The Ultimate hot body workout by Blogilates

Last but not least, one of my favourites from the Blogilates Youtube channel. When I work out at home, I want it to be something fun that I can get started with quickly before I change my mind! Don’t be fooled by Cassey Ho’s energy, pilates is tough. Check out this introduction workout, to start with the basic moves which teaches you to become aware of your core. This essential to pilates and something you should consider every day to improve your posture. Here is something fun to work up a sweat to and get your muscles burning as the pilates based moves are ramped up and repeated way beyond what feels comfortable!

These videos are perfect when you have a fleeting moment at home when you want to exercise but start talking yourself out of it by how much effort it’s going to take. Next time you feel that way then try one of these videos and you’ll see how simple it is to stop the excuses and to drop it and sweat!

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