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Month: December 2015

10 good intentions that make you a better person

New Year’s resolutions like exercising more, stopping smoking, eating healthier and spending more time with family are always relevant good intentions, but it’s sometimes nice to think way outside of

What women really think of their bodies

On social media it’s almost impossible to avoid articles about ‘the perfect body’, especially relating to appearance summer time. Fit Girls and Fit Guys show up on almost every Instagram feed now

6 reasons to get hooked on the N+TC App

I have a huge crush on Nike. Nike has the looks, it gives me energy and has brains too. Nike had me at “Just do it”.  I LOVE the whole package

The 10 ultimate party snacks for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve parties obviously need good finger food. To help you a bit with your preparations I’ve collected a lot of great party snacks. All of these snacks are easy to make

Healthy Spelt Waffles

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And thus the perfect excuse to take the waffle iron out and make some delicious waffles! And thanks to Elze-Mieke we don’t have

16 cutest Christmas kittens in the world

We LOVE kittens. Especially when they are dressed in Christmas outfits. There is simply nothing more adorable than this. We want to share our love for these little munchkins with

How to stick to your New Year’s resolution

All I want for Christmas is… A sixpack! As I mentioned in my previous post Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Christmas presents, dinner parties and of course

10 thoughts you have during Christmas dinner

It’s almost time for Christmas, just one more sleep! Christmas, an opportunity to dine together with your whole family. It brings you all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings inside (not

Healthy chocolate fudge

Do you just love snickers, nuts and chocolate fudge too? But do you feel a bit guilty after you have eaten them? With Elze-Mieke’s healthy chocolate fudge recipe we can finally

3 intense Youtube workouts you can do right now

Youtube workout videos are amongst the greatest ways to workout efficiently. When you’re pressed for time it’s possible to get an intensive workout at home that doesn’t require a lot of space,

Vegan chocolate cookies with peanut butter and dates

When I posted these vegan chocolate cookies on my Instagram, it was obvious I didn’t have to explain that chocolate, peanut butter and dates is a combination that will take your

How to curl your hair the easy way!

When you’re looking for an easy way to curl your hair, you should try this tutorial. After years of struggling with hairclips and curls that just didn’t do what I wanted,

Find your workout buddy with Sprinter

Sprinter: The must-have for every Tinder lover who loves working out. With Sprinter you look for the perfect match and a potential workout buddy. Working out together is the latest thing

Chocolate and Nut Strudel

It’s almost Christmas which means lots of chocolate covered desserts, cookies and other indulgent treats. Hmm.. sounds like heaven to me but all this sweetness doesn’t really have a positive

Life is short: wear lipstick!

There is one simple rule when it comes to wearing lipstick: if the eye make-up is your focus, then keep the lips subtle: choose a sheer or nude lipstick shade

Detox review: Forever F.I.T. Clean 9 program

I love to challenge myself. When my yoga studio Balanzs told me a while ago that they were doing a yogachallenge, in which you join one yoga class every day

7 Awesome Nutella recipes

A while ago this post about 7 Life changing recipes with Oreo’s was published on #FITGIRLCODE. One of my other guilty pleasures is Nutella and you can use it for a

WIN WIN WIN: 3x €100 Nike Giftcard

THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED. THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY EMAIL. It’s already December and that means it’s the month of parties, quality time with family and friends, and lots

Jogha launches the Limitless Collection

We are so very proud of our little sister Jogha. This week Jogha is launching its fourth collection: the Limitless Collection. Jogha celebrated its first birthday in November and has

Jamilla’s leg and butt challenge results

A month ago I set a goal for myself to start (and stick to) my own leg and butt challenge. My aim was to have nicely shaped legs and butt. I’m a
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