Just when you thought that as a Fit Girl you have heard it all.. Aaand no. I’ve recently come across 8 weirdest workouts that apparently a lot of people are interested in. And thought you’d like to check it out as well. You can take it into account, or even take it home and just try some of them out.

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For everyone who is still not over twerking and moving that bootayy back in 2013, you can still do it these days in “Twerk it out” classes which are quite popular in London. Your dream is not over yet and no, you’re not the only one who is still into shaking that booty up and down. And trust me, not everyone can do it either, so get your bottoms over there and do a great workout for your own sake!


Another great workout for you to try is the Ravercise. Which for the people into unusual dance classes, should  not sound foreign. It is basically a dance class, however with a proper DJ and it would look like its an ordinary clubbing day, but it’s not entirely true since the moves of the dance class are actually choreographed. Hence, a lot of arm waving, footwork and no sleep for the rest of the night!


Now I bet that’s a new one. It was for me.. This class, also very much popular in London, is relevant to the sweet dog owners who love their pet so much they wanna workout with them. So there’s a chance to do so, by attending Doga with your little pug. It is basically a dog yoga, meant to relax the pet and its owner. At this class both of you will be working on your breathing and trying to strengthen your immune system. Of course, a lot of dog owners would say that this is impossible since my dog would never stay calm for these exercises, but there are special ones by lifting them up into the air and using them as your pillow… According to the people who did it, the first 30 minutes are chaotic but once the owner relaxes, the pet does as well. So apparently it works, you just have to go there and see if it’s true!

Barry’s Bootcamp

Now if you thought that you were keeping up with hardcore workouts all this time, think again. Cause Barry’s Bootcamp is the most intense thing you’ve ever seen. You can burn a 1,000 calories in 1 hour only!!! This crazy workout feels like a party, since you’re doing it in such a big group of people sweating along with the loud music. People are motivated and therefore forcing themselves to go this extra mile (or a couple hundred miles) in their workout and achieve results they never thought they could reach. Barry’s bootcamp is hardcore but challenging and resultful as well.

Vikings & Valkyries

If you’d have to compare Barry’s Bootcamp with this one, the former would be equal to fairytales and rainbows. In the 45-minute ‘workout’ you’ll be lifting barrels, pulling anvils, swinging ropes and engaging in numerous tug wars. It all takes place in railway arches in London where people almost literally kill themselves to prove it that they can. It is a good thing, since it challenges you a lot, and if you do manage to go through it you’ll feel like your on top of the world, or actually, on the very bottom of the ground.. 😀


You always thought that bikes at the gym are not hard enough for you? You don’t like sweating on that chair and barely lose calories? Well there is always Hydrofit, which is made to workout in the water and especially on a bike. So it makes your workout a little more intense but you can still have fun and listen to music or watch TV in the mean time. In this 30 minutes workout you will engage in some high-resistance biking which will leave you exhausted but your legs will thank you for it in the future.

Hula Fit

Miss having fun at the gym? Well Hula Fit is definitely not boring. Not just that, but it also brings up your childhood and reminds you how much fun you used to have back in the day. Twirling in those hoops you will enjoy yourself and won’t even notice that you’re working out. Something that all of the Fit Girls would want to try! And thing is, it doesn’t require any complex machinery or a lot of money. You can just buy a hoop or two for you and your friend and have fun on a daily basis!

High Heels Workout

Any of the previous workouts are possible to you? Well this one definitely is. During this high heel workout you will experience muscles you never had before. Especially for the girls that are not used to wearing them. This class is meant to help the girls not only learn how to wear heels, but help strengthen their leg muscles and learn how to fix your posture so that you wouldn’t damage your feet and back as much. This class run by podiatrists and professional dancers helps girls to learn the tips&tricks of wearing heels and this way making it easier on your body and hurting it less when wearing those Prada shoes.

Source: Now. Here. This. – Time Out London

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