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Month: May 2017

The Fit Journey of Anouk

Every now and then we put a Fit Girl in the spotlight that has experienced a special Fit Journey. She shares her ups and downs, tips and tricks, annoyances, bad and

5x zucchini noodles

One thing that I love is eating pasta. So, when I try and lose some weight pasta is the thing that I miss the most. To replace this high-carb craving

Upper body exercises with a resistance band

Last week we gave you some exercises for your lower body which you could make more challenging with a resistance band, but you can also use this band for your upper body! That’s why

Healthy Poffertjes

They are simply delicious and a typical Dutch treat! These small little versions of pancakes are what we Dutchies like to call poffertjes! (pronounced poffertyehs) Ohhh, how do I love to treat

Do we eat too much sugar?

Alarming claims about sugar consumption are difficult to ignore. With headlines like, “Are you addicted to sugar? ” or “Are you unknowingly eating 10 teaspoons of sugar in your ‘healthy’ yogurt?” we

Be yourself, but be your BEST self

The other day I found myself wandering around on Instagram (once again), when I bumped into this one quote saying ‘Be yourself, but be your best self ’. This quote

Post workout cocoa smoothie

If you’ve just finished a workout and you’re anything like me – you’re hungry. I’m not always able to eat right after a work out, so a shake is the

Lower body exercises with a resistance band

Looking for a new, challenging workout? A resistance band could help you with this! Instead of training only with body weights, make your workout a bit harder with a resistance band.

The best DIY’s for smelly gym shoes

Those new running shoes are great until they start to smell funky after a few workout sessions… Everyones gym shoes tend to get smelly, but not everybody know what to do about it. You

Battle rope exercises Battle Rope Workout For Blasting Calories  

From these foods you’ll get all your vitamins

“Finish your plate, you’ll grow big and strong” – that was probably one of the ways your parents tried to make sure that you got enough vitamins. And they weren’t wrong because you

Is skipping breakfast bad?

When it comes to breakfast, we have always been told that this is the most important meal of the day. It starts your engine and gets your body working. Yet, there

Late night snacking

It’s 10 o’clock in the evening. You had a great workout and you had dinner afterwards. But, you’re still a bit hungry… So, you open the fridge, take something out

Healthy protein-rich smoothie bowl

After my seven mile run this morning I got quite hungry. I had taken a shower and drank quite some water, but I was in the mood for a nice and filling

This is how you can prevent annoying injuries!

Nothing is more annoying than when you’re forced to do nothing because of a nasty injury. We obviously don’t want this and it’s therefore important to avoid injuries as much as

Tips for healthy weight gain

Losing weight can be challenging, but gaining weight can be just as hard. Earlier this week the topic of weight was discussed, and why you don’t always have to be skinny to be fit.

Yoga vs Pilates

When I tell people that I’m a Pilates teacher, many still assume it is the same thing as yoga. Although they are similar due to both being considered as body&mind methods, they are

Lavender and berries oven baked oatmeal

My love for oatmeal continues! It all started with overnight oats, then I discovered oatmeal porridge and now I’m totally hooked on oven baked oatmeal. I love how oven baked oatmeal

This is how to get slim arms

So, how are you doing with your summer body? Are you training hard to get those abs and round butt? What about your arms? Have you trained them already? Arms, together with

Why you don’t have to be skinny to be a Fit Girl

At Fitgirlcode it’s all about balance and self-compassion. We want to help you feel good in the body that you have been given. The Fit Girls from Fitgirlcode are not necessarily tall, thin
FITGIRLCODE is an online community that inspires and motivates women to become the fittest version of themselves. Our mission: to make the world a healthier and more fun place, one Fit Girl at a time.

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