Health log: how to prevent overtraining?

A few blogs before I told you about the health log: a diary about your own progress in health! It’s a perfect tool to keep an eye on your progress, because sometimes it’s hard to see your progress when you’re working on getting more fit. A health log could show you more clearly that you’re certainly going the right way! In my food log of a few weeks ago you could read what I eat and how I evaluate my eating habits. Today it’s time to evaluate my training log!

Health log: how to prevent overtraining?


About a month ago I was suffering from an overtraining injury. Main reason: not taking enough rest. Yes, that’s why all of you should take your rest days every now & then! But what is overtraining exactly? Fit Girl Suzanne already wrote a blog about supercompensation a little while ago. In short, supercompensation means that you get stronger by planning your workouts on exactly the right moment. This moment is when you’re fully recovered from your last workout for that muscle group. When you use it right, you get stronger every single workout. But when you don’t take enough rest in between your workouts, the opposite will happen: you get weaker every time! This is overtraining.

So I was overtrained, not even a little: Some muscles in my leg were so hypertonic that I couldn’t even bend my knee anymore! I was so stubborn, ignoring all the signals from my body…not the way to go! After some confronting conversations with my coaches and manual therapist, I decided to give in and take my rest to recover. This recovery process took over 2 weeks! But after that I certainly felt so much better.

To prevent overtraining again, I’m using a new way to log my training progress and this is what I want to share with you! Because this way it’s easier to see if you’re going the right way. First I will share my schedule, after that I will explain what you see.

traininglog fitgirlcode

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Sweaty confessions #4

Every week, a couple of Fit Girls are sharing their most embarrassing stories anonymously. Prepare yourself for some hilarious and belly shaking confessions.

#1. Confession

I was friends with a guy for quite a long time and we always talked about awesome movies. We were talking about a movie and it turned out we both still wanted to see it, so he suggested to watch it together. Since I was dating someone else at that moment (which he knew of) and we had been friends for a while, I thought it was solely friendship between us and I didn’t see any harm in watching a movie together. However, as soon as I arrived at his place, he started to make moves, such as ‘Oh wow you look so good tonight!’ although I was just wearing a plain old sweater. While watching the movie he did the classic fake-yawn and put his arm around me, after which he huddled closer and closer. Only then it hit me: this is a date. Shit. I had to avoid a lot of kissing attempts and endured many awkward hugs that night. Finally when the movie ended I mumbled that I really had to go home immediately because I still had some homework. Awkward!

#2. Confession

My last vacation was in Turkey and in Turkey they have a lot of bidets. Well, I actually really liked those kind of things and so that’s why I used them all the time. At one point, me and my friends went out for dinner and I was wearing a tight bodysuit. I was going to the bathroom, and of course I was using the bidet, just like I was used to doing in Turkey. However, this was a different bidet. When I pushed the button a really hard trinkle of water bursted out of the bidet and the whole back of my bodysuit was soaking  wet. Luckily, I had a vest on me to cover it up, but I will be a bit more careful next time I’ll use a bidet.

#3. Confession

I started weightlifting a couple of months ago. My favorite exercise was a squat in a squat rack. I squatted with pretty heavy weights (up to 60 kilograms). One day, unfortunately, the squat rack was occupied by a couple of muscled boys, doing biceps curls. So I asked them if they could move. I mean, you don’t need a whole squat rack to do biceps curls, right? One of the boys stepped up to me, and said he wanted to show me his favorite squat move. And before I knew it, he grabbed me and he threw me over his shoulders, and started doing squats with me as his weight! He put me back on my feet gently and all his friends started laughing. Afterwards, they left, so I could use my squat rack. Frankly I didn’t know whether to laugh with them, or punch him in the face! And my favorite exercise squatting has never felt the same since…!

We’re looking for girls that would like to share their confessions anonymously! Do you have a really awkward and funny story to share with us, please send an email to and who knows, your story could be in our next blog! 

Anne’s Kitchen Stories – Lentil Salad

This is a great lunch salad, a bit more festive than any average lunch and it’s so filling and delicious. I especially love it as on-the-go lunch, it’s easy to take with you and you can prep it the day before. The lentils will provide you with protein while the tomatoes and salty olives give it a mediterranean twist and the parsley just works really well with it. It works either hot or cold and it really easy to make. 


1.5 cup* of lentils (use canned lentils for the simplest option or dried lentils for an even better taste)

1 .5 cup of cherry tomatoes

1/2 cup of black olives

3 chives

hand full of pine nuts

fresh parsley

chili flakes

salt & pepper

juice of half a lime

2 tbsp of olive oil

*don’t have measuring cups? take a glass, fill it with 120 ml of water, mark it, and then you will always know how much 0.5 cup is.


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How I learned to heart core training

I’ve been a pretty active girl so far. I alternately did gymnastics, ballet, ballroom dancing, karate, track and field when I was young. I tried kitesurfing and hope to know how to ski someday. Now I fill my days with teaching Sh’Bam (dance cardio) and BodyBalance (yoga and Pilates), running  and cycling.

But I have always dreaded core training. It is a chore I have to complete. I was happy to quit my abs exercises when I became pregnant, not returning to them with the excuse I had other work outs to do. It was just sheer luck (or lucky genetics) that my belly got back pretty much in the same way it was before my pregnancies.

How I learned to heart core training1Last year I found out though that core training is at the heart of any sports. That got me looking at core training from a whole different perspective! You can be a better runner, cyclist, yogi, whatever if you add core training to your routine. Better yet: you won’t be a better athlete UNLESS you add core training to your routine!

Overly ambitious as I am, this got me totally motivated. Yes, abs exercises are still tough, but I now know why I am doing them. And is not about aesthetics.  Here’s why:


Core training makes you faster

With a strong core, you need less energy to keep body balanced when running or cycling. That energy you can now put into propelling yourself forward, reaching the finish line quicker. So core training equals PB, yay!

Core training makes you stronger

A strong core supports your exterior muscles, helping you to lift weights with better form. Better form makes for a more effective work out. On top of that, a strong core makes it easier to lift even heavier. How cool is that!


Core training makes you healthier

Working on your core will reduce body fat around the waist line, even if you don’t look like abs queen Fit Girl Chris. Body fat around the waist line is related to health risks like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. A strong core makes for a healthy fit girl, and who doesn’t want to be in good health?

Oh, one other tip on core training: don’t forget to keep front and back of your core balanced! So combine your abs routine with back exercises. The #FITGIRLCODE Planking Challenge is a excellent way to work both sides of your core. You can then rock any backless dress like a total BAWWSS.


Let’s go heart core!

How I’m doing with cutting the crap

19 days ago I decided to cut the crap out of my food intake for 30 days, with 4 cheat days allowed. Many of you have joined in on Instagram (go Fit Girls!) and together we have been cutting the crap out of our lives. I thought it’d be nice to update you halfway through the process – so here it is!

The hardest thing for me was to stop snacking on chocolate. It wasn’t like I was eating an entire bar every day, but if someone had some chocolatey goodie (chocolate ‘kruidnoten’, mmm) I just couldn’t say no. So that was my  first hurdle: saying no to sweets and unhealthy snacks! I’ll admit, the first four to five days, saying no sucked big time. I was craving sugar! So I started looking up recipes for easy sweet snacks and got some very useful tips from you Fit Girls. My favorite were the chocolate-date balls Nadine told me about – oh my, those are amazing.


On day 2 I went to the market and did some major veggies & fruit shopping to make sure I got enough healthy food to snack on. That was never really a problem before though, I always bought a lot of veggies and fruits, but now just a little bit more. Red bell peppers, apples, kiwis, zucchini, dates, bananas, broccoli, mushrooms, brazilian nuts and a mix of cranberries and various nuts. It’s really cheap if you go to your local market instead of going to the supermarket!

Although it was hard at first, my cravings have seriously dropped to a new low and I can honestly say that my energy went up (way up!). Uni is still incredibly busy but still I’m feeling better and more energized. Of course I haven’t become some superhuman and I’m still really tired at times, but I feel way more capable to cope with my daily high dose of stress and lack of time. I used to fall asleep completely exhausted, and now I’m just tired and satisfied when I hit the pillow. And this is only day 19, imagine how I’ll be feeling at day 30!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep this up after the 30 days end. It feels so good to nourish yourself with the right foods and discover new recipes you love (such as the filled bell pepper recipe, one of my favorites now). I’d love to hear how you are all doing in cutting the crap! Leave a comment below or feel free to check out my Instagram account if you haven’t joined cutting the crap yet.

Will you be joining me? 

Jenny’s review on Jogha

Jenny from Healthyfans made an awesome review on Jogha: the new fashionable sports brand. Because we liked it so much, we decided to translate it and to share it with you! 

Jenny: Started as an idea, evolved into a garment to help you discover the badass within. I couldn’t really believe it. Your own brand of clothing?! That’s so awesome! Aranka, I am so incredibly proud of you. A couple of weeks ago, me and some other Fit Girls such as Annemerel, Esmee & Laura were asked to do a fotoshoot for Jogha. These pictures would be used for a spread in Cosmopolitan Magazine. If I wanted to join? HELL YEAH! Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it that day. I was really bummed out, but I had to do an important exam.. ARGH!

IMG 6323 1024x682 New: Jogha!

IMG 6321 1024x682 New: Jogha!

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Special Black Friday Deal

It’s Black Friday and we’ve made a special Fit Girl deal just for you! With every purchase over 50 EUR in our webshop you get a free water bottle. This goes for #FITGIRLCODE items as well as Jogha gear. YAY!


How to work out like a Fit Girl

Don’t you just love this look? Fit Girl @martinevd11 is rocking it with the IKAT Loose Short and IKAT Gym Bra. The White Muscle Tee makes sure you feel comfortable and still show off your awesome gear!     



How to chill like a Fit Girl

We train like beasts, but love to chill as well. Thank God for rest days! Left you see @fitgirlchris with het full on JUNGLE outfit. Aranka is ready to chill with her JUNGLE Loose Pant. Awesomeness!    

Schermafbeelding 2014-11-28 om 11.51.37


How to be a yogi Fit Girl

Ready to sweat at hot yoga? How about rocking it in the IKAT Racerback Bra and Booty Short? Make sure to always drink enough water! And if you spend 50 EUR of more today in our webshop, you’ll get the #FITGIRLCODE water bottle for free!



Get your Fit Girl Crew!

Working out with your BFFF’s is so much more fun than working out alone! Grab your girl and go for a kick ass work out. Show the world what you’re made of. YOU’RE A FIT GIRL!    


We’d love to see you rocking the #FITGIRLCODE and Jogha gear so be sure to tag Jogha and #FITGIRLCODE in your pictures. And don’t forget: this Monday we start shipping all the Jogha clothes! YAY!

How to get luscious locks like the Tone It Up Girls

Not only do they have rocking bodies, their hair is also to die for!!! Karena & Katrina from ‘Tone it up’ both have beautiful hair. If you’re dreaming of long and shiny hair like these babes,  it is really important that you eat the right foods to get those lucious locks. Incorporate these products in your daily diet and you will have happy hair in no time!

How to get luscious locks like the Tone It Up Girls

1. Salmon: There’s nothing fishy about omega 3 fatty acids! They are the way to go! Salmon is not only very yummy but it’s also stacked with protein and Vitamin D. Which are both crucial for strong hair. The omega 3 fatty acids are also found in the hair shaft, keeping the scalp healthy and hydrated and gives your hair some serious shine. Other fish you can choose are mackerel, sardines and herring.

2. Blueberries: It is no suprise that fruits and veggies are very important for healthy hair. Especially blueberries, they are full of Vitamin C which helps your body to produce sebum (Sebum is an oily substance in your hair follicles that acts as a natural conditioner.)  They’re also packed with antioxidants, which protect from premature aging. Grapefruits, oranges and strawberries are also Vitamin bombs.

3. Lentils: Yup. These tiny fellows are your bff if you want long and thick hair. Together with beans they are little growth-boosting fellows. The iron, zinc and biotin prevent your hair from breaking. This is especially recommended to vegetarians, who may be lacking in iron normally found in beef, turkey, chicken or pork.

4. Sweet potato: A happy and healthy scalp is the beginning of beautiful hair. Sweet potato and carrots are beta-caroteen carriers and that’s what you need if you want to prevent a dry scalp and dandruff.

5. Walnuts: Cashews, almonds, pecans and Brazil nuts. All these nuts are filled with zinc, biotin, Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, these nuts protect your hair from sun damage and they prevent your hair from shedding. You can go nuts on nuts! Not the ones covered in chocolate 😉

6. Spinach: Leafy greens such as spinach and brocoli are nutritious and filled with anti-oxidants, calcium and iron. A lack of iron can cause hair loss and damage.

7. Pumpkin: Foods that produce beta-carotene can convert this to Vitamin A during digestion, which keeps your hair soft and supple. So stack up on pumpkin, sweet potatos, carrots, kale and asparagus.

8. Eggs:  Egg whites contain biotin, which fights against brittle hair and hair loss.  Eggs are also rich in cysteine, which is detoxifying and increases the thickness of hair strands.

9. Oats: Include foods rich in sicila into your diet. It’s helps your hair growing stronger and makes it more durable. Start the day with a good oat breakfast, which is rich in silica. Add some bananas, raisins and your have the perfect overnight oats!

10. Greek yogurt: Low fat dairy contains Vitamin B5 and Vitamin D which are linked to hair follicle growth. The calcium in greek yoghurt is also very important for hair growth, it can also be found in skim milk. The best Vitamin C and calcium combo? A cup of Greek yoghurt with fresh trawberries. Yum!

There you have it! The happy hair grocery list.

XO Kiki

I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness

So… okay, not to be a party-pooper but we can’t be happy all day long. We simply can’t because we are human, and humans have emotions, and as women we even have more emotions that sometimes are in desperate need of chocolate, crazy workouts in the gym or buying cloths and stuff we don’t necessarily need 😉 But HEY, we are Fit Girls and like we are in charge of our work-outs in the gym, we can also be in charge of how we feel. Continue reading and put on your beautiful SMILE =)

There are six basic emotions universal acknowledged, which are joy, sadness, anxiety, anger, surprise and horror. These emotions will express themselves conscious or unconsciously. With the challenges of life we get stimulated and our body reacts on these stimulations by producing substances.
For example the following neurotransmitters that stimulate our beautiful brain:
– Serotonin (give good feeling and stimulate sleeping)
– Dopamine and adrenalin (give feeling of reward and stimulation)
– Endorphin (natural morphine of the body and makes you feel euphoric and blissful happy)
If you have a good balance of these neurotransmitters you will feel good and have a feeling of happiness. BUT if you have too MUCH or too less of these neurotransmitters you will often feel sad or have other physical complaints 🙁

We could of course make it a sport to experience happiness 24/7 by singing all day long, like in the music video of Pharrell Williams “HAPPY” or dance with the minions in the movie “Despicable me” (I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie =) But HEY, a fit girl got to work too or get educated so that she can get an awesome job, pay for her healthy food, killer workouts @ the gym and shop until she drops for her workout gear of  JOGHA and shoes, YES lots of shoes!

Even though it seems we are not completely in control over our emotions, I do believe we are in fact in charge of how we feel. If we wake up in the morning thinking, ”This day is not happening because I miss my sparkle”, yeah the day will most likely not happen and you could feel sad or demotivated and drag your bootylicious ass to work or school but wished you have stayed in bed in your #FITGIRLCODE hoodie.

BUT, if your alarm clock wakes you up out of this fabulous dream where Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum (MAN CANDY) were fighting over you, and you think, ”Damn it, now I don’t know who’s the winner but YEAH I am going to ROCK this day anyway”, believe me, you will shine!

I call it daily positive psychology 🙂 Trust me it’s not hard but a change of your mindset. I always start my day with the confirmation that I killed yesterday’s workout because I feel my muscles and they are killing me if I want to roll out of my bed. When I finally get to my bathroom I look for the mirror with my sleepyhead and say, “Damn girl you look HOT today”. SMILE PROOF, even if you don’t feel like a Victory Secret model in the morning, it will make you laugh because you think you are being silly 🙂 When I leave my house I make sure to put on my I-AM-FAMBULOUS-AND-NOTHING-IS-STOPPING-ME-TODAY-SMILE and I am ready to spread my happy spirit with the rest of the world. This small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day 😀

Perhaps in the beginning you don’t feel comfortable giving these sorts of compliments to yourself or your brain doesn’t start working until after breakfast and coffee, but if you keep trying, you will kill this psychological workout like your burpees 😉  And in the long run you will become more positive, it gets easier and part of your mindset and you will not be stressed out by things like a delay of your train (I like traveling without getting closer to home =) , missing the sale of the Nike store (that’s tough though) or if things just don’t go as expected 🙁

Because you will slowly see that you have more happy moments throughout the day compared to these little bumps in the road. I even dedicated my Instagram account to these happy moments I am experiencing during a day and capture them with my smartphone and share them with you.

In the end you will get an inspiration from your fellow humans because they like to see you, for you are giving them a smile with your smile and affect them with your positive thoughts. And don’t we just all like it when we have happy people around us so we can get reminded that life is perhaps not perfect but never fails to be beautiful?!

And on those day’s we are not feeling like being this smiley, we eat chocolate because they produce endorphins (that’s why it’s so addictive and we eat it when boys are mean to us). We could also hit the gym to give our busy brain a break and produce more endorphins so we can get euphoric again which is always a good idea. We also then get stronger and fitter which mean we feel good about ourselves and therefore have happy thoughts!

So…. SMILE it’s today and let’s be fabulous in our own a special way! 😀

Body charge Miyogi

It’s getting cold and adjusting your eating pattern is a smart thing. Adding some fatty foods can be very benificial for your little engine to keep you warm. I need some extra natural fats to keep me going. So I loaded my Miyogi full of nuts and seeds.  Check out this Body Charge Miyogi to keep you going during the winter.

You know what polar animals have in common that aides them to survive in the cold? Fat. Yes ladies., to stay warm it is good to have a little extra on the side. I personally feel better if I have a little extra during winter season. I hate feeling cold! It takes my focus of what’s really important at important times. So during the winter I eat more natural fatty foods like: nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, fatty fish and eggs. For breakfast I eat eggs and cheese, but when I am craving for my yoghurt I bomb my Miyogi with fresh nuts and seeds 😀 Off course with delicious fruits. This time mango and apple!

IMG_4980What do you need?

– 1/4 Mango

– 1/2 Apple

– 1 tbl spoon of sunflowerseeds

– 1 tbl spoon of pumpkin seeds

– 1 tbl spoon of flaxseeds

– 1 tbl spoon of chia seeds

– 1 tbl spoon of mixed nuts

Want to have more Miyogi recipes? You can find them here. And make sure to follow me on Instagram to stay updated about my delicious and healthy Miyogi’s.



Healthy cauliflower pizza

Pizza is definitely one of my top three guilty pleasures. With a minimum of 1000 kcal and all those saturated fats, it is not particularly healthy. That’s why there is a cauliflower pizza; A wonderful and skinny variant with many, many vegetables.

Like I said earlier, the upcoming months I will post more healthy pizza varieties, as I don’t think I am the only one who considers pizza as a guilty pleasure. This healthy version has a bottom made of cauliflower. The cauliflower will become nice and crispy when you bake it in the oven, just like a ‘real’ pizza. As a topping, choose your favourite vegetables for toppings.

A responsible and delicious meal, that will taste exactly like the ‘original’ pizza.

What you need:

– 1 big cauliflower
– 1 egg
– 1 bell pepper
– 100 gr. cherry tomatoes
– 1 red onion
– 150 gr. cottage cheese
– Fresh tomato sauce
– Fresh basil
– Salt, pepper & oregano

How to make it:

– Pre-heat the oven at a 170 degrees. Cut the cauliflower in small parts and cook them in water for about 8 minutes, until they’re ready. Let all the water drip off the cauliflower, make sure it’s dry. Then put the cauliflower in a food processor and mix until the cauliflower is fine powder. Then put the mixture in a kitchen towel and squeeze the towel, because a lot of water will still come out. Mix the cauliflower with the egg, some sault, pepper and oregano.

– Cover-up the baking plate with baking powder and a little olive oil and spread the mixture equally over the baking plate. Make sure that it becomes a thin and equal layer. Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes.

– While the cauliflower crust is getting ready in the oven, you can cut your favourite vegetables the way you’d like them.

– Season the tomato sauce with oregano, salt and pepper.

– Take the cauliflower crust out of the oven and spread the tomato sauce over the crust. Then sprinkle your favourite vegetables over the pizza, add some cottage cheese and last but not least, the basil.

– Bake the pizza in the oven for 10 more minutes.

Enjoy and see you next week!

The story behind Jogha – Etnique Unique

A year ago I decided that my sales job at a marketing firm was a waste of my talent. I was always looking for stylish sportswear. Although the materials of existing sportswear were great, the clothing did not really match my personal style. What I didn’t find during my quest for the perfect sportswear, I decided to make myself. This is how Jogha came to exist. Luxury sportswear for busy women who do not only want to look their best but also be their very best, inside and outside of the gym. Each week I’ll share a chapter of the story behind Jogha.

Ethnic unique - collage


My Best Friend Youtube
Of course I had to write a business plan to raise seed money and make my dreams come true. To support the ideas I had about Jogha I had to show some initial designs. Of course, I had no money to pay for a fashion designer, so I decided to reach out to one of my best friends: YouTube. The InDesign tutorials I found here taught me some basic designer skills. I didn’t have enough money to buy the whole InDesign program either, so I also had to work with a time frame of a free 30-day trial. I really wanted to make this thing happen, so I didn’t stop until I was satisfied!

Where it all started…
The Ethic Unique print was the first print I chose for the Jogha Badass collection. Back then, the print was just called “ethnic”.  The print was handpainted by a printmaker from California I met when I was at a fabric fair in Paris. The print was quite large and actually not suitable for clothing. There would be a lot of waste in fabric if we would use this print the way it was originally designed, as a symmetrical print. Stubborn as I am, I decided to use the print despite the difficulties. Now, every tight and bra is unique, hence the name!


B101_Ethnic_Print_1Long tights Etnique Unique
The Jogha Long Tights are also the first ones I designed. In my research to design the perfect running tights, I came across some interesting insights. Fit Girls wanted a cool print, but some of the prints were not flattering and accentuated their upper legs. That is why we combined a black base with bold prints for support and streamlined physique. We used flatlock stitching to prevent chafing and added an extra panel on the side to create a curve that flattered.. well.. the booty!




Racerback Bra Etnique Unique
It took 7 samples to give the Racerback Bra the perfect fit! We created this style to be versatile, functional for both high intensity sports like running and comfortable enough to do yoga in. The Racerback Bra has a light padding for comfort and a mesh interior for ultimate breathablity.



If you have any questions about the collection or are an aspiring entrepreneur yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Dark Pleasure

It’s not a confession anymore, everybody knows already. I eat chocolate every (damn) day. Is that bad? When you say chocolate, I start smiling. It just makes me happy, keeps me going and I really really enjoy every piece. So there’s nothing bad about that. The only bad thing is that I have no limits. Once I open a bar or a bag I can’t stop myself and I always need more, more, more!! I believe it’s time to try the dark way. Dark chocolate is more healthy, you need less ánd I will get my daily cocoa shot. Sounds like a win- win but still I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate. Ok, ok, let’s give it a (cocoa) shot…

Dark Pleasure 3

72% it is
The healthy part starts at 72% cacao so let’s start with this one first. I pick the brand Swiss en take a bite. Uhm, this tastes really different. It barely melts in my mouth en tastes bitter, but also a bit sour. Come on girl, this ain’t that bad I tell myself. After 2 pieces I’m done already. Talking about a cacao shot ;-).

Plan B
Ok, maybe I was a little bit overconfident to start with 72% as a not dark chocolate fan.  Plan B is to get the ‘eye-catcher’ chocolate bar from Tony’s Chocolonely with 70% cacao. It has a blue wrap so that feels like milk chocolate to me, that it might works. Yes, this taste much better. It’s not easy to break off a small piece, but just like the Swiss bar I’m done after two pieces.

All the way
After a few weeks eating dark chocolate, it tastes better and better. So it’s time for the next step. All the way with 85%. This is for advanced chocolate eaters. I’m not sure if I’m at this level already, but let’s taste some Lindt chocolate. When I take my first bite I think it’s not that bad, the chocolate melts slowly in my mouth when the taste comes up. Holy choco! This is really dark. I try another piece, but my conclusion is that I’m not ready for this yet.

Dark pleasure1Allright, let’s keep it at 70% or 72% for a while. I’m proud at myself that I tried something new and that the dark way is tasty too. Still, milk chocolate will be my favorite but my daily shots will be healthy dark shots 😛 What’s your favorite chocolate? Milk like me or dark?

And I have some Lindt chocolate left over. Anyone?

High five,


Sticker contest time! Win a #FITGIRLCODE waterbottle!

ANOTHER AWESOME STICKER CONTEST! Oh yes, we have #FITGIRLCODE stickers! And we’d love to see you stick them in the most original and creative way, in your favorite places and on your favorite items! That’s why we made a contest! What is the prize? A #FITGIRLCODE water bottle! Are you ready to win?

waterbottle header fitgirlcode



  • Get 2 #FITGIRLCODE stickers for FREE with your order, or get them for only 2 EUR (incl. shipping costs) at our webshop.
  • Stick that sticker! Stick it on an object or in a cool place in the most creative, original and funny way you can think of. You get to stick two of these babies so choose your targets wisely! Every person counts as one entry.
  • Take a good picture and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #fitgirlstickers and #fitgirlcode. Tell us why you chose to put your sticker there and maybe you’ll be the proud new owner of a #FITGIRLCODE water bottle!


Every time we will pick the most original Fit Girl as the winner. The next winner will be chosen at the end of December 2014. So stick your sticker in the most creative and original way and maybe you’ll be one of the winners!

Happy sticking!


fitgirlcode bottle

Check this out! This is a picture from Fit Girl #HBGFIT enjoying a good reading session with her #FITGIRLCODE water bottle!

Why you should eat more bell peppers

Would you believe me if I told you that bell peppers contain more vitamin C than oranges? No? Well it’s definitely true: the red beauties contain twice as much vitamin C as oranges. These beautiful veggies are delicious, versatile and nutritious. They taste great as a snack, in a soup, in a salad, stir-fried or grilled. The peppers are available in different colors and make a great addition to a colorful dish.

Why you should eat more bell peppers

Bell peppers are great sources of vitamin C, also known as an antioxidant. Antioxidants help in de fight against free radicals (thanks for protecting my body Mr. Good Guy Antioxidant!). Besides containing lots of vitamin C, bell peppers also contain vitamin E, B1, B2 and beta carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to protect the surface of the eye, it’s essential for good vision. Bell peppers are very low in calories and the fiber in bell pepper will help you to feel full.


DSC02048Each color of the bell pepper has its own unique and sweet flavor. Raw bell peppers are great to add in a salad or sliced with a delicious and healthy hummus dip. The vitamin C in bell pepper helps to absorb the Iron in hummus, a great combination don’t you think? You can also roast bell pepper with other delicious veggies or you can make a stuffed bell pepper with quinoa and tomato sauce.

Enough reasons to eat more bell pepper don’t you think? And I’m here to give you some inspiration with this delicious side dish recipe…

Grilled veggies on skewers


  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 medium zucchini
  • 1 corn on the cob
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper

Wash the bell peppers and zucchini, cut them into large slices. Cook the corn in slightly salted water until tender, drain the corn and cut into thick slices. Mix the olive oil, crushed garlic cloves and cayenne pepper for the marinade together. Prick the corn, bell pepper and zucchini on a skewer. Place the skewers for about 10 minutes on the grill and turn occasionally, brush the skewers frequently with the marinade.

Back to basics: squat

In our weekly blog we’re gonna strip down one exercise and explain everything you need to know! How to do it, why you should do it and where you can do it! This week’s exercise will be: the famous squat.

Although it is a widely known exercise, many people do not execute it correctly. I was one of those persons as well. The most important part about executing a squat correctly is keeping your legs parallel and that your knees do not pass over your toes. To learn how to do a squat correctly we’ve set up a little plan to help you in performing the perfect squat!

  1. Straighten you back
  2. Keep your shoulders down
  3. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart
  4. Make sure your toes are slightly pointing out
  5. Lower your body down and back as if you are sitting down into a chair
  6. Keep going until your thighs are parallel to the ground (or as close to parallel as possible)
  7. Make sure your knees do not pass over your toes
  8. Keep your abs tightly activated to ensure a straight spine
  9. Rise back up slowly
  10. Repeat!


Now that we’ve discussed the basics, let’s move on to the part why you should do squats. Doing squats has some nice advantages. I think almost everybody knows that doing squats is really good for your butt (and the lifting thereof). However, doing squats has some nice other benefits as well. For example, did you know that doing a lot of squats will tone your legs? Your legs will eventually get stronger and even more when you’re slowly doing your squats (it also gets a lot more difficult to hold on, at least in my case ;)). Another advantage of doing squats is that it will strengthen your core muscles which is good for creating more balance in your life (in a physical way, not mentally of course hehe).

An additional advantage is that you can do squats in a lot of different ways. For example, one of the many variations on squats is the barbell squat. This exercise will also help you to tone your upper body. You’re not only focusing on one thing of your body, you’re actually getting a full body work out when doing this squat. Sounds good right?

So are you going to do squats? Are you convinced? Then you can always try out the 30 day squat challenge! If not, there will be a new Back to Basic next week with a new exercise!

Facts that will blow your mind

There are so many fun facts out there that will blow your mind! Here are five that I found remarkable and didn’t know yet…

– Running puts three to four times your body weight in pressure on your feet! Knowing this, you definiteley have to invest in some good looking running shoes!

– Not into running? Walking at a fast pace burns almost as many calories as jogging for the same distance.

– For every pound of muscle, the average person can burn up to 50 extra calories a day. That means more food without gaining weight. Do we need another reason to do strength training?

– Ok I have to admit, muscle pain is another effect of strength training that is not always very welcome… Ginger can help reduce exercise-induced muscle pain by up to 25%. Simply add some ginger to your tea or curry and enjoy.

–  Working out boosts your mood and is an amazing natural anti-depressant. A good laugh works as well. Laughing out loud reduce cortisol levels and improves your bone density.

Hope these fun facts get you started! Do you have some fitness facts you want to share with us and the community? Be sure to send them to and we’ll feature them in an article. 


Sweaty Confessions #3

Every week, a couple of Fit Girls are sharing their most embarrassing stories anonymously. Prepare yourself for some hilarious and belly shaking confessions.

#1. Confession

This is one of the awkward situations during one of the group lessons in my gym. We had to make crunches while we were in a cross-legged position. I was wearing loose shorts and I didn’t notice that the others could look into my shorts during my crunches. Apparently, everyone could see my neon pink panties including the cute looking gym instructor. Luckily, one of my BFFF’s saved me as soon as she noticed that I had to cover up the situation down there. I learned my lesson and from now on I’ll think twice about what I’m wearing before I’ll go to the gym.

#2. Confession

My best friend and I were in a huge fight and I was pretty upset about it. However, I was also quite angry with her, so I decided to poor my heart out to a common friend. I let her read my Whatsapp conversation in which my best friend said some pretty nasty stuff that really hurt my feelings. Our common friend started to comment on the whole Whatsapp conversation. However, little did she know that the tip of her finger was on the microphone of the Whatsapp conversation. This meant she recorded a whole voice message of her saying things about my best friend that weren’t so nice. You can guess what happened, the voice message was send to my best friend. She was even more angy and now both of us aren’t friends with her anymore. Still, I consider it as a good thing, because my former best friend was actually constantly hurting my feelings.

#3. Confession

I just had a boyfriend and things were getting quite serious. But here’s the thing, I usually don’t like to do a number two in someone’s house and especially not in my new boyfriend’s house. So when he went to the shower, I went to the toilet. He didn’t have any air refreshener so I burned a match to cover up the smell. Normally, people understand when you’re doing these kind of things. However, when my boyfriend came out of the shower, he was like: “what’s that smell?” and “why did you do this?” It was so embarrassing, that I had to admit that I did a number two and that I lightened a match to cover up the smell. Luckily, this didn’t have any consequences for our relationship, because we are still very happy together.

We’re looking for girls that would like to share their confessions anonymously! Do you have a really awkward and funny story to share with us, please send an email to and who knows, your story could be in our next blog! 

Enjoy chocolate while you can!

Chocolate. Our number one best friend. Chocolate equals happiness, joy, temporary love even in some situations…However,  it was recently in the news that chocolate might become priceless (literally) in the future. Don’t panic yet! Let me explain why this doom scenario has been predicted.

Countries like China, India and Brazil are buying increasing amounts of chocolate, while in the Western part of the world, the demand for pure chocolate (Fit Girls everywhere!) is exploding too. This results in a worldwide scarcity of cacao. They are saying that in 2020, we will be short of one million ton of cacao, of which you could make about seven billion chocolate bars. Oh my, that doesn’t sound very good, does it?

If no one takes any action, chocolate could become a luxury product in the future. In the past few years, the price of cacao has already increased a lot, so just imagine how it would be if this scenario plays out. And the thing is, cacao farmers in Africa are very poor, since farming cacao doesn’t really pay that well. So what would be a solution?

Better infrastructure in these countries would help in getting fertilizer for the farmers’ ground, so cacao could be farmed more easily. They also need more land, more training and better loans. Luckily, Hans Perk from organisation Solidaridad is trying to prevent this awful thing from happening! Just in case, I’d say stack up on that raw cacao powder while you still can 😉


What do you think Fit Girls, will chocolate become a luxury product in the future? 

10 things you secretly do

Hi Girls!

We all have our stuff we do in a secretive way. They are kind of embarassing but in the back of our heads we know that everybody is doing them. I listed 10 things you secretly do during your training. How many of them are true for you?

1. Work extra hard, when there’s a cute boy watching you

2. Cheat on your repetitions

3. Flex your muscles in the mirror, in between sets

4. Practise your Zumba moves in front of the mirror, like you’re the instructor

5. Lie on the couch for two hours in your dirty gym clothes after a workout, because you’re to lazy to take a shower

6. Didn’t shave your legs for one week. Or two. Wear a long tight to the gym. Problem fixed!

7. Run up a flight of stairs and pretend you’re totally NOT out of breat

8. Wear your sport outfit twice because you didn’t do any laundry

9. Start your workout. Get lost in a funny group text with your girlfriends. Text for 45 minutes sitting on the bench. Go home to check your abs.

10. Post an Instagram picture of your healthy cauliflower pizza. Add half a bag of cheese afterwards.

Haha, I had so much fun writing these! How many would you admit to doing once in a while?