Photoreport: Fight Cancer Bootcamp

Last week we teamed up with the¬†students from Rotterdam Hogeschool and Fight Cancer and gave a bootcamp in order to raise money for cancer research. We’re happy to say it was a big success and we had a great time, on top of that raising a nice amount of money for Fight Cancer. A big thank you for those who were there! But now for the people who weren’t able to come, here’s a small reflection of how it was.


Fit Girl Alicia and Yola were our awesome bootcamp instructors. Before we got started with a warming up, they got us really motivated!


After the warming up it was time to get those muscles burning! There’s no BOOTcamp without working that BOOTY! Ass to the grass people ūüėČ

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New Fit Girl In (Cyber)Town: Jasmine

Hi there!¬†I’m¬†Jasmine and in this post I’d like to introduce myself as one of the newest Fit girls! To¬†start with¬†the basics: I’m twenty six years old, am a cat lover, a Communications graduate and last¬†September I started Law school. I know… you must think I’m¬†crazy. But I guess I just like to study.¬†Now that you know my name, how old I am and what I do in everyday life, we can jump¬†to the interesting part. My background, my lowest ‘fit-point’¬†and my current situation.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been the type that is naturally very slim. Ever since I can remember it’s been a struggle for me to not gain weight (because I loooove food). In my teens, I was already very occupied with my weight and body image. Always trying to get rid of one or two kilos. But the advantage I had back¬†then was that I cycled at least an hour every day (to school and back), which really helped a lot to stay somewhat fit. Now I have a car…¬†you do the math.

The black sheep
To be honest, I never really liked sports. Which is really strange because my parents were both (professional) athletes. So I was always kind of the black sheep of the family (being more interested in music, fashion, dance etc).

My mom had been training track and field with my grandfather since she was a little girl. When she was eighteen she moved¬†to the US to go to college (where she studied Physical Health and Education. Duh, what else?). Of course¬†she¬†also remained a big track and field fanatic¬†and she became US shot put champion.¬†And she met my dad…

My dad (African-American) was studying at the same university and his goal was to become a professional American football player. And so he did. Eventually he played in the NFL (the largest professional American football league in the US) for twelve years and in his last season he even won the Super Bowl (the annual championship game).

So. Now you see¬†how it’s pretty¬†strange that the only child¬†of these two athletes has never really been interested in sports… Even my grandfather, who is eighty three,¬†still participates fanatically in track and field competitions!¬†Sports have never been, and probably never will be one of my favorite activities. But I have come to appreciate it more and more the past¬†few months.

Enough is enough
Let’s travel a bit back in time. It’s spring 2012 and I’m on vacation in Bali with my mom and stepdad (cool!). Yes, super cool and fun and all. But on that vacation¬†I was at my heaviest. My mom (who of course is always super fit) told me, “Jasmine, when we get¬†back from this vacation, you really need to do something about your weight. ” And she was right. I had been a little bit overweight¬†for a while, but now I was really heading towards being unhealthy.

I just really love food, you know. And at that time I basically put anything and everything I liked in my mouth. This had¬†to stop. Not only because of my appearance, but also concerning my health. I always say that I’m actually glad I can’t eat anything I want without gaining weight. If that were the case I would probably eat and be super unhealthy. Because it¬†wouldn’t show anyway.

Pro-slow progress
Since we came back from that vacation in Bali in 2012, I really started to turn my lifestyle around. Not¬†drastically and at once, but gradually. I started to really change my diet structurally (not without any struggle, of course) and since the beginning of this year I started working out three times a week (mostly strength training). Now, it’s spring 2015 and I’m fifteen kilos lighter than in 2012 (thank god! no wait, thank me!).

Could I have done it faster? Absolutely. But in my opinion the number one priority is to get¬†results and not necessarily to reach your goal as fast as possible. How often haven’t we all experienced some kind of super strict diet, which made the kilos¬†fly off? But once you stop they come back¬†just as quick, and then some. That’s why I’m pro-slow progress. When you really manage to¬†change¬†your lifestyle it’s much more lasting than when you deprive yourself from everything for two months, only to fall back into your old eating habits afterwards. So, you might¬†not get to where you want to be as fast as you want, so what? It’s not like I’m less happy about my weight loss than if it had gone faster.¬†But it¬†is¬†staying off now. Especially with the help and support of the #fitgirlcode community I’m glad to be a part of!

If you want to contact me about anything, you can always leave a comment and I will definitely respond!

I also just launched my own blog about fashion, (curly)hair and make-up. So¬†don’t forget to follow¬†@jazzyjoyner¬†on Instagram too!

Until the next post!



Photoreport: Bugaboo Runner for Fit Mommies

If being a #FITGIRLCODE Ambassador wasn’t already awesome! I received an invitation by #FITGIRLCODE HQ if I wanted to represent the Fit Girls that are moms too at the Dutch launch of the Bugaboo Runner. Well, let me think about that…. Duh, of course! And what a fun and fit quality time day out with my boo it was.


The event was hosted in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark. And as we entered the park, my baby boy and me soon saw 7 beautiful strollers lined up next to a lovely picknick table.


Laurianne Ruhe, a Dutch foodblogger, hosted the healthy picknick table loaded with all kinds of healthy pleasures: dates and nuts truffles; mason jars filled with fruit, granola and yoghurt; peanut butter bites… They’ve set up a cute little kids corner too, filled with kidsproof snacks like popcorn, veggie chips and fruit.

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3 recipes that taste good and look good

My Instagram feed is always full of flavoursome looking food, I can almost smell the spices or taste the sugar from a single picture. Feeling inspired (and hungry) to rustle up something adventurous, I search for new recipes to try out. But so often when scrolling through one culinary creation after another on Pinterest, ¬†I get half way through the ingredients list and think, ‚ÄúIt would never turn out like that if I made it. I won’t waste my time and money‚ÄĚ.

3 recipes that taste good and look good

If you’re like me, someone who finds cooking a necessity to eat rather than a joy, the key to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is mixing up your weekly menu with recipes that won’t break the bank or your mood when trying it out for the first time.

So here are three pixel perfect recipes that are guaranteed to get mouths watering on and offline. Having made these recipes myself, I can testify that they really taste as good as they look.

Crust-less Spinach, Cheese and Tomato Quiche

Whether you are avoiding pastry due to dietary requirements or choosing to eat a cleaner, non processed diet, this dish delivers. Thanks to a blend of fromage blanc and milk, it is so much more than an oversized omelette. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the light but utterly satisfying texture holds up really well, so you can proudly slice and serve it to guests with roasted sweet potatoes, a salad or on its own.



1 tsp of olive oil

2 small garlic cloves minced

1 medium onion

2 large tomatoes

200g of fresh spinach

4 medium eggs

200ml of milk

5 tablespoons of 0% natural fromage blanc

75g grated parmesan

100g of mixed grated cheese. I used a shop blend of Edam, Gouda and Maasdam but any medium to strong mix, that’s not too overpowering will go well with the spinach.

salt and pepper.


  • Preheat the oven to 220c.
  • Heat the oil in a pan, add onions, garlic and spinach and cook until slightly wilted then remove from the heat.
  • In a large jug beat together 4 eggs, then add the fromage blanc and milk. It will be quite thick but whisk until smooth and lump free.
  • Add grated cheese mix and a sprinkle of salt and pepper to the jug.
  • Combine spinach from the pan to the egg and cheese mixture, stirring gently.
  • Grease a pie dish with non-stick spray, a rub of butter or olive oil.
  • Evenly pour the mixture into the dish. Place thinly sliced tomato on the top and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.
  • Place the pie dish on a baking tray in the middle of the oven and bake until the top is golden brown and centre is not runny, around 35- 45 minutes.

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NEW COLLECTION – Jogha Sweat Collection now for sale

Today marks the arrival of the new Jogha Sweat Collection! Each item will let you get your zen on¬†when¬†you’re taking that¬†chill time you deserve so you can fearlessly rock your¬†workouts like a Badass! Get your hands on this ultra-soft collection, made from 100% organic cotton it¬†looks effortlessly stylish, in and out of the gym!¬†

We love the simple combination of the white and grey tones that shows off each garment no matter what you decide to wear it with! Every piece is consciously designed to bring freedom and mindfulness to all of your movements by providing a subtle fit with full functionality. Read on for out more about those extra details that Jogha has consciously designed to make sure all you Fit Girls stand out!


The Sweat Collection story

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-27 om 10.45.22At Jogha, being mindful of the environment is as much of a priority as looking good in your surroundings. The collection might appear minimalist but it makes a simple statement that is by no means understated. Every aspect of this collection is certified ecological. What does that really mean? Well, from sourcing the materials, to the production, every piece lives up to your expectations and is made of 100% organic cotton. Rest assured that you can feel even more awesome in your Jogha clothing knowing that you helped the world out a little too!

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Bianca’s training camp in South Africa

As an athlete I do not have an off season like in many other sports. We train all year round, no summer stop and no winter break. Athletes train no matter the season. Unfortunately, we are not that blessed with sunny weather all  year round in our tiny country, so we try to visit the sun as often as possible. Usually, around December/ January we flee our cold winter and around March to prepare for racing season in the best possible circumstances. And the best possible circumstances this year? No less than a full month in beautiful South Africa.  

At home I train with a middle distance team called Team Thuijs. As the only 400 meter Hurdler in the group I miss having a co-hurdler at times and that was the most important reason for me to choose to go to South Africa. In Pretoria, there is a big training group of really good 400 meter hurdlers training under coach Irma Reyneke. And by really good, I mean really good Рbeen to the Olympics kind of good.  The best co-hurdlers you can find. This was my second year in South Africa training with this group. Unfortunately last year I was mostly injured, but this year I was fitter than ever and ready to train. I was even fortunate enough that my coach Frans Thuijs could join me in my first week in Pretoria. I mean a coach flying all the way over to South Africa for just one week, all for me? If that does not makes you feel very lucky and special, nothing will! He exchanged thoughts on the training program with coach Irma and checked out all the possibilities for gym sessions and recovery training so that I would not jump into training sessions that would be over my head.



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8 tips to stay focused on your goals

Every Fit Girl has goals that she wants to achieve. Not only in the fit, healthy and work-out department, but also throughout life. I like to work towards goals, only sometimes life challenges me and I loose focus. These 8 tips to stay focused on your goals come in handy when you are loosing track of them, like me sometimes ūüėČ

Surfing on the internet, I came across an article of Celestine Chua. Celestine Chua is a life coach and founder of Personal Excellence, where she shares her best advice on how to achieve personal excellence and live your best life. Awesome right? Well I guess we can always use some inspiration and motivation in that department so bring it on! ūüėÄ

TIP NR. 1 – Concentrate on 1 – 3 goals
This makes sense. I don‚Äôt know about you, but sometimes I become a master of setting goals in all different departments. Like in my work, study, fit journey, the healthy department, improving my workout skills and don‚Äôt get me started on the challenges I like to take on. Sounds familiar? YEAH! ūüėČ So I guess this tip is good to try out. Celestine Chua advises to pick 1 – 3 goals that are most important to you, and stick to them, before you set new goals. Unless priorities shift and these goals no longer reflect what you want in life. GOOD POINT!

TIP NR. 2 – Create a vision board
So okay. We get creative! I like that! A vision board is a collage of pictures and images that represent your goals and dreams. According to Celestine Chua, creating a vision board helps you to visualize your end goals more clearly, which inevitably inspires you to take consistent action. Also think of it as a reminder. You can go old-school and get a board, pile of magazines and scissors or use your social media. Like a lot of girls are doings nowadays. You might end up inspiring others which is a great motivator to achieve your goals, since the ‚Äúworld‚Ä̬† is watching you ūüėČ no pressure! haha ūüėÄ

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How to do Sun Salutation A

To me a sun salutation is the foundation of a yoga practice. I like to flow on the mat and move with the breath. The sun salutation is a great way to build up the inner fire and start creating that heat (energy) which warms up the body from the inside. 

My yoga practice always consists of many sun salutations and from there I move into other asanas (poses). Once you start doing a proper sun salutation, you‚Äôll notice the energy it gives you and you’ll want to do them more often.

How to do Surya Namaskar A
In this article I’ll explain how to do Sun Salutation A, also known as Surya Namaskar A in sanskrit, and share a few tips about the postures.










Come on to the front of your mat and stand in mountain pose. Feet grounded on the floor, big toes together and heels slightly apart. Stand tall and feel the crown of your head reaching to the sky. With your inhale, take your arms up and make yourself long. Reach for the sky and look up.

IMG_4083 IMG_4082








Exhale and fold all the way down into a forward fold. Bring your hands on the mat next to your feet and bend the knees if necessary. Relax the back of your neck and shoulders and bring your forehead as close to your knees as possible. With your next inhale, lengthen the spine and come half way up into a flat back. Make sure to activate your thighs and lift up the knee caps.

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Tips for working out with kids

My twelve year old nieces (yes twins!)¬†regularly¬†join me for a¬†good match of football and most of the time,¬†they¬†really enjoy it. However, how do you pick a sport to play? And what to do when¬†things don’t go¬†as planned? I have some tips that I’d like to share with you about working out with kids.

Tips for working out with kids

My oldest nieces are very much into all kinds of sports so it’s fun to workout with them and try new things.¬†My smallest nieces are a bit too young for sports, so a good workout with the little ones usually means running around at the playground¬†for hours!


Working out with kids is so much fun. Their spirits shine a different light on things and they might even change your perspective in a positive way. Patience is a virtue, and this definitely is the case when you want to introduce a child to any kind of new sport. Staying patient often is a challenge, even if they’re getting the hang of it but with some help, it’s should be a piece of cake or at least a little bit easier.

You’ll find super useful tips on the next page!

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How to travel in style

Holiday season is almost here and we can’t wait to lay our bum down on the beach. After surviving all of the packing disasters, there’s only one question left: what on earth are we going to wear whilst travelling?

We prefer to put on our sweatpants and fluffy socks, but in 2015 that’s kind of outdated. Your suitcase is filled with the most pretty summer dresses, so why would you not try to look cute on the plane/train/bus? And just in case the pilot turns out to be really handsome, you won’t look like a complete disaster.

The actual problem is, as you might already know, fancy clothing is often not that comfortable. So how do you travel in style but still feel comfy in your outfit? We selected the best travel attire inspiration, so your holiday will be even more perfect.

Bon voyage!

The oversized sweater
The number one travel favourite is probably the oversized sweater. In case you don’t have a boyfriend to borrow one from, there are many stylish items for women too. Wear it with your favourite (skinny) jeans and your new trendy sneakers.

And by sportswear we don’t mean those sweatpants! We’re talking about a combination of your super fashionable¬†tights¬†and some of your favourite wardrobe essentials. Combine your tights and sneakers with a funky bomber or denim jacket for a total different look.

Maxi skirt
The maxi skirt is ideal¬†for late summer nights, but it’s also perfect for traveling. Pick a jersey skirt for the most pleasant experience. Combine it with a leather jacket and slip ons or sneakers for a fashionable outfit without trying to hard.

The boyfriend jeans

This item is truly¬†indispensable. Not only for traveling but also as a basic in your closet. The combinations are endless, the boyfriend jeans suit¬†almost any outfit. So pick your favourite sweater and shoes, and you are ready¬†for take off! If you don’t want to look shabby, wear a blouse under your sweater.


Long live knitwear! A knitted jumper of cardigan is perfect for almost any occasion, including traveling. Make sure you wear layers, because knitwear can get pretty hot (or is it the pilot again?) and you might want to take something off during your trip.

Ultimate tip for a happier & healthier life

The execution of this¬†tip can be very simple, or very complicated. You can make it as big as you want, by putting loads of effort into it or doing something a bit more petite. I’m talking about doing a good deed for someone else, it sounds kind of cute doesn’t it?! It’s because doing a good deed for another is a very sweet thing to do and by doing so, you will also boost your health and happiness!¬†It’s a win win ūüôā

Ultimate tip for a happier & healthier life

I wanted to start 2015¬†with an original new year’s resolution, so I started brainstorming. I have a background in healthcare and I really like¬†taking care of others. I figured it had to something related to this. After my brainstorm session I came up with the idea to start my own blog, do as many¬†tiny good deeds as possible and write about my adventures. I named my blog ‘One tiny good deed‘. The last few months I enjoyed it so much that it kind of became a part of my happy and healthy lifestyle.

You’re probably curious to know why¬†doing tiny good deeds will¬†boost¬†your health and happiness? Read on! According to the Guard Your Health research it has shown the following:

Doing good deeds gives you a sense of belonging, reduces stress, improves your self-esteem and expands your life.

They also made a super cool list to get you on your way to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

If this has got you all excited and you’re looking for more inspiration, check out ‘One Good Deed A Day‘. You can order this book here. I personally adore this lovely little book, my favorite good deed from it is ‘Smile at a stranger’. You’ll be surprised how this deed will make your day so much more fun!

Last but definitely not least. Dear Fit Girls, I challenge you to do the deed above, or any other good deed and as always I’d love to hear your stories!


Safira Audrey


Banana Avocado Wheatgrass Smoothie

The summer is approaching! That means that a nice and refreshing smoothie is more than welcome ūüôā Filled with greenies, this smoothie is super healthy. And guess what? I have found a way to use the infamous wheatgrass and still keep the smoothie very tasty! So let’s get to it and see what you need to get an instant health boost within 5 minutes.

You might be wondering why I decided to use the wheatgrass juice even if I don’t like the taste of wheatgrass itself. I think we all fear this little green monster a little bit because it’s known for its strong taste, but did you also know it is chock-full of proteins, vitamin C, iron and anti-oxidants? Next to that it also contains enzymes which can fight infections and certain parts of wheatgrass juice can lower your cholesterol level. Check out this website if you want to know more. For me, this is more than enough reason to incorporate this little greenie into a daily smoothie!

What you need:

  • 1 small frozen banana, chopped into slices
  • ¬ľ avocado
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 1 shot of wheatgrass juice (can be bought in most supermarkets)
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

What you do:

Now here’s the easiest part. Mix everything together in a blender, top with some berries or granola and enjoy!



3 reasons why you need to go to yoga when you don’t want to

We’ve all been there. You made a promise to yourself that you are going to your yoga class but actually when you think about it, you don’t really want to go at all! Well, no more excuses lovely yogini! This is why you need to go to yoga class even when you really don’t feel like it!

If there’s something I love doing, it’s going to my yoga class at Balanzs Rotterdam. But for some reason, a couple of days ago, I really didn’t feel like going. Like not at all. But then I bumped into a fellow yogi friend and I told him how I really wasn’t in the mood for yoga at the moment. And then he said something which really had an impact on me. He said something along the lines of, ‘When you really don’t want to go to yoga, that’s when you really need to go’. He said it so seriously, that I decided I was going to join the class even though I wasn’t feeling it at all. And boy, am I glad that I went! I came out of the class feeling absolutely amazing and refreshed! I couldn’t believe the difference between the Ashley before the class and the Ashley after class. It was incredible. So much so that I HAD to write a post about it. So here you go, 3 reasons why you need to go to yoga when you don’t want to.


1. It is going to make you feel really good

If you are in a bad mood, have your period, had a stressful day or any other reason for not¬†feeling your utter best at the moment, go to your yoga class. I promise, hand on my heart, that it’s going to make you feel so much better! It is no secret that when you exercise you releases happy chemicals (aka endorphins) so get your yoga on!

2. Less stress 

If you didn’t know yet, yoga reduces stress levels. By becoming aware of your breathing, which makes you become aware of the present moment. Being in the moment and thinking about nothing else other than the yoga pose you are in, calms your mind. When you have peace in your mind, even if it’s for a short moment, it’ll greatly reduce your stress levels.

3. Time for yourself

I’ve noticed that times when I’ve felt a little down, it’s because I haven’t had time for myself. The person that profits the most from going to yoga, is yourself. You are only doing it for you and nobody else. And really that is something we need to be aware of. Spending quality time with yourself is important and could be the key to getting out of a negative state. So go to your yoga class and think of it as a treat for yourself.


There you have it!¬†3 reasons why you need to go to yoga when you don’t want to. So now you have no excuse anymore ūüôā If you’ve had any experience with the theme of this article, please let me know!

Let’s connect on Instagram @ashleykalila





5 things I learned from the 30 day fitfood challenge

I think you all can agree with me that we’re all trying to find the best solution to be the most healthy version of ourselves. When you’re working out quite often and try to eat healthy as much as possible it can be interesting to do a 30 challenge to reset or try something new for a change.

Somewhere in March I started with the FitFood30 Challenge of LoveFitFood. In combination with Crossfit, I thought it would be a great way to pick up a good habit that will help you in the future. When you want to learn more of this challenge I recommend to check out their website and e-book. But to give you an insight what this challenge did for me I selected a few things I learnt during these 30 days.

1. Seeing my body as a machine

One of the essential things I learned of the 30-day FitFood challenge was that I must see my body as a machine that needs fuel to work properly. Checking what kind of activities I will do during the day or week and scheduling in the food is necessary in order to get the best out of my nutrition. Especially during days when I work out at my Crossfit box, I like to prep some meals so I don’t have to worry and think about what to eat.

2. Back to basics

With this challenge I started to eat clean again and was on a no-sugar-gluten-lactose regime. So for me, it felt like going back to basics to¬†find out how my body reacts on different kinds of food and if I really need them. We live in a world where we all consume too much sugar so I knew the benefits of ignoring the most evil sugars. When it’s about gluten and lactose, I found it a bit harder to work on because I had to leave out my beloved yogurt and bread that I love to eat once or twice a week. After the 30 days, I started to bring back a bit of gluten and lactose in my diet and this works best for me.¬†

3. Proteins are the key

What I learned during¬†this challenge is that proteins are key when you’re working out quite often to give¬†you¬†enough energy and feed your muscles. It was quite easy to integrate them into my lunch or dinner because I love eating my chicken, beef and eggs. But early in the morning, I’m more of the fruity, yogurt and smoothie kind of person and that’s where the protein powder comes in. Still, it’s not my favorite way to add protein but it just gives me that extra fuel into my smoothies.


4. Water, water and more water

Of course, we all know that water is good for you and it’s the essential element to¬†healthy skin, a not bloated belly and so much more. Luckily I don’t drink sodas on a regular basis, but I found it quite hard to ignore my chocolate milk, orange juice and other fruity drinks. I had to limit myself to green tea and water (with lemon) and say no to a tempting glass of wine during a great spring day. During this challenge, I learned how delicious water can be and by adding lemon, lime, mint leaves or other fruit to it, you can create a new watery goodness every day.

5. Every body is different

Of course, during this challenge you’ll work with a set of rules you need to follow to make progress and achieve your goals. But I also learned that everyone is unique and so is your body.


Average sized models better for business and women’s self esteem

The fashion industry has been criticised for years for¬†using¬†models deemed too thin, but it¬†hasn’t stopped it yet. But the demand for models of all sizes in advertising is being taken more seriously, with more plus size models and fuller figured women on the covers of leading magazines. Scientific research proves average sized models make fashion brands more popular. Could this be the proof needed to get more brands on board size equality?¬†

Average sized models better for business and women’s self esteem

A series of studies soon to be published in the European Journal of Marketing, reveal that women’s attitudes towards a fashion brand may be impacted by their self esteem and the models that are used to advertise the products. The research proves that there is a positive perception of a¬†brand whose¬†adverts use models who¬†are on average the same size as the consumer. This might seem obvious if you are one of the¬†women who¬†appreciates¬†seeing women of all shapes and sizes advertising products. The most important thing is that this research proves its good for business which might provide¬†the key to encouraging¬†more companies¬†to change their marketing approach.

The study

The Kent¬†Business School in the UK surveyed women between the ages of 18 – 25 firstly about their self esteem. Then they asked the women to provide¬†feedback on a picture of a model advertising a fashion¬†brand. The study made use of new images from¬†real and fictional clothing brands which had been¬†edited to¬†make the models¬†appear smaller or the same size as the average size of the women¬†of the survey (which was a UK size 10). They were then asked to state which size of model they preferred. The results showed that the women didn’t have a positive attitude towards the images of the smaller than average models for the fictional fashion brands and appeared to trust them less.¬†For the well known fashion brands, there was no preference between the pictures of the thinner model¬†and the average size model.¬†Women’s¬†self esteem was also considered in this study finding that it¬†had¬†an impact on¬†their preference towards average sized model over the smaller model’s pictures.

The bigger picture

Arguments that images of extremely thin models damage self esteem might not have been enough to change advertising in the past but companies should take note that this isn’t good for business. Although thinner models have been the preferred way to advertise clothes in order to show the clothes at their best, if women don’t feel as though¬†they look anything like¬†the size of the model in the picture, they might choose not to buy the item of clothing anyway. As there¬†was little or no¬†difference in the attitude towards a picture with a size zero or average sized model, well known brands shouldn’t be able to excuse lack of diversity in size due to what they believe is better for business.¬†It’s not just the big labels¬†who could learn something from this study as lesser known brands would benefit from using average size models too. A lack of knowledge and therefore trust in smaller labels suggests that women are less tolerant of models¬†that are not representative of the customer.

Let’s hope this scientific research is enough to make more fashion brands treat all sizes equally!

2 Summer Festival Outfits You Are Willing To Work For

Summer is getting near and we Fit Girls need to get ready and level up not just our bodies, but our closet too. The music festivals are quickly approaching and that means the time has come to rock your outfits while dancing it off with your friends! Having those popular festivals in mind, I have come up with 2 outfits that you Fit Girls might like. Here, take a look!

2 Summer Festival Outfits You Are Willing to Work For

1. The Mad Hatters

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.44.07 AM


Romano Hat Flap

This beige hat will not only protect you skin from the sun but will also look perfect at a music festival. It can be part of your outfit or just a disguise from the unwanted¬†people ūüėČ




Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.44.31 AM



Woven Cutout Romper

This beautiful edgy jumpsuit is great for a summer day. It shows off your fit arms and legs and shows just¬†a hint your great toned belly. Also, it’s easy to move in, which makes it a perfect choice for a festival outfit.



Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.09.46 AM



Esparto Gladiator Sandals

These pretty sandals are the way to go and sum up this cute outfit just perfectly. You might have to be a bit careful where you are going to dance but other than that, they are stylish and summery!





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How to find the perfect tights

See-through, too wide, no elastic band, a zipperbag, no drawstring, itchy labels.. I think we all know these struggles of being a Fit Girl. How are we ever supposed to find the perfect tights?  No worries, you will. You just have to keep some things in mind.

I’ve tried on quite some tights and I am the proud owner of at least 40 of them, so I would like to share my experience in finding the perfect tights.  Here are some guidelines that can be really important for finding the perfect tights.

1 | MOVE
Please, use all the space you have in your dressing room (or out of it, we don’t mind!). Squat, jump, lay down, handstand, wall-sit, stretch, booty-shake and so on. You‚Äôre not buying tights because you want to sit still in them, are you? Let‚Äôs give it a quick road-test and decide if it:
♥ Does they stay in place? Pulling up your pants all the time is a waste of your energy. Search for tights with a decent elastic waistband that stays up.
♥ Do they have enough stretch? You don’t want to feel irritating seams during your workout.
♥ Are they non see-through? Because see-through pants just aren’t really classy.
♥ Does the crotch look okay? Preferably no seams that go straight down the middle to the back. You don’t want it too be too tight because we all know what happens if it does..! But not too large either. We don’t need that extra space down there, that just looks weird.

2 | Pockets and zippers
When buying a pair of tights I always love it when they have ‚Äėhidden‚Äô pockets. However I don‚Äôt like a zipper in the back because it‚Äôs going to hurt when you lay down to doing exercises like sit-ups or crunches. I prefer the stretchy pockets that don‚Äôt have any strings or zippers because if you don‚Äôt use them, you don‚Äôt feel them.

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Kate Upton’s body confident food schedule

Kate Upton is amongst some of the women believed to have a naturally balanced figure and hour glass measurements.She is also wellknown for being on the cover of  Sports Illustrated in 2013 and 2014. But she admits that she too, makes healthy choices each day to feel her best. Here we have her typical food menu, that helps keep her going strong through 10-hour working days.


How she stays body confident

Her confidence and balance that¬†she maintains throughout her busy lifestyle could be thanks to her positive body philosophy. She believes that everyone has insecurities. It is normal to feel insecure at times but she doesn’t allow it to stop her from enjoying her life. She overcomes these thoughts by appreciating the body that she was given and does her best to take care of it every day – here’s an example Kate Upton’s body confident food schedule:


Scrambled eggs (one white, one whole) with spinach and green tea

Morning snack

10 raw almonds and a green juice


Herb-crusted grilled chicken, quinoa, and grilled veggies

Afternoon snack

Protein bar


Kale salad with grilled salmon and cashews, or sashimi


Kate’s average daily diet is balanced with protein from different sources, greens that provide fibre and healthy fats. She has flavoursome food by using herbs and spices, a great¬†way to ensure that meals are tasty without the extra artificial sugar that might be found in some sauces and dressings. Her treat?¬†Kate prefers a savoury salted treat over¬†sugary sweets¬†when she decides to indulge!

This is just one example, so make sure you¬†keep things¬†interesting by varying your menu each day. Looking for some¬†more¬†meal inspiration?Take your pick from eight of our¬†Fit Girls’ weekly food schedules¬†here.¬†


Spring Fever

It’s full on spring! A very welcome season to all of us and a special gift for outdoor lovers. A season in which Mother Nature treats us to a few minutes of extra sunlight every day and fuels us with vitamin D. A season that brings an end to those grey days and longs nights and turns the outdoors into a green stadium. A season that no longer provides you with excuses not to go outside. In other words: a perfect season for outdoor activities. But what does the outdoors have to offer when it comes to your personal goals and fit journey? And how can you use the outdoors in a functional way without bringing half of the gym-equipment with you? Well, the possibilities are really endless. In our first article, we already gave you some insights, but here are a couple of practical tips that you can easily apply when training outdoors.


First of all, running is a good way to improve athletic performances, overall fitness and even strength. Depending on your pace, you can work on your endurance, condition and speed. By making use of interval principles and higher intensity runs, i.e. running uphill or shorter distances in a faster pace, your oxygen uptake can be improved. When you hit the trails and run in a natural environment with different types of surfaces, you integrate diversity into the way you burden different muscles. Because of the uneven and loose surface, your body needs to adapt and work harder to keep the pace and stabilise the upper part of body, thereby improving leg strength and core stability. In other words: you will benefit from avoiding the concrete and running trails or different types of surfaces. But keep in mind to take your time to build this up.




By lifting, carrying and moving natural objects you can improve full body strength, core stability, coordination and prepare yourself for everyday movements. Lifting rocks from the ground, flipping over logs, carrying heavy stones from one side of a field to another, lifting a piece of wood above your head, or anything else you find during your workout. Lots of challenges are out there, just be creative. The advantage of training with natural objects is that the different shapes and forms pose continuously changing challenges and difficulties, thereby preparing your body and muscles in different ways and guaranteeing variety in load.

Another simple and functional way of exploiting the outdoors is by making use of trees for training purposes and integrating climbing in your workout. It offers lots of different possibilities and challenges, such as: vertical pull movements, climbing over trees and natural objects, doing vertical handstands against a tree, climbing from tree branch to tree branch, moving around a tree in a horizontal plank position while keeping your hands on the ground and your feet against the tree. The possibilities are endless. In general, these movements improve coordination, provide strength in different muscles as well as muscular endurance.




Furthermore, there is a wide variety of solo bodyweight movements for which equipment isn’t necessary at all to dig deep. You can think of frog jumps, bear walk, duck walk, jumping over objects, box jumps, moving over a natural balance beam such as a fallen tree, leopard crawl, lunges, traveling burpees, caterpillars, and so on. And of course all these movements can be executed backwards! Besides the functionality and practicality, the advantages of these multi joint movements are that they don’t isolate muscles and thereby develop and improve your complete locomotor system and body as an integrated whole.


And last but not least you can exploit the opportunities that hills and dikes provide. All of the above can be practiced in a hilly environment, whereby hills can easily crank up the intensity of your workout and, if it fits your goals, also the production of lactic acid.



As we described here, the possibilities that the¬†outdoors provide for your fit journey are very diverse, and¬†couldn’t be easier! Get outside, start your workout with a run to the nearest forest or park, and combine these possibilities in order to improve all-round athletic performances. And to keep it fresh you can always take a swim!


Enjoy your spring!

Nick & Teun


For more inspiration, check Youtube, Vimeo or our Canadian ambassador.


Every girl can do a perfect push-up!

Girls gone strong! The push-up is one of the best all-encompassing exercises. Would you like to strengthen and shape your chest, shoulders, triceps and glutes while toning your core at the same time? Well get motivated girls, because today I’ll explain how you can perform the basic, perfect push-up and YES every fit girl can do this!

The beauty of the push-up exercise is that you can perform this workout almost anywhere and anytime, because you don’t need any equipment. Just you and your girlpower ūüėČ Besides working so many muscles at once, you’ll burn calories too. So, YES! Push-ups will really do your body good!

I also think that you’ve got to learn to love it! I wasn’t a big fan at first, but once you feel you’re getting stronger and see your arm-jiggles disappear you’ll start appreciating doing push-ups. So let’s do it girls, read now HOW to do it!


Start position:¬†Start with positioning hands palms down on the floor at shoulder-width, place them slightly “next” to your shoulders. Get into a plank position, tighten your core and keep your face down.
Movement: Now lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. As you lower your body, bend your arms in an 45-degree angle so that your elbows point towards your toes. Pull your elbows close to your body.
Finish:¬†Push your body back up into a press up position. Use your arms to do this as quickly as possible and make sure your body makes a straight line from head to heel as a “plank” the entire time.

GO! Start with 4 sets of 15 reps with 30 seconds rest.

Beginner: you can lean on your knees instead of your toes.
Advanced: Do a decline push up and move your feet up to a bench, box or at home you can use a chair.

Live happily ever active,