7. Positive people don’t let their optimism hinder their goals
I believe us Fit Girls all experience some setbacks in our pursuit to success, and not only in the work-out or health department. According to medical director Blakeman positive people recognize those speed bumps in the road but proceed to problem solve their way around these setbacks in order to reach their goals. Sounds a lot like us Fit Girls, right? We are optimistic, yet realistic which makes the pursuit to unlock our personal code to a fit and healthy lifestyle less like a fairy tale but still leads to a satisfying outcome. GETTING STRONGER AND FIT! WE rock #justsaying.


8. Positive people plan ahead 
Yes, we do. There is always a plan B, plan C and so on. Or in my case even a plan Z (sometimes very annoying ) Life is full of surprises. Which is all fun and stuff, but sometimes these surprises can be a pain in our cute fit butts. These unexpected challenges can interfere with our master plan and become a frustration if you don’t have a back-up plan. In one of the studies of psychology researcher Sophia Chou, she found that those who were identified as realistic optimists believed they had more control over these challenges. “They will be creative, and will have a new plan to solve the problem or issue”.

But, it’s also important to realise if a plan becomes too overwhelming. According Blakeman  – thinking is best cultivated with a relaxed mind, so take a BREAK when you feel like you’re getting “so bogged down with the details” that it’s clouding your attitude. Well, AMEN, to that. This means we have yet another good reason to hit the gym on a frequent base to relax and clear your mind! HALLELUJAH! 😉

These were the last four habits of the eight habits of positive people that Huffpost have shared with us.  I would love to know if you recognise yourself in one or maybe even more of these happy habits. Or perhaps you have your own positive habits?! Don’t hesitate to share them with us! You would make us very HAPPY! For now I say to you lovely Fit Girls: Let’s smile today!

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