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Month: April 2015

Healthy and Tasty Asparagus

You probably noticed it already, but for the sake of it: IT’S ASPARAGUS SEASON! Asides from green asparagus, you will also find the white variation at the supermarket. Naturally, you can always make

Easy Power Pancakes

These clean power pancakes are easy to make, healthy and always get me through a tough work-out. My ultimate power breakfast or even lunch! And they’re also pretty good comfort

Meet our new ambassador Julia Vogel

Hi, I’m Julia, 18 years old and from beautiful Austria. I’m a student with a passion for cooking, healthy eating and working out. But let me tell you a little

Stephanie’s food and exercise schedule

I’ve never have been a tall and slim woman, but a short happy girl with a curvaceous South-American body 😉 What I sometimes struggled to love, because of my insecurities

VIDEO: The Full Throttle Workout

We have reached the last week of the month and here is the new workout video by our hard-working Fit Girls Aranka and Alicia. This time the girls decided to

10 point checklist to start your own fit journey PART 2

Last week, you might have read PART 1 of the 10 point checklist to start your own fit journey. In that article, I explained why I started my own fit

How to dance like nobody is watching

Did you hear about the #dancingman? For those missed out of this social media viral, let me give you a short recap. A bully at a concert saw a plus

10 point checklist to start your own fit journey PART 1

When I got started with my own fit journey, I had to figure out everything by myself. I didn’t mind though, I’m kind of a stubborn person and I enjoy

Going coconuts

You went to the grocery store and bought this big and round coconut. Don’t be too happy, the worst part is yet to come: opening it! Each and every time

Easy and clean spring salad with a bite

There’s just something about spring, that makes me want to eat even more greens and fruits than I normally do. I love salads, not only because they are fresh and

Meet my personal transformation

Oh oh- It’s about to get personal today! To be honest I’m kind of nervous to expose my transformation pictures. However, I hope it will inspire you and show that every woman

7x abdominal exercises & win your own BLACKROLL

I like to keep things simple, however effective. Working out with your own bodyweight and gravity, is something I believe to be smart movement: it’s all you need to stay

5 curvy yogis on Instagram

A lot of people think that only girls who are slim do yoga, but that’s not true at all! Yoga is for everyone and this is definitely shown by these

5 Refreshing Spring Salads

Spring is in the air and that means that our love for food is too! Since we’re all a little salad crazy, I figured I’d push this healthy habit a

Healthy Lime Coconut Cake

Cookies, cupcakes and cakes… Who hasn’t noticed my slight obsession with these? 😀 But then again, who doesn’t love desserts?! As long as they are “In love with health – proof”, there is nothing

Limited Edition #FITGIRLCODE Crew Jackets Giveaway

Time for a new contest Fit Girls! Our latest brainstorming session led to some exciting stuff, and we are excited to show you girls the new exclusive #FITGIRLCODE Crew Jackets.

Surinamese dish: Telo

I love to experiment with spices, herbs and unknown cuisines. It broadens your palet of choice and makes a food lover’s live a little bit more exciting! Here is a

Spicy nacho dip with avocado, quark and goat cheese

I’ve always loved sauces, dips and things to dip in sauces and dips. I bought pre-fabricated guacamole for my nachos and burritos. But I recently found out that some of those dips, actually

16 Smart Products Every Fit Girl Should Know About – PART 2

People might think that Fit Girls are active by nature, but I don’t think that’s entirely true. I think they’re just smart ladies who know  taking care of their body well is

Spirulina Raspberry Miyogi

I wanted to make a new Miyogi that has something else then only fruits and nuts. A friend of mine gave me a sample of spirulina. It is known as
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