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Month: July 2021

Relaxing Activities

4 Relaxing Activities That Also Provide a Great Workout

Working out can be a great stress reliever but, sometimes, you might want to be able to do something that helps you relax while providing you with a great workout
No stress- incorporate cbd into routine

4 Reasons To Incorporate CBD Into Your Wellness Routine

Due to the recent pandemic, a lot of people have decided to take wellness more seriously. They’re now paying attention to their diet. Some have also begun hitting the gym.
Mind Exercises

How mind exercises can boost your physical health

Most people are aware of the benefits of physical exercise, such as increased energy and improved wellbeing. But, not all are aware of the benefits of mind exercises. However, it’s
stay committed

Tips to help you stay committed to an exercise routine

Exercise routines are often the basis of a new year’s resolution. However, after a certain period many people find themselves giving up and abandoning their efforts. Do not give up.

A Women’s guide to building muscle without looking bulky

Women are always looking for ways to get lean and toned, but what about gaining muscles? Building muscle can be tricky because they often come with a bulky look, and
FITGIRLCODE is an online community that inspires and motivates women to become the fittest version of themselves. Our mission: to make the world a healthier and more fun place, one Fit Girl at a time.

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