5.  Positive people rid themselves of toxic relationships
Okay, this sounds a bite negative, but what we are meaning to say is — that positive people like to surround themselves with people that give them support and happiness. According to medical director Blakeman— “who you are is partly a reflection of who you choose to surround yourself with” — that’s why a good support system is crucial to an optimistic outlook. Like the #FITGIRLCODE community and your BFFF (Best Fit Friends Forever) 🙂 we are a good support group that influence a good attitude! High five Fit Girls, we rock in this department! Because, if we work-out together, we know the #beastmode is ON!

@Dare2challenge – Sixforty with Fit Girl Tiziana and Fit Girl Roos
@Balanzs Rotterdam with Fit Girl Laura M – Vinyasa Flow yoga

6. Positive people celebrate little victories (and happy moments) 
YES, I LOVE THIS HABIT! I even dedicated my Instagram account by sharing my #365happymoments along the year 🙂 This way I learn to appreciate the small things in life and the beauty the world gives us every day. Research shows that if you acknowledge the little things and embrace your happy moments, how small they might be, this thankfulness can lead to increased optimism. Check out my Instagram account (@stephanie_fgc ) if you like to see the positive vibes and happy moments I have been capturing every day. I dare you to try it out yourself! Celebrate your little victories and share them on Instagram with #365happymoments.

If you don’t have a Instagram account, write your little victories down just for yourself. If you read it back a year from now it will give you your own happiness and that is simply awesome!

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