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Month: September 2015

SOS: Handcare for CrossFit babes

It’s one of the biggest Fit Girl problems: painful, raw hands! Girls who do weight-lifting or CrossFit are especially likely to fall victim to this. Working on your hard body is something

Spicy energy juice

Winter is on it’s way! Time to dust off that slowjuicer and step up your juicing game.  How about a mix between fruit and veggies, spicy and sweet? The energy this juice will

Why all Fit Girls should consider hiking

Hiking? Are you serious Stephanie? You damn right I am! 😉 You are probably  thinking what kinda fun hiking ever could be. I know you do, I’ve had the same

Bye bye boobies

Sooner or later all Fit Girls will have to deal with this: due to your healthy lifestyle, your full, round, in-your-face bosom is coming to an end. For years you’ve

How to master your bench press reps

Some people love them and some people hate them but the Flatback Barbell Bench Press is one of the most popular exercises to perform in the gym. But how many of

Aranka’s diary – week 38

I’m all over the place and I’m not a huge fan of structure (but honestly I do need it). Every day is completely different than the other and I’ve never stuck

Roos’ 6-weeks push up schedule

At #FITGIRLCODE we get a lot of questions about push ups! A lot of girls struggle to go from half push ups (on your knees) to full push ups. That’s

Quark with a summer fruit coulis and grapefruit

This super easy and quick breakfast is perfect for people that love to work out or just need a little bit of extra energy in the morning. This quark with

EVENT REPORT: Beat the Marines

Somehow my mind gets triggered when people ask me to join challenging  fun- uncommon-insane sport events. And before I know it , I sign up for them. This also happened when

3 x one minute ab exercises

We all know abs are made in the kitchen and not (only) in the gym but that doesn’t mean that we cannot work them a little harder everytime. I handpicked

Recipe: a Fruitilicious Green Tea Smoothie

In my last ‘Happy foods’ article I asked I told you about how of all drinks, green tea is probably my favourite drink. I love drinking it either hot or

How to wash smelly sportswear? 4 things you need to know!

One down side to being a Fit Girl is that you’re laundry basket is never empty! Smashing a sweaty workout several times a week comes at the price of endless, smelly

How protein can help you lose weight

Let’s talk about protein! What’s the deal and how can it help you to lose weight? There are several foods required in your diet if you want to burn fat,

Healthy Pumpkin Pizza

This recipe is a big success for all the fast-food lovers among us! From now on this healthy and delicious pizza is your new friend. Although I love cooking, it’s sometimes

Can eating alone impact your diet?

Eating alone is becoming more common and it no longer has the stigma attached like it used to. That idea that if you eat by yourself you must be a desperately lonely,

Are you pushing yourself too hard?

Four months ago I got injured during my workout. How? I was obsessed with my legs and trained them at least three times a week. It never occurred to me that

How to grunt like a Fit Girl?

We (all) do it on a regular base, or know someone who does it (all the time). Most of the time you’re not even aware of the fact that you’re

Exercises to increase balance

Whether you’re just getting started with fitness or an advanced athlete or a nice-weather-runner, balance is key  in any routine. I myself, used to struggle with everything in the balance

Classic goat cheese salad with honey and pear

I’ve never been a fan of cheese really. But lately, I just. can’t. get. enough. of. goat. cheese.! I’ve been experimenting a lot with it, making loads of salads (it

Detox: yay or nay?

Detoxing is a word with a lot of connotations and it has both advocates and adversaries. Nowadays, detoxing is very popular and there’s a lot of controversy around the subject.
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