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Month: March 2016

Sugar free cocochoco almond muffin

Want to make some easy sugar free healthy muffins? Then try these Cocochoco almond muffins, you will be amazed! If you look at half the recipes on #FITGIRLCODE, I think

6 tips to get you back on track

So, you’ve given it your all in the last weeks/months. You’ve finally started seeing progress, or maybe you weren’t there yet. But for some reason or the other, you’ve lost

3 Natural remedies for headaches

You may experience headaches for many different reasons, and sometimes they just come out of nowhere. They can be the result of  your everyday stress, or even if you just

Chocolate fudge breakfast bars

Yasss! Everyone needs to make these chocolate fudge breakfast bars at least once in their life. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is to-die-for! Throw in the quinoa and

Big brands are getting more health conscious

Over the past 5 years or so, I’ve noticed that there has been a shift to how I approach food. It’s most likely the environment, but I remember when I

My first Hot Yoga class

If there’s one thing I enjoy about working here, it’s how much motivation I get from my colleagues at the office. I can already say that I’ve gotten healthier, more

Why the A4 waist challenge is ridiculous

It feels like every few months, there’s always a new ‘fitness’ related challenge or trend taking center stage. Just last year, it was the ridiculous belly button challenge, and now? It’s

13 Inside facts about the #FITGIRLCODE headquarters

Every office has their special little quirks. #FITGIRLCODE is no exception. I kinda get the idea that we seem more normal on here than we actually are, so I want

5 exercises a runner can’t do without

Are you a runner? Then you probably know that you’re at risk of getting injuries in your ankles, shins, knees or hips. Getting the right running shoes can prevent a lot

Easy peasy guilt-Free french toast

Easy does it on a drizzly Sunday morning. 90% of the time, I find it quite nice to make an elaborate breakfast, but sometimes it’s also good to have it

Smoked Salmon and Avocado Pizza

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Avocado works well with anything. In this recipe by CafeDelites, it is put together with smoked salmon on a pizza that

5 things you should do when you eat too much

I think we all know this feeling pretty well. You allow yourself a cheat meal and end up with a stomach full of chips, cola, chocolate and other unhealthy treats.

Running alone vs. Running with a club

I always thought that I didn’t need a running club to run with. I had so many reasons to run all by myself. But since I did end up at

Jogha and denim: wearing sportswear everyday

At #FITGIRLCODE HQ, it’s not a surprise if I walk into the office to see many wearing their workout clothes typing away on their laptops. Working a 9-5:30 means that most

Spinach vs Kale: the battle of the greens

Spinach has been proven to give you superpowers by Popeye the sailor, and kale is the trendiest leafy green out there. Which is the greatest green? Let the nutrition battle

7 Ways to track your progress without the weight scale

The weight scale. I think I speak for a lot of girls when I say that I have a love/hate relationship with it. On the days where it says I’ve

Healthy alternatives for milk

If you take a look at the favourite recipes on our blog, you’ll see that we use different kinds of milk all the time. We sometimes use almond milk, rice milk

Vegetarian stir fry with an insane amount of veggies

I always find it really odd when people say that they find it difficult to cook. I mean, it’s not like it’s rocket science or anything? Of course there are

8 Feelings any food lover can relate to

Sometimes, I really think that food is my soulmate. We’ve been in a relationship for a really long time, and to date, nothing makes me happier. I’s food. Need

Whole wheat bun with hummus, chicken & avocado

Do you ever get that feeling like you want to try a new lunch recipe, but you don’t feel like putting together a salad full of ingredients? Or you’re wondering
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