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Month: February 2016

Why you should be working out on your period

All through high school, my classmates and I were always asking to be excused from gym class because of cramps, and I remember in particular that my gym teacher was

5 Easy and delicious mealprep recipes

Mealprepping. The saving grace for many Fit Girls dealing with the chaos of everyday life. Once a week, all the pots and pans are being taken out of the cupboard

Why more women should do strength training

Whenever I tell people that I like to lift weights over cardio, I always hear: “don’t get too big or muscly, that’s not attractive.” The problem with this is that

What’s in my gym bag?

You could say that my gym bag is my BFFF (best fit friend forever). Wherever I go, he goes. We’ve been hanging around for 3 years now and we’re still

Protein powders and how they work

As a Fit Chick you’re probably familiar with healthy foods and super foods to include in your diet, though the world of protein and more specifically protein powder might be

3 healthy breakfast mistakes that cause weight gain

We all know it: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you feel like you’re eating healthy in the morning but still not managing to lose any

Couscous salad with avocado and feta

Today I’m going to share the recipe of my favourite couscous salad with you. If it was up to me, I’d eat couscous for lunch all day err day. But hey,

Beginner’s guide to flexible dieting

No one really wants to live a life that makes you sad or feeling super guilty when you ‘cheat’ and eat something you’re not supposed to. After all, food is

What I learned about weight loss

It’s not rocket science and we all know it: if you want to have a killer body just like Doutzen Kroes, you should not live the life of cookie monster.

5 Everyday Fit Girl Problems

Being a Fit Girl is awesome! You feel super healthy as you sit down with your bowl of kale salad (guilty!). You’re also secretly just a bit proud when you buy

How to have the best Valentine’s Day ever

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you may already be bombarded by commercials and a gazillion articles about the “perfect Valentine’s day date”. Like you really need to be reminded that

Face Mapping: how to listen to your acne

Struggling with acne that just won’t go away? If you’ve tried everything you can think of, and still can’t get rid of those stubborn pimples, then perhaps the causes are

5 easy peasy lunch recipes

I want to make myself happy every day with a delicious lunch. That’s why I dive into my kitchen and get prepping during the evening for the next day before I go

10 easy ways to stay healthy on a budget

Staying healthy on a budget. Even though it seems impossible for some people, it certainly is not. In fact it is very easy to live healthy on a budget. Especially

Running recovery: Liberty’s journey

It’s been a while since my last post here on #FITGIRLCODE… Weeks have passed and I finally started to run again. Those of you who read my very first blogpost know
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