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Author: Anna Schram

Anna reviews the Fitgirlcode Happy Healthy Guide

The older Fit Girls may remember me, I used to be one of the Fit Girls at Fitgirlcode. Two years ago I replaced my gym shoes and sneakers with wedding

Banana Bread Baby!

A few weeks ago my sport buddy gave me a very delicious and healthy recipe for banana bread. It was exactly what I was looking for! Sometimes an apple or

Crispy wrap with beet hummus and fried egg

Wraps are a tasty, easy and welcomed alternative to bread, salads and more. And if you fill them with hummus you are in for a tiny, but awesome lunch party.

What to do when having a fit dip?

Since I started my fit journey, I have been working out 4 times a week and paying real good attention to what I eat. But, I noticed lately that I am

Pimp your rice cakes: 6 delicious toppings

Let’s be honest: by themselves, unflavored rice cakes aren’t that exciting. However, they have some great qualities: They are gluten-free They are vegan There are only 25 calories in a rice cake The

13 Inside facts about the #FITGIRLCODE headquarters

Every office has their special little quirks. #FITGIRLCODE is no exception. I kinda get the idea that we seem more normal on here than we actually are, so I want

Vegetarian stir fry with an insane amount of veggies

I always find it really odd when people say that they find it difficult to cook. I mean, it’s not like it’s rocket science or anything? Of course there are

Creamy mango curry with chicken

Our Fitgirlcode Guide Girls can’t get enough of this: creamy mango curry with chicken. It is one of the favorite recipes in the guide. So, we’re sharing this recipe for
Super sexy foods for a great sex drive

Super sexy foods for a great sex drive

When was the last time you really felt like having sex? I don’t mean to be rude, but if you have to think too long about this question, your libido

Mirror schizophrenia

* It’s not my intention to stigmatize or offend anyone with any mental illness. This article is purely written out of my own experience. I don’t state any facts. I

Jogha Sportswear, because real fit girls come in all shapes and sizes

Even if you’re only a little active on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the new Fearless Collection from Jogha in your newsfeed. If you search for #jogha or #joghacom you see one Fit

Sushi Salad

I know very little people who don’t like sushi. Whenever you say ‘sushi’ everyone around you instantly drops what they’re doing and starts staring at you with puppy eyes. Yep,

Letter to the scale

Yo Scale, I’m just gonna get straight to the point: I think you’re a terrible asshole. A manipulative bastard, you are! My whole life you’ve been screwing with me. You can

Pretty Pink Pancakes

We are always searching the world wide web to find the prettiest and yummiest recipes. This time we stumbled upon these stunning Pink Pancakes, made by @lilylaines. We asked her if

Join the innocent #PinkChallenge

In everyday life, us Fit Girls hold on to certain eating habits and workout routines. Just because it’s easy or it might seem a bit scary to try out new

Lose stress naturally

School, work, friends, working out. Life can ben hectic and everybody stresses sometimes. The most common stress relievers you probably already know include exercising, talking to friends or just going

White Bean Salad with Peas and Mint

Do you have a busy week coming up? This is the perfect recipe: very easy to make and supertasty! And you can find all the ingredients in every supermarket. White

Quick Summer Breakfast

You don’t always feel like making a heavy breakfast in the morning that takes you a long time to prepare. I for instance, have never enough time in the morning

Breaker High Protein: one month free bootcamp training

A few weeks back Judith Akele won a spot in the Breaker Bootcamp! She is really kicking ass and becoming the fittest version of herself. It goes without saying that

Try it to believe it: get your own Libresse Multistyle trial package

A while ago I shared my personal experience about Libresse Multistyle Panty liners. I was never a big fan of panty liners. I found them sticky and they’d always wrinkle
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