SOS: Handcare for CrossFit babes

It’s one of the biggest Fit Girl problems: painful, raw hands! Girls who do weight-lifting or CrossFit are especially likely to fall victim to this. Working on your hard body is something you love to do, but ehm, preferably without getting hands like these. We want a hard body with soft hands, right? Today I’m sharing my tips. SOS: Hand care for CrossFit babes!


Ok, a little bit of callus is nice. Seriously. You have more grip, don’t get blisters as easily and you have more squeeze power. A lot of calluses however, can be ugly, raw and tear off. The latter is something you especially want to avoid! If you take care of your hands daily, you will notice instant changes. Eventually you want to have a thin, soft layer of calluses on your hands, without loose or really thick skin.

Daily hand care

  • Use a pumice stone every day after showering. Scour gently (because your skin is soft!) across the upper layer of both palms. Focus on the hard little ‘knots’ that are right under your fingers – and make these flatter.
  • Afterwards, scrub your hands with a rough scrub. You can make this yourself by mixing sugar with coconut oil and perhaps even some grated lemon. By doing this, you eliminate loose skin and will result in soft hands.
  • Then, moisturize in your hands with a thick cream. I like Lemony Flutter (brand: Lush), which is full of natural oils. Especially lather up your hands very well before going to bed so there is a lot to get soaked up while you sleep.

First aid for tears

During training it’s tempting to use a lot of magnesium powder for extra grip. Don’t do this! Only use a little bit. A lot of powder creates a lot of friction on your palms, and that leads to higher risk of tearing any calluses. Ouch!

You are also more at risk of tearing off calluses while lifting heavy weights, (deadlifts) or hanging (pull-ups, toe-to-bar). Do you already have broken skin and torn calluses?  This is what I like to do in that case:

  • Disinfect: I like to soak my hands in a soda bath (warm water with a tablespoon of soda powder). After a couple of minutes everything is clean, and any loose skin is soaked off.
  • Amputate (haha): After soaking my hands, I cut away all the loose skin that’s left with (clean!) scissors. Some people like to leave the skin on, but if you take it off, it dries in sooner.
  • Let it dry: I give nature some time to heal the open skin and let the edges dry up. I often work out in the evening, so the next morning all edges are dried out.
  • Hydrate: After letting it all dry, I start hydrating again. I carry around the Lemony Flutter cream all of the time to moisturize raw edges. Take some time for this every 1 to 2 hours. Important: don’t put cream in an open wound.
  • When the wound has dried up completely, it will quickly create a small layer of callus again. When that has happened, you can start trimming the edges again with your pumice (see daily hand care above), so you can create a smooth surface again.

That’s it! It seems like a lot of work, but it takes me about 1 minute every day to take care of my hands. I think daily care saves you a lot of trouble. Did you think this article was helpful? Or do you have any good tips? Let me know!




Spicy energy juice

Winter is on it’s way! Time to dust off that slowjuicer and step up your juicing game.  How about a mix between fruit and veggies, spicy and sweet? The energy this juice will provide gets you going. Work that body!

What do you need for one glass of juice?

  • 1 handful spinach
  • 3 carrots
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 big chunk of ginger
  • ice cubes

Put the spinach, carrots and ginger in your juicer and peel the oranges. Put these in last. Juice it all and pour the juice in a glass and add the ice cubes. That’s it, enjoy!

rosalie 2

Why all Fit Girls should consider hiking

Hiking? Are you serious Stephanie? You damn right I am! 😉 You are probably  thinking what kinda fun hiking ever could be. I know you do, I’ve had the same thoughts when Mr. Boyfriend took me on my first walk into the wild a few years ago. But now this Fit Girl is really into hiking the wild nature, with backpack and all. It even helps me out in the gym when I get challenged to perform an ‘impossible’ work-out!  Let ME tell YOU Fit Girls why I think all of you should consider hiking! 

The first time I went ‘hiking’, walking no more than 5k in the forest, I absolutely didn’t see the fun in exploring the world in circles. I even wanted to sit down after we only walked for 5 minutes – I’m not kidding – and eat the snacks we brought along. So okay, this was six or five years ago, and back than I wasn’t in the best shape, which explains why I needed to sit down every five minutes. Clearly I underestimated walking in nature, because this is not like the walking pace we have while we are shopping. Let alone hiking, which is a whole different “work-out” going up and down hills,  mountains and rocky roads.

Hiking 2

Explore the world by hiking
Perhaps this sounds a bit philosophical, but going back to basic like walking in nature has something pure and magical. Brings back things into perspective again. You will not only get stronger physically, but also mentally. Like the fact that you are truly dependent on your perseverance and determination to reach the top/end of your route. Or the opportunity to blend in and just be quiet and let serval thoughts run through your mind. Very refreshing! Also realising the fact that you are on your own here and in order to “survive”  you need to keep going forward (walking). And backwards if you get lost. But that’s okay, getting lost sometime makes it exciting and next time you will pay more attention on what direction you are going. The most challenging and beautiful part of exploring the world by hiking is to simply let go and walk the walk. GO, FALL, LEARN and GET UP AGAIN.

Doesn’t this also apply to our fit journeys … because I do see a lot of similarities 😉

Like that little voice in your mind, during your work out in the gym or running 10k telling you to stop because you are too tired… If you let go of these boundaries you will see that there is a whole new world for you to explore beyond the limits you give yourself. Think about it.

The first time I went ‘hiking’ I already stopped after 5 minutes. Let myself believe that I was already tired and therefore I didn’t like ‘hiking’. Even making myself believe that I didn’t see the point of it. In the last five years I got rid of these limits and for me the possibilities are endless now.

YES I struggled walking the Milford track in New Zealand with a backpack of 10k on my back, YES I got injured walking down Mount Kenya in Africa and YES, when I walked 40k at night raising money for refugees around the world I cried the last 5k since every bone in my body hurt. BUT, I didn’t die, I survived and each and every time made me realise that good things don’t come without struggle, fear and you simply need to let go of the “I can’t do it and that’s why I don’t like to do it” mindset.

Besides the fact that hiking can help you change your mindset about your inner strength and positivity, it also has a lot of other benefits.

Hiking 3

Why all Fit Girls should consider hiking
Besides the fact that exploring the world while hiking is an amazing adventure and gives you this proud feeling when you reach the top- these are the “serious” healthy benefits:

  • Improves your overall health
  • Lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Helps to prevent and control diabetes
  • Increases your bone density
  • Reduces your cancer risk
  • Elevates your mood
  • Alleviates insomnia
  • Provides your daily dose of vitamin D
  • Reduces stress


  • It’s simple (like we all know how to walk)
  • It’s real (no photo filters needed because the scenery is already Instagram prove)
  • It’s cheap (unless you decide to go PRO, but going back to basic is GREAT too)
  • It’s mind blowing (like you are walking through a screensaver, because that’s how beautiful nature is on top of the world)
  • It’s free fun (since you look ridiculous in your not-so-fashionable hiking clothes, which is totally fine since everybody looks that way)

If after reading all of this makes you consider to go hiking continue reading for the “Tips & Tricks”  on that could make this journey more comfortable and lots of fun. 🙂

Tips & Tricks

  • Invest in good walking / hiking shoes and socks. Those shoes DON’T come in pretty pink and glitter, they are ugly as hell but your feet will love you for it. Socks are as important as your shoes. Trust me, spend extra money on them.
  • Don’t immediately go on a 100k hike with your new walking / hiking shoes, walk them in a few times.
  • Invest in a good backpack. Depends on what kind of a hike you are going for. One day (small backpack), several day’s with overnight camping (large backpack). If you are not sure you will like hiking that much, ask around if you can borrow a friend’s backpack so you can try it out.
  • Don’t bring stuff along in your backpack you don’t need. Just fill it up with food, chocolates and enough water.  Snacks are the best during hiking. 😉
  • Make sure you also bring a first aid kit along, patches for blisters, charged phone (to track your time and make selfies, watch (if the battery of your phone dies of taking all those selfies), toilet paper (if you gotta go, you gotta go), rain coat,  flashlight, knife, extra pair of dry socks and clothes that will keep you dry and warm. Unless it’s hot outside, don’t forget a hat, sunblock and sunglasses.
  • If your backpack doesn’t have a rain bag you can put your stuff in a garbage or plastic bag to protect them from getting wet if you need to cross a river..Haha just kidding, for if it starts to rain and your backpack gets wet your stuff will stay dry.
  • Don’t ever go hiking without a map or proper route direction. Unless you want go Bear Grylls survival style. But he makes you drink you own pee if you get lost in the Sahara. So think again. Be well informed about the route you are walking and the facilities the hiking area has. If there are no huts along the way where you can, rest, eat and drink (refill your water bottle) you need to make sure you bring enough food and water yourself.
  • Hiking sticks are the best! YES, it looks lame but they can help you out with the correct walking pose, give you support on rocky routes and a difficult descent. Prevents injuries.

If you want more detailed information or go PRO click here, here and here for more hiking tips & tricks so you are well prepared and enjoy your hikes safely and with lots of FUN.

Well this is a lot of information but I believe my message it’s clear: FIT GIRLS NEED TO CONSIDER HIKING! Because it’s FUN, good for your HEALTH, positive MINDSET and a great outdoor activity. So next time you go on a holiday or don’t know what to do the weekends? Explore the internet for hiking tours in your own country or visit the visitor information desk of your holiday destination to add an adventure in your trip. 



Hiking 4

So..see you Fit Girls on top of the world!  😉 

Bye bye boobies

Sooner or later all Fit Girls will have to deal with this: due to your healthy lifestyle, your full, round, in-your-face bosom is coming to an end. For years you’ve been used to men not looking you in the eyes, your boobies in your neck when you have to run for the bus and having a décolleté without making an effort. Those days are over. The more you train and watch what you eat, the faster it goes: say goodbye to your boobies! But, is your sex appeal now doomed? Hell NO! Fit Girls are made of 100% badass and another 100% sexy. Let’s see the advantages of a smaller chest lined up:

All tops look cute on you

Yes, also the one with a Tirol-collar, cowgirl vibe or hectic prints. Maybe you used to feel a little bit too hot to handle (read: trashy) in those, but now you can go nuts with it. Moreover, you can finally button up that cute denim jacket to the top and you don’t have to buy your jackets 3 sizes too big anymore, just because your chest didn’t fit.

Your booty gets the attention it deserves

By squatting, lunging and running you get a stunning booty! Whereas first the attention used to go to your chest, now all of a sudden your bottom is getting the appreciation it deserves. And isn’t it awesome that that’s all because of your hard work?

You can make others happy with your expensive bras

I used to swear by expensive bras from stores where a sweet saleswoman picked them out for you and you only had to wait half-naked in the dressing room until they were handed to you. I also used to buy three at the same time because I could never choose. ‘Unfortunately’ my fit journey is going so well that after a couple of months, I had some room left in my bras. But, some of your bosom friends (hehe) can be very happy with that. The major advantage: you can go to cheap stores now for your bras! Since they’re now smaller they also need a little less support. Saves you a lot of money!

Gravity is not your enemy anymore

Smaller boobs are less heavy and will not start to hang as much when you get older. SCORE! That’s good news huh? Side note: if you have a baby there’s a chance that he/she ruins that party for you. But until then: yay!

Neat and petite

Sometimes it can feel like your girlfriends have emptied out a little bit. The fat in your boobs makes them nice and round, and when that disappears they can appear a little sad. But don’t worry, your skin takes a bit longer to shrink in, and with the right chest exercises you can make them look very neat again. This article of Women’s Health explains some very nice exercises to do so!


Boobless and proud

Every size boobies is beautiful, even if you don’t have a lot of boobage to begin with, or if you still carry around two bazooka’s after losing weight. Be proud of what your momma gave ya and work hard for what you want to see differently! And remember: you are 100% badass and 100% sexy! And if you wrap them up in awesome Jogha bras you can shine with them every workout 😉 Shop them here!

How to master your bench press reps

Some people love them and some people hate them but the Flatback Barbell Bench Press is one of the most popular exercises to perform in the gym. But how many of us know what are the most important techniques for maximizing strength and power during each repetition? Today Iris & I will hit you up with some info we’ve come across and now use ourselves to bust out the perfect presses, don’t worry we got you covered. These tips will instantly help you on how to master your bench press reps! 


The first thing you need to do is determine your proper hand spacing on the bar. Lie down on the bench and unrack the bar as you normally would. Lower the bar to your chest and have your BFFF take note of the orientation of your forearms.  These should be as close to vertical at the bottom of the repetition as possible. Adjust your grip accordingly and take note of where your hands are in relation to the smooth rings on the bar.


Lay back on the bench and plant your feet on the floor. Your knees should bent at about an 80 degree angle. DON’T place your feet up on the bench, as you see me doing in the picture below. You will lose stability and potential power by doing this. Place your hands on the bar in the grip width that you determined while handspacing.


Remove the bar from the racks and begin lowering the bar under control to a point at the bottom of your  breastbone. Lightly touch the weight to your chest but don’t  bounce the weight off your chest as this can cause injury and will diffuse any tension you’ve built up in the pectorals, leading to reduction of the the effectiveness of the exercise alltogether.



As you start to change the direction of the bar and begin the press up, drive with the legs. Your leg power can actually help you bench press more weight!


Now push the weight up, in one smooth movement,  keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor. Be aware of your sticking point and try to drive the bar through it rather than letting the bar slow down as you come up to it.


Push the weight up, all the way to lockout. Re-rack if needed and there you have it you have just master your rep! Easy-peasy right? Try again and keep on trying ok?

We’d love to hear  your experience in the comments!


Aranka’s diary – week 38

I’m all over the place and I’m not a huge fan of structure (but honestly I do need it). Every day is completely different than the other and I’ve never stuck to anything like a food schedule. I would like to see this change and I know that there is room for improvement. Let’s say it’s a work in progress! To show you how a week from my life looks like, I will keep up a weekly diary. I’m not doing it only for myself, although it’s a good way to be faced with the facts, but also to show people that not all Fit Girls live in the gym and bake banana bread on Sunday’s (although, the latter actually has succeeded for the first time this week).  ♥ Aranka’s Diary ♥



♥ We’ve got ourselves a new office in Roterdam since a week (YAY). And I’m so proud of it! The whole building has an industrial look, same as my house. Brick walls, huge windows, a lot of steal and wood; with other words a dream office.
♥ Luckily he mail man found our new address quickly.  Tony we love you! You can find a blog about our chocolate tasting soon. So stay tuned!


♥ Today I became the proud owner of a real #FITGIRLCODE/Jogha Smart for Four. This is huge for me as I’ve never had a car before. We’re much more mobile now and we can graze all across the country, visit events and hopefully meet even more Fit Girls.
♥  This afternoon I’m shooting for Jogha. The video will be online soon. You can see the shots I made in Thailand of the production process of Jogha. I really want to show everyone dat the people in Thailand work on the Jogha collection with a lot of love and passion. And the most important thing is that the working environment has to be good.
♥ I’m always completely broken after a video shoot. Afterwords I never feel like doing something. So I convinced our camera gal Christel to join me to my most favorite gym in Rotterdam: Elevator Sports.
I got her shoes and clothes out of the closet before she could even answer, so now she had to go!


♥ Some days are better than others, today I was mostly sore from the workout of yesterday and I was literally rolling from one meeting to the next. On days like this I don’t feel very productive. Luckily Snapchat decided that we needed some heart eyes, rainbow vomit and huge crying eyes in our lives.
Not every day is great, but there is something great in every day!


♥ I drove on Thursday with brand relations manager Shelley to Amsterdam in the pouring rain to a Dermalogica event. It was the launch of the new Overnight Retinol Repair. During the event we got the opportunity to use facemappingof the Dermalogica specialist to determine which skincare products are most suited for our skin.
♥ I seem to have an irritated skin around mu nose, and my chin was not doing so well either. So, I’m going take the all the advices home with en I’ve even made a before picture in the morning without make-up. Don’t scream:)


♥ I didn’t make a lot of pictures today, I already had forgotten that I had to keep up a diary. I did make some pictures of my outfit OOTD ;). This new sweater of Asos is from the petite collection and suits me perfects as I’m only 1.60m tall!
♥ In the afternoon I went to have dinner with Christel (a.k.a. Fitgirlchris) at this new healthy pizza place in Rotterdam called Sugo.


♥ It’s weekend and this means I’m going to visit my family. First to my parents in Spijkenisse (I was born here) because Robbert wants to pick up my old Nintento64 to play some oldschool Mario. The lady in the picture is my mom and at the same time the biggest Jogha fan walking around. The Ibiza jacket is her favorite.
♥  After a short stop at my parents we drove to my new nephew Noah, and what turned out? I’m a baby-whisperer as he fell asleep in my arms as soon as I touched him. So cute!
♥  We went to the musical Soldaat van Oranje afterwords. I don’t like musicals and I don’t know much about the Second World War (sorry mister Berkelaar, I should have payed attention in your classes) so I didn’t expect that it would be so awesome! A beautiful story and the turning stage makes it look completely different than a regular musical. I’m impressed!


♥ Usually in the weekend Robbert and I go for the big grocery shopping. This time at the Jumbo in Kop van Zuid, I think this is the biggest Jumbo in the world en it’s even open at Christmas.
♥  I bought the ingredients for bananabread and we made a deal to do this every sunday. It gives me so much rest to start the week all prepared!
Wanna see more, follow me on Instagram or snapchat (ArankaWorld). See you next week!

Roos’ 6-weeks push up schedule

At #FITGIRLCODE we get a lot of questions about push ups! A lot of girls struggle to go from half push ups (on your knees) to full push ups. That’s not very strange! Because full push ups are suddenly a lot harder! So the question is: how do you get off your knees? I made a schedule in which you will strongly improve your push up strength. You train 3 times a week, about 10 minutes a day. Are you joining?

Roos’ 6-weeks push up schedule

  1. This schedule is meant for girls who can already do good push ups on their knees. It’s a standardized schedule, so you need to/can adjust it if you notice that you have a different level. Is it way too easy? Skip a week ahead. Is it way too heavy? No worries, just take a step back and repeat an easier week.
  2. You train 3 times a week: on Monday/Wednesday/Saturday OR Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday. No excuses!
  3. The exercises are meant to be really heavy! That’s how you quickly build new muscle strength. So go deep and give it everything you’ve got!
  4. For push ups you need: strength in the chest, strength in your triceps, and power in your core. That’s why the exercises are: (adjusted) push ups, tricep dips and the plank!
  5. Make all repetitions extra slow and go deep, this is the key to success. Don’t cheat!
  6. Take about 45 seconds of rest between every set.

Good luck! Leave me a message if you join so we can support each other! You can also do that on my Instagram: @fitgirlroos

Week 1  (Mon/Wed/Sat OR Tues/Thurs/Sun)

CHEST: 8 wall push ups  |  5 high box push ups  |  5 high box push ups  |  8 wall push ups

TRICEPS: 3 sets of 10 triceps dips

CORE: 2 sets of 1 minute plank

Week 2 (Mon/Wed/Sat OR Tues/Thurs/Sun)

CHEST: 5 sets of 5 high box push ups

TRICEPS: 3 sets of 10 triceps dips

CORE: 2 sets of 1 minute plank

Week 3 (Mon/Wed/Sat OR Tues/Thurs/Sun)

CHEST: 8 high box push ups  |  5 low box push ups  |  5 low box push ups  |  8 high box push ups

TRICEPS: 3 sets of 10 triceps dips

CORE: 2 sets of 1 minute plank

Week 4 (Mon/Wed/Sat OR Tues/Thurs/Sun)

CHEST: 5 sets of 5 low box push ups

TRICEPS: 3 sets of 10 triceps dips

CORE: 2 sets of 1 minute plank

Week 5 (Mon/Wed/Sat OR Tues/Thurs/Sun)

CHEST: 5 sets of 5 low box push ups, with 1 second hold when you’re to the ground

TRICEPS: 3 sets of 10 triceps dips

CORE: 2 sets of 1 minute plank

Week 6 (Mon/Wed/Sat OR Tues/Thurs/Sun)

CHEST: 8 low box push ups  |  as many repetitions as possible of full push ups (2 x)

TRICEPS: 3 sets of 10 triceps dips

CORE: 2 sets of 1 minute plank

Below are all exercises explained in pictures.

It’s very important to tighten your abdominal muscles when you’re doing the push ups. Make sure you don’t have a hollow back and your bottoms are up in the air! Are you having difficulties doing that? It can help to actively turn your hips forward. The height of your box doesn’t matter, it can be a bit higher or lower. You can even use a little bench or step. Even the stairs or the edge of your band would work!

Wall push up




High box push up



Low box push up

IMG_1687 IMG_1684


Triceps dip





Good luck and have fun! I’m sure you’ll notice a lot of progress in the coming weeks! Let me know how you’re doing in the comments or on Instagram (@fitgirlroos)

Quark with a summer fruit coulis and grapefruit

This super easy and quick breakfast is perfect for people that love to work out or just need a little bit of extra energy in the morning. This quark with a summer fruit coulis and grapefruit is full of protein and vitamins! Choose organic quark, this is much creamier and tastier. Use a frozen summer fruit mix to make the coulis: it’s cheaper and tastes almost as good as fresh fruit.

What do you need for 1 portion?

  • 300 ml quark
  • 1 handful frozen summer fruit
  • ½ grapefruit
  • 1 tbs pistacchio nuts
  • 1 tbs beepollen

Heat up the summer fruit (microwave 1,5 min or use a small pan). Mix it well with a fork, and use it hot if prefererred or let it cool down. That’s your healthy easy coulis!

Mix the quark with the summer fruit coulis. Add the grapefruit in small pieces and sprinkle the pistacchio nuts and beepollen on top. Enjoy!


rosalie 4 rosalie3

EVENT REPORT: Beat the Marines

Somehow my mind gets triggered when people ask me to join challenging  fun- uncommon-insane sport events. And before I know it , I sign up for them. This also happened when Madelon Baans – a fierce Fit Girl / former Olympic swimmer at my gym – asked if anyone wanted to join her for an “obstacle race” called “BEAT THE MARINES”. Something with water and the challenge to be faster than the guys of the Royal Dutch Marine Corps was all we knew and all it took for me to sign up!! And yet again this Fit Girl got herself involved in a challenge which no one knew the outcome of. LOVE IT! 

The port of Rotterdam is the one of the largest ports in Europe, located in the city of Rotterdam – The Netherlands. It’s one of the world’s busiest ports. Every year the port of Rotterdam organises a three day event in the first weekend of September: World Port Days Rotterdam. Everyone is invited to take a look in the port life. You can enjoy demonstrations on water, given by the water police or the marines. Enjoy guided tours on old and new ships or celebrate these days with music events, joining work-shops, having port dinners or enter a challenge like “BEAT THE MARINES”. This year’s theme was “Whatever you dream, you can turn it into reality in Rotterdam. Make it happen!” – DREAM PORT – So this Fit Girl did! Dreaming of beating the Marine Corps in what they do best! Whahaha 😉

Beat the Marines 2015
Photo by Erwin van Leeuwen

Beat the marines

Well, actually it was very simple. With a team of 8 you needed to be faster in an
Amphibious obstacle race than the Marine Corps. The only thing was that we had NO IDEA what this amphibious obstacle race had in store for us and to make matters more challenging – our team met each other for the first time; 30 minutes before the actual event. Double challenge, since teamwork was the key element to win the race!

There were five teams:

  1. Marine Corps
  2. Survival Specialists (that’s us – we were very surprised with this label, but we rolled with it )
  3. CrossFit Hoogvliet
  4. Hockey ladies
  5. Hockey boys

Each team had 30min. to row a trail in the water in a rubber marine boat without getting hurt and losing one of your teammates along the race. After we had a professional briefing, I have to point that out, of the Marine Corps Captain and the gamer watcher of the event, we had time to practice our rowing skills and come up with our battle plan! We needed to be smart here because rowing was not our specialty. So every team member got a task to make sure we would finish. Mine: row like crazy and cheer everyone up!

Beat the Marines 2015
Survival Specialists 😉 – photo by Erwin van Leeuwen

And since the Marine Corps is all about safety we got ourselves a helmet, a life jacket and orders what to do in case of an accident or when you or one of your teammates got injured. So yeah we were good to go!

Our race was bad ass fun!

First we were transported in a large boat of the Marine Corps to the starting location. The first obstacle was to get in our rubber boat without falling into the water after the go-ahead sign was given. So we needed to slowly slide our boat into the water at the back of the large boat.

Beat the Marines 2015
Photo by Erwin van Leeuwen

Then we needed to row as fast as we could towards the first buoy, get around it, and row back to the platform in the middle of the trail to get out of our rubber boat, climb over the railing with the rubber boat. Than pass to the other side of the platform to jump back into the boat, launch into the water and row towards another buoy.

This time we needed to row towards the other side of the platform and again cross the desk with all of the team members and our rubber boat. OH and don’t forget the 8 paddles which went all over the place. Let me say here, that is was a good thing we had helmets on! YES!

After crossing this madness we needed to row ourselves back again towards one of the buoys and row toward the middle of the platform where a rope net was hanging in the water. Each team member needed to climb over the net without falling into the water and climbing back safely into the rubber boat on the other side. Maximum arm muscle burn proof and therefore it was all about the strength in your legs. YES NAILED IT. After this obstacle we needed to once more get around a buoy and then row like crazy towards the finish tapping into the Marin Corps flag.

Beat the Marines 2015
Racing towards the finish… and the winner is…. – photo by Erwin van Leeuwen

The “survival specialists” – that’s us-, nailed the amphibious obstacle race in 22.39min. Which was considered a very good time! YES, that’s what the captain said. Again I like to point that out! 🙂

So okay… the Marine Corps was so freaking fast that when we were done practicing rowing they already finished. 15.39 sharp! Well done gents! We didn’t beat you this year, but the “survival specialists”  dare you for a revanche next year 🙂 Because the price (engraved paddle) looks better on us 😉

Beat the Marines 2015
Photo by Erwin van Leeuwen

The clue of this story: ALWAYS DARE 2 CHALLENGE! Of course we knew that we would not beat the marines, and totally underestimated the other teams 😉 but we had fun, it was an awesome experience, great work-out and I made new friends on Facebook 😉 So Fit Girls when and where is the next crazy sport event? Let us know, I might join you! 

3 x one minute ab exercises

We all know abs are made in the kitchen and not (only) in the gym but that doesn’t mean that we cannot work them a little harder everytime. I handpicked 3 one minute abtastic exercises for you, which you can easily  alternate, switch up, adjust to your liking and add to your routine. 

V-Sits with Russian Twist

This a one-minute challenge combining two classic core moves: the V-sit and the Russian twist. Trust me — you’re going to love it. But if you hate it, know that it is only 60 seconds. You can do anything for a minute, right? Don’t hesitate! Take the challenge.

Creepy Crawler Hops

You want rock-hard abs and are willing to work for them? Try this move for a flatter set of abs. How many can you do in a minute? Let me know in comments.

Flutter Kick Abs

Take your ab workout to the next level with this video right here! You’ll  learn three variations of the flutter kick exercise that will get you sweating and will leave your abs burning!

Favorite anyone? Let me know in the comments!

Recipe: a Fruitilicious Green Tea Smoothie

In my last ‘Happy foods’ article I asked I told you about how of all drinks, green tea is probably my favourite drink. I love drinking it either hot or cold. When doing research about my beloved drink I learned about a delicious looking smoothie with green tea as an ingredient and I named it the Fruitilicious Green Tea Smoothie. 

I decided to create it so I could see if it’s any good and it sure was good, the second time I made it! The first time I had all the ingredients but not enough green grapes so it tasted a bit less sweet! The second time I followed the recipe exactly and it was really good! I dare you to give the Fruitilicious Green Tea Smoothie a try! This veggy, fruity, green tea smoothie is easy to make and it will only take about 5 minutes to prepare!


For this recipe you’ll need a blender, a juicer and the following tea smoothie

  • 1½ cups green grapes
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 1 cup frozen banana slices
  • 1 cup green tea (decaf for kids)

If you don’t have frozen bananes, you can also make ½ cup of green tea (make it a bit stronger) and add ½ cup of ice cubes to your blender.


Put all the ingredients in the blender. Mix it until it’s smooth! Your Green tea smoothie is now finished. Time to enjoy it! If you know any other smoothies with green tea as an ingredient, let me know! I’d love to try it!

How to wash smelly sportswear? 4 things you need to know!

One down side to being a Fit Girl is that you’re laundry basket is never empty! Smashing a sweaty workout several times a week comes at the price of endless, smelly laundry. It’s about time that someone investigated how to wash smelly sportswear for us Fit Girls so we can keep our workout wardrobe looking as awesome as we feel and smelling good.

Why do people think we are always saying a Fit Girl can never have enough workout clothes?! Because we just can’t keep up with washing them! Maybe you’ll admit that you don’t wash your jeans or bra after every wear but how are you supposed to wash your workout clothes? Here are 4 things you need to know to do it right!

1. Detergent and dead skin

When it comes to washing workout clothes my natural instinct is to put them in with as much detergent as possible on high heat. Surely extra soap and heat is all it needs to get rid of the bacteria. WRONG. Adding extra detergent is actually worse. Your washing machine cycle is only set to handle so much soap so it can’t rinse all of the excess off in the same length of time, trapping dead skin cells into the fabric and bacteria continues to grow. If you feel like your clothes still smell, its probably mildew which feeds off of the soap that wasn’t washed off in the cycle! Yikes, less is more in this case!

2. Funky fragrances and fabric softeners

If you use fragranced fabric softener in your washing it makes sense that you would add it to your workout clothes too. They’re potentially the smelliest items in your wardrobe so why wouldn’t you want to walk into the gym smelling like fresh cotton or lavender fields (whatever your preference)?!  But this is actually counter productive for the purpose of workout clothes because fabric softener traps fragrances into fabric. So in essence, you’re trapping the sweaty smelliness into the clothes! That certainly didn’t occur to me. Not only this, fabric softener damages anything that is elastic so it’s doing your gear more harm than good.

3. Do I have to wash my yoga pants as often as my running tights?

According to dermatoligist Dierdre Hooper, the answer is yes, you do have to wash them after every wear. You might think after an easy Hatha yoga class that didn’t you break a sweat but the tight fitting style of clothing means, sweat or no sweat, bacteria rubs off of you and onto your clothes while you wear them. She says, “Many of those bacteria will still be on those clothes the next day—possibly in higher number if they’ve multiplied, which they can do even when the clothes are dry.” Putting them back on means you expose yourself to now – fortified bacteria or yeast and risk irritating your skin and increase the chance of getting an infection!

4. So how do I kill all that nasty stuff without ruining them?

You are not doomed to smell forever don’t worry. Instead of following the normal washing procedure follow these steps to get keep your gear in good form and fresh ore you put them on!

  • Turn everything inside-out to protect the colours. It’s also the inside of the clothes that need the deepest clean because that’s where all of the sweat and skin cells are rubbing onto!
  • If you have the time to, soak clothes in a mixture of cold water and half a cup of white vinegar for 15 to 30 minutes before you put them in the machine. This cleans some of the gross stuff that has built up during and after your workout.
  • Use a small amount of detergent, slightly less than the recommended amount for the size of the load.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water as hot water can damage the fabric causing your beloved clothes to shrink! And the same goes for drying. Use the coolest setting on the dryer so as not to shrink them or better yet be eco-friendly too and let them dry by air!

Now you know how to wash smelly sportswear, get your dirty tights smelling clean, keep your workout wear in good condition and get even more out of your detergent! But it can be our little secret so that you can still use not having enough fresh sports clothes as the excuse to go and buy more, we won’t tell!

How protein can help you lose weight

Let’s talk about protein! What’s the deal and how can it help you to lose weight? There are several foods required in your diet if you want to burn fat, build muscle, lose weight, improve endurance and improve recovery speed. The intake of protein is extremely important and beneficial if you want to get in shape faster.

Besides your workouts, your diet plays a key role in achieving that dream body. Today I want to tell you more about the function of protein and how you should consume it to make it beneficial.

So here’s what happens:
1. When you workout your muscles will actually break down.
2. Your body will naturally respond by trying to repair the fibers and recover your broken muscles.
3. To help your body to repair your broken muscles, you should feed your body with protein. Protein is the main building block of muscles!

It’s quite obvious that your diet can’t miss out on protein if you want to see your muscles grow and maintain. Now I receive a lot of questions about how much protein you should consume and whether it’s required for us girls to consume Whey protein shakes next to your regular diet?

TIP: Aim to eat 1-2 grams of protein per kg of your body weight. For example: 60 kg x 2 gr. protein = 120 gr. Want to know how to divide your total required amount of protein over all meals of the day? Go to this blog post to find out how much calories you should consume in order to get in shape fast.


When it’s hard for you to eat enough protein with your regular diet, a Whey protein shake can be an easy solution. I believe it’s not necessary to drink Whey protein shakes in order to boost your metabolism, build muscles, burn fat and lose weight. By choosing the right (clean and healthy) foods you are easy able to reach your protein intake with protein rich foods. On busy days I prefer to bring a Whey protein shake with me to be safe!

Live happily ever active,
Foodie-ness, Carolina.


Healthy Pumpkin Pizza

This recipe is a big success for all the fast-food lovers among us! From now on this healthy and delicious pizza is your new friend. Although I love cooking, it’s sometimes nice to be able  to make a quick easy dish and not have to to spend hours in the kitchen.  Especially when I’m very busy and there’s still a pile of work to do I prefer to make an easy but delicious dish. That’s why this dish is a real winner! 

I chose pumpkin for the topping of this specific recipe but you can choose absolutely any topping that you like! You can use carrot, broccoli, tuna, chicken… anything is possible. Be creative!

healthy pumpkin pizza



  • 50 gr oatmeal
  • 50 ml water
  • 200 gr pumpkin
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 slice of ham
  • oregano
  • onion powder


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and line a baking tray with baking paper.
  2. Put the oatmeal, water, herbs, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix until you have a sticky dough. If it is still too thick then add a little bit more water.
  3. Divide the dough on the baking tray and flatten until you get a nice round crust of about ½ cm thick.
  4. Put in the oven for 30 minutes.
  5. Bring a pan of water to the boil. Peel the pumpkin (if necessary) and cut into cubes of about 3 cm.
  6. Cook the pumpkin with salt for about 25 minutes until cooked through then drain and mash.
  7. Bake in another pan the ham until crispy.
  8. If the crust is done, divide the mashed pumpkin over it. Finish it with some finely sliced tomato, ham and salt and pepper.

What is your favourite healthy pizza topping? For more healthy recipes go to my blog and follow me on my social media to see more pictures of my delicious dishes!

Can eating alone impact your diet?

Eating alone is becoming more common and it no longer has the stigma attached like it used to. That idea that if you eat by yourself you must be a desperately lonely, single person grimacing over a microwave dinner and finishing it with a single serve trifle for dessert, doesn’t reflect reality. A new study shows that more and more of people’s food is eaten alone. So can eating alone impact your diet?  

A recent study from the USA found that over half of people’s food and drinks were consumed when they were on their own. This has increased as a result of more single person households across the country (hopefully more bachelorette pads rather than divorcees) and more eating on-the-go! Dinner is the meal that people were least likely to eat on their own, with families with children in particular, eating together five days a week. People eat breakfast alone about 53 percent of the time and 45 percent of lunches are eaten alone. But it’s not necessarily a sad affair if you’re on your own. Early mornings at the gym before work or school can mean drinking a smoothie on the way to class or at your desk, not to mention times when you’re under pressure at work so you may choose to eat lunch at your desk. What this says is that not only are we alone, we’re mutli-tasking at meal times.

“I’ll have what they’re having”

It’s suggested that eating with others encourages eating more calorific meals. Research also found that the weight of our friends may impact your choices and found that people tend to eat more when dining with or near to people who weigh more than they do. One ‘tip’ I’ve seen encouraged to help you “stay on track with a diet while dining out with friends” is to place your order with the waiter first before anyone else. This is because you have a stronger mindfulness for making a healthy choice. Diners who place their order last, tend to order the least healthy thing on the menu. We’ve all been there, once you hear that everyone else is ordering the specialty burger topped with onion rings and extra cheese, you go from opting for a salad to, “I’ll have the same as them and a side of fries”. Because why not really enjoy yourself. If you’re having the burger, you may as well go all out, right? These social occasions are something that we blame our over indulgences on. But before you go turning down all of your social invitations this is specific to eating in restaurants.

Cereal? For dinner?

A meal made with friends could be more nutritious than if you were going to eat alone, even if the food you’re preparing doesn’t scream ‘clean eating’. As when people are alone and deciding what to eat, it is more common to choose a less nutritious option, almost always choosing less or no vegetables! Yup we’ve been there, with no motivation to cook for yourself you choose a bowl of pasta or a even bowl of cereal for dinner. Eating with others is also positive as it is a social occasion when you’re forced to acknowledge what and how much you are eating. That’s not say embarrassment from others thinking you’re being greedy should stop you from having a second helping, but it will make you more aware if you really want it because you’re still hungry or you’re already full and you just want it anyway. Alone, you might not ask yourself this and just consume all that is in front you. When no one else around you could also be tempted to make unhealthier choices just because you feel as though you can do so, without any insecurity about what those around you might think.

Multi tasking mindlessness

Another problem of eating on your own is that you’re likely to be multi tasking; watching television, checking your emails or even on social media. All of these things take your attention away from the moment of here and now which can impact how much food you eat. It’s possible that you’re so distracted that you eat beyond how hungry you were and are left too full yet unsatisfied from your meal.

Applying a mindful awareness of sitting down to eat a meal, whether alone or with friends can help to control your consumption. Registered dietitian nutritionist Beth Warren says that the moments before you dive into your meal are crucial to your experience of it and how much you might eat. Taking a second to look at the food in front of you before tasting it, engages your mind with what you are about to eat and encourages you to recognize when you are full, resulting in more satisfaction from the meal.

No choice but to eat alone? 

If you fall into the trap of thinking that cooking for one is too much hassle which leads you to opt for unhealthy food, then simply make meals as you would for two or four people and freeze the rest. This way, you will have your own ready meals the next time that you’re unprepared for dinner mid week. Or if you do have a full household but they just aren’t there to eat with you then cook for them anyway. You won’t be tempted to go back for more if you know that you have made it for someone else. You couldn’t promise to make dinner for someone else for them to come home to the dirty dishes!

The next time someone offers to cook with you or invites you out for dinner, don’t be tempted to turn it down because you think that it will derail your healthy diet. It won’t. Try planning to make something nutritious together or simply relax and don’t think about the food, just enjoy the company! 


Are you pushing yourself too hard?

Four months ago I got injured during my workout. How? I was obsessed with my legs and trained them at least three times a week. It never occurred to me that working out so much would backlash and I pushed myself to the limit. This resulted in months of Netflix and eating chocolate.

We’re confronted almost every day on social media with killer bodies which make our head go spinning. I wanted to look as hot and sexy as these girls on Instagram and I was willing to work out at least six days a week to achieve this. I never thought that it would exhaust my body or that I could end up achieving the exact opposite effect.

I’ve been working out for years now and I stick to a varied program where I try as many different things as possible. It happens that for months I’m really motivated and try one workout after the other and other periods where I just want to hide under my blankets and never come out again. Does this sound familiar?


Me during the winter. I was determined to start the new year fresh after indulging myself in a lot of Christmas sweets and drinks, and get to work on that beach body. It didn’t really help that my boyfriend at the time was a true fitness fanatic and we would drive each other crazy all the time. It made me work even harder in order to pursue the ultimate fitness body. I was determined that  I would shine the upcoming summer!

I got carried away in my fitness behavior and the gym became my second home. I was so focused on my upper legs as I thought they were flabby and not tight enough. Why did those girls on Instagram have tight, thin thighs and I didn’t? It became my life mission to achieve their look.

My body started showing some definition after a while and my legs became more muscular, but I hit a wall. I felt like  I saw little results for the hours that I was spending at the gym. It became an obsession and I felt nervous when I couldn’t work out for a day. A day not spent in the gym, was a day not lived. Fitness, boxing, bootcamp, body balance classes. I would do it all. My body was tired and exhausted but that was part of the deal, right?

No more

Then one day my legs just gave up. I felt a searing pain shoot through my groin, but I finished my session anyway. Stubborn as I was, I kept on going with my daily routines. Going to the gym, working, dancing in the weekend. This was just a sore muscle and it would be gone in no time. This couldn’t have been further from the truth.

I found myself at the doctors a week later and he prescribed cream and painkillers to me. The pain evolved really quickly and after two weeks I could barely move and at night I would suffer from a burning ache in my groin. I fell into a huge dip and I would spend my days on the couch watching one show after the other while I stuffed myself with comfort food.

Many hospital visits later I decided to visit the physiotherapist and what did it turn out to be? Yup, I had been pushing myself too hard and my hips and groin were the victim. My body told me it was enough but I hadn’t been listening. I could say goodbye to the body I’ve been working on for months and the worst part was, I had done this to myself. Why? Because I wanted the perfect body just like the girls I saw on social media. But what even is the perfect body anyway?

New start

Working out so much made me lose myself completely and it actually made me more insecure about my body. I wanted more and more, like I couldn’t ever be satisfied. I was working out day and night for the ideal body but in the end an injury was what needed to happen to wake me up.

For over a month now I’m slowly but surely trying to pick up the pieces. I’m reminded of my injury every day and I’m struggling daily with the fact that it will take me a while to become better. I’m taking baby steps but eventually I will recover. I listen to my body carefully and together with personal trainer Alicia I’m trying to get back on track.

The last few months I have indeed gained some weight, my muscles have disappeared and yes I do eat and drink more often and whatever I feel like. But I’m happier than when I used to work out six times a week. Now I am looking for some more routine in my life and I do want to work out more often but I will never go back to what I used to do. And of course I still want a killer body but it’s important to accept yourself and your body too.

What I’m trying to tell you girls is that you should always listen to your body. What seems to work for one person, doesn’t have to work for another. Hitting the gym every day doesn’t guarantee you a dream body or even life satisfaction. Or maybe it does and it just didn’t work for me. I’m trying to enjoy life and accept myself instead of comparing myself every day with girls on Instagram. 

How to grunt like a Fit Girl?

We (all) do it on a regular base, or know someone who does it (all the time). Most of the time you’re not even aware of the fact that you’re doing it. I’m talking about #grunting – especially in the gym -! It may sound strange, and funny at the same time but #grunting does have some benefits to it. Let me tell you all about them in this article. Here’s how to grunt like a Fit Girl. 

Grunting equals force
Grunting is a sound that you make whilst you exhale. It can boost your work out, since it may activate the autonomic nervous system. This is the nervous system that controls the fight or flight response — that feeling you get when you become startled or scared. It’s the adrenaline rush that people speak of. And that may help the muscle contractions be more complete and more forceful.” So If you’re stuck on that 60KG deadlift and you want to work up to some heavier weights; just grunt baby, grunt.

Your 60 seconds of fame
Grunting will make you famous in a certain way. It’s like X-Factor: either you’re in or out. There is a variety in “likes” you’ll get; some may find you annoying and others won’t get enough of it. For me seeing people grunt works on my laugh nerves in a good way. But when I’m trying to solely focus on my moves “in peace” I do get frustrated, even though I belong to the grunters too.

Instant relaxation
Even though grunting can be bothersome for others. For you it can increase inner peace and relaxation. It reliefs the tension that might been build up in your body. It could even be used as a quick (temporary) fix for shaking of a bad day or getting back in your gym flow. Beware or square for “no grunting zones”. Since worldwide there are some gyms that have a “lunk” alarm that forbids you to #grunt!

If you want to know more about grunting or see how I and @ily_fitgirl grunt our way up to achieving our fitness goals you can hit me up on Instagram @iris_fitgirl.


Exercises to increase balance

Whether you’re just getting started with fitness or an advanced athlete or a nice-weather-runner, balance is key  in any routine. I myself, used to struggle with everything in the balance department when I first started taking fitness seriously and I’ve learned a lot along the way about the importance of it. Proper balance training  helps with maintaining a good balance overall and provides safety throughout future workouts. That is why today I’m sharing some exercises to increase balance with you all.

What is balance?

Before I get all lost in updating you on all kind movements which you can use to train your balance, I think it good to quickly explain the narrative. Balance is the condition during which your body’s center of gravity is maintained within its base of support;  also called the state of equilibrium, which not only relies on the position of the center of gravity in relation to the base of support, but also makes use of the direction of the forces and the base of support its self. The three pathways that help maintain your balance, are the eyes, the ears and the nervous system.

Working on balance from start to finish

Now that some of the technical difficulties are out of the way I think it is time to equip you with some #homework you can take with you to the gym. Looking for a challenge? Than I suggest you get up close and personal with a barbell and some #heavyass plates and start to work on your Barbell Deadlift skills. Your rectus abdominus and also your glutes will thank you later.

For working the balance in the ab region you can challenge yourself to a trial on perfecting the Ball Crunch for which you will be needing a stability ball and some #fitgirldedication.

Want to work on the balance in your lower body? Try some weighted Leg Raises. I love to work on these using a barbell, as seen in the header image, but you can just as easily use a kettle bell or a set of dumbbells instead.

Work that core

Now you know what to do I would like to leave you with a quick reminder you have probably heard before; balance training equals core training  as training your core is vital for every Fit Girl. Whether you are lifting heavy, jogging or doing other activities that are engaging the lower and upper body, strength extracted from your core is used in every movement. Working on strengthening your core will help on improving your balance allover and will also benefit the stability of the spine.

So that is that. I hope these tips are helpful. Hit me up on Instagram if you like @ily_fitgirl!

Classic goat cheese salad with honey and pear

I’ve never been a fan of cheese really. But lately, I just. can’t. get. enough. of. goat. cheese.! I’ve been experimenting a lot with it, making loads of salads (it just goes with everything!) and then I made this one which was too good not to share.

Honey, pear and goat cheese are a classic combo for a good reason. Add some pecans and dried cranberries and it almost can’t get any better. Try it yourself!

To make this classic goat cheese salad with honey and pear for 2 persons, you’ll need:

  • 2 big handfuls of mixed greens
  • 120 g mixed grains
  • about 120 g of goat cheese
  • handful of pecans
  • small handful of dried cranberries
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 large red onion
  • 1 large ripe pear
  • a few thyme twigs
  • bit of olive oil
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • some sea salt


Now what?

Cook the mixed grains. Chop up the red onion and fry it in a little bit of olive oil. Turn the heat low, add the pear (chopped), some whole thyme twigs and also some tops of the thyme twigs, and let it simmer. In the mean while, put the mixed greens, cucumber (chopped into little bits) and the mixed grains in a bowl and gently toss it. As soon as the pear goes a bit softer, add the cinnamon and a tiny bit of sea salt, and when it’s ready to take off the heat, add the honey and stir. Take out the whole thyme twigs. Add it to the salad bowl, followed by the pecans, dried cranberries and most importantly, the goat cheese. Et voilà! Enjoy 🙂

Detox: yay or nay?

Detoxing is a word with a lot of connotations and it has both advocates and adversaries. Nowadays, detoxing is very popular and there’s a lot of controversy around the subject. But what is it that detoxing does for your body and why is there such a heated debate about it? 

What is detoxing?

Cleansing of the body, getting rid of toxins, juice cleansing and bringing the body back into balance are different ways to describe a detox. Advocates of detox programs believe that there are all sorts of toxins in our nutrition and environment which the body cannot get rid of in a natural way. Because of this, these toxins are being stored in our cells and bowels and can contribute to fatigue, bad skin and gaining weight. Since you eat as healthy as possible during a detox, detoxing could help in getting rid of the toxins. This process is quite intense and that’s why people who follow a detox program are often feeling tired and sulky. After a detox, the body would be entirely cleansed and one can pick up his/her normal lifestyle. Adversaries claim that detoxing could potentially do more harm than good. They claim it would be a waste of time and that detoxing is a vague term which does not specify which toxins are being removed, where they are being removed from and how this happens.


There are a lot of different detox programs. The most well-known ones are the programs in which people mostly have to consume fruit- and veggiejuices for a week. Last year in January I also fell for the detox trend. A 7-day detox in which the body would be cleansed by drinking different kinds of juices. Because of all the debate around detoxing, I got curious as well. Through Facebook I found this online detox program and the description “like bringing your car to the garage for maintenance” and “a good way to get yourself back on track” caught my attention. I was immediately sold to the idea and it seemed interesting to try out the experience. It sounded exciting and I saw it as a challenge. Could I keep it up and what would it do to my body? In general, the detox was doable, but in the beginning I felt very low in energy. After a couple of days I was used to it and I felt better and better.

What did it do for my body? I lost 5 kg in a week, but gained them just as fast as soon as I started eating normally again. I felt clean after the detox and had more energy, but to be honest, I also have this feeling when I drink enough water for a week or follow a balanced nutrition plan with lots of fruit and veggies. I was really proud of myself for keeping up the detox, but whether I felt like a new person? No, absolutely not. However, I do try to drink more juices and smoothies because of the detox and integrate this in my daily routine. A smoothie I really like to drink to keep my body clean is the Antioxidant of innocent drinks. This smoothie contains 3 antioxidants – vitamin C, E and selenium – which keep your cells fresh and it suits a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. I drink this juice approximately 1 or 2 times a week and it kickstarts my day.

So do I believe in the magic of detoxing? I think keeping in the middle is the best solution, as it is with many things in life. Your body then also removes toxins in a natural way by using your liver, bowels and kidneys, so a detox program does not have to be  the solution. It’s important to follow a varied nutrition plan in which veggies, fruit, grains and water play a big role and to exercise regularly next to that!

What do you Fit Girls think of detoxing? Have you tried it out and what are your experiences? Please share it with the #FITGIRLCODE community by using #ImInnocent in all your posts, comments and photo’s!