3. Desk planner
On Sunday I ALWAYS map out my week on my desk planner that I keep on my kitchen table. For this I use my trusty HEMA weekplanner just for me, myself and I. Every color has its own title such as WORKOUT, WORK, MISCELLANEOUS  and IRIS. Yes Even my sister @iris_fitgirl has some space on there so whenever she comes to my house she is not  only able to see what I am up to but I am just as up to date the other way around. She actually has one of these lying around her kitchen too 🙂 and just like me she makes sure she crosses off all activities every day and archives the pages too :-).

4. Year planner – 365 days Schedule
Every week at the end of the week I  archive the pages from my desk planner (read: I toss them in the trash!) But NOT before I make sure I write all my WORKOUTS on my year planner. I got the planner on eBay and have been using the same exact one for two years straight. I absolutely love it as this planner doesn’t only let me plan ahead, it also allows me to look back at all my accomplishments and that is very motivating. I write with RED only on it and I also wrote some motivational quotes that mean the world to me on there. One of them is  of course : I AM A BOSS, BOSSES DON’T CANCEL ON THEMSELVES.


So there you have it. hopefully this helps some of you out with planning. Let me know if it does.

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