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Month: January 2015

But first, let me take a…

We’ve seen them, we’ve heard of them, we’ve probably talked about them: I’m talking about gym selfies. Every girl who has done some gym time in her life, probably has

Shelley’s food and exercise schedule

My life has been incredibly busy for a couple of years now and that definitely didn’t change when I started my Master studies last September. I asked Santa for an 8th

Nike event: Fitness Bloggers Prepping For ‘We Run Amsterdam’

The 16th of May we will be running through Amsterdam. Who? You, me and a team of Awesome #FITGIRLS! Nike will organize their famous 10k run, We Run Amsterdam (previously

Resolutions beyond having a Fit Girl body

Are you enjoying the new year? Are you committing to you new year resolutions? Maybe those resolutions include working out more, eating more healthy or less snacking. You might be

Superb sandwich with sprouts

Never underestimate a good sandwich! This one is packed with greens, tastes amazing and can be prepped in no more than two minutes! The hummus and sprouts provide a good

Use nature to become super fit

Meet outdoor enthusiasts Teun & Nick. After some adventurous years in the Marines they nowadays share their outdoor experience and coach others in their journey to better health, fitness and

Healthy raspberry oat muffins

Last week I created these amazing healthy raspberry oat muffins. They are super healthy and filled with nutrients! Fit girls Laura, Yola, Tiziana and Aranka tried them out and the

Personal training: awful and amazing at the same time!

These weeks have been a total rollercoaster of happy- and evil thoughts at the same time, since I’m starting to notice things I’m not so good at. It has been

Healthy apple pie

What’s a warmer welcome than coming home to a the smell of a freshly baked apple pie? Apple pie is definitely in my top 3 of most delicious pies! Obviously,

My quest to Global Ambassador Adidas by Stella McCartney

“It is beyond my wildest dreams to be able to collaborate on a global level with Adidas, the leading sports performance brand, and Stella McCartney, a pioneer to women’s fashion and

Shoulders & Abs Circuit: 3 exercises you can do at home!

Hi guys! We know a lot of you Fit Girls don’t go to a gym, but workout at home. That can be a bit challenging, but don’t worry! I’ve got

Free #FITGIRLCODE water bottle

You now get a free #FITGIRLCODE water bottle with every purchase over €50 in our webshop! More reasons to start drinking more water! 🙂 We also included our tips to change boring

Sexy sculpted arms with the Barbell Curl

Hello you pretty Fit Girls! Do you want strong and sexy arms instead of looking like Popey the sailor man? This article is all about sexy sculpted arms and today

16 things that happen when you get fit

Working out on a regular base has so many great benefits. We know this for a fact and this is probably why most of us Fit Girls started this journey,

How to make you beauty spa at home – PART 2

We all need a break from life sometimes, that’s why I shared some tips & tricks for creating your own beauty spa at home a few days ago. If you


Sometimes I find it hard to find inspiration on what to eat. What helps me is to plan my days in advance and prep my meals a day (or two)

An Ode to Oats!

For me, there is nothing better than waking up to a warm bowl of oatmeal with fruits, nuts and seeds. Everybody seems to love it, because there are so many


Ever thought about just giving up? Quitting it all instead of only cutting the crap? Right, we’ve all been there and done that. Just in case it happens again I’ve

Become a better runner and squat every day

With my stress fracture clearing up mid-November, I was eager to get back into the swing of things. However, us runners often rush back into things and expose ourselves to

Dancing towards a healthier you!

Do you ever get bored while running on the treadmill? Do you look at the group fitness room at your gym and see an awesome dance cardio class and think,
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