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Month: July 2018

The best online workouts

As a Fit Girl, you tend to be at the gym for several days a week and your workout routine can get quite boring after a while. Boring routines are a

HIIT workout: ABS!

We’re almost half way through the summer! It’s going by so fast, like whuuutttt. I think some Fit Girls are already starting to think about what goals to set next.

Why the weighing scale is showing a higher number despite your workouts

You are doing great! You are eating healthy and you have cut down on a lot of calories, you never skip a workout and you really feel like you’re losing a lot of

5x healthy bbq side dishes

No summer is a real summer without BBQ’s outside. Who doesn’t like to enjoy the sunny weather in their garden by feasting on delcious, freshly grilled foods?! I believe everyone

Is food from the microwave really bad?

With great pleasure I occasionally use my microwave. I prepare mugcakes and warm healthy meals with it. Yet when I do this I hear a voice inside my head telling

Backpacking in Southeast Asia: Travel Guide

Hello dear readers! You may or may not know this, but I will be leaving to Singapore in just 2 weeks as I will be studying there for about 6

4 common mistakes people do when they do deadlifts

Deadlifts: I think almost everyone has a serious love/hate relationship with this exercise. It burns so good (poor hamstrings) and you work several muscle groups at the same time, but
stay committed

How to: wash your hair less often after working out

It is not surprising that you easily get greasy hair when you’re sweating like a pig at least three times a week in the gym. 😉 Yet it is not
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