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Month: March 2015

Superfood sale at the Body & Fit Shop!

Sale alert! There are big discounts at the Body & Fit Shop on all kinds of superfoods, even on peanut butter 😉 To make it easier for you and prevent you from spending all

The battle against anorexia nervosa

I received a beautiful email by beautiful Gudrun that immediately caught my eye. She asked me if she could share her story about her eating disorder on #FITGIRLCODE, hoping to

#FITGIRLCODE vs. NatuurlijkSportief

The #FITGIRLCODE crew and their community got invited by Teun and Nick from NatuurlijkSportief. Two Fit Guys that love to be outdoor. “Bring some old clothes, because you are going to get dirty”


Every day when I wake up this is what I see written on my workout calendar. So rain or shine; I get them workouts in regardless. Ofcourse I know it

4 Guilt-Free Fit Girl Snacks

All of us are fighting this urge to resist the delicious munchies on a daily basis. You’d think it’s not a problem at all to snack on various foods from

How can I actually see results?

In the last couple of weeks, I did an extra workout: moving into another place! Lifting boxes, climbing thousands of stairs, putting stuff into place… It was heavy but awesome!

3x WIN your own custom designed Nike Free’s!

This contest is closed. The winners are Selma, Annabella and Anne! You have been contacted through email. That’s right, you can now design your own dream pair of Nike Free 4.0/5.0

5 tips to start running

The sun is slightly out and summer is just around the corner. The perfect time to get in to running mode, if you haven’t already. Here I’ll share with you 5

Veggie egg whites & brussel sprout omelet

Wakey Wakey eggs and … brusselsprouts? The best and filling breakfast: eggs, bacon and toast 😀 But what if you are a vegetarian or you just want a light but

Meet our newest Fit Girl Iris

Hi y’all! My name is Iris and I’m from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Recently I got lucky enough  to become a member of the very #inspirational, #loving and #badass #FITGIRLCODE crew.

Meet Fit Girl Ily

Ola Fit Girls! Meet Fit Girl Ily. I’m really delighted  to be part of la #FITGIRLCODE familia! I am a theatremaker & director by day, a soy-no-water-chai-tea-latte – addict by night and a

Join the #FITGIRLCODE Movement

Dear Fit Girl community, We are currently in the process of creating the #FITGIRLCODE movement. What we have in mind, is to create a promotional video featuring our crew AND

#FITGIRLCODE & Jogha on a Purple Day auction!

Today it’s Purple Day! This is all about raising awareness of epilepsy, which affects more than 65 million people worldwide. Epilepsy can change anyone’s life at any time. Started in

Popeye Spinach Smoothie

Since I have the ambition to become the sexy woman version of Popeye, I need my weekly dose of spinach. Spinach has a high nutritional value, especially when fresh, frozen,

Tips on how to declutter your home

Walking out the house you instantly noticed something. No urge to pull your shoulders up. The zip of your coat doesn’t have to go all the way up. And the

30 days to destress

Inspired by Fit Girl Laura’s 30 day yoga challenge, I decided to go on a personal quest. A mindfulness quest. These last months, I’ve been really busy and now it’s

5 Instagram yogis you must follow

One of the best ways I like to inspire myself to get on the mat is to have a little look on Instagram! I have to admit, my Instagram feed

Start ‘Meat Free Week’ With These 7 Delicious Veggie Recipes

Today global ‘Meat Free Week’ starts. Why would you go meat free for a week? Well, it might encourage you to think about how much meat you eat, where your

5 main reasons to consider becoming a vegetarian

Today is the official start of “Meat Free Week”. This is a global campaign to get you thinking about how much meat you eat, and the impact that eating too much of it

Photo diary of Roos: March 2015

Hi girls, how are you? Today I’m sharing my photo diary of March 2015 with some of the highlights of my personal Instagram. I always love reading other people’s photo
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