Julia’s Fit Journey

Julia shares her UPS and downs, tips and tricks, good and bad habits and hopes to inspire you to become the fittest version of yourself. If she can, you can as well!

 Julia felt so uncomfortable with her weight that she thought people were making fun of her behind her back. Every time she walked passed people who were laughing she assumed they were laughing at her. After going to the gym focusing solemnly on cardio, skipping meals and not seeing any results, she realized it was time for a change. This is when she decided to go to a nutritionist and start her Fit journey in a healthy way. Read fast Julia’s Fit journey!

1)What was the reason to change your lifestyle?

I have always wanted to have a healthier lifestyle but I have never been taught or shown how to do this during high school as I was so buys all the time. I used to dance Ballet 3-4 times a week but still was never confident about my body and barely ate. I thought this would help me lose weight but I was so wrong.

Once I started university I tried to cut down on my meat intake and go to the gym where I solely focussed on cardio exercises. However, nothing had changed. Finally I had enough and went to a nutritionist at the university who gave me a meal plan whereby I ate 5-6 times a day and went to the gym 3-4 times a week.

2) Who or what motivated you?

No one had motivated me to do this, I have always been told by my father that I should be my own competition. Therefore I stopped comparing myself to any other girls but looked at myself. I was sick and tired of feeling sorry for myself and decided to do something about it.

3) Is there something you used to be ashamed of?

I’ve always been ashamed of my thighs. It wasn’t like I was fat or anything, I had a lot of muscle in my legs from the 15 years of dancing ballet I did, but I still wasn’t happy. I tried to so many different leg exercises but did not see an improvement. I used to starve myself with merely 1 meal a day if that to get a quicker effect which only made it worse. I used to look in the mirror and pull the fat around my thighs back to see what I would look like without it. I felt very uncomfortable in my own body and walked around hunched over with my arms crossed. It affected my social life on such a level that I thought everyone was talking about me and laughing at me behind my back. I used to hide all the mirrors in my own house so I would not accidentally get a glimpse of my body. Now I look back, I was never fat.



4) What do you dare to do now that you didn’t before?

Now I look the way I do, I am not afraid to try on clothes that are not usually my style. When I go to the beach, I walk in my bikini with confidence when before I would wear men’s swim-shorts and a t- shirt the majority of the time. When I walk past people who are laughing, I do not assume that they are laughing at me anymore. I feel more positive in myself not just in regards to complexion, but the way I present myself and the normal daily tasks I have to do every day.

5) What was your worst habit?

My worst habit was to not eat for hours on end. The nutritionist told me that because of that, my metabolism stopped working. So never starve yourself!! Now, I eat every 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

6) What is the one thing you could absolutely not delete from your life?

Now I have this lifestyle I cannot imagine my life without exercise. Mentally, I always feel better after going to the gym or going for a run. My goal used to be losing weight, but now it’s toning in order to keep the body I have long term and become more firm. But to do this you need perseverance.


7) Perseverance is often the most difficult. How do you make sure you stay fit?

To motivate myself to stick to my goal, I try to keep my routine interesting by looking up different exercises and healthy diet plans and new recipes. I use Instagram a lot for this by following all these girls and boys who have the same goal as me. It really motivates you!

8) If you could say something to the person you were before your transformation, what would you say?

If I could say something to the old me it would be learn to love yourself. If you learn to love yourself, you can then help yourself to become the person you want to be. Not just physically, but mentally too. I am a big supporter of exercise to help deal with depression and deal with your negative perspective of yourself. I don’t believe in no calorie diets without exercise. This might help you physically for a short period of time, but don’t you want to focus on the long-term?


9) What does your sports regimen looks like? Do you have a schedule?

I personally do not have an official timetable for my work out but I began doing classes called ‘power pump’ which introduced me to all these new exercises. I have been told that alternating the type of exercises is the most effective, as you can focus on each individual muscle group. Some more than others. For instance I focussed more on my glutes and searched for exercises on Instagram to help.

10) What do you think is the biggest bullshit hype in the fitness area?

In regards to the hypes in fitness areas, I do not believe there is a bullshit hype. Just the no-calorie, fruit juice or tea detox diets are what I am strongly against. I don’t believe in counting calories when it comes to toning and losing weight, as I have tried it before. The only thing it did for me was stress me out which in turn lead to me gaining weight again. Nevertheless I do have an app which shows the calories but I check it solely for guidelines and do not count the amount of calories I put in my body because I need them. Healthy calories will keep your metabolism moving. Of course, I have my cheat days, never beat yourself up for that. I was stricter on myself for the first 6-8 months by allowing myself one cheat day every two weeks but now I worry less about it, as I know exercise a fair amount and if I feel I ate too much, I just run an extra 5-10 minutes the next day. As this might help you lose weight in the short-term, it can truly effect your body negatively in the long-term (look it up if you don’t believe me!). If you do decide to do these diets, make sure you check with a dietitian first. Finding a balance for your diet is hard, so you try out different things. But the most important thing to do is to listen to your body! Your body is your temple, one of the most important things you should listen to.

Do you know or are you someone who has also gone through an amazing Fit journey? Send an e-mail to community@fitgirlcode.com. Your story could be the first or the final push of motivation towards the right direction


How To Get Your Pre-Workout Skincare Routine Right?

Cleansing your skin before working out and being cautious about the amount of makeup you wear to the gym is from major importance. So, if you want to know what could be the right routine to stick to pre-workout, have a read.

Before Your Morning Workout

For those of us who workout in the morning, it is very important to properly cleanse the sleepy face in order to get rid of any congestion and oil residue that might have happened over night. Therefore, I would recommend to wash your face with a gentle cleanser like the Hydra Melting Cleanser by Omorovicza, and continue with moisturising your face. My currently favourite moisturiser and serum are from the French natural high-performance skincare brand Caudalie and you can read an in depth article about them over on www.carinajung.com. I would recommend to leave your face like that while working out, in order to reduce the production of breakouts due to sweat and makeup. However, if you do not feel confident enough, it is acceptable to use a lightweight tinted moisturiser and a minimal amount of concealer. I love using the Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream by bareMinerals as well as their bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer. Evidence has shown that mineral based makeup products are good for acne prone skin, since they do not encourage the production of congested pores. Finally, adding a touch of mascara won’t hurt you either since it doesn’t interfere with your skin at all.

Before Your Evening Workout Routine

There is a slight difference for the ones among us that like to workout in the evening. Here, it is highly recommended to remove your foundation before starting to sweat. This indicates, it is really useful to use a Micellar Cleansing Water to get rid of your day to day makeup. Don’t forget to moisturise afterwards. However, it is totally fine to leave your eye makeup on. Again you can add tinted moisturiser and a slight touch of concealer. However, please stay away from a face full of foundation, blush, highlighter and bronzer at the time you are starting your workout, in order to prevent damaging and simply stress your skin.

Are you ready to FACE your next workout?

xx Carina

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Why do girls call ‘losing weight and getting Fit’ a journey? An article inspired by my boyfriend

‘What is it with girls calling losing weight and getting Fit a journey?’ was my boyfriend’s question to me as we got ready to leave the house. After I made a comment about someone else’s fitness journey he started to laugh while he brushed his teeth. “You wouldn’t understand” I said. “It’s bulshit” was his answer “it’s just about eating less and exercising more”. This got me thinking, is that all there is to a fitness journey? In part he is right. It is about working out more and eating less. But that’s only the surface to it… 

It does not strike me as surprise that my boyfriend doesn’t really understand the concept of a fitness journey. To begin with he is a guy, and they are in most part more rational than women. Guys also see results much faster than women when they start working out and eating healthier. Plus, he has never been overweight. On the contrary, gaining weight for him is as difficult as it is for a girl with slow metabolism to lose weight. And last, he has never had an issue with food. He sees food for what it is, food. Unlike me, and many of other girls who see food as a an emotional pleasure. Yes I’m talking about binge eating, comfort eating or as the saying says “eating your emotions”. But enough about him. Let’s get to the point.


Why do we call losing weight and getting Fit a ‘journey’? Here are my thoughts about it:

On the surface the formula to lose weight is very straightforward and effective…if you are a robot. But once you add the human factor to it, the thing becomes tricky.

Before we get more deep, let’s first define the actual meaning of the word journey. According to the Oxford dictionary ‘journey’ can be either a verb or a noun. The first definition of it under the noun category is as follows: “an act of travelling from one place to another”. Ok this doesn’t add anything useful. But what about the second definition which says that journey is “a long and often difficult process of personal change and development”. Voilà, first proof that losing weight and becoming fit is indeed a journey. But why is this process so hard? And why is calling it a journey something some people don’t understand?

The challenges you face that no one tells you about in your Fit journey

There is probably a reason why you decided to start this process. Maybe you just felt you needed to be healthier. Or maybe you hit your lowest point and realized it was time to make a change. From what I’ve seen and my own experience I can say that usually it takes for someone to hit rock bottom to want to start this journey. And let me be clear about something. Everyone hits rock bottom in a different way. While for some hitting rock bottom may be gaining 5 kilos, for others it could be gaining 20. Hitting rock bottom means you have come to that place where you are unhappy with yourself.

As I was saying, there are some challenges you face when you are trying to lose weight and get Fit that no one tells you about. Perhaps because they never faced those obstacles themselves? Or perharps because when they did they decided to quit. Whichever is the real reason for some people losing weight is harder than for others.

Losing weight is hard when all you think about is food. Losing weight is hard when you’ve carried it with you for long. Losing weight is hard when you have a slow metabolism. Losing weight is hard when you are an emotional eater. Losing weight is hard when you live with people who don’t take care of what they eat in front of you. Losing weight is hard when you have so many bad habits. Losing weight is hard when you are not used to exercising. Losing weight is hard when you have low self-esteem. Losing weight is hard when you try and you don’t see results. Losing weight is hard for MANY reasons. And that is just the first part of the journey.


Once you lost the weight is time to get Fit and work out those muscles. But damn is this harder than anyone ever said it would be! You’ve come this far, you lost all the extra weight and now you want to have defined abs and arms. You hit the gym, the first 4 to 6 months your motivation is as high as it can be. You, however don’t see results as fast as you wished you would. You want to keep your motivation, but before you know it you have gotten yourself into a workout funk. “Why am I feeling less motivated to work out when a few months back I loved it?” You ask yourself. “Why don’t I see results?” You think. Then for some reason you find your motivation again and you keep going and continue your journey.

My point is, losing weight and keeping it off for good as well as getting fit is HARD. It is more than eating less and exercising more. It is wanting something and working hard towards it. It is not losing your patience. It is learning to eat less and healthier. It is learning to LOVE your body and nurture it. It is not eating that pizza you love. It is getting out of the couch even when you don’t feel like it. It is controlling your hunger and anxiety. It is following inspirational Instagram accounts. It is educating yourself when it comes to exercises. It is not being shy to make a full of yourself at the gym when you try an exercise for the first time. It is gaining strength, both in your muscles and in your mind. It is battling against bad habits, old demons, low self-esteem and above all that feeling of quitting.

Why is it a journey? Because you can’t do it overnight. It’s gonna take time, more than you think! It will be harder than you expect. You will want to quit and in fact you probably will do so at some point. It is going to cost sweat and pain but in the end when you get to where you want to be, then you realize it was worth it!


Dear boyfriend, does this answer your question?

Do you understand now, why we call losing weight and getting fit a journey, my love? Because it is a never-ending process for people who once have battle with unhealthy habits, unhealthy weight and unhealthy mindset. The journey never stops. It does gets easier at some point though. But along the way there will be falls. You will stop working out as often as before. You will gain some weight back. You will feel disappointed at some point for this. You will find it weird to adapt your new healthy lifestyle into your hectic life (both social and professional). You will get obsessed with your weight for a bit. You will strive to find balance. But at some point you will find it, and this journey will become your new lifestyle.

So next time you ask me, ‘why do girls call losing weight and getting fit, a journey’ my answer will be: “Because it is a long difficult process. It’s a process that tests your will, and its damn hard. And only people who have been in both sides of the coin will understand. The journey is not only about losing weight and getting fit. The journey is about learning to LOVE yourself that much that you want to be a better version of yourself ”

This article is dedicated to all my fellow Fit Girls who have found obstacles in their journey. I am perfectly aware that for some people their fitness journey is easier than for others. But if you at any point have thought about quiting, have had setbacks, have gained back the weight you initially lost, or whatever other obstacle you may have encounter. Then this article is for you as much as it is for me. I hope you liked reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know in the comments!


The 5 foods you need to eat if you want to feel full

Losing weight is easier said than done. Especially for those who have never tried to do so in a healthy way. The formula sounds logical, eat less exercise more. But is eating less actually as easy as it sounds? In my opinion no. Especially when you are used to eating many more calories than you do when you are trying to lose weight. By now we know that diets don’t work in the long term. The key to losing weight is simply eating healthier and consuming less calories. Having said this, consuming less calories is not about starving yourself because that is first of all unhealthy (and not something we at #FITGIRLCODE stand for), and second of all it will make you gain weight in the long term.

So, how do you do to eat less calories without feeling hungry all the time? The answer is simple. You eat foods that are healthy and will make you feel full. If you don’t know which foods you can eat don’t worry. I’ve listed 5 foods that will make you feel full and are super healthy!

1) Beans

I beat you would’ve never imagine this right? I have to say, as a Mexican I am ecstatic by this! All types of legumes like black beans, garbanzos, cannellini or lentils are packed of protein and fiber. The combination of both will make you feel satisfied longer after you are done eating.  There are many things you can do with beans like adding them to your salad, soup, burritos, or even smoothies.

2) Berries

Berries are delicious, make your food look pretty and on top of that they offer one of the highest fiber of all fruit. Making them extra filling and healthy. Just one cup serving of blackberries has 7.6 grams of fiber and one cup of raspberries 8 grams.

3) Apples

Just like berries, apples are filled with fiber. However they have a special type called  pectin. This makes apples especially filling. And the best part? Apples are so versatile that you can either decide to eat just a plane apple or include into your diet in many other ways. Want a little inspiration? Why not try this no bake apple pie which is delicious, healthy and easy to make?

4) Chia seeds

Chia seeds are known as the super food. Not only are the full of countless vitamins and essential nutrients for our bodies like calcium, potassium, zinc, fiber and maaany others. The fact that they have so many nutrients should be reason enough for you to eat them, whether you are trying to feel full and lose weight or not. But seeing past that, chia seeds can absorb up to 10 times their size in water. If you eat chia seeds that have been soaked in liquid they will continue to release their water inside your body. Which will make you feel hydrated and fuller faster.

5) Cooked whole grains

We are living in times where we fear carbs and therefore eat everything which is low-carb. This has made whole grains get a bad reputation because… well they are carbs. But they are complex carbs (the good type of carbs) and eating them can actually help you lose weight because, yes- They make you feel full longer! Just like chia seeds, cooked whole grains soak up water during the process of cooking. Which means they take up more space in your stomach while giving you less calories. Plus they are full with protein and fiber making them the perfect healthy filling combo. Another reason why they make you feel full is because they are made of bran and germ which take more time to chew, which tricks your brain into thinking it has eaten more and that makes you feel full. So next time you go to the groceries don’t forget to buy quinoa, oats, brown rice, etc.

 You see? There is no reason why you (we) should be feeling  hungry even when you are trying to lose weight. These 5 foods will keep you full and healthy. Goodbye forever hunger! ?

Difference between pre- and post-workout stretching. Which is more important?

Stretching is super important for our bodies when we work out.  It can really make a difference in our performance and results.  Not only does it benefits our muscles, but it is also extremely beneficial for the mechanics of our whole body. But what is more important, stretching pre- or post-workout? Let’s find out!

Pre-workout stretching: What does pre-workout stretching does to our bodies?

Many of us (and yes I include myself here) dismiss the importance of stretching before we start our work out.  However, a pre-workout stretch is essential for our performance. Stretching before our workout helps our muscles, connective tissues and joints to warm up which leads to greater range motion. So we can perform our exercises better. It also helps increase our body temperature which will make our muscles perform better. It is important to know which type of stretching methods you should do before a workout. Many people have good intentions and do stretch before they start working out, however they do the wrong type of stretches ?.

The type of stretches you should do before a workout are dynamic stretching methods .This type of stretching methods keep your body moving continuously and prepare your body for the moves you are about to do. They give the sign to your nervous system that your body is about to start moving and as a result your skills and heart rate will increase.

What about Post-workout stretching?

There is a key difference between both types of stretching. Pre-workout stretching is meant to get your body and muscles ready for your workout. While post-workout stretching is meant to relax your muscles and cool down. Following your workout you should perform  static stretches rather than dynamic ones.

Static stretches are the ones where you hold a position for about 10 to 20 seconds. It is important not to hold the position for more than 20 seconds as this may cause the muscle to over stretch and could result in an injury. They also allow you to focus on specific muscle groups such as hamstrings, hip flexors or any other area that feels tight, sore or contracted after a workout. Another good idea is to go for a short walk (this could be on a treadmill if you are at the gym or outdoors) as this will help your heart rate go back to normal. Five to 10 minutes is all you to make sure you do your post-workout stretching properly. As a last note, remember to stretch both sides of your body equally.

Okay so let’s have a quick recap of what we’ve learned in this article. 1) You should always stretch before you start and after you are done with your workout. 2) The type of stretches you should do pre- and post-workout are different. 3) Stretching pre- and post-workout can help you avoid injuries and help your muscles recover faster for your next workout. I hope you’ve learned something new by reading this article. Good luck stretching Fit Girls!

How to deal with haters?

Almost everyone who is working on a fit journey knows this problem. Your mom wondering if you’re eating enough food, your friends who disapprove of you turning down another (alcoholic) drink and your uncle saying you shouldn’t get any thinner, ‘cause it won’t look good on you. While you are not close to your goal yet. How to deal with people who express negative feelings about your new lifestyle?

Sigh. Why can no one be happy for you? You are working hard to become the fittest version of yourself you’ve ever been, but the people around aren’t supporting you at all. Sure, you knew no one would be super excited when you would arrive at an event with your own food, or when you would turn down cake on a birthday. But the fact that they criticize you over and over again, wasn’t something you’ve expected.

Under control

I’ve been there. My parents were concerned that I wasn’t eating properly (they even calculated my BMI), and my grandfather said that I ‘lost enough weight already’ and not to go further. While I wanted to lose another pound of fat (or two) to achieve my goals. It’s sweet to hear your family is concerned, but it feels like they don’t trust you and your goals.

So, how do you deal with these haters? Stay calm and explain that you’re not losing control. Your fit journey is your choice, not theirs. You know your goals and your limit. Ask if they will (try to) understand why you’re doing this. But understand their situation as well. Maybe they are concerned, maybe they think the change is scary. Or they are jealous because they are missing discipline to do something like this themselves. (If that’s the case, maybe you should start wondering if they are true friends…)

Stay strong

Anyway, try not to let these voices get in your head. Stick with your decision. These haters will always be around and you will have to learn how to deal wit hit.

Have the people around you given you a hard time? And how are you dealing with it? Please share your experience with us!

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Fashercise x Jogha: A special event tomorrow for UK!

We can definitely testify that blogging is pure fun, you are able to reach out to people who share the same interests as you and really help people. The connections you make can come from all over the world, and it is really a great feeling. The only thing that can make blogging even better is if you can take it and turn it into your career. If this sounds like something for you, then you’ve got to take a trip to London tomorrow!

Maybe you have an idea about something you want to do but have no idea how to go about starting it off or maybe you already have a blog but now really want to monetize your craft. If you’re in either of these situations, then join Fashercise and Jogha tomorrow at a panel talk and Q&A with a couple of women who have actually succeeded in turning their blogs into a career and successful business!

Who will be speaking?

jogha x fashercise

The very own founder of Fitgirlcode will be there to share her knowledge and experience about everything Fitgirlcode and Jogha. Find out how a Dutch fitness blog managed to turn into a global community of active girls, plus inspire the launch of a successful activewear label, Jogha.

fashercise x jogha

Alexandra Vanthournout will also be speaking at the session; she is the blogger behind the fashion and lifestyle blog Alex Loves. In these 5 years since she began blogging, she turned it into a career and has worked together with brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton among many others! After she started noting down her fitness journey on the blog, she founded Fashercise, a fashion and fitness blog. Once she joined forces with Camille Roegiers, they were able to turn Fashercise into the luxury online activewear retailer that you know and love.

fashercise x jogha

To celebrate Jogha coming to Fashercise, these founders are all coming together to share everything you need to know about turning your blog into your career, so don’t miss out! The event is free, and lunch and drinks will be provided. On top of that, there’s going to be a Jogha Pop Up shop where you can get to see the brand new Infinity Collection in person (a first for the UK)!

So click attending on the event and note it down in your calendar: tomorrow October 15th at 11:30AM-2PM with the talk from 12-1pm at Citizen M Shoreditch, 6 Holywell Lane, EC2A 3ET! See you there! 😉 

The 5 biggest fables about sugar

Some Fit chicks have completely renounced sugar. They start with a detox diet and then decide to never-ever eat a teaspoon of sugar again. I hear this too often. But should we believe all evil ‘facts’ about this delicious ingredient? I don’t think so


You can probably hear your mom/aunt/grandmother say: “No, don’t give them too many candies otherwise they will stay up the whole night”. In itself this is a nice assumption, but this was never proven.  In the 70s an American pediatrician claimed that the consumption of much sugar would lead to hyperactivity in children. In combination with his claim, he wrote a large number of diet books which were sold as fast as warm bread (without sugar). Without a doubt, this was a clever marketing stunt. However a large part of what he said was a lie.



This is a misconception which still a lot of people think is a fact. Type 1 diabetes – the non-generic variant, is not caused by eating too much sugar. Type 2 diabetes can occur when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. Or when the body no longer responds to insulin. This may be due to genetic predisposition, but also it may be due an unhealthy lifestyle. This is not necessarily because of eating too much sugar, but the result of eating too much candies and unhealthy things.  In fact, candies are often high in calories and fat. Excess calories causes weight gain and when someone gains a lot of weight, this can make them be in higher risk to develop diabetes. Keep that in mind!


Nope, this is not always the case. Candies (or sweets) without sugar are often sweetened with artificial sweetener. You can often taste the difference in  flavor when you compare it to a ‘real’ candy. People often think that if something doesn’t contain sugar, it is a license for them to eat all kinds of snacks in all kinds of amounts. Just as with sugar, other sweetening ingredients can also become addictive. Also, artificial sweeteners can cause stomach discomfort. Ehmm, sitting in the toilet hours straight because you let yourself go crazy with the ‘sugar-free’ candies doesn’t sound ideal, does it?


Sounds plausible, yet it is not. Weight gain is simply caused by consuming too much calories. Whether they come from sugar, or from fat doesn’t matter. Too many calories are too many calories. If you want to lose weight, it is of course a logical step to cut down on sugars, because there is normally a lot of sugar on products which do not make you feel full. So you could better replace your favorite muesli with chocolate with a homemade granola with fresh fruit.


Yes, this is perhaps the most exaggerated comment I occasionally hear. The sugar industry is something completely different than the ingredient sugar itself. What people do with sugar is indeed not always good for you. S’mores, sodas, candies, cupcakes, just to mention some. If you ingest daily a normal amount of sugar, and not drown yourself in liters of cola, you have nothing to fear. You won’t get poisoned. Thank god!

Be honest, in which of this fables did you believe before reading this post?


how to deal with a jetlag

Last eight years I’ve stayed in Mexico during Christmas time, because my little sister lived there. A great excuse to fly to the sun! And these trips were great, don’t get me wrong, but when I spent 12 hours in a plane, the jetlag in the following week was killing me. Especially when I went from west (Mexico) to east (The Netherlands). So that’s what I’d like to talk about today!


The thing is, jetlags are really worse when you get from west to east. I knew it! I always knew, but science never got my back. Until now. The New York Times recently published a research that state jetlags are worse when flying from east to west. But the key question is: what to do when you’re struggling with a jetlag? I’ve got four tips for you.


Sleeping is the worst thing you can do when you’ve just arrived at your destination. Because duh, you have to get used to the new time frame you’re in. A solution when you are feeling really tired, is the powernap. But it is tricky! You know the feeling right, when you’ve just napped a bit and feel ten times worse than before sleeping. Nobody enjoys this. When your powernap is too short, you won’t feel energized. The best is a powernap somewhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours. But don’t forget to set an alarm, because chances are you’re falling asleep and will wake up when everyone else (like, the entire population) on your destination is fast asleep. And that is not what you signed up for, because you want to get along with their schedule as soon as possible.


This is the most important thing to me. The other day, I went to Argentina for work to record a new television program. This meant we had to work right when we got there. After fourteen hours(!) on board of a plane, nobody can function like normal human being. So we had scheduled our arrival day as a resting day. When we got to the hotel, we didn’t feel like sleeping anymore. So I just focused on getting some rest, and scrolled through my social media feed to clear my head a bit. This way I got the energy I needed for the following work days.


Accept to the fact that your body has to adapt. Don’t try to get along right away when your body doesn’t feel like it. Once I went to a lesson at university the day after a trip to Mexico. Luckily they just checked if I was present and I didn’t have to do anything else, because to this day I still don’t know what the lesson was about. After a long flight you can’t be super fit. Take it slow, give your body some time and embrace your jetlag. That is all you can do.


I’m not a big fan of sleeping pills, but I can imagine you just want to take one. Melatonin may be a hormone that gets you to feel sleepy, but it works better when it is dark outside (your body will create more). If you take a sleeping pill during the day, there is a possibility you will feel really bad the day after. Besides, a sleeping pill won’t help to get rid of your jetlag. Chris’ tip: take sleeping pills when you really, really need them (like after your jetlag, when you have trouble sleeping at night).

Have you experienced some pretty bad jetlags? Let me know what your tips are!



Peanut butter is one of my favourites and I guess this is the same for you (who doesn’t like peanut butter!?). So if I tell you peanut butter is always a good idea, it’s nothing new. But with some recipes you end up in a real “peanut butter heaven” and I like to share this ones with you. Here we go! 


Peanut butter recipe

Source: Chelsey’s Messy Apron


  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 2 tablespoons honey or agave nectar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Pinch of salt, optional
  • 1/2 cup rice krispies cereal
  • 1/4 cup flaxseed or sub oat flour
  • 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats, not cooked
  • Melted chocolate drizzle: 3 tablespoons milk or dark chocolate chips
  • Add-ins: raisins, chopped up nuts, craisins, mini chocolate chips (about 2 tbsp.)

Check here the recipe for the first peanut butter heaven!


peanut butter recipe

Source: Tending the table


For the crust

  • 3/4 cup pitted medjool dates
  • 1 cup raw cashews
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/4 cup cocoa nibs
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 cup puffed rice

For the filling

  • 3/4 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 3/4 cup coconut cream
  • 2 tablespoons brown rice syrup
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons coconut oil, warmed until  melted
  • pinch of salt

For the topping

  • 1/2 cup roasted peanuts
  • 1/4 cup brown rice syrup
  • 2 ounces semi-sweet chocolate
  • puffed rice

Do you want to enjoy this delicious cake? Here you will find the recipe.



peanut butter recipe

Source: Minimalist baker


  • 1 1/2 ripe avocados
  • 1 large ripe banana
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa or cacao powder
  • 1/2 cup salted creamy or crunchy peanut butter + more for topping
  • 1/2 cup sweetener of choice
  • 1/4 cup almond milk or other non-dairy milk (slightly more if using dates)
  • Coconut whipped cream for topping (optional but recommended)

This looks like heaven! You can find the recipe of the pudding overhere.


peanut butter recipe

Source: Ilovepeanutbutter


  • 1/2 cup uncooked quinoa
  • 1/4 cup sweetened coconut flakes
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter, melted
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • cooking spray to grease

This is the way to make this tasty crunch.

Wooow, the recipes really looks like heaven to me, a real peanut butter heaven! What’s your opinion? Do you know a recipe with peanut butter that I shouldn’t miss? I like to hear it!