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Month: June 2015

Happy foods – part 3

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be writing about foods that can make you a lot happier if you make them a part of your daily diet. Studies have

Fit Girls favorites: pre workout snack

Ever wonder what we Fit Girls eat as a pre workout snack? Fit Girls Iris, Roos and Safira share their favorite pre workout foods with you. Iris (@iris_fitgirl) Depending on

Fit Mom Cynthia’s Chicken Roll Bento

Where I  was born – beautiful Indonesia – we eat warm dishes for lunch whether it is noodle soup with fish or meat balls (mie bakso) or rice with vegetables

Funny Paleo Diet review to make you reconsider trying diet trends

Do you know someone who is always the first to try out a new trend? Maybe it’s the new superfood, latest ‘best exercise’ or the kitchen appliance that supposedly ‘no

No gym? No problem!? – The ultimate chair workout

Still looking for ideas on how to spice up your workout routine? I got you, with this No Gym? No Problem?! – The ultimate chair workout. Ready. Set. BEASTMODE! Let’s

Guilt-free chocolate-chip cookies

Everybody knows I’m a real cookie-monster. I eat cookies almost every day of the week and I don’t feel guilty about it. Want to know my secret? These chocolate-chip cookies

Why all Fit Girls should consider playing football

As some of you might have noticed, I’m a bit of a football fan! This shouldn’t be surprising because it’s the most popular sport in the world. I really enjoy watching

EVENT REPORT: Limburgs Mooiste – My first 135k road cycling

Have you ever been challenged and after you said YES, realised that the challenge is way out of your comfort zone… Well this happend to me when I agreed to

Diamond League Shanghai

My first Diamond League, in Shanghai of all places and I wasn’t last! For the people who do not get as excited as I am right now , I’ll give

Yogafestival Haarlem

Last week Sunday was international yoga day. As I mentioned in an other blog post, I spent this special day at the Yogafestival in Haarlem. What started as a cold

50 ways to get more sleep

Do you want to exercise better, eat healthier, have more willpower and more concentration, and be more productive? How about feeling less pain, strengthening your immune system, improving your relationships,

Do DIY body slimming wraps really work?

Slimming wraps have been on the beauty parlour treatment list for a while, but they have an expensive price tag for unreliable and mixed results. Recently some women have been trying a home made version

Photo report: Train to Play N+TC workout

Nike is known for organizing awesome sports events! In light of the Woman’s World Cup of football, Nike gave all Fit Girls the opportunity to train like a footballer, how cool

Healthy Chewy Chocolate Brownies

Do you find it difficult to get your daily serving of vegetables? With these delicious oatmeal brownies you secretly eat your veggies without noticing. Who says you only need to

The Fit Girl guide to buying a road racing bike

Living your fantasies can be quite nerve wrecking. After finding out that I actually can run, I immediately became overly ambitious. My dad used to do sprint triathlons and that

Lost your workout motivation? 7 tricks to get back on track

 Oh oh.. are you in a workout motivation rut and don’t have the energy anymore to kick ass like the first weeks you started your journey to get fit? Sometimes

Pre workout snack: the Pink Forest Smoothie

I want to share my favorite pre workout snack: the Pink Forest Smoothie! I usually make a bit more than I need but there’s always someone to share it with (and it

Sunprotection during your summer workout

Summer’s almost there and that means – besides going to the beach and drinking wine on the balcony all night – you’re probably going to do your workout in the

Happy foods – part 2

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be writing about foods that can make you a lot happier if you make them a part of your daily diet. Studies have

5 fitness trainers to the stars that will get you red carpet ready

As a celebrity, it is in the job description to look awesome as much as is humanly possible so it’s no wonder many of them have personal trainers to keep them
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