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Month: January 2016

Roos’ spring wishlist

Even though it’s cold and dull outside, that’s no excuse to not make a spring wishlist and do some window shopping (online is totally acceptable, who wants to brave the

WIN: 3-months Coach subscription to Freeletics Running

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. THE WINNER HAS BEEN CONTACTED THROUGH EMAIL. I’m not really the type of girl who enjoys running. However, I always try to motivate myself to go

Healthy sweet potato brownies

Huh? Brownies made of sweet potato? Yes you read it right, girls! Sports model Elze-Mieke is sharing a recipe for healthy brownies that contain, among other things, sweet potato. This makes them

Review: Mindful Eating coaching program

There are those people who can spend half an hour eating their meal. They take small little bites and savour each and every one of them. They pay attention to

Winter must haves on sale now

Winter really feels like it’s approaching now with more cold, wet and grey days. It was too good to be true. So maybe there is still time to get the

Say goodbye to your winter motivation dip!

“Summer bodies are made in the winter”. Yeah, I know, but who feels like going to the gym when it’s freezing and maybe even snowing? Well, I sure as hell

5 Ways to eat less meat

Fun fact: If everyone in The Netherlands were to eat less meat and had two meat free days a week, it would save the equivalent of the CO2 emissions of 570,000 cars per

Midweek motivation tips: don’t panic when you start to slack

It all starts at the beginning of the new year. On the first of January we promise ourselves to eat better and train harder. We sometimes succeed and sometimes fail.

4 Healthy chocolate recipes to make you drool

It’s that point in January when your healthy eating and lifestyle changes have you feeling energized, but you’re starting to crave a sweet treat or some not so healthy goodies.

These are the most popular and best diets

Every year there is a diet ranking published by US News that reveals the most popular and best diets. At #FITGIRLCODE we’re not really a fan of ‘diets’, because when

Sugar free banana cake

I have repeatedly thrown myself into the kitchen to find the perfect recipe to deliver such results. Besides wanting an anti-stick,  sugar free banana cake, I also wanted it to

6 Ways to make fast food healthier

Even a true Fit Girl has her fast food cravings sometimes. But what if we told you that you can make these meals a lot less unhealthy with a couple of

4 Ways to love the skin you are in

Ever had one of those mornings where you look at yourself in the mirror and just see faults? Imperfections in your skin, those lumps and bumps and a bloating stomach,

The top 10 food trends of 2016

Did you know that 2016 will be the year of eating breakfast 24/7? Roos has collected the hottest food trends for this year. Which trend makes you feel hungry? As a

Creamy chicken and walnut lunch wraps

I love wraps. I often eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The opportunities are endless and that’s why I love them so much. For lunch I like to prepare a salad then use

Must-have kitchen gadgets that every Fit Girl needs

Healthy food is very important when you’re on your way to fully living a healthy lifestyle. And spending some time in the kitchen to prepare yummy snacks is a big part of

The smart sports bra you absolutely need

Don’t feel like holding your phone during your workout? Well, then it’s time to pay attention to this gadget. This smart sports bra could be your lifesaver. It’s stylish, comfortable

Easy vegan food swaps

Are you trying to cut back on animal products, or are you just curious about a more plant-based diet? Whatever your reasons, we have selected some easy vegan food swaps

5 Best celebrity butts on Instagram

“I don’t care about having a good butt,” said no Fit Girl ever. Never before had I seen quite so many #bootygainz on my Instagram newsfeed than in 2015! Fit

Sweet potato pancakes

I don’t like to label myself, but if there is a word I like to use it’s ‘balance’. I always try to find a balance in everything I do. Whether
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