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Month: September 2016


It’s a new season of the year and that means one thing… Jogha has launched its newest collection – The Infinity Collection TODAY!   Drop everything you are doing because

5 ultimate moves that combine cardio and train your abs and booty

We all want to have defined abs, and a nice perky booty but we don’t always have time to focus on just one specific area when we work out. Little

Final sale at Jogha with up until 70% discount ? Work out in style!

September can be a very depressing month. With summer being just over, suddenly you find yourself in the ‘post- summer depression’. Long gone are the days of walking outside carelessly

Help! What to do with protein powder?

Do you dislike whey shakes just as much as I do, but do you struggle to eat enough protein without them? No worries! There are a lot of possibilities out

How to stay Fit and healthy when you have a full time office job

Ever since I started working at #FITGIRLCODE, staying in shape became much harder than it was before when I was a student. Not only do I now sit in front

Attention Fit girls: we have 20% extra discount on the entire JOGHA collection ?

Fit Girls, perhaps the fact that Jogha has opened its very own store JOGHAWORLD hasn’t sunk in yet. To celebrate this we have a promotion that will make your heart

All you need to know about ‘water weight’

I’m sure that we’ve all heard the expression ‘water weight’ once or twice, but do you actually know anything about it? In fact ‘water weight’ comes from our bodies retaining

6 steps to create the perfect salad

If you prepare them the right way, salads can be super tasty, appealing to look at and the perfect way to get your vital nutrients. Plus, they are so quickly to

This is the protein you need when you train a lot

During a workout, your body often uses a number of different muscle groups making it important to drink a protein shake to replenish your muscles. Your muscles become stronger, and
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