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Month: April 2016

What is warrior pose?

Warrior is a famous yoga posture that requires strength and stability. There are different variations of a Warrior pose, but the most common ones are Warrior I, II and III.

Healthy raspberry oatmeal muffins

These tasty, healthy raspberry oatmeal muffins are a hit! They are super healthy and full of those good nutrients that you need. Fit Girls Laura, Yola and Aranka got to

How to actually build muscle: let’s talk science

Did you know that we have over 600 muscles in our bodies? Some of these are called skeletal muscles. They are used for accomplishing our everyday tasks like lifting things

Why you need to say goodbye to negativity for good

It’s important to think good thoughts. Having a positive outlook towards life can lead to you being more resistant to the common cold, better at stress management and even having

Jogha Presents: The Supernova Collection ★★★

Stop whatever you’re doing. Cancel your plans to meet up with the girls for dinner and invite them over instead. Let them know to bring their laptops/tablets/smartphones because.. The Supernova Collection

What happens to your body without enough water

Ironically, it wasn’t till I moved from my tropical climate to the rainy and cold Netherlands that I actually started walking around with a water bottle. I just know that

What to eat when you’re sick

Instead of going to the park with my housemates and probably 90% of the entire Dutch population last Sunday when it was a sunny 18°, I stayed home in bed..

Roasted vegetable and chickpea bowl with cilantro cashew cream

If you’re looking for a healthy but satisfying bowl for dinner, then you have to try this roasted vegetable and chickpea bowl by Erin at Naturally Ella.  Here’s what you

How to get rid of period cramps

It’s that time of the month again! Aunt Flo is back wielding gifts like cramps, bloating, nausea, backaches, headaches and some mood swings: the usual. All women experience their periods differently, some

Sweet potato chips with lemon guacamole

I’m absolutely addicted to chips. Luckily, I’ve learned to control myself over the past couple of months. My favorite chips are the extremely salty ones. Well, that’s not exactly true.. because these

Need to know hacks to keep your food from spoiling

One of the hardest parts about trying to eat healthy, to me, is trying to eat all the healthy food before it starts spoiling. Instead of making my own salads

Two-in-one vegetable lasagna

In my experience and those of my clients, I noticed that it is sometimes pretty difficult to cook for your whole family, boyfriend or friends if you want to watch

The facts and fictions on detoxes

One week juicing, only drinking detox teas and living off of soups. Detoxing is hip, hot and happening. You can find articles on almost any fitness blog you visit about

6 Tips for your first time doing Hot Yoga

If you’ve read last week’s post about my first Hot Yoga class, then you know that I had absolutely no idea how to prepare for it. While it turned out

Fruity yogurt bread for an instant spring feeling!

I love the feeling I get once spring arrives! Starting the day with the smell of flowers in the air and the warm sun shining on your skin. During spring time

Fit Girl Fails: When you try your best, but you don’t succeed

We’ve all got those days. You try so hard to ensure you’re going to get that workout in, eat super healthy meals and get enough rest. And repeat. But then,
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