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Month: February 2015

From Fit Girls to Burger Queens

Just last Friday, we finally managed to gather all of our busy Fit Girls into one place for some catching up time outside office hours. Since this is not a usual event, we

#FitGirlConfession: My past fear of carbs

You know that moment you finally stay true to your training and diet and you’re really strict? You get a sense of accomplishment when you start seeing results and feeling better.

The 5 Most Delicious Peanut Butter Recipes

There’s something about peanut butter… whether it’s smooth or crunchy, or whether it’s mixed in with a sweet dish or a savoury dish, it’s always delicious! As it’s so versatile,

Give meditation a try

Newsflash: stress isn’t good for you. Luckily there are remedies to relieve some. Today I wanted to discuss one that might take a little more effort; meditation. However – you don’t have

#FitGirlConfession – I had a binge eating disorder

Nowadays my relationship with food is a healthy one. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we laugh, but we always respect each other! A few years back, this relationship was not healthy

Orthorexia: when healthy becomes unhealthy

A while ago a popular blogger quit being vegan for health reasons, which quite shocked the online community. She was not concerned about gaining weight; her focus was on healthy

A day at the #FITGIRLCODE HQ – PART 2

What’s working at #FITGIRLCODE HQ like? A few days ago we already gave you a peek into the daily activities of some of the girl bosses working at our office. Today

Healthy French Toast

Sometimes simplicity can be soooo delicious! I decided to make some old-fashioned French toast (as we dutchies call it: ‘wentelteefjes’). As you may know I am not in favor of

3 more days of free #FITGIRLCODE goodies!

Our 7 days of #fitgirlfever is almost half way through! We are so happy to see you guys be so active and enjoying our fever week. You still got some

#IHadNoIdea – National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness week (#NEDAwareness Week). This means that for a whole week, people of all races, genders, sexuality and sizes will be supported both online

A day at the #FITGIRLCODE HQ – PART 1

What’s working at #FITGIRLCODE HQ like? It’s way more than just writing interesting blogs and doing photoshoots in awesome workout clothes. It’s part of the job, yes that’s right, but running a

Anne’s Kitchen Stories on Video: Broad Bean Salad

Broad Bean Salad with Chickpea and Beetroot Sprouts I love bean salads! They are so easy to make and delicious, plus they keep you going for a long time. The

Chiming into the Kale Craze

Review of The Rawlicious Food Co.’s Kale Chips Just a little over a week ago, the answer to our prayers appeared*. Every Fit Girl’s dream of eating chips guilt-free came

3 reasons why a sport and foodlog helps you to achieve your goals

It seems like everywhere you go, gyms try to seduce you with their ads and their superdeals. Collegues suddenly celebrate their birthdays with homemade oat cookies and even your lazy

How To Make a Healthy Dutch Kapsalon

Kapsalon (as we dutchies know) is one of the most fattest fast food meals in Holland. It contains about 1800 calories per portion! Quite shocking if you ask me. Keep that in

Receive a free goodie every day!

Seize the day! The 7 Days of #FITGIRLFEVER is here  especially for YOU! Starting today, you will get the unique opportunity to experience #FITGIRLCODE to the fullest. The entire week

My 30 days of yoga – the review

A busy job, just moved in together, decided to be my own boss…I had so much going on in my life. The thought of me going to the gym would

Is Milk Actually Good For You?

One drink that raises a lot of questions regarding its health benefits is milk. From the times we were learning to walk, went through puberty, and now — we’ve been encouraged

Healthy cures for hangover

You’ll probably recognize this scenario. It’s sunday and last night you went out with your friends to celebrate the weekend. You started with one glass of wine, took another one

Alfalfa powder mug cake

Mug cakes! The cutest and easiest breakfast you can make! Have you ever heard of them? Well, I only discovered them recently when I was looking for a new type
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