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Month: August 2014

Why everybody needs a BFFF

A BFFF will drag your ass to the gym when you don’t feel like going. A BFFF will motivate you to run that extra mile, to lift that extra weight,

Chasing summer with #FITGIRLCODE

Chasing summer with #FITGIRLCODE This past month we asked you guys to tag your outside work out pictures with #fitgirlsummer and #justdoit. You were amazing and shared all your awesome

Shop the Casual Friday look

Wanna know where to find these awesome clothes that Aranka is wearing in the photos of Glamour? Find out here! You can pull off these outfits anytime, but if your

Green Smoothie Goodness

Green smoothies are awesome! They are healthy, make you feel great, and (yes they can) taste amazing. Green smoothies are full of nutritients because of the green veggies. They help

Facing the cold

Two weeks ago I was in Poland for the FIVB World Grand Prix together with the Dutch National Team. Flying to Gdansk made me think of the time that I lived

Rock your world!

Since we’ll be running on Rock & Run, we have to look rockalicious! During our run, but especially after our run when we’ll be enjoying awesome music (such as Memphis

My Holiday Workouts

I see workout opportunities everywhere and I love to be active during a holiday. For some inspiration for your next holiday, I will share how I stayed fit during mine

New trend: Barefoot running

Lately, we noticed a trend called barefoot running which can also be called natural running. By chance Natascha asked us a question about this issue. She is looking for new

Clean banana pancakes

Oh my, oh my, this is so delicious! You’ve probably seen them on other blogs or websites: the banana pancakes. I have to confess I’ve tried them last week for

How sugar affects your brain

Sugar, it’s everywhere. Seriously, it’s in yogurt, flavoured waters, even granola bars. Just check the labels of your groceries and look for sucrose, glucose, dextrose, lactose, maltose or starch –

Meet Judith Pietersen, volleyball player at the Dutch National Team

Judith Pietersen is one of the players of the Dutch Female Volleyball team. We are really proud t0 welcome her as one of the #FITGIRLCODE ambassadors. She is going to

10 Model Workout Nutrition Tips

It seems like nowadays there’s no escaping sugars, bad carbs and processed foods with additives. No holds barred to give food more flavor and more preservability to increase your cravings. And it

Nike FuelBand SE review: works like a charm

I’ve been wearing the Nike FuelBand for a few weeks now so it’s time for a little review of my experience with this cute little motivator. First I will start

Cauliflower pizza recipe

For the pizza lovers amongst you, I present you: the cauliflower pizza clean eating version. This is a great and tasty alternative for a regular pizza. The entire crust is

Meet Myrthe Schoot, volleyball player of the Dutch National Team

So you’ve met two girls of the Dutch Volleyball and we’re not done yet! Today we want to introduce you to Myrthe! We sat down with her for a one-on-one

Ambassador blog by Anne

Hi, my name is Anne, I’m a 28 year old Dutch girl and I am a bodybuilder. Before you run away and get scared by my profession, please continue reading

Spot the Fit Girls at Rock & Run!

The #FITGIRLCODE crew will be present at yet another event – this time the Rock & Run in Amsterdam the 14th September! Not only will we be running a couple

Last Minute Swimwear Shopping

Last Minute Swimwear Shopping For those of you who still have a nice holiday ahead of you and for those dreaming of next summer already, we selected our favourite swim

Shop the Thursday look

It’s Thursday, meaning that it’s almost weekend! Ok, two days to go, but still, we’re already past the half of the week. Of course the weekend means that you can

Tizi’s Miyogi: August Sun

It’s August. Month of the Leo, sunflowers, happy bees, the sun (sometimes) and of course…Yogurt. Yogurt is a fresh and light breakfast and as you know, I love to make Miyogi’s.
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