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Month: September 2014

Special Fit Girl discount on protein and vitamins

Yes, it’s that time again! Shopping with a discount, don’t we all love it? This time we got you a special Fit Girl discount at MyProtein and MyVitamins! Use FITGIRL

5 things we often forget when working out

This month it’s all about getting back to business. After these long summer months of enjoying yourself and the lovely weather, you’re probably thinking: yuk, I have to work out

Acknowledge your feelings

I am someone who really needs structure in her life. I’m an impulsive and fluttery person and structure and predictability keep me balanced. That sounds kinda boring, but because of

Core Model Workout

Do you want a strong core and excel in your workouts? Stupid question, of course you do! Your core is EVER SO IMPORTANT, but what exactly is it?  Your core

Behind the #FITGIRLCODE scenes

Hi Fit Girls! The legendary moment has arrived for me to write a piece of text for this amazing platform! Although some of you might have encountered a personal note

Kinky stuff

Latex is real hip and happening lately so I decided to get the latex Dyna Band out of my closet for my own Bootcamp workouts. The Dyna Band is a

Top 5 Sporty Musthaves for Fall

Some of the Fit Girls got together and made a short list of the Top 5 sporty musthaves for fall, especially for you fit chicks reading this! We sat down

Tiziana’s top 5 Instagram accounts

I saw Suzanne’s top 5 favorite Instagram accounts and I thought it was fun to show you my top 5 instagram accounts that inspire me everyday. It’s all about food,

Fit Girls love Nike SALE

Well, chicks just love sale in general… Us Fit Girls love Nike SALE, because that’s just how we are. We’ve searched, and drooled over the nike website and finally picked

Yummy chocolate milkshake

I think that everyone is sometimes craving for it: a rich and yummy chocolate milkshake. At least I do, because most of you already know that I’m addicted to chocolate. Most

What’s the deal with Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is said to be one of the most nutritient dense greens on our beautiful planet. Maybe some of you know it in a liquid form and are aware of

Running like a princess

Hey there Fit Girls! Are you one of those sporty spices that hate running? Who thinks she isn’t made for running? Maybe you think running is boring, or injury-prone. Don’t

Real Unretouched Butts

Us Fit Girls, literally squat our butts off to look like Jen Selter. And it’s not just us, professional models do to. Yeah, I know they sort of get paid

Superhero #FITGIRLCODE Ambassador

Hello! Marloes here. Fit Girl & Fit Mom and living as healthy as I can be (damn those chocolate bars, muffins and brownies). Just like you I have a big


We’ve all been there – you go to a city you’ve never been before and you don’t know where to go. Where can you get the best smoothies? Where do

Meet Guy, personal trainer and Ambassador

Hello ladies, my name is Guy Droog, which is impossible to pronounce in English, so don’t try. I’m going to tell you a few things about myself. Sit tight, it’s going

Special offer: Free HIIT training workout video’s

Did you know about the Willeke Zorg Workout Club yet? Well, you should, because you can get some free online workouts there together with your BFFF! Allow me to explain who

The struggles of a runner

We all have our own problems and difficulties in life. We all have different stuff to deal with. Especially the runners! It’s pretty much part of the deal: start running,

Fresh leg work out by Model Workout

This Model Workout gives you the legs you desire (and by that we also mean a lot of muscle ache). You gotta work it if you wanna earn it! Check out

Confessions of a Fit Girl

We all have our moments of weakness. You bury your face in chocolate, don’t get of the couch for days and use sweatpants for anything other than what they are
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