Female highlights at the 2018 Winter Olympics

This weekend the Olympic flame in Pyeongchang was extinguished. With a beautiful closing ceremony, the world was able to say goodbye to its winter athletes, until the next Winter Olympics in 2022, in Beijing that is. Medals were won and records were broken. The Winter Olympics definitely did not go down in silence. Norway managed to collect the most medals this year, with Germany and Canada as runner ups. Between all the news and events, we want to highlight 4 female athletes that left their mark on the South-Korean mountains throughout these Games.

1. Chloe Kim

You may or may not have heard of her, but Chloe Kim was definitely one of the female sensations this winter. This 17 year old American teenager managed to win Gold in the women’s snowboarding halfpipe category. This makes her the youngest female, snowboarding medallist. That doesn’t just happen any day! What we love most about her is her humble and young personality which made her one of the most relatable athletes yet. Before hitting the slopes she tweeted that she was feeling “hangry” because she wasn’t able to finish her breakfast. #MOOD

2. Ester Ledecka

Ester Ledecka is a Czech athlete that managed to do the impossible as she went on to win Gold for skiing AND snowboarding. Completing a perfect and unbeatable time in the women’s Super-G skiing and the women’s parallel giant slalom in snowboarding. It is a new record for the Winter Olympics! Never before has anyone managed to win Gold in 2 completely different sports in one winter. Can you imagine being the only person to ever have managed to do something, EVER?! The only thing I can do that’s even remotely impressive is finishing 2 large pizzas on my own (probably in a record time though). Ester Ledecka can relate to this on a certain level as well, since she went on to celebrate her win at KFC. If this isn’t how all of us would’ve celebrated, then I don’t know!

3. Mirai Nagasu

Moving on to a completely different sporting category, Mirai Nagasu is an American figure skater that has proven her talent in the Winter Olympics this year. She has become a worldwide legend in the sport as she became the first American woman to ever successfully execute the triple axel jump at the Olympics. This jump is so rare because it involves 3 and a half turns, and a landing that doesn’t kill you of course! For Mirai Nagasu this jump is a walk in the park, as she showed the world. Her performance brought value to the American team and aided them in achieving a Bronze medal. Cheers to once again doing the impossible!

4. Ireen Wüst

On the other side of ice skating you’ve got speed skating. Here the focus doesn’t lie on the aesthetics and jumps but, as you’d guess, on the speed. In this field, Ireen Wüst is the ruling queen. The Dutch athlete managed to become the speed skater with the most Olympic medals over the years. With a total of 11 medals, she sure has made the female community proud, and her country! You could find Ireen carrying her country’s flag in the closing ceremony.

That was it for the Winter Olympics of 2018. These impressive ladies weren’t the only ones as there were many, many others as well! We can safely say that they are our role models in the way that they pursuit their dreams. If there is one lesson to be learned it’s that everything’s possible and the only thing you need is self-confidence and motivation (and maybe some chocolate). Will we be seeing you in the next Winter Olympics in Beijing? ? Tell us about your dreams and goals in the comments.

Photo credits (Header): Joshua Reddekopp via Unsplash

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Winter sports that will make sure you stay fit this season

With the winter Olympics going on in Pyeongchang at the moment, and the impressive snow fall that has been occurring in all corners of the earth this winter, it is time to shine the light on winter sports. Winter sports are probably the best thing about the coldest season of the year (after hot coco and snuggling of course). They are an opportunity to go out and catch a breath of fresh air, take part in an intense work out and get that winter tan on! Who doesn’t love a goggle tan line?!

Between all the fries on the slopes and beer from the après ski sessions (oops), it isn’t difficult to gain some weight, BUT winter sports are known to be some of the most caloric-burning sports and are amazing leg work outs. So do not worry! Since there are so many different sports to take part in, you could never get enough. Have you been skiing your whole life or are you going on winter sport holidays for the first time this year? No matter what, this year is the year to try out new sports and explore where your talents and passions take you. Here are 4 types of winter sports that will make sure that you stay in shape throughout your holiday.

1. Downhill skiing

The most popular winter sport out there is, of course, skiing. There are many types of skiing however, so we need to clarify that it is downhill skiing that we’re talking about. Skiing is so popular because it is a sport that mixes speed and appreciation for the wonderful winter landscape. It is the best of both worlds! You get an adrenaline rush while surrounded by an enchanting winter wonderland. It also makes for a sensational Instagram picture. ? Now to the serious facts! Skiing is not only a fun and exciting activity to do with your friends & family, it is also an intense work out. An hour of skiing easily burns 500 calories, now imagine a whole day of it !! In addition to this, skiing is also an amazing killer for your core stability muscles and your thighs.

2. Cross-country skiing

An alternative for downhill skiing is cross-country skiing. This type of skiing may seem chiller (because it is usually done on a flatter surface), but in fact it is twice as intense as downhill skiing. Instead of 500 calories, with cross-country skiing you can burn up to 900 calories in an hour! This endurance exercise is quite different from other cardio exercises as it uses your upper core more. Tired of running on the treadmill? Then this sport is definitely for you.

3. Snowboarding

Snowboarding has been gaining popularity among women over the past 2 years. It is the “new cool” and suits perfectly with any heavy squatters as it is basically a massive squat-sesh on the snow. With your feet being attached to the board at shoulder distance and the constant need for power exertion through your legs, you end up straight squatting most of the time. Basically, snowboarding works your lower body (hamstrings, calves, &quadriceps) as if your life depended on it. Try it for a day and you will see. ? I personally love snowboarding, and most of all when I can hit that fresh powder-snow in the early morning. When you find yourself gliding over that white canvas (the slope that is), it feels like your surfing on a cloud.

4. Ice skating

Even though you have different types of ice skating (for example ice hockey, figure skating, and speed skating), all of them use the same main sets of muscles and skills. Ice skating is great for your balance, agility and flexibility (especially in figure skating). Between the balance needed in order to stay standing on the ice and the agility you need to be able to change directions quickly & swiftly (especially in ice hockey), this sport is a serious pass-timer and cannot be underestimated. Of course, we aren’t all born professionals, so even if it would be your first time ice skating, you can learn a lot and get the most out of it.

These 4 winter sports are evidently not the only ones out there, but they are a good way start your preparation for the second half of the season. Get your snow glow on and go shine on those slopes (or ice skating rings). If you have any fun facts to share about other winter sports or pictures to share, then don’t be afraid to do so in the comments!

Photo credits (Header): Holly Mandarich via Unsplash
Photo credits: Ben Koorengevel via Unsplash, Polina Kirilenko via Unsplash, Hamish Duncan via Unsplash, Braden Barwich via Unsplash

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6 Avocado recipes to help shape your day

Are you also a big fan of avocados? Because we definitely are, and this trend must continue to thrive over the years. However, no matter how much of an experienced avocado-eater you are, it is sometimes impossible to avoid the horror of having half an avocado left at the end of your meal. How to avoid having to throw away a perfectly ripe avocado? We are going to suggest 6 avocado recipes that you can use throughout your day. These variant recipes will help you find ways to use your left over avocado before it turns brown. Avocadon’t throw it away!

From an awakening breakfast, to an energetic snack, to lunch and beyond. Here is how to calculate your meals based on your avocado. All these avocado recipes come from our Guides that aim to inspire you and keep you on your feet.

1. Breakfast- Rice Waffles with Egg & Avocado

This light and quick brekkie will brighten up your day from the start. According to our Happy Healthy Guide, all you need are some rice waffles, eggs, onion, tomato, chicken (or Parma ham) and, of course, half an avocado. Spread all the ingredients out on your rice waffles and you’re good to go. Now put the second half of the avocado back in the fridge and wait to use it later in the day.

422 kcal | 37 g carbohydrates | 17 g fat | 31 g protein

2. Breakfast- Avocado Toast

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. This toasted double decker is what dreams are made of. With a short grocery list of: Bread, egg, chicken filet and avocado, it is the perfect start to your day. What we love about these simple avocado recipes is that you can alternate ingredients according to what you like. Meat, no meat? Scrambled, omelette? See where your stomach takes you.

393 kcal | 36 g carbohydrates | 17 g fat | 24 g protein

3. Lunch- Turkey & Avocado Salad

With the second half of your avocado from this morning you could choose to make a delicious avocado-turkey salad that is rich in flavours and nutritious foods. Some tomatoes, carrots, bacon, … Anything can help you top off this salad! With just a touch of rosemary, your salad’s taste will come to life.

This avocado recipe that our Happy Healthy Guide describes includes lettuce, turkey strips, low-fat cottage cheese, cranberries, bean sprouts, blueberries and, last but not least, 1/2 avocado. A lovely and quick mix of ingredients will leave time for you to enjoy your meal and your break.

314 kcal | 22 g carbohydrates | 8 g fat | 38 g protein

4. Lunch- Grilled Chicken & Avocado Wrap

An alternative avocado-filled lunch recipe is this bad boy, the grilled chicken and avocado wrap! Take that left over avocado out of the fridge and get cooking (or grilling). Cut up some chicken, cut up some mozzarella, and finally cut up that ½ avocado. With some added spring onion and grated light cheese, all you still need to do is WRAP IT UP. When this easy combo gets placed between grill plates, and you see that cheese melting, you will be glad to have followed this Fitgirlcode Guide recipe.

582 kcal | 43 g carbs | 27 g fat | 42 g protein

5. Break- Banana & Avocado Smoothie

Did you just get back from the gym? Are you in need of a break right now? Make this energetic, protein-rich smoothie from our Fitgirlcode Guide. Here is how you get it done:

  • 200ml of water
  • 1 Banana
  • ½ Avocado
  • 1 scoop of whey protein
  • 10gr/ 1 tablespoon of cacao powder
  • Pinch of salt

Get your juices flowing once again and enjoy this smoothie no matter where you are. Your ½ avocado will be well spent, TRUST.

385 kcal | 39 g carbs | 16 g fat | 25 g protein

6. Dinner- Salmon with Rice & Avocado

This late night get together is perfect to celebrate the end of your day in front of the TV, surrounded by a blanket. A quick gathering of some grilled salmon, brown rice and avocado, makes for a perfectly healthy and balanced meal. For extra flavour try adding eggs, broccoli, nuts and/or mushrooms, as our Happy Healthy Guide suggests.

489 kcal| 44 g carbohydrates | 19 g fat | 35 g protein

It is always an icky feeling throwing away food, so hopefully these avocado recipes will help you avoid throwing away avocado and maybe even a few more ingredients? Tell me if you liked the avocado recipes in the comments, or give more suggesting to your fellow Fit Girls.

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