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Month: October 2016

Julia’s Fit Journey

Julia shares her UPS and downs, tips and tricks, good and bad habits and hopes to inspire you to become the fittest version of yourself. If she can, you can

How To Get Your Pre-Workout Skincare Routine Right?

Cleansing your skin before working out and being cautious about the amount of makeup you wear to the gym is from major importance. So, if you want to know what

Why do girls call ‘losing weight and getting Fit’ a journey? An article inspired by my boyfriend

‘What is it with girls calling losing weight and getting Fit a journey?’ was my boyfriend’s question to me as we got ready to leave the house. After I made

The 5 foods you need to eat if you want to feel full

Losing weight is easier said than done. Especially for those who have never tried to do so in a healthy way. The formula sounds logical, eat less exercise more. But

Difference between pre- and post-workout stretching. Which is more important?

Stretching is super important for our bodies when we work out.  It can really make a difference in our performance and results.  Not only does it benefits our muscles, but

How to deal with haters?

Almost everyone who is working on a fit journey knows this problem. Your mom wondering if you’re eating enough food, your friends who disapprove of you turning down another (alcoholic)

Fashercise x Jogha: A special event tomorrow for UK!

We can definitely testify that blogging is pure fun, you are able to reach out to people who share the same interests as you and really help people. The connections

The 5 biggest fables about sugar

Some Fit chicks have completely renounced sugar. They start with a detox diet and then decide to never-ever eat a teaspoon of sugar again. I hear this too often. But

how to deal with a jetlag

Last eight years I’ve stayed in Mexico during Christmas time, because my little sister lived there. A great excuse to fly to the sun! And these trips were great, don’t


  Peanut butter is one of my favourites and I guess this is the same for you (who doesn’t like peanut butter!?). So if I tell you peanut butter is always
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