Why everybody needs a BFFF

A BFFF will drag your ass to the gym when you don’t feel like going. A BFFF will motivate you to run that extra mile, to lift that extra weight, to squat lower. Your BFFF will cheer for you when you’ve reached a goal and will be there for you when you haven’t. 

Why everybody needs a BFFF…

You can wear these awesome shirts!

Fitgirlcode 085


Your BFFF will not fight you, but fight WITH you

Always trying new yoga poses, even if they look funny as hell

Because working out together is so much more fun than alone

She will always join you in being awkward


Try doing this alone

When you’re making up excuses to not go to the gym and she’s like…

When she ate chocolate without you

When someone asks you why you always work out together


See, living healthy is so much more fun when you’ve got a BFFF to join you on your fit journey. Everybody should have one. Now go tell your BFFF she’s the best and work out…or chill. That will do too 🙂

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-16 om 00.38.21

Chasing summer with #FITGIRLCODE

Chasing summer with #FITGIRLCODE

This past month we asked you guys to tag your outside work out pictures with #fitgirlsummer and #justdoit. You were amazing and shared all your awesome pictures with us. WE LOVE THEM! Thank you so much for sharing your awesomeness with us and please continue to tag your pictures, we’ll be keeping a close watch. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter!


Chasing summer with #FITGIRLCODE

Shop the Casual Friday look

Wanna know where to find these awesome clothes that Aranka is wearing in the photos of Glamour? Find out here! You can pull off these outfits anytime, but if your office is a bit more formal, try and see if you can convince your boss to implement Casual Friday. Click on the link to see the clothing items and shop the look!


Maxi skirt || Pink blazer || Nike Roshe || #FITGIRLCODE tote bag


White blazer || #FITGIRLCODE crop top || Boyfriend Jeans || Nike Air Force || Bag


Black blazer || Black jeans || Nike Zoom Pegasus || Bag

Which one of these outfits is your favorite? 

Green Smoothie Goodness

Green smoothies are awesome! They are healthy, make you feel great, and (yes they can) taste amazing. Green smoothies are full of nutritients because of the green veggies. They help to increase energy, detox the body and provide you with a big amount of fibre at the same time. Here is one of my favorite recipes!

Green Smoothie Goodness


For two glasses of a green pear smoothie you need:

– 1 Pear

– 1/4 Banana

– About 2 cups of spinach (I always use 4 cubes of frozen spinach)

– Cinnamon

– Water, about 200 ml, depending on how thick you like it

– Optional: 1 tspn of wheatgrass, 1 tspn of maca, and 1 tbsp of flaxseeds

Simply mix everything together until your smoothie is smooth and ready to be enjoyed!




Would you like to be inspired with more green smoothies? Check Lisa’s blog post !


Facing the cold

Two weeks ago I was in Poland for the FIVB World Grand Prix together with the Dutch National Team. Flying to Gdansk made me think of the time that I lived there, only hundred meters from the Baltic sea. At the time I played for Atom Trefl Sopot (Polish female volleyball team). Me and my family were always fond of swimming in seas or lakes, even though it was cold. My father said it was proof of strong character.

Me and my brother facing the ice cold water


One time during winter, when my family came to visit me in Gdansk the challenge was: who is the last person that dares to go into the water this winter. My father won. And crazy enough, we were not the only ones swimming at that time of the year. If you walked along the snowy beach, there were still people enjoying a swim in the cold water.


Once I talked to a man who always swam in sea during winter, and he told me that it’s very good for your health. He said that by dipping weekly in cold water, he never caught a cold or got ill. Some other Polish swimmers I met told me the same story. These nothern traditions were also respected by my Polish volleyball team. After each practice we could take an ice bath in our looker room to cool off our legs.

I think everyone should take a dip into the cold water once in a while. It appears to provide inner strength and doing something out of the ordinary gives a real kick. Just check out this guy, Wim the Iceman. This Dutchman has several ‘cold records’ to his name. His personal record is 1 hour, 52 minutes and 42 seconds in cold water. If you want, you can even splash into the water with Wim himself in Poland. Would you dare to do it?

Are there any things you would like to ask me or my fellow team mates? Leave your questions in the comment below!


Rock your world!

Since we’ll be running on Rock & Run, we have to look rockalicious! During our run, but especially after our run when we’ll be enjoying awesome music (such as Memphis Maniacs, BL3NDER and Weslo!). But how do you transform yourself into a rockchick while you have to run and party at the same time? Well, we’ve tried to figure out something that you will hopefully like!




Let’s start with the basics. The best way to make you a true rocker girl is to get some basic items that you can easily transform into a rock outfit. The best way to do this is a black running pants (black = a true rock color and you can combine this color with almost everything).





Of course, you can’t go running without a shirt on. So what to do next? Find a shirt (well, that was kind of obvious). But what kind of shirt? We at #FITGIRLCODE are going to wear one of our #FITGIRLCODE shirts, because you have the chance to spot us and win an awesome prize.






Next step

Now that we’re done with the basics, it’s time for the next step to pimp up your running gear. When you’re done, you don’t want to change your clothes all out in the open. And you don’t have to with these tips! Find a checked blouse to get that old American look and wrap it around your waist. This will bring you one step closer to becoming a rock chick.





Alright, let’s move onto the shoes. You can change your shoes very easily. You don’t need a changing room, so that’s a perk. If you want some kind of tough outfit, go for some rocking boots.




That little extra

To make the look exquisite and absolutely rockalicious wear a head bandana. This will make you an ultimate rock chick (think about music videos from the 80s, all girls wear bandanas!). For tips on how to wear a bandana and do some awesome make-up (I would go for the cat eye look) check out our Pinterest page on hair & make-up!





Last but not least, don’t forget the bling that makes you sing! A rock chick has to have some jewelry of course, especially knuckle rings and a beautiful necklace. These awesome items will make your outfit ready to rock everybody’s socks off.


Are you getting down for this amazing event? Buy your tickets here and let the rock ‘n roll begin.



My Holiday Workouts

I see workout opportunities everywhere and I love to be active during a holiday. For some inspiration for your next holiday, I will share how I stayed fit during mine in Portugal!

Mountainbiking & biking

Mountainbiking and biking are great ways to spend a day and it’s an adventurous way to discover the area. Great for your legs as well. Actually, even your arms start to hurt after a while hihi.. and you use some core strength going down those rocky roads!



Kayaking required some team effort, and we were actually pretty good at it! That’s why I think I enjoyed this the most haha.. My arms and shoulders were pretty tired at the end of the day, but in a satisfying way. We kayaked across the caves in the Algarve, which was stunning!


HIIT & Running

During or after sunset, I “enjoyed” some HIIT workouts a few times. High intensity interval training is awesome, because you don’t need hours of working out to feel and get results. I can really recommend the HIIT workouts by Kayla Itsines; they’re simple, but really, really tough. As ‘equipment’ I used stairs and benches. Also I went for a run a few times; make sure you take your running shoes with you on holiday, because you can run everywhere!


On holiday, I almost do everything by foot; there is no need to hurry on holiday, so why should you grab the bus when you can easily walk? I think I’ve walked about one to two hours a day on average – there were some days were I walked the whole day. Walking is underrated – you should try it sometimes, it’s calming and a great low-impact exercise.

2014-07-25 16.29.30


Surfing turned out to be way more difficult than I thought. You have to be very patient when surfing, because not only does it take some time to learn, but it can also take some time for the right wave to come along. The waves were so strong one day that I almost tore my bicep haha.. After a day of surfing I was exhausted, now I know why they call it an ‘extreme sport’..!



Having rest days is so important, because that is the way your muscles can recover and grow. And during a holiday, it shouldn’t be all about ‘working out’, but also about doing nothing! Enjoy the good food and just relax; the gym is still waiting for you when you get back home 😉


Tell me about your holiday workouts! What did you do to stay fit?

New trend: Barefoot running

Lately, we noticed a trend called barefoot running which can also be called natural running. By chance Natascha asked us a question about this issue. She is looking for new running shoes and was wondering if we know more about the transition from ‘normal’ running shoes to barefoot running shoes?

Why is there a difference between barefoot running and ‘normal’ running shoes?

Shoes are specifically designed with a cushion under your feet since we want to protect our feet. If you take a closer look at your shoes, you can see that there is probably more cushion underneath your heel.  This can feel nice when you’re walking around but researchers have suggested that this is not good for your heels. Your feet are designed to roll into a next step. This means that a step will start with your heel while you role to your toes and after that continue with your next step.

Research by Robbins and Gouw (1991) has shown that professional running shoes will provide you with more comfort while running, but enhances the chance of an injury. While running in your athletic running shoes that have additional features such as pronation correction, people perceive less impact. However, the impact stays the same. Research by Robbins and Waked (1997) shows that you will plant your feet even more on the ground, because it’s in the feet’s nature to feel it. This will result into more injury, because you are using everything even more. Thus, padding on your foot equals more shock on your body. Another research by Shakoor and Block (2006) shows impact on knees was less when people wore non-padded shoes. All of these results demonstrate that there is indeed a difference between walking/running on ‘normal’ shoes versus barefoot (shoes).

What will the transition be like?

It is really important to make the transition go smoothly. By walking on barefoot shoes you have to learn a complete new way of walking. We are so used to walking on shoes. This means that when we walk, we are doing that with our knees instead of the muscles in our feet. You will have to train your muscles in your feet. You can do this best by starting to walk with your barefoot shoes. After a while, you can try to go for a run with your shoes. Just adapt it slow and smoothly. You don’t want to get injured by wanting stuff to fast.

Of course, the type of shoe is up to you! It is different for every person.

Would you like to try barefoot running? 




Robbins, S. E., & Waked, E. (1997). “Foot position awareness: the effect of footwear on instability, excessive impact, and ankle spraining”. Critical Reviews in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 9(1):53-74.

Robbins, S. E., & Gouw, G. J. (1991). “Athletic footwear: Unsafe due to perceptual illusions”. Medicine and Science in Sports and Excercise, 23(2): 217 – 223.

Shakoor, N., & Block, J.A. (2006). “Walking barefoot decreases loading on the lower extremity joints in knee osteoarthritis”. Arthritis & Rheumatism, 54(9), 2923-2927.

Clean banana pancakes

Oh my, oh my, this is so delicious! You’ve probably seen them on other blogs or websites: the banana pancakes. I have to confess I’ve tried them last week for the first time. For lunch I have a green smoothie with an apple and an extra piece of fruit everyday. So plenty of fruit in my opinion. However, when I tried these babies for the first time I was hooked! This is so good! So my conclusion is: one of the best breakfasts ever!

This delicious meal is perfect for breakfast and lunch

Recipe for 4 pancakes

–       1 banana
–       2 eggs
–       1 tbsp of cinnamon
–       Optional: honey and fruit

This is how you do it

–       Mash the banana on a plate and whip the egg in a bowl. Add the mashed banana to the egg and mix it up.
–       Add the cinnamon. Pour the mix into a small soup spoon and scoop the mix into the frying pan that is on a small fire.
–       Let the pancake bake for a while on only one side. After this, turn the pancake. If you think it’s going to break, then you should not yet flip the pancake but bake it on the same side for a while.
–       Bake the other side until the pancakes have nice brown color.
–       Put the pancakes on a plate and garnish with some honey and some cinnamon.

Bon appétit!

How sugar affects your brain

Sugar, it’s everywhere. Seriously, it’s in yogurt, flavoured waters, even granola bars. Just check the labels of your groceries and look for sucrose, glucose, dextrose, lactose, maltose or starch – it’s all sugar. Besides that we know that sugar is bad for your health, have you ever wondered how it affects your brain? I found this awesome video that explains it perfectly, so allow me to explain it to you!

Ok, so let’s walk through the process. The moment something containing sugar (which is basically almost everything) hits your tongue, your sweet taste receptors are being activated. They then send a signal to your brain stem, which leads it to several spots in the so-called forebrain. Your cerebral cortex will recognize the taste of sweet, thereby pressing the ON button of your reward system. I’m sure you recognize that warm fuzzy feeling, making you think ‘ooooh this is SO good!’, making you want more of it. The same goes for socializing, sex and drugs – those also activate that same reward system.



We all have those days (at least once a month) when you’d like, no you need to eat everything you can find. However, you can also overactivate your reward system if you eat too much sugar too often. This results in you experiencing a loss of control, cravings, and an increase of sugar tolerance. That ain’t pretty, is it?

Next to that, sugar causes a release of dopamine in your brain, an important chemical which plays the star role in your reward system. Drugs like alcohol, nicotine and heroïne also cause a release of dopamine, but more violently than sugar. They send the release of dopamine in overdrive, leading some people to continue to seek that high. In other words, it’s addictive. Sugar thus works in a similar way, although way less extreme. If you eat too much sugar, the dopamine reaction in your brain will not level out, which makes it that eating sugar will continue to feel like being rewarded. However, let’s remark that eating a piece of chocolate cake every once in a while won’t make you an addict – you’ll be just fine 😉



Do you know even more about how sugar affects your brain? We’d love to hear! 


Meet Judith Pietersen, volleyball player at the Dutch National Team

Judith Pietersen is one of the players of the Dutch Female Volleyball team. We are really proud t0 welcome her as one of the #FITGIRLCODE ambassadors. She is going to tell you all about her fit & healthy lifestyle as a professional athlete. But first, let’s get to know Judith a little bit better.

1. Why do you like writing for #FITGIRLCODE?

I want to convince people how much fun it can be to work out and stay fit and healthy.

2. What do you like so much about volleyball?

I like that it’s a fast-paced team sport. I love to play in a team, because by myself I could never perform like this. Together you can just achieve more, because you motivate each other to make to most of it. And when you’re going through a rough patch, there is always a bunch of girls helping you to pull trough. That’s truly special.

 3. What’s your most impressive sport moment until now?

When I started playing for the Dutch Junior Youth team, I went to a foreign tournament and took part in the European Championships for the first time. That was pretty impressive! But what really stood out, were the Youth Olympics. Together with other athletes I lived together in the Olympic village. That was really awesome! And the cherry on top, was that our team also won the bronze medal!

4. Who is your sport hero?

Caroline Wensink (my cousin), she has always been a great example to me. Eventually we managed to stand together on the field. I’m so proud of that!


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10 Model Workout Nutrition Tips

It seems like nowadays there’s no escaping sugars, bad carbs and processed foods with additives. No holds barred to give food more flavor and more preservability to increase your cravings. And it all comes down to one thing, money. This is how food companies think: the more taste food has, the more it will be purchased. Everything is meant to trigger certain parts in your brain and give you a short term “high”. They eliminate the good process and development of food. Do you want to improve your health and lifestyle? Model Workout has 10 tips when it comes to consuming foods.

  • Unprocessed foods are the key to results. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Foods that can be found in nature are so much more healthier than processed foods you can find in a supermarket.



  • Three basic elements that are good for your body: proteins, good carbs and yes, healthy fats.
  • Losing weight is not achieved by dieting. It’s more about finding new and healthy routines in your lifestyle.
  • Model Workout believes in portion control. Sometime you eat more than what you need.
  • Eating five times a day is healthier. You improve your metabolism, get more energy and develop a better food process in your body.
  • Have a big glass of lukewarm water with the juice of half a lemon in the morning. This is to replenish the liquid you lose during the night, it also adds extra vitamin C and it helps to clean out your digestive system.
  • Eat an apple before working out for extra vitamins and energy.
  • Have a banana after your work out for muscle recovery.
  • Consume at least twice your weight of proteins in grams.
  • Always eat whole-wheat carbs. They’re easier for your body to digest.


For more information, tips & tricks, meal plans and workout videos, visit our community and get inspired!


Nike FuelBand SE review: works like a charm

I’ve been wearing the Nike FuelBand for a few weeks now so it’s time for a little review of my experience with this cute little motivator.

First I will start with the pros:

+ The Nike FuelBand tells you when you’ve been sitting for too long GO ARANKA GO… my small displays reads.  I really like the personal touch here. Here are some office exercises you can do if you –like me – have an office job.

+ The daily goal of fuel points keeps you on your toes. At #FITGIRLCODE HQ we all have a FuelBand and it gets pretty competitive at times.

+ The design of the FuelBand is sleek and works with almost every outfit.

+ You can shower with the FuelBand. And yes, washing hair will get you some extra fuel points

+ You can easily charge the FuelBand by sticking it in a USB charger.

+ You can customize the FuelBand to your desires and needs.

Nike fuelband SE

Convinced yet? We would not be #FITGIRLCODE if we were not critics of just about anything. So here’s what I did not particulary like. The cons:

– The GO ARANKA GO is great and all.. But sometimes I just don’t wanna GO..

– I have an Iphone 4.. and the FuelBand cannot be synchronised with everything below 4s. And if you have an Android phone.. same story.

– Biking is my cardio. And the FuelBand does not seem to count my daily exercise routine.

In conclusion; apart from some minor difficulties I like the Nike FuelBand SE. Sometimes we fight, but most of the time when she tells me to GO…I can sigh and growl, but in the end. I almost always GO.


Cauliflower pizza recipe

For the pizza lovers amongst you, I present you: the cauliflower pizza clean eating version. This is a great and tasty alternative for a regular pizza. The entire crust is only 434 calories, which is just insane. Usually a single slice of pizza is 400 calories alone. With this cauliflower version, one serving is just 109 calories. Unbelievable right?

I’m not going to lie and say it’s just like eating a flour pizza crust because it’s not. But surprisingly, it’s doesn`t taste like regular cauliflower either. So if you really, really feel like pizza, but don’t like the feeling you have after eating it, you should try this cauliflower variant. You will definitely get your pizza fix!

Ingredients for 2 serves

–          1 cup cooked, riced cauliflower

–          1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

–          1 egg, beaten

–          1 teaspoon dried oregano

–          ½ teaspoon crushed garlic

–          ½ teaspoon garlic salt

–          olive oil (optional)

–          tomato paste, shredded cheese and choice of your toppings


To ‘rice’ the cauliflower: Take 1 large head of fresh cauliflower, remove stems and leaves, and chop the vegetable into chunks. Use the food processor or hand mixer and pulse it until it looks like grain. Do not overdo it or you will puree it. (If you don’t have a food processor, you can grate the whole head with a cheese grater). Place the riced cauliflower into a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 8 minutes. There is no need to add water, as the natural moisture in the cauliflower is enough to cook itself. One large cauliflower head should produce approximately 3 cups of riced cauliflower.

To Make the pizza crust: Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Put baking paper on a baking plate. In a medium bowl, stir together 1 cup cauliflower, egg and mozzarella. Add oregano, crushed garlic and salt, stir. Transfer the mixture to the baking sheet, and use your hands to pat it out into a 20 cm round. Optional: Brush olive oil over top of mixture to help it colour.

Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. Remove the pizza from the oven and add toppings, cheese (I recommend goat cheese) and tomato paste to the crust. Place under the grill at high heat, just until the cheese is melted (approximately 3-4 minutes). Enjoy!

Special thanks to Yourlightersight for this awesome , healthy and easy clean eating recipe!

Meet Myrthe Schoot, volleyball player of the Dutch National Team

So you’ve met two girls of the Dutch Volleyball and we’re not done yet! Today we want to introduce you to Myrthe! We sat down with her for a one-on-one and asked her everything…Well not everything 😉

1. Why do you like writing for #FITGIRLCODE

As athletes we always have our minds set on living healthy, because in sport the smallest things can make the difference. That’s why I got more and more interested in healthy eating and supplements. Over the years, you find out what works best for your body. We as a team go through life as real Fit Girls, and now being called a #FITGIRLCODE Ambassador is a real compliment.

2. How did your volleyball adventure start?

My volleyball adventure started when I was 12. My sister (7 years older) was a real role model to me. I wanted everything she had or did. I secretly had a crush on the boyfriend she had at the time and he was really into volleyball. So I figured there was only one thing I could do to impress him: play volleyball. Although it never impressed him, it was the beginning of my volleyball adventure.

 3. When did you decide you wanted to do top class sport?

There was not a precise moment I decided to start practicing top class sport; I kinda rolled into it. When I started volleyball I picked it up pretty fast and soon I got invited to participate in selections (a real honour). From there I moved on to the Dutch Junior Youth team, where I learned a lot about top class sport. I liked it, so I kept going forward. For me, it was not really a conscious choice to start top class sport, but during this period of my career, I did see a lot of great talents my age quit volleyball.

4. How do you combine your sport career with a ‘normal’ social life?

I find it pretty hard to combine my social life with my sport career. I am so busy and making plans is difficult because we often get our training program on short notice. I often miss out on birthdays or holidays because I spend a lot of time abroad or at training intern at Papendal. Fortunately I’ll have loads of time after my sport career to catch up on this, and in the meantime I can Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp etc. Thank God for technology 😉


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Ambassador blog by Anne

Hi, my name is Anne, I’m a 28 year old Dutch girl and I am a bodybuilder. Before you run away and get scared by my profession, please continue reading while I introduce myself and my sport.

Because to me, bodybuilding is a way of life. I train hard, eat clean and dedicate almost everything to this sport. But why, I hear you say. Well, earlier this year I decided to compete in my very first fitness competion. There are four different classes to compete in (bikini, bodyfitness, figure and bodybuilding) and I am coming out in the bodyfitness class. So don’t be scared, I’m not a female Schwarzenegger and I will never be. I’m just a great great fan of strong women.

I always loved working out and after some time I noticed I was good at it. I got stronger, leaner and I gained muscle. I just had to do something with those facts and hey! Why not compete in a fitness competition? Just like that. My dream goal is to become a fitness model and compete in international competitions. But before all that can happen I have to make it on stage by the end of this year at the FlexCup 2014.

Guidance and support
Preparing for a competition is hard work and it takes a lot of determination and dedication. I don’t drink or go out, I go to bed early and I have to watch what and when I eat. Luckily for me I’m not doing this all by myself. I have the most lovely coach you can wish for, Guy Droog and I get a lot of support by my friends and family.

I did not only decided to compete, I also began writing about my fit journey.  On my blog (in Dutch) you get to read everything that is on my mind and what it takes to become a fitness model. And ofcourse, a lot of healthy tips, lovely recipes and you can get online weight coaching (as I am also a health coach). Please check in every now and then for motivation and inspiration and read all about my fit journey.

From now on I will write a blog on #FITGIRLCODE every month, so you can keep up with #TeamFannetiek. Wanna see more already? Please check my Instagram or visit my Facebook page.

I’m proud to be an Ambassador for #FITGIRLCODE. Let’s conquer the world with Fit Girls!




Spot the Fit Girls at Rock & Run!

The #FITGIRLCODE crew will be present at yet another event – this time the Rock & Run in Amsterdam the 14th September! Not only will we be running a couple of kilometers, but we will also have a stand where we are selling the #FITGIRLCODE bags. So tell me Fit Girl, do you want to have an awesome day with us, get your #FITGIRLCODE bag (you’re saving on the shipping costs, yay), and run for a good cause? Come join us at the Rock & Run!

Yeah, you read that right, you’d be running for a good cause! Rock & Run donates part of their revenues to LiveBuild, a project that aims to lower the rate of child mortality as a consequence of polluted water with 20 percent. Their Children’s Hygiene Intervention Program (CHIP) supports 24 villages in improving their hygienic situation and sanitary facilities. So if you run along, you will actually be contributing to less polluted water for a village in Cameroon. Run Fit Girl, run!

Of course the #FITGIRLCODE crew will be running as well, but before and after the run (during the awesome music gigs), we will also be selling the infamous bags! If you want one of these babies and save on shippings costs, come and visit us at the Rock & Run to get your favorite. But wait! There is more!

Spot the Fit Girl

We will be present with 13 members of the #FITGIRLCODE crew, all wearing #FITGIRLCODE tees. If you spot us, be sure to take a picture with us. The person who has spotted the most Fit Girls wins a #FITGIRLCODE hoodie! Yay! So how does it work exactly?

  1. Spot as many Fit Girls as you can. We will be recognizable by our #FITGIRLCODE t-shirts. If you see us, come say hi and take a picture together. After the event, make sure to email us the photos you have taken with all the Fit Girls you spotted.
  2. Post on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #fitgirlcode and #rockandrun.
  3. Tell us why you should win the #FITGIRLCODE hoodie.

Get your tickets to the Rock & Run event below! See you there!

Last Minute Swimwear Shopping

Last Minute Swimwear Shopping

For those of you who still have a nice holiday ahead of you and for those dreaming of next summer already, we selected our favourite swim suits for some last minute inspiration! We like!!





For everyone that wants to try something new: the high waisted bikini is a hit this summer and will definitely be back next year! The fit is so fashionable and we love the pattern of this one.







This floral cutie will make you want to go to the beach ASAP! The colours of this bikini make your tan look great too, need we say more?









My personal favourite! I absolutely love the pattern and the top makes this bikini a bit more special than most of the bikini’s out there.








This classic bikini will make every bikini body look fabulous.








Who says bathing suits are boring? They are hot! There are so many cool bathing suits out there, from beautiful basics to crazy patterns. This one is so beautiful in its simplicity.




Shop your favourite, wear it with pride, and there you have your hot looking bikini body! 



Shop the Thursday look

It’s Thursday, meaning that it’s almost weekend! Ok, two days to go, but still, we’re already past the half of the week. Of course the weekend means that you can finally relax a little and do things you haven’t had time for during the week, but even better, you have some time to work out. Time to shop some pretty workout gear! I have lined up some of my favorites from The Hut for you. 




Shades of Red

This running shirt from Nike has the perfect shade in between red and pink. With its flat seams you won’t get bothered by irritation or chafing – sounds good, doesn’t it? I definitely love this one!







Badass Black

This short from Nike looks pretty badass to me. And the best thing about it is that it is on SALE! Get it now while you still can so you can shine in the gym or on the tracks.






Pretty in Pink

Ok, I know I have already talked about these in my other article, but I seriously keep coming back to them. Hmm, maybe I should just get them already…




Elegantly Black

This sports bra is so cute! All my sports bras are always in the laundry basket, I really need to get some more so I won’t have this problem over and over again. This one from Lija might be the next addition to my workout wardrobe!



Tote Original ZWART (1)




Well, I don’t need to explain where this one is from, do I? Our very own Original Bag suits any outfit perfectly!




Which one is your favorite?

Tizi’s Miyogi: August Sun

It’s August. Month of the Leo, sunflowers, happy bees, the sun (sometimes) and of course…Yogurt. Yogurt is a fresh and light breakfast and as you know, I love to make Miyogi’s. Miyogi is yogurt combined with delicious ingredients made by mi for mi= Me. They are super awesome power boosters full of fruit, nuts and seeds. So try a Miyogi and have a sunny breakfast!

So check out this Miyogi recipe, at first it was called Yellow sun, but August sun had a better ring to it, don’t you think? So, down to Miyogi business. This actually is a Miyogi to recover from all the long tanning sessions and sundown dinner parties.

Summer sun med-kit

The fruits in this Miyogi are: mango, orange, Sharon fruit and passion fruit.

Mangos and oranges. Do you have sunburn or pimples? These two fruits contain a high level of beta-carotene (which is converted in Vitamin A) which will help your skin recover from sunburn or resolve pimples. Fun fact: beta-carotene is an ingredient to be found in self-tanning products.

Sharon fruit and passion fruit. Feel a little bit bloated after a dinner? Sharon fruit, part of the Diospyros family (which means fruit of the gods ) contains twice as much fiber as in apples. The soluble fibers in these fruits (to be found in many fruits), increase bulk laxatives and improves your digestion.

What do you need?

– Yogurt

– 1/4 Mango

– 1/4 Orange

-1/4 Sharon fruit

-1 or 2 Passion fruit (take two if you like the sweet and sour)

-2 tbl spoons of flaxseeds

-1 tbl spoon of mulberries

-1 tbl spoon of honey

-5 to 10 nuts by choice (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts or a mix)

How to make a August sun Miyogi?

I’d recommend to cut the fruits and use them immediately. But if you have little time in the morning, prep the fruits the night before (but keep them separate to avoid them from getting moist and squishy). Mix everything together and that’s it! Tizi’s Miyogi: August sun

Enjoy your August sun and don’t forget to share your creations with me on Instagram!