

Bikini season is almost around the corner and you obviously want a beautiful bikini that boosts your body shape. However, what to wear when you have big boobs or if you are insecure about your belly? These questions pop-up every summer and it’s time to get some answers!


#1. Big boobs. For girls who have quite some boobs, one word should always be kept in mind: support. Bikinis that have under wiring will help you get that support and that extra lift that bandeau bikinis will not provide. A lot of nice bikinis can be found that have under wire in their top pieces. Moreover, always make sure that you find a shop that sells bikini tops and bottoms separately since you often need different sizes. Personally, I love this bikini from ASOS.

#2. Small boobs. Bandeau bikinis, triangle bikinis, every bikini fits girls who have small boobs. However, some girls are insecure about their small boobs and would love to have a size bigger. To add some extra volume, you can choose for a bikini with frenzies that makes your boobs look bigger in an optical way. And if you still don’t like this, you can always go for a bikini with a push-up effect. This bikini from Forever21 matches the festival trend for this summer and is perfect for a lazy day on the beach.

#3. Belly. If you are feeling uncomfortable about your belly, try bikinis that hide your tummy. These bikinis will slim down your figure while maintaining your feminine shapes. High waistbands are the ideal solution for this. This neon pink bikini from Forever21 is absolutely stunning! Also, I love that they are using a plus-size model and have a special plus-size clothing line!

#4. Thighs (full hips). If you have full hips, try to find a top piece with a nice print that attracts attention to the upper part of your body. Moreover, try to avoid bikini bottoms that have bow ties on the side, because these will make your hips look wider. What works best are classic bikinis that have high cut bottoms, but you can also go for a bikini that has a skirted bottom in a solid color . This bikini bottom from ASOS has a nice black color and covers up perfectly.

Alle artikelen van Samantha


Do you have a personal favorite? What type of body do you have and what type of bikini do you wear?


Thank you Fit Girls!

You may or may not know that I have written my thesis about Fitgirlcode, but did you know that we made the local newspaper with it? A couple of months ago, I asked you fit girls to help me out with my thesis by participating in one of my focus groups. This was picked up via Twitter by one of the editors of a Rotterdam newspaper called the Havenloods, and he asked me if it would be nice to have an interview for the paper. Of course I said yes – I love to talk about Fitgirlcode!

What we talked about was why I did my thesis research on Fitgirlcode, which then consisted of 20.000 fit girls. I found it hard to explain why it fascinated me how fast we have grown. But it does fascinate me. Looking back, it is really mind-blowing how many fit girls have joined the community in just five months… I remember the day well that Aranka casually mentioned she started an Instagram account with Christel and that I should check it out some time. And look where we are now! Almost 40.000 internationally located fit girls have joined in! Seriously people, that is amazing.

The headline of the newspaper article is “Rotterdam community becomes worldwide platform”. Well, I think it definitely did. When we asked you on Instagram where you came from, we got so many different answers. It is so good to see that Fitgirlcode travels the world and people are getting inspired in all these different countries. Keep inspiring each other!

So what I want to do is thank you. Thank you for the unstoppable energy you are giving us by reading and appreciating our posts. Thank you for sending us your pictures or tagging it with #fitgirlcode, so we can be a part of your journey. Thank you for being the best ambassadors a community can possibly have – we wouldn’t have grown so incredibly fast if it wasn’t for you!

And of course, a big and warm thank you to the people who participated in my focus group and thus made my graduation possible: Dionne, Mirjam, Wing, Kim, May-Anne, Daphne, the Fitgirlcode team and several others (gotta keep those privacy rules in mind!) You are awesome!

Create your own bucket list

A while ago I realized I am in the midst of my quarter life crisis. On the one hand I immensely enjoy grown-up-people stuff like: owning a home, staying in on Friday nights and getting a puppy. But on the other hand I am still a rebellious youngster who wants to rage against machines and travel the world in her underpants. That’s why I decided to make a bucket list. I figured if I live my days by personal goals and plans, chances are less likely I spend most of my time caught up in a haze of day-to-day-activities.

A bucket list is a collection of anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to do, whether it’s big, small or random. It’s like planning ahead all the highlights you want for your whole life. It might sound a bit control freak-ish, but I think having a bucket list reminds you of what’s really important so you can act on it.

This is my bucket list, where I have listed all things I want to do, feel, experience, see and achieve before I die.

  1. Become a woman who is comfortable and confident in her own skin
  2. Run 10 k within an hour
  3. Make a journey around the world together with my boyfriend and visit at least the U.S, South America and Australia
  4. Spend more than 1000 EUR on a shopping spree
  5. Pursue my passion and turn it into a career
  6. Have my own car
  7. Own a (mint green) Volkswagen camper van
  8. Go sky diving
  9. Own a cosy lunchroom with delicious and healthy food
  10. Go on a hot air balloon flight
  11. Read the Koran
  12. Learn to speak Spanish fluently
  13. Swim with dolphins
  14. Make a bonfire on the beach
  15. Being able do to one complete pull up
  16. Stomp grapes to make my own wine
  17. Do voluntary work for a few months in a developing country
  18. Give a speech for 1000 people
  19. Trek and camp in nature for at least a week
  20. Visit a nude beach

I am sure I will add things to this list every once in a while, but these 20 things were the most pressing on my mind right now.

If you want to create your own bucket list, these questions might help you:

  • What if you were to die tomorrow? What would you wish you could do before you die?
  • What would you do if you had unlimited time, money and resources?
  • What have you always wanted to do but have not done yet?
  • Any countries, places or locations you want to visit?
  • What are your biggest goals and dreams?
  • What do you want to see in person?
  • What achievements do you want to have?
  • What experiences do you want to have / feel?
  • Are there any special moments you want to witness?
  • What activities or skills do you want to learn or try?
  • What are the most important things you can ever do?
  • What would you like to say/do together with other people? People you love? Family? Friends?
  • Are there any specific people you want to meet in person?
  • What do you want to achieve in the different areas: Social, Love, Family, Career, Finance, Health (your weight, fitness level), Spiritual?
  • What do you need to do to lead a life of the greatest meaning?

Please share at least three items of your own bucket list. I’d love to get inspired by you guys!



Urbanathlon with Fitgirls sponsored by

We were invited by to join the ultimate running challenge by Men’s Health Magazine, and so we did!

10k runs, you either love them or (like me) love to hate them. I’m not a runner, I get extremely bored and frustrated. I’m in a constant internal dialogue with myself that goes something like this:

And yet, when I’m done I’m super proud and can’t remember why I was complaining the entire 10k. So when Body&Fit invited Chris and me to run the Men’s Health Urbanathlon with the fittest girls in the Netherlands: Jenny (, Laura ( and Ashley ( I said yes without looking into the details. 


Urbanathlon with Fitgirls sponsored by

Men’s Health Urbanathlon
It’s a 10k run with 23 obstacles like walls twice my size, jumping over cars, monkey bars, staircases and weird car tire hills with no clear path. The assignment? Get to the other side and don’t fall or you’ll land in the disgusting pond and smell like feet for the rest of the run!

We received the SpiBelt (small personal item belt) just before the race to test and review. This was the ultimate test with all the obstacles. We used the belt for our phones and locker key. Although I am not a big fan of things around my hips, this belt is great. It stays in place and you don’t even notice you are wearing it.


Let’s do this again!
We had such an amazing time and ran in 1h 10min! It turned out to be a great combination between running and challenges which helped my mental state. Also the girls were so motivating and funny, they pushed me through it! Next year, we want to expand our group so start training ladies!



It’s not all fun and games.. Ouch… that hurt my lady parts 😀 #Fitgirlproblems

What is oil pulling?

So the internet is filled with people trying oil pulling and everybody seems so be psyched about it. Now I am quite a curious monkey and I want to try it too. I did a little research and this article will be the first part, next time you will be reading more from me about oil pulling, it will be with the results!

What is Oil Pulling?

First things first
So what is oil pulling? Oil pulling, also known as “kavala” or “gundusha,” is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. This action supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health. The reported benefits include:

  • Whiter teeth
  • Cavity and gingivitis prevention
  • Better breath (halitosis suffers also reported greatly improved morning breath)
  • Stronger teeth and gums
  • Less jaw pain (TMJ sufferers noted great improvement)
  • Improvement of sleep problems and sinus issues
  • Alleviation of headaches
  • Hangovers and skin issues (reports have shown improvement in acne, psoriasis and eczema)


How it’s done

Put 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil into the mouth. I think I’m going to use an organic coconut oil. Scoop it out as a solid and let it melt in your mouth before swishing.

Swish for 20 minutes. This is long enough to break through plaque and bacteria but not long enough that the body starts re-absorbing the toxins and bacteria.

Spit the oil out. Do not swallow the oil as it is hopefully full of bacteria, toxins and pus! IEW!

Rinse well with warm water. They say warm water seems to clean the mouth better. Swish a couple of times with warm water.

Brush well. Make sure you clean your mouth afterwards.

So I’m starting Tuesday with oil pulling and intend to do it for a month. I will take a before picture of my teeth so we can see the results. Wanna try it with me? 


Fit Strawberry Muffins

So, it was my birthday last week and after sinfully indulging in lustful, delicious and creamy chocolate cake ♥ I decided to get back on track and bake something healthy, nutritious and equally delicious! Fit Strawberry  Muffins, because it’s the season. The main ‘weapons’ of choice were strawberries, some mixing bowls and a muffin pan. This recipe is really easy and will be ready in no time! 


Fit Strawberry Muffins


– 10 strawberries (sliced or diced)

– 2 bananas (mashed)

– 3 tbsp honey

– 3 tbsp light agave syrup

– 1 large egg

– 1 1/2 cup whole wheat flour

– 1 tsp baking soda

– 1 tsp baking powder

– 2 tsp chia seeds

– 1/2 tsp salt

– 1 tsp vanilla extract

– 180 gr. greek yoghurt


Now that you have the ingredient list, here’s how to throw everything together and bake until your muffins get a lovely golden crust:

a. Take a large mixing bowl and swirl together the honey, the agave nectar, the egg,  vanilla essence and mashed bananas until fully combined.  Add flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and yoghurt and beat together until it blends well. Lastly fold in the strawberries and chia seeds.

b. Get your muffin tray, place little paper cups inside and spray them with PAM cooking spray (because the batter has no oil, it might stick to the paper quite badly unless you spray it).

c. Bake at 180 degrees for about 18 – 20 minutes.

Pretty easy huh?




This batter makes about 14 muffins. Make sure you let them cool down before indulging! I didn’t …ouch!

In case you’re feeling creative, you can swap the chia seeds for hazelnuts or walnuts or add coconut flakes or cocoa nibs, you know whatever you have stashed up! This is a great summer recipe and a delicious treat for breakfast, or an in between snack …or both…


Are you tempted to try out the fit muffins? If you are (and I hope you are), please share all your photos with the fit girls! We’d love to see your own twists to the recipe!




OOTD: Chick on kicks

We are SO happy that sneakers can be worn with practically ANYTHING these days. Forget looking like a hobo, this is is sport chique, baby! ‘Cause when you look good, you feel good…And you know #Fitgirlcode is ALL about feeling good smile emoticon

OOTD: Chick on kicks

Aranka’s wish is to be a CEO on sneakers and seeing how her sneaker collection is growing, I’m guessing she’s well on her way. Check out her Outfit Of The Day and let us know what you think of it!


GET THE LOOK  >> Sneakers: Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 |  Jeans: Asos  |  Tee: Mango  |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban  |  Bra: Mango  |  Blazer: Mango


Those pink Nike are calling me…I gotta have ’em! smile emoticon





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