Start the day with these easy breakfasts!

ontbijt waar je lang vol van zit



  • 1 avocado
  • 1/4 lemon
  • 2 slices of brown bread
  • pinch of cayennepepper
  • 75 grams of smoked salmon
  • handful of watercress
  • 1 sprig of dill
  • Optional: 1/4 onion

Method of preperation

  1. Put the bread in the toaster until it is nice and crispy.
  2. Cut the avocado and mix it with the lemon and cayenne pepper.
  3. Spread the avocado on the sandwich and place the salmon and onion on top.
  4. Finish with the watercress and dill

ontbijt waar je lang vol van zit



For the smoothiebowl

  • 100 grams of red fruits (from the freezer)
  • 50 grams of blueberries
  • 1 banana (save some for the topping)
  • 25 grams of oat meal
  • dash of almond milk


  • hand of granola
  • slices of banana
  • coconut grater
  • almonds
  • Optional: pieces of dark chocolate

Method of preperation

  1. Put all ingredients (except the toppings) in a blender and mix it until it’s smooth.
  2. If it’s not good yet, you can add some almondmilk.
  3. Finish the smoothiebowl with your favorite toppings.

What do you think about these meals? Are you going to try one for tomorrow morning? You can never go wrong with avocado ;). Let us know what you think in the comments!

3 delicious pasta salads!

Hoe maak ik een lekkere pastasalade?

From the Vegetarian Fitgirlcode Guide



  • 70 grams of whole-weat pasta
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 150 grams of zucchini
  • 40 grams of arugula
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 30 grams of dairy spread
  • 15 grams of pine nuts
  • pepper and salt

Method of preperation

  1. Cook the pasta for 8-10 minutes.
  2. Cut the avocado, zucchini, tomato and garlic to the desired size.
  3. Heat some baking spray in a pan and fry the zucchini and garlic in it. When the zucchini starts to cook, the tomato may also be added. Also add the pepper and salt and possibly some other herbs.
  4. Heat the pine nuts in another pan, without baking spray or coconut oil.
  5. When the pasta is ready, it can be added to the pan with zucchini, garlic and tomato, together with the dairy spread and avocado.
  6. Wait until the dairy spread has melted and make sure everything is well mixed.
  7. Put the contents of the pan on a plate and divide the arugula and pine nuts over it!

Wat is het recept van een avocado pastasalade?

From the Vegetarian Fitgirlcode Guide



  • 60 grams of whole-weat pasta
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 onion
  • 100 grams of broccoli
  • 30 grams of dairy spread
  • 70 grams of avocado
  • 2 tsp paprika powder
  • pepper and salt
  • optional: pine nuts

Method of preperation 

  1. Cook the pasta in 8-10 minutes.
  2. Cut the tomato, onion and avocado in desired size.
  3. Heat some baking spray in a pan. Bake the onion, when the pasta and broccoli are as good as done.
  4. Add the tomato, avocado and paprika powder a little later. Wait until these are warm and then put all the other ingredients in the pan, including the pasta and broccoli. Leave the pan on a low heat for a short while.

Zo maak je een pastasalade

From the Vegetarian Fitgirlcode Guide



  • 120 grams of whole-weat pasta
  • 100 grams of feta
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 120 grams of olives
  • 1 paprika
  • 2 spring onions
  • 2 tsp green pesto
  • 60 grams of dairy spread
  • pepper and salt
  • parsley

Method of preperation

  1. Cook the pasta in 8 – 10 minutes.
  2. Cut the feta, tomato, olives, paprika and spring onion in desired size.
  3. When the pasta is ready, let it cool off a little and then mix it with all the ingredients.
  4. Put half of the pasta salad in a container after it has cooled. Keep it in the fridge (for your lunch tomorrow).
  5. You put the other half on a plate.


Which one are you going to try? These pasta salads are super healthy and very easy to make! Enjoy your pasta girls! 

All the photos are made by @storiesbysuus.

Try out these proteine snacks after your workout!

When I cycle back home after my workout, my stomach often starts to growl. I played hard so my body needs a refill! In order to prevent me from lying down on the couch with a pack of cookies, I make sure that I always have a number of healthy protein snacks ready. You make these snacks in no time, but they are super tasty and healthy! Win-win, right? 🙂



  • 140 grams of crushed ice
  • 240 milliliters of milk (for example almond milk)
  • 1 scoop of coffee caramel whey protein
  • ½ banana

The method of preperation: 

The preperation is easy peasy, put all the ingredients in the blender and mix it until it’s smooth. Straw in it and your protein frappé is ready!

proteïne rijke snacks



  • 180 grams of oat meal
  • 50 grams of whey protein
  • 120 grams of a banana
  • A pinch of sea salt
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • 20 milliliters of honey
  • 60 grams of peanut butter
  • 30 grams of dark chocolate

Method of preperation 

  1. Crush the oat flakes.
  2. Put the oat flakes in a bowl with the protein powder, sea salt and cinnamon.
  3. Mash the banana and add it to the bowl.
  4. Put the honey and peanut butter in a bowl and put them in the microwave for 30 to 40 seconds to soften.
  5. Add these to the other ingredients.
  6. Knead the whole into a mixture.
  7. Finely chop the chocolate and add it to the mixture.
  8. Make 12 equal balls, put them on a plate and let them set in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.

Tip: do you want to keep them for a longer period? Put them in the freezer! 

What do you eat after a good workout? I’m curious! I’m definitely going to make one of these snacks for my workout tomorrow. Let us know what you think about the recipes in the comments! 

How to become a meal prep queen

Every week I come to the office with my prepared lunches and I still get the question how I always do that. Meal prepping has become such a habit for me that it no longer feels like a must-do. It almost never happens that I take a sandwich to the office and I get a very funny look when I leave my boxes at home. I do not want to say that I am a mealprep queen, but I would like to help you to stop seeing mealprepies as a burden either. That’s why I share all my secrets!


I scedule an hour on Sunday, usually in the evening, to prep. Because I have already kept this hour free, I take this into account during the day and I know that I cannot do anyhting else at that moment. This makes it so much easier to be in the kitchen for just that hour or sometimes even shorter. I usually prep for 3 days ahead and make two more delicious lunches or snacks for later in the week on Wednesday evenings. In total, prepping costs me a maximum of 2 hours per week, while I enjoy it for at least 5 days. So is that really that bad? Another tip: Cook some rice/pasta/quinoa while cooking. This saves your time and you are already in the kitchen.


I understand that you don’t always have time (or money) to cook the best meals, but you don’t have to! I always make sure that I have a number of standard products that I can prep with.If I don’t have time to buy groceries, I can always fall back on my basics and still conjure up a delicious lunch on the table. I have these products as standard:

  • Quinoa
  • Dries lentils
  • A can of beans or corn
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Hummus
  • Frozen fruit
  • Bananas
  • Oat meal
  • Almond milk

That’s it. With the quinoa or rice I have a good basis for my meal preparation, the lentils or beans serve as a good source of protein, the cucumber and tomatoes are the perfect snack and can go through any meal preparation and the hummus serves as as delicious dressing. With frozen fruit and / or almond milk I make a smoothie or make this together with the oatmeal and banana a cake or cookies. So you see that you don’t need much at all. mealprep tips


You can go crazy with all fantastic recipes and interest-worthy preps. But that is absolutely unnecessary. I have a number of fixed preps that I fall back on as standard: A ‘Mexican’ salad with rice, beans, corn and tomato (sometimes with guacamole as a dressing), a ‘Greek’ salad with quinoa, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, olives and feta or a warm bowl with lentils, sun-dried tomatoes, falafel and some extra vegetables. I often try to think of small variations on my favorites so that it never gets boring and I have never regretted a lunch I brought with me. Every day I look forward to it again. The same applies to a healthy snack. You may be tired of your standard banana bread after a while, but when you vary with toppings and ingredients, you will conjure something surprising on the table.

I hope to have made it a little easier for you to bring the tastiest creations yourself every week. Do you have a golden meal prep tip? Share it in the comments below!

4x yoga exercises that help against back pain

Back pain is a common irritation, with the lucky bastards among us, who have an office job or simply have to sit all day at work or school. Going home with pain every time is pretty annoying. And although we would like to take a massage every day to solve this problem, it does not really fit into our budget. Fortunately, there are many ways to remedy the pain at home. With these yoga exercises against back pain, you will certainly succeed!


This well-known yoga pose is ideal for pain in your lower back. You can do it both in bed and on a yoga mat and it is the ideal way to unwind. I like to do this exercise myself before I go to bed; then I fall asleep wonderfully!

How it works:

Sit on your knees on a mat and stretch your arms in the air. Breathe in and move your hands as you exhale to the floor. Hold this for about 10 seconds and come up again.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to be super flexible for this exercise. However, it makes your back a lot more flexible. With this exercise you stretch your lower and upper back and your hamstrings. So you can say that this pose is ideal for stretching your body after a day of sitting still.

How it works:

Stand with your legs wide in a position that feels nice to you, your knees may be slightly bent. Then bend forward and place your forearms on the floor. Is this not possible? Then put your hands on the floor. Hold this for 10 seconds and go up.


This exercise can also easily be done in bed and is therefore the ideal stretch for bedtime. By moving your back up and down, you stretch your spine and your back becomes a little less stiff. Do this exercise a few times after a long working day and you will immediately feel less stressed.

How it works:

Sit down on hands and knees and fuly extend your arms. Let your head hang down and make your back convex. Then lift your head and move to a hollow back. Swap these postures a number of times for a nice stretch.


This is one of my favorite yoga exercises for a sore back. When I come home after a day at the office and notice that my back hurts, I often lie down in this position. After changing a few times, it soon feels better again.

How it works:

Lie on your right side with your legs to the same side and your feet together. Lay your right arm flat on the floor and turn your head towards your left shoulder. Move your left arm and part of your back to the left until you feel a good stretch. Hold this for a few seconds and move back. Repeat several times and then do the same on your other side.

Make a routine of these exercises and your back pain will be less in no time! Do you have permanent back pain and nothing helps anymore? Then it might be smart to talk to a physio. Hopefully these exercises will help you get into your bed without pain!

Recipe alert! Healthy chicken pesto pasta

Who doesn’t like pasta! We eat here at the Fitgirlcode HQ so many variations; with meat, fish or vegetarian. Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter to us. Today we share one of our favorite recipes: the healthy chicken pesto pasta. Buon appetito! 🙂 


  • Whole grain penne ( I love penne, but you can use any other type of pasta that you like)
  • Chicken fillet or smoked chicken fillet (it’s just what your prefer)
  • Jar of pesto, or make your own pesto
  • Mozzarella
  • Cherry tomatoes or dried tomatoes (I usually alternate)
  • Pine nuts
  • Basil


  1. Cook the pasta according to the instructions.
  2. Cut the chicken fillet into small pieces / cubes and fry it in (coconut) oil until done.
  3. Sift the pasta and stir in the pesto to taste (I really like pesto so I usually add 2,5 tablespoons).
  4. Cut the mozzarella and tomatoes into small pieces and add it to the pasta.
  5. Roast the pine nuts briefly on high heat and add a small hand of nuts.
  6. Finish the dish with some basil leaves and enjoy!


Are you looking for more food inspiration? We have a #FITGIRLCODE Guide, with more recipes and workoutschedules! Start your Fit journey with one of our Guides! Let us know what you think of this recipe in the comments 🙂

5 workouts for a kickass booty!

If there is one thing we can never get enough of, it is training out booty! Round or flat, thick or thin, be proud of it. Summer is coming, so we all want to look good in our new bikini’s. Let’s train our butt and get that baywatch moment. 😉 There are a few exercises that can give you that extra booty! We share our best exercises that work for us! 


This exercise is just a little more effective than normal lunges and you feel guaranteed muscle pain after a few sets. Moreover, it is also nice for the necessary variation. Because the same exercise all the time becomes a bit boring.

How to do it:

Stand with your feet shoulder width and grasp your fist with one hand. Then step backwards with your left leg. You now form a kind of cross. Slightly lower your knees. Then go back to the starting position and repeat this with your other leg. This is one repeat. Do three sets of 15 repetitions with this exercise.


For this exercise you can lie comfortably on the floor, but that certainly does not mean that it is not tough. To make the exercise harder you can also use a resistance band. But it is certainly not a requirement!

How to do it:

Lie down on your side and lay one leg on the other. Bend your knees at a 45-degree angle. Bend your arm and lean your head on it. Tighten your legs and buttocks and then lift and lift your knee as fas as you can. Your foot stays on your other foot. Hold this for 3 seconds and bring your leg back. Repeat this 20 times and then change sides.


This variation on the squat is in our opinion just a bit more challenging and fun. You need a bench for this exercise, but you can also use a stool or stack of books.

How to do it:

Step backwards with your right leg and place your toes on the stool. Make sure that your left leg is far enough forward and that your knee does not go beyond your toes when you drop. Bend your knee and now slowly go down. Hold this for a few seconds and come up again. Repeat 15 times and then switch legs. This is a set. You do three sets in total.


You feel like a ballerina while doing these squats, but be honest now. We have all secretly wanted to try that, right? With this variation of the squat you put a little more tension on your buttocks, which makes it a kick ass exercise!

How to do it:

Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and let your knees and toes point outwards. Keep your back straight and stand on your toes. Drop down now while you tighten your buttocks. Hold this for 3 seconds and come up again. Repeat this exercise 15 times for 1 set. Do 3 sets in total.


I regularly do this exercise in the gym with both legs on the floor, but I did not yet know the variation with one leg up. Of course I tried it out and I can tell you that it is a big butt burner.

How to do it: 

Lie down on your back with your hands and feet flat on the floor. Bend your knees and lift your body until you reach the bridge position and now move your left leg up while keeping your knee bent. Return your leg and repeat with the other leg. This is a repeat. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

We know for sure that your booty will be well trained after this short workout. And remember, it doesn’t matter what they look like. As long as you are busy, you can be super proud of your booty! 

4x what does caffeine do to your body

‘But first, coffee.’ ‘Don’t talk to me before my morning coffee.’ ‘Coffee: the most important meal of the day.’ You probably know them, all those spells about coffee. For many of us, this kind of morning is well integrated into the daily rhythm. But do you know what the caffeine from your hot drink does to you? (Except waking up). All the facts in a row. 

First an update where the substance caffeine can be found. The best known is, of course, just coffee, but did you know that tea is also known as theine? In addition, caffeine is also in cola, iced tea, energy drinks and even in chocolate. The amount of the substance in each product varies considerably, but the biggest sources of caffeine are espresso and energy shots.


As soon as caffeine is absorbed into your blood, it enters your brain. There it blocks certain receptors, so you will get an increased state of alertness. The release of adrenaline is also stimulated, which only reinforces that. Result: you can handle the world, but it could also be that you feel a bit hunted.


Because of the adrenaline and cortisol released after drinking a cup of coffee, your blood vessels narrows. This causes your blood pressure to rise, which in turn causes your heart rate to drop. With a large intake, this can even lead to arrhythmias, but no worries, you really have to drink a lot of coffee.


Caffeine stimulates your kidneys, so you have to urinate more. You probably recognize this: right after your cup of coffee or tea you immediately feel the pressure on your bladder. This is not because, contrary to what people often say, caffeine dehydrates, so you have to pee more. It is still the same amount, you just have to go to the bathroom faster. If you sit there for a number two it is not so strange, because coffee also stimulates the stomach and intestines. But whether that is because of the caffeine, or whether another substance is responsible for this, is not (yet) known.


In addition to all the effects, you also get more energy from coffee and it takes away your tiredness. This can be great during exercise, because this way you can keep your spicy workout up! Exactly the reason why caffeine is often added to pre workouts shakes. However, it can also be a disadvantage that caffeine makes you so alert, energetic and motivated. For example, if you suddenly become completely hypedbent after a cup of coffee after dinner, while you actually wanted to go to bed early. You lie there and stare at the ceiling. A good tip to get to sleep better is also to avoid these drinks!


In short: that daily cup of coffee does quite a lot with your body. And to be honest, at Fitgirlcode HW we can no longer do without. Also so fond of this hot drink? Will you let us know in the comments what your favorite coffee is?

Vegan recipe: Wrapini with tahini

If you read this article, you are probably here for one of the following reasons: You want to eat (more) vegetables and you are looking for a tasty vegan recipe. Or you are looking for what the hell a wrapini is. We feel you ;). Until recently, we didn’t know what a wrapini was. But now we are a real fan since the discovery!

And now the moment you have been waiting for. Here is the recipe for the delicious wrapini!


  • 2 whole-grain wraps
  • 20 grams of arugula
  • 1 spring onion
  • 1 tomato
  • 100 grams of tofu
  • 25 grams of almonds
  • 10 grams of tahini
  • Pinch of paprika powder
  • Pepper and salt


1. Cut the tofu into pieces and fry it in a pan with some baking spray and herbs.

2. Cover both wraps with the tahini.

3. Cut the spring onion, almonds and tomato to the desired size and divide this together with the tofu, arugula and herbs over 1 of the wraps.
4. Place the other wrap on it (with the tahini on the bottom).
5. Now place the wrap between a grill plate and heat it up. If you do not have a grill plate, you can also bake the wrap in a pan.

Nutritional values: kcal 556 | carbohydrates 50 | egg whites 25 | fats 28


Will you let us know what your thoughts are on the recipe? We are very curious about your creations! And now you can tell everyone what a wrapini is. 😉