Design & Win the perfect panties with Libresse Multistyle

We all know exactly when it’s that time of the month again. You get more emotional, you feel less comfortable in whatever you’re wearing and working out sucks. Yes, we’re talking about being on your period. But what about those weeks in between your period? Hopefully you don’t feel like crap the entire month, but you DO wanna feel fresh and clean during those weeks too! I don’t want be dependent on tampons or sanitary towels the entire month, so I figured, let’s try Libresse Multistyle panty liners. I tried this type of panty liners for two occasions: extra protection while working out and while I was experiencing some very light bleeding because of my coil. 

Feeling comfortable while working out
Usually when I am on my period, I use tampons, but when I work out I always feel a bit insecure. Like I could use some extra protection. And when I have a light bleeding because of my coil, tampons are actually not very comfortable. I never was a big fan of panty liners though. I found them sticky and they’d always wrinkle up like a wad of paper in my underwear.

Up until I received a trial pack of Libresse’s new Multistyle panty liners. These DO fit in every type of underwear! Thanks to the flexible sides you can fold, the thing stays exactly where it’s supposed to be. Thongs, hipsters, boxer shorts; it all fits perfectly. The panty liner absorbs as much as a normal panty liner and provides good protection and a fresh feeling. In addition, the liners are individually packaged and thus so easy and discrete to carry in your handbag.

I know we don’t feel like our usual confident and sexy self when being our your period, but there’s no excuse to wear huge granny panties underneath your sport tight anymore! You can save them for an intense ‘eating-Ben&Jerry’s-while-watching-Grey’s-Anatomy‘-session on the couch. And that’s about it 😉

Try it to believe it and get your own Libresse Multistyle trial package.

Design and win your own underwear
On you period or not, wearing beautiful underwear makes you feel like a goddess, right? Libresse gives you the opportunity to design YOUR ideal sexy panties. You can decide exactly what it looks like by choosing the fabric, yarn and accessories. Pretty awesome right? Every week, Libresse places a different type of underwear in the spotlights. The joint end result of all designs will be made by lingerie designer Cassandra Saeijs, owner of Lijfgoed.

Go and design your perfect panties!

Win a spot in the Breaker Bootcamp

You probably already know Breaker Originals; yogurt snacks packed in a handy pouch so you can take them wherever you go. Breaker High Protein comes in the same handy pouch but has another special feature too: it supports muscle growth and recovery after training, sports or exercise. Now there is a new variant of Breaker High Protein that doesn’t contain added sugar, its low-fat, lactose-free and comes in two delicious flavors: coconut and blueberry/banana. It’s an easy and delicious way to reach your daily dose of protein. Right before you start a killer workout, to fight your afternoon dip or when you forgot to eat before an important meeting (oops).

We all know that living a healthy lifestyle comes down to eating the right foods and exercising on a regular basis. That’s why Breaker & The Bootcamp Club are organizing the Breaker Bootcamp. The bootcamp training method builds on three fundamentals of training—cardio, strength, and agility. It’s is a very efficient way of training, because in a short period of time you learn how to push your boundaries and get fit at the same time. You won’t get bored easily!

We can choose one of you Fit Girls to join a special 8 weeks Breaker Bootcamp program for free. Yay!

#FITGIRLCODE will follow the winner closely in her quest to become the fittest version of herself. We will share updates with the whole community on how your doing and join you during one of the training session.

If you feel the adrenaline pumping already, please check if you meet the criteria on the next page –>

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Exclusive report: how do professional soccer players stay fit?

I am a girl, and in general most girls don’t like soccer. I am not an exception to this rule. Whenever my significant other is watching Studio Sport on Sundays, I get really annoyed by the monotone booing in the background. I do, however, enjoy stuff like the World Championship. The festive vibe and togetherness around events like these, suddenly make wanna know every player in the national team and scream like a madman when the referee messes up. Apart from that, I just don’t really ‘feel’ the game. But when I got the chance to visit AC Milan, I said yes immediately. Who says no to Milan, right? I was curious if a trip like this could change my attitude towards soccer.


So how did I end up at AC Milan in the first place? Well, #FITGIRLCODE got invited by Nutrilite, an organic nutrition supplement brand, and MilanLab, the high-technology interdisciplinary research center of AC Milan, to learn more about their partnership. The main focus of their partnership is to educate the red-and-blacks to follow a correct and customized nutrition and food supplements plan, as a solid foundation to improve their physical and sports performances.

I thought that sounded pretty interesting, because personalization is something we really believe in at #FITGIRLCODE. You have to unlock your own personal code to a healthy lifestyle. What works for you does not necessarily work for someone else. You have to experiment to find what works best for you and your body. So I got curious how they implement this on professional sports level.


How do professional soccer players stay fit

Behind the scenes at Stadio San Siro AC Milan

Before I’d get all my questions answered, I got immersed in the world of AC Milan. We did a museum tour, during which I got to see the famous Trophy Room, a t-shirt van Basten wore, the clubs’ first soccer shoe and a lot more stuff die-hard soccer fans most definitely get real excited about. I have to admit I did get me in the mood. 😉 After a crash course  of AC Milan history, we went to the San Siro Stadium were we would watch the Genoa – AC Milan game in the evening. But before that, we got to sniff the players’ t-shirts and shoes in their locker room – normally a highly restricted area -, chill in the seats where the coaches normally sit and walk through the player tunnel. Pretty exciting I have to admit!


When I spoke to my journalist colleagues, I learned that Milan’s current season appears to be a story of crises, false downs, injuries and new signings who have failed to settle. Well that’s definitely something you could ‘feel’ while watching the game. Not even half of the stadium was filled and before the referee officially called the end of the game, the supporters already left their seats. I found it somewhat humiliating. If you’re a real fan, you stick to your club for better or for worse right? You’re not walking out of a friendship when your friend is going through a rough patch either, right?



Personalized nutrition plan for top performance

The next day we went to the Milanello training center, where we got the chance to interview people from Milan Lab and see their advanced testing methods from up close. The cherry on top: we would meet some of the players too!

We all know that soccer players earn/cost a decent amount of money. They cannot be replaced very easily, so you have to prevent them from getting injured. An athlete’s training starts when sitting down at the table. Nutrition will not help them win the game, but it sure will help them perform better in the long term. That’s why the young talents and their family are educated about food from an early age. Italian people are used to eating a lot of pasta and sweets for breakfast, hence young Milano football talents do so too. Through education programs they learn what they should eat instead, or how they can cook a healthier version by using whole wheat pasta for example.


These education programmes are just the beginning. Each and every athlete undergoes a series of tests (genetic, blood and biodynamic) and a detailed questionnaire about lifestyle and food preferences. According to the results of these, each player gets a customized nutrition and supplement plan. If your test results show, for example, that you lack vitamin D — then your personalized plan contains vitamin D supplements. The objective is to set up the right conditions for a top performance and improvement of recovery time. If you train A LOT, your body needs good food to build and repair the muscles.

The image above shows the essential dietary compents. These are the essential components for every single person, not just for athletes. Macronutrients are the relatively the easiest ones to get into your system, but micronutrients can be a tough cookie. Especially when you’re traveling a lot trough different time zones and climates, like professional players. Your body can really use an extra dose of vitamins to stay healthy, and that’s where the supplements come in.

The difference between macronutrients and micronutrients is that you can never get an overdose from micronutrients, this is because whatever your body doesn’t need it will get rid off trough urine. On the other hand, if you eat more macros than your body needs, carbs for example, your body stores this as fat. Eating the recommended amount of plant-based food in order get enough minerals and vitamins can be quite challenging though.

Why exactly are fruits and veggies good for your health?

Like I already mentioned earlier, MilanLab collaborates with Nutrilite to create the customized nutrition and supplement plans for the AC Milan player. Nutrilite produces organic vitamins and nutrition supplements. But why would you choose natural supplements over synthetic ones? From a strictly chemical point of view there is no difference between, for example, synthetic or natural vitamin c. The key factor lies within the phytonutrients (phyto is Greek for plant), which can be only found in plants.

Everybody knows that eating fruits and vegetables is good for our health, but not everyone knows why. In addition to the large amounts of vitamins, minerals and fibers, the only kinds of food that contain phytonutrients are fruits and vegetables. These are natural and protective compounds that keep plants from aging and against microbial attacks, which often give them their unique color. These compounds enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals into our system.

For example an acerola cherry does not just contain vitamin C, it contains other health promoting stuff too. However, availability, cost, cultural diets and geography make eating the recommended amount of plant-based food a challenge. So if you ever doubt if you get enough vitamins and minerals into your system, supplements could be good addition to your diet. Better safe than sorry, right?

Big brother is watching

As soon as the players have their personalized plan, every element, every activity undertaken (from personal data to lifestyle, from diet to exercise routine) is monitored and evaluated. For example, before every training, each player needs to undergo a quick serie of tests. If they fail a certain test this could mean that they’re not allowed to train those days or they have to do an adjusted training. The project leader told me that if one of the guys had been drinking the evening before, he could instantly tell this by the tests. Big brother is watching you! Besides these daily tests, players undergo more extensive tests every two weeks. In the lab they test things like hand-eye coordination, the position of their jaws (for the right balance), flexibility (enough oxygen in the muscles), their mood (happy, sad, sleeping well) and way more. These results show if the player is doing okay, or if his training and nutrition plan might need to be adjusted. The project leaders of the MilanLab inform and advise the trainers about each individual player.

AC Milan is the only soccer club in the world that uses science to improve the physical and sport performances of their players. That makes this a unique case study in the field of professional sports nutrition. 

How to stay motivated when shit gets tough?

Of course I knew that being a professional athlete doesn’t come easy, but hearing all this made me realize that professional soccer players really need to live a very disciplined life to stay on top of their game. Logically they have their down moments too, like you and me 😉 so I was curious to how they stay motivated when things get tough. Individually they put a lot of effort and discipline into being successful as a team. But how do they keep a good spirit if all this effort doesn’t seem to pay off, like loosing a few games in a row, and fans acting all frustrated (like they did in the stadium the evening before). AC Milan players Giacomo Bonaventura and Mattia De Sciglio told me that playing soccer at such a high level means that they have mastered the game, but their passion is what keeps them thriving when things get tough.

Like every other person, professional athletes need a break from life sometimes too. For example soccer players are known for gaining quite a lot of weight during their holidays, unlike other athletes. The players said that’s because they live such a disciplined life, when they are on a holiday really need to let go of everything. That means enjoying a big plate of pasta and a greasy pizza too. Which appears to be their favorite cheatmeal! Who blames them right? “No thanks, pizza is gross”, said no one ever.

A fruitful trip

When I got the chance to visit AC Milan I wondered if it would change my attitude towards soccer. I don’t think I will join my boyfriend every Sunday to watch studio sports, but I do have a new interesting topic to impress my guy friends with 😉  A topic I never thought would arouse my interest in the first place. It definitely was a fruitful trip!

If you have any questions on this topic, please let me know!

Wunderwasser: smell wunderful while excercising

A small moment of happiness: if someone says you smell good! It always makes me feel confident about myself. Showering and brushing your teeth regulary really adds up to a nice odeur of course, but perfum is the thing that makes you ‘smell out in the crowd’. I am true loyalist when it comes to perfum brands. If I find one that suits me, I stick to it for a few years. Not only because I am a don’t- change-a-winning-formula’ kinda person, but also because I always get lost if I try to find a new one. There are SO many out there! So let me help you find to find a lovely fragance in the haystack of all perfums. Wunderwasser!

“Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles isn’t a realist!”

Wonders allow us to step away from reality and immerse ourselves in an intense and very personal moment. Wunderwasser Eu de Collogne aims to capture this sense into a fragance. This twin fragance is designed with women and men in mind wo are open for new and unexpected experiences. Well, if this did not convince me to try a new perfume, the fresh and blossommy smell sure did!

Smelling nice in the gym

I was actually looking for a fragance I could use when I work out(next to my regular perfume). Of course you already wear deodorant while excersising, but smelling extra nice in the gym is also courtesy to your neighbour Fit Girl in the gym. I didn’t want this perfume to be too expensive or smell too strong. Wunderwasser meets all these criteria! Initially I bought it to smell nice while excercising, but I like it so much that I’ll definitely start switching it up with my ‘regular’ perfume.

Like I already said, it’s a twin fragance, so you can also surprise your siginificant other with a bottle. It’s also a bit of a present for you, because being around a nice smelling man is somehow very -sigh-…alluring. You can buy Wunderwasser at DA, Kruidvat and most indepent drugstores for 14,99 euro. Go go go and smell nice! 🙂


Summer is just around the corner. That means that everybody suddenly feels the pressure to spend some extra time in the gym. For some of you working out might be on the top of your priority list, but for others it might feel more like a nagging obligation. It is important that you find a healthy lifestyle that fits your personality. Otherwise it just won’t last.

Talking about the summer season at #FITGIRLCODE HQ, made us realize that we all have our personal challenges to stay fit during this time of the year. That’s why Aranka, Roos, Laura and I each came up with our own #FITGIRLSUMMERCHALLENGE for Cosmopolitan’s Body Issue.


Check out the #FITGIRLSUMMERCHALLENGES of our Fit Girls on the next page.

Aranka’s Challenge: “Book two hours each day, for activities that give me energy or help me relax.”

Stay updated on her challenge and follow her on Instagram: @aranka_fgc.


Anna’s Challenge: “Limit alcoholic beverages to once a week.”

Stay updated on my challenge and follow me on Instagram: @annageertje_fitgirlcode


Check out Roos’ en Laura’s challenge on the next page.

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16 Smart Products Every Fit Girl Should Know About – PART 2

People might think that Fit Girls are active by nature, but I don’t think that’s entirely true. I think they’re just smart ladies who know  taking care of their body well is essential! Of course, we feel like winners after we’ve killed an insane workout, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t order abs online if something like an AbStore existed. We’re still human, you know. We want maximum results by putting in minimal effort. Well, at least I do! And I think there are are a ‘few’ other girls who share this vision 😉

A few days back I shared part 1 of 16 Smart Products Every Fit Girl Should Know About. Today, I’ll surprise you with some more products that will make the life of a Fit Girl just a tiny bit easier. This guide contains products which can help you to stay fit, without putting in too much effort. No, not all these product are ‘clean’, but they taste good and are a responsible choice when  doing groceries.

9. Veggie crisps

It would be really harsh if being a Fit Girl meant banning potato crisps completely out of your life. Of course you can enjoy some on your cheat day, but I found a delicious and more responsible alternative you can enjoy more often: veggie crisps! The ones at Albert Heijn consist of beetroot, sweet potato, carrots and parsnips. No scary additives, just sea salt and organic sunflower oil. Enjoy!


10. Corn tortilla chips

Another great alternative for potato crisps are corn tortilla crisps. If you pick the natural ones you will only find corn flour, vegetable oil and salt on the ingredient list. Last weekend I made a tzatziki dip with only Greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, peper and salt (which was delicious!), but you could also dip them in hummus and obviously guacamole.


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16 Smart Products Every Fit Girl Should Know About – PART 1

Being a Fit Girl is not always easy. You have to workout all the time, plan your meals ahead, deal with sore muscles and resist many #notsofitgirlcode temptations. On top of all these measures, you have to defend WHY you would do such a crazy thing every day to everyone around you. Exhausting!

People might think that Fit Girls are active by nature, but I think that’s not entirely true. I think they’re just smart, taking care of their body. Of course we feel like winners after we’ve killed an insane workout, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t order abs online if something like an AbStore existed. We’re still human, you know. We want maximum results by putting in minimal effort. Well, at least I do! And a think there are are a ‘few’ other girls who share this vision 😉

That’s exactly why I made a list of 16 smart products every Fit Girl should know about. This guide contains products which can help you to stay fit, without putting in too much effort. No, not all these product are ‘clean’, but they taste good and are a responsible choice when grocery shopping.

1. Microwave quinoa and brown rice

I don’t do low-carb. Obviously you have all these different kinds of carbs, so you just have to pick the nutritious ones. Although some people seem to get a bit tired of the quinoa hype, I still think that it’s an awesome ingredient to make quick and healthy meals with. Lassie came with these very handy portion packs of quinoa and brown rice. All you have to do is pop the pack in the microwave and wait one minute. Very convenient for preparing your lunch at work!


2. Frozen pumpkin cubes

Pumpkin is awesome, but cutting one is… not-so-awesome. On top of that, eating a whole pumpkin at once is somewhat of a challenge if you ask me. Luckily, Albert Heijn invented frozen pumpkin pieces. You can use them to make a filling and warm pumpkin soup or stir fry them with other vegetables. No need to defrost them first. Me likey!


3. Frozen fruits

These days almost every supermarket sells frozen fruit. Mango, forest fruits, blueberries; you name it! Usually, frozen fruit is a bit cheaper than the ‘real’ fresh fruit. If you want to make banana ice cream, frozen fruit is what you need. But they are also great for your morning yogurt/oatmeal/quark/pancakes/smoothies. Actually you should always have your fridge stacked with a few boxes.

Pretty pink smoothie

4. Sweet potato fries 

Why would you eat sweet potato instead of regular potato? A study about the nutritional value of vegetables discovered that the concentration of complex carbohydrates, protein and vitamins A and C is much higher in sweet potato than in an ordinary potato. If you feel like a good old burger and fries, try the sweet potato fries from Aviko. No need to peel your potatoes, you can either fry them or put them in the oven (healthiest option).


5. Mushroom burger

Veggie burgers are the sh*t. They’re easy to prepare and can vary endlessly with your toppings. If you have the time you should definitely try to make your own veggie burger, but if you don’t, you should give the mushroom burgers from Koolen a try! My favorites are: the mushroom, pine nuts and Grada Padano burger and the mushroom gordon bleu filled with hummus. It’s like heaven on a plate! You can buy them at Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Marqt and a few other supermarkets. I am a HUGE fan!


6. Seaweed salad

Seaweeds are the plants that contain the most minerals on the planet, imagine that! These plants store the minerals directly from the ocean into their cell structure. Good reason to start eating seaweed more often. It’s a great base to make a healthy salad with, for example our famous Sushi Salad. I like the slippery but crunchy taste it has and it’s way more nutritious than a regular bag of salad. I often buy mine at Albert Heijn or Jumbo.


7. Tuna in a pouch

Fish is rich in protein and Omega-3 fats, which makes it a food Fit Girls should regularly eat. A few years back I found Tuna with a Twist, which is tuna in a pouch with a French dressing or sun dried tomatoes. It’s the perfect addition to a salad and also very tasty on a sandwich with avocado and a hard boiled egg. It’s just something different than the regular can of tuna and you can buy it at almost every supermarket in Holland.


8. Lemon juice in a bottle

In my opinion you should avoid drinking your calories. You make a real change if you quit drinking soft drinks and fruit juices and switch up to water instead. Drinking water has so many health benefits! It’s no secret though, that water isn’t the most exciting drink out there, but it really helps if you spice it up with some lemon juice. Of course, fresh lemon juice is the nicest, but for some reason I don’t have lemons lying around all the time. Recently I found the perfect solution: in most supermarkets they sell these tiny bottles with lemon juice. You can keep them in the fridge and this way you’ll always have lemon juice when you need it (unless you forget to put it on your grocery list every once in a while).


Stay tuned, because in a few days I will share some more Smart Fit Girl products you should add to your grocery list.

Start ‘Meat Free Week’ With These 7 Delicious Veggie Recipes

Today global ‘Meat Free Week’ starts. Why would you go meat free for a week? Well, it might encourage you to think about how much meat you eat, where your meat comes from and the impact eating too much meat has on your health, animals and the environment. If you’re not used to eat vegetarian, skipping meat from the menu might seem like a big challenge. But if you are willing to experiment in the kitchen I assure you that you won’t even miss it. There are so many foods out there that replace meat perfectly fine, like beans and tofu for example. If you put a little bit more effort in prepping your veggies, you will surprise your tastebuds and even your boyfriend for sure. My BF was a bit hesitant at first too, but I managed to convert him into flexitarian.

I collected these 7 delicious veggie recipes for you to start your ‘Meat Free Week’ with.

1. Sweet pea bruschetta with ricotta, mint and pecorino

Photo by Karen Tedesco


1 cup whole milk ricotta cheese
1 cup shelled peas, fresh or frozen
Extra virgin olive oil
Fresh ground black pepper
4 ¾-inch thick slices crusty bread
1 garlic clove
Handful fresh mint leaves, sliced thin
2 ounce chunk Pecorino Romano cheese

Find the cooking instructions here.

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Who Dares To Join Us For a Killer Workout with NatuurlijkSportief?

Do you want to kill an outside workout with some of the Fit Girls? We’re going to train together with Nick and Teun from NatuurlijkSportief and we like to invite 5 of you Fit Girls to come along! 

What is NatuurlijkSportief

With NatuurlijkSportief, Nick and Teun try retrieve the cheerful, carefree feeling everyone had as a youngster. Sport and movement shouldn’t be an obligation and it doesn’t have to be difficult, competitive, or stressful to achieve results. We were born movers and moving is natural, but as we’re getting older we become slower or even fall in a state of inactivity which is totally against our nature. That’s why we encourage you to get out there yourself!

They get people to move outdoors in nature without any rules, limits, restrictions, equipment, fixed training schemes or isolated exercises. We use everything we find in nature in order to improve all-round athletic performances and get as fit as possible. Imagine what you can do with trees, stones, hills and water. The possibilities are endless. Anyone can train this way, anywhere. All you need is natural environment and your best mood!

Are you up for the challenge?
We love to meet the awesome Fit Girls in our community and sweat our butts off together. If you’re up for a killer workout in nature and like to train with some of the Fit Girls please do the following:

We’ll choose 5 women to train with us!


When: Sunday 22nd of March
Time: 11.00 hrs
Meeting point: Kralingse Bos, Rotterdam (parking lot near the beach)


UPDATE: We’ve contacted our winners. We would like to thank all of you Fit Girls for participating! We always have cool contests and give aways so be sure to check out our blog!

5 Killer Workout Videos To Get You Ready For Summer

Sometimes you just don’t feel like going to the gym. Your favorite workout clothes might still be dirty, you have a crammed schedule or you are made out of sugar and it’s raining. Either way, none of these excuses are reason enough to skip a workout. Do you want to feel confident wearing your bikini this summer? Then get off the couch and work for it! I’m not even asking you to leave your house 😉 Luckily there are a lot of fitness bloggers out there who make awesome fitness videos for you to do at home. I made a little compilation of some really effective ones that will allow you to do your total body workouts at home! The only thing you need are dumbbells. Sounds good? Let’s get ready to kill these workouts together, Fit Girls!

5 Killer Workout Videos

Quick total body warm up

It can be tempting to skip your warm-up and jump right into your workout, but warming up is  extremely important to incorporate in your routine. Why? Check out these 10 reason good reasons.

Kill-me-now abs

Do you want to flaunt all over town in your sexy croptop? You better work those abs! Believe me, you are gonna love and hate this ab routine at the same time. Burn, burn, burn!

Slim your legs for booty shorts

These exercises are super effective if you are aiming for slim and sexy summer legs. Work them stilts and wear your booty shorts with confidence!

5 best butt exercises

Did you know that even if you weren’t born with a rounded backside, if you work your glutes (butt muscles) hard enough, you can achieve that lifted look? Check out the five best exercises for a cute sculpted booty.

Sexy and sculpted arms

When you feel that burn in your arms, you know you are getting a good workout. Grab your dumbbells and get ready to get an upper body pump.

Quick cool down and stretching

Cooling down and stretching your muscles is just as important as warming them up. A cooling down activity helps to gradually return your heart rate to normal and is also a good time to deepen the stretch in your muscles. When you stretch during the cool down you’ll feel less sore from your workout and it helps to prevents injuries.

Just remember, this is YOUR workout so try doing what you can do. Do not overdo it. You can challenge yourself, but try to do it wisely.

#FitGirlConfession – I had a binge eating disorder

Nowadays my relationship with food is a healthy one. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we laugh, but we always respect each other! A few years back, this relationship was not healthy at all, it was obsessive. I was so crazy about food, and all it did was make me feel bad about myself. Not a relationship you want to be in for the rest of your life.


I had a binge eating disorder. There, I said it! I don’t think this kind of eating disorder is the most well-known eating disorder out there, but it sure as hell is one. Whenever I felt sad or just bored, I’d gather my favorite food together, sat on the couch (or even in bed) and ate it. All of it. Sometimes at night, I’d snuck out of bed and raid the fridge. Hoping my roomies and later on my boyfriend wouldn’t hear me. And when I woke up, I felt so unbelievably guilty. So I wouldn’t eat until lunch, to compensate. And most of the time, in the evening it started all over again.

Listen to your body
I am not sure why and how I developed this relationship with food. But when I started seeing a therapist for it, I did understand it better though. My therapist explained to me that I had forgotten how to listen to my body. I misinterpreted the signals it gave me and always answered its questions and needs with food. Now I know that my body is not always telling me that it’s hungry. Sometimes it’s sleepy, needs affection or is just bored. Now that I know that, I can cope better with my cravings. It has been really, really hard to overcome this, but I am getting there. One step at a time.

Proud of myself
I did a lot of attempts to get to where I am now, had fallbacks, but never gave up! It’s still a bit painful for me to share these things about myself. But while writing this down I realize that I am actually really proud of what I have already accomplished. I still think a lot about food, but in a healthy way. And even though I have to drag myself to the gym sometimes, I go there at least three times a week! That’s pretty fucking awesome right?

So, no matter what your obstacle or problem might be, I promise you that it feels great to make the first step in the right direction. If you really set your mind to it, you’ll get wherever you want to be eventually. I speak from experience!


Tips for a healthy relationship with food

  • Eat on fixed times. Often when you develope something like an eating disorder, your mind and your body are out of balance. You need to recognize when you are hungry and when you have had enough. Eating on fixed times every day really helps to reboot your system. After a few weeks your body will naturally tell you what it needs, but you have to listen closely. The answer is not always food!
  • Distraction. If you feel a binge coming on, look for distraction. Take a warm bath, go out for a walk or call your best friend and tell her what`s going on. If you still feel hungry after doing that, grab an apple. If that doesn’t satisfy you, you’re not hungry. There might something else you gotta do. Again, listen to your body.
  • Make sure you always carry a snack with you. To prevent you from giving into a binge you should always bring healthy snacks with you. If you feel you are hungry and you have to wait too long for your next meal, the risk is bigger that you’ll overeat.
  • Plan your meals ahead. If you think wisely about what you are going to eat the next day, you`ll make better food decisions. You’ll have plenty of time to prepare healthy meals and snacks. Eating healthy doesn’t  mean less tasty. The internet is filled with nice and healthy recipes.  Dive into it and I`m sure you’ll amaze yourself and others with your culinary creations.

Make a stance
Being able to reach out on a topic like this to such a strong, positive and supportive community as #FITGIRLCODE, I encourage all the Fit Girls to make a stance and support a cause like this one. By just talking to a friend in need, reaching out to a family member, or sharing your supports online to other people going through this, you could communicate an immense amount of courage to someone, or to thousands.

A day at the #FITGIRLCODE HQ – PART 2

What’s working at #FITGIRLCODE HQ like? A few days ago we already gave you a peek into the daily activities of some of the girl bosses working at our office. Today this tour continues! Our team is expanding rapidly so there was not enough room in one article to introduce you to everyone. Discover what else we do besides eating a total amount 35 avocados per week and harassing the only guy that works at our office 😉

Shelley – Brand Relations Manager
“I’ve been with #FITGIRLCODE from the very start and saw it grow from zero to more than 100.000 unique visitors on the blog per month, which is incredible! I love being part of this amazing team and am always looking forward to being at the office. However, hosting a blog costs money, and since money doesn’t grow on trees (if anyone does have such a tree, please send over some seeds!) I try to earn us some by collaborating with other companies and provide you with awesome giveaways and reviews. For example, we’ve been shooting some pretty awesome videos a few weeks ago with Fit Girl Anne. It was such a cool day, especially because I got to taste all the food 😀 I can’t wait to hear what you think about the result. If you ever want to learn more about our experiences with a product or brand, let us know and I’ll try to fix a review for you! :)”


Nathalie – Content Specialist 
“If I have to pick one memorable moment from the past weeks or the upcoming weeks it’s when I had to take over the webshop for a couple of weeks. Danique was on holiday and so she was not able to do the shop. It was nervewrecking, stressful and new. But now, I feel really proud that I did it! Normally, I’m working on my influencer list which means I’m looking for influential people in the health sector on Instagram, blogs, YouTube etc. and I’m trying to get in contact with them. Furthermore, I’m writing a lot of creative texts for the #FITGIRLCODE or Jogha website. Therefore, I can honestly say that everyday is an adventure at #FITGIRLCODE HQ.”


Ruta – Online Marketing Trainee
“I have started to work at #FITGIRLCODE not that long ago, but it already feels like it’s been ages. I have already had experience with creating and managing social media accounts, modifying website content and very recently I had a hands on experience on affiliate marketing. Surprisingly, I have also been into numbers a lot, hence my passionate love for google analytics and ad campaigns. Lately I have come up with an idea to motivate the bloggers and show how great they are by creating “Articles of the Month”, which indicates the best readership having articles and their authors. It is hard to choose my favourite moment from the past weeks, but I guess it’s a tie between hearing loud neighbouring office parties and our personalities’ madness trying to blend in together and making a completely awesome mix. I enjoy it how cosy it is here and I wish everyone would have that at their workplace!”


Kim – Art Direction
“A year ago I decided to follow my passion and work as a creative freelancer. It was no coincidence that#FITGIRLCODE and I crossed each others path. The drive of Aranka’s ambition (owning the galaxy while riding an unicorn) was so contagiously that I immediately knew I wanted to be part of the team as well. From the beginning on I created a base of the brand identity of #FITGIRLCODE and I also designed the merchandise that is sold in the webshop. What I really love about our team is that we consist out of hard working and dedicated woman with a shared passion, and that is to make #FITGIRLCODE successful day in and day out. Next to working on a lot of projects for #FITGIRLCODE, I was also very fortunate to design the ‘lookbook’ and webshop of Jogha which gave me so much confidence in myself as a designer. I am very grateful to be part of the #FITGIRLCODE crew, working on awesome projects (the biggest one is yet to come…;)) and having the opportunity and freedom to develop myself as a better Art Director and Designer.”


Smilla – Social Media and Online Marketing Intern
“Being the Social Media and Online Marketing Intern, I have full exposure to all the work that is put behind all these playful and pretty images that we share on our many social networks. From scheduling posts and finding girls who share our vision, to motivating the Fit Girls to be my pretty models. Taking care of being constantly lovely both offline and online requires my full-time attention! You might not think so, but the life of collecting photogenic Fit Girl food and making attention grabbing selfies is a hard one (Okay, I’ll admit I really enjoy this stuff 😉 ) But most of all, my favorite part about this job is the constant need to be up to date! I absolutely love keeping up with online trends for most topics, and it just so happens that it is a characteristic that helps me a lot on this job.”


Are you an ambitious Fit Girl who wants to be part of our awesome crew? Send an e-mail to and tell us how the #FITGIRLCODE community can benefit from your super power.

We are especially looking for:

  • Talented graphic designer intern/trainee

  • Allround marketing communication intern/trainee

A day at the #FITGIRLCODE HQ – PART 1

What’s working at #FITGIRLCODE HQ like? It’s way more than just writing interesting blogs and doing photoshoots in awesome workout clothes. It’s part of the job, yes that’s right, but running a successful community involves other noteworthy stuff as well. Wanna know what a typical day at the office looks like? I asked all the girl bosses at our office to give you sneak peek into their daily activities. 

“Never a dull week for me at #FITGIRLCODE HQ. Even though I’m living my own dream, sometimes I wish that God wasn’t such an achiever, building the whole world in just 7 days! 9 days would have been fine by me as well 😉 Anyway, last week pretty eventful too! Monday me and Shelley (our brand relations manager) went to Fashiolista (our media agency) to seal the deal on some real awesome collaborations. When I arrived back at the office, I found a huge envelop on my desk from Thailand. It could be just one thing: fabrics of the new Jogha spring collection. Yay! The fabrics and design turned out awesome! Of course I want my new collection to be perfect, so together with my designer I reviewed all the pieces and emailed the people in Thailand my feedback. As soon as I finished this e-mail, I opened a file I have been working on like a mad woman, called: the #FITGIRLCODE business plan. Since it’s our mission to make the world a happier & healthier place, we gotta have a plan. A good solid plan. For now, everything is still top secret, but I can assure you: great things are about to happen!”


Laura – Chief Production Manager
“I get to do a lot of stuff when working on #FITGIRLCODE and Jogha and I love every single part of it. But what I really enjoy doing is making videos and last month we made a LOT of videos. I have already worked on a lot of exercise videos and last month we had quite the challenge because it was going to be the first time we were shooting a video recipe. Fit Girl Anne got in the kitchen and created some amazing and delicious recipes. What most people don’t know is that shooting food is one of the hardest things to do because you have to do your best to make everything look as tasty as possible. I am proud to say that Anne, our cameraman and of course me 🙂 did an amazing job. We’re so happy with the results, check it out for yourselves.”


Anna – Lead Editor & Press Relations Manager
“At #FITGIRLCODE I get to do something I really like, which is writing. Whether it’s a press release, an interview or an article, I write it. Besides that I also think about the content we post on our blog. What are trending topics at the moment and which one of our bloggers could write about it? For example, if we find a real cool article on Huffingtonpost related to mindfulness I know who forward it to. By now, I know what our bloggers are passionated about and what their super powers are. Besides editing I also manage our press relations. Last week me and Aranka went to Cosmopolitan HQ to brainstorm about a new cool project we’re gonna do. Also, when magazines or newspapers contact me for high res images I make sure they get those as soon as possible. Friday for example, Metro Mode called me for high resolution images of the Jogha collection. Check out the awesome article they made. Such a compliment for a new sports brand like Jogha to get featured among all the ‘big boys’.”


Danique – e-Commerce Manager
“After a superduper busy December, January and February tend to be a little less stressful in the online retail landscape. So instead of only packing and shipping orders for our customers, it leaves more room to think about a new year and thus a new strategy, new product development and for evaluating our customers’ experiences. My main goal now is to improve the webshop for the good; so that is basically the most important thing I’m working on these days. This all does sound very serious (and most of the times it is), so a little (or you can say a lot) of excitement was very welcome on a random Tuesday morning upon which my colleague Anna called me to say that a M.A.J.O.R. magazine would love to use some of our clothing for a photoshoot, and oh, if we could make sure that the apparel would be delivered the next day on the other side of the world?! For a couple of minutes I did a crazy dance through my living room and hurried the hell up to get to our warehouse to fix it. Without going in too much technical details, this involved a lot of communication with our parcel carrier and preparing documents for Customs. But oh well, it seems like we’re going to be perfectly on time so fingers crossed!”


Shirley – Graphic Designer Trainee
“It has been pretty challenging to start working full time as a graphic designer and having little to non-previous experience. I found it especially challenging to understand the logic behind the Adobe programs and doing what a graphic designer is expected to do. Fit Girl Kim has helped me incredibly much and by trying things out I managed to learn a lot. I am very proud of the progress I made and the fun projects I was part of at FITGIRLCODE HQ. On a daily basis, I help creating banners for the websites and our online campaigns. I also edit pictures, design what is printed on the #FITGIRLCODE collection, design presentations and our newsletters and many other things. One of the most exiting moments for me is when I go on Instagram and I see girls around the globe wearing a shirt or a sweater with my design on it. It is greatly rewarding and motivating to see that the community likes my work!  Lastly, I am the happiest person to have done my internship related to design, I discovered something I am passionate about and that I could spend days doing. Indeed, it definitely has made me a happier person to find something I love doing!”


There was not enough room in this article to introduce all the awesome chicks working at our office, so you’d better stay tuned for part 2!

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Get 10 % off all Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides

On this side of the world we’re freezing our asses off, but summer is closer than you might think. If you want to get rid of your winter body and start getting ready for your sumer body, you shouldn’t start 2 weeks before. Your body needs time to change and we all know too well that crash diets are a big no-no. It doesn’t change any habits and it’s really bad for your body. You have to integrate working out and eating right into your lifestyle to benefit from the results in the long term. 

Fortunately Kayla Itsines created a guide that will help get a bikini body in 12 weeks. Believe me, you still gotta work for it, but the following reviews from our Fit Girls Anneli and Emma prove that it’s totally worth the while. Way to go girls!

If you’re up for a challenge yourself, we have great news for you: if you download a Bikini Body Guide now, you get 10 % off. You just have to enter our special code: BBTGFGC10 

(Valid until 02.28.2015)

Reviews Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides

1. Anneli’s review

Anneli completed the entire Bikni Body Guide but gave a review after the first 6 weeks and when she finished the entire program.

Review Part I

” I am currently halfway down the program and been loving almost every second of it. Of course there are times when I hate myself (and Kayla) when my alarm goes off at 6:45 for my morning training sessions. But I have gotten a lot out of this program. Not only do I notice a difference in how my body looks, I also feel very energized and more importantly, gotten back the fun in my training sessions. I was a little bit fed up with weightlifting and am really enjoying the diversity that this program offers.”

Check out her entire review here.


Check out the second part of her review on the next page >

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Anna’s Favourite WorkOutfit

Isn’t sports apparel the best way to motivate yourself in the gym? Especially when you lost your mojo for some reason, it always helps to spoil yourself with a stylish new sportoutfit. Isn’t it half the battle if you start your workout wearing something you feel awesome in? Today I’ll share one of my favourite WorkOutfits. I hope you get inspired!



Shoes Reebok Nano: What I like best about this shoe is that the sole provides grip on a variety of surfaces, which is ideal for CrossFit training.

Tight Reebok Cardio Ultra: The mesh surfaces in this legging don’t just look stylish, it also conducts heat to keep your skin cool and dry. Ideal if you prefere long tights and want to stay cool at the same time.

Jacket Reversible Jacket Colourful Leopard Jogha: This jacket has a water resistant exterior and a moisture management interior. This makes the jacket very suitable for running, which I do a lot lately. If you don’t feel like being a Colour Leopard, you can turn it inside for a more sophisticated look. I’ll show it to you in my next look.

Check out my second outfit on the next page!

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Anna’s exercise and food schedule

Half a year ago I started the most serious part of my fit journey. So far I have lost 15 kg (33 lbs) and more than two clothing sizes. On top of that I gained much more confidence and physical strength. So what happened? To be honest, I just turned the switch entirely. Before I wasn’t really prepared to make sacrifices. Until I realized that if I tried to achieve a goal by only putting in half the effort, the only thing I was going to get from it would be frustration. So I decided to suck it up and fight for something I really wanted:

To become a woman who is comfortable in her own skin

This is for everyone who wants to become the fittest version of themselves: there is no secret recipe or pill that’s gonna help you. You just have to eat healthy and work your ass off. It sounds easy, but I know it’s not. You will shed blood, sweat, tears and go trough fit dips, but along the way you’ll also reach important milestones that make the effort well worth.

The more I transform into Anna 2.0, the more questions I get about what I eat and how I exercise on a daily basis. So just like Aranka and Chris, I decided to keep a food and exercise schedule for week to show you how I roll! Please keep in mind that what works for me will not necessarily work for you. You will have to keep adjusting your food and exercise routine till it feels right, just like I had to do. And still, my eating habits are not the same every week. For example, a few weeks ago, I had a bit of a set back. I just hated everything that had to do with being a Fit Girl. I asked my trainer Georgios for advice and he told me to just keep going without beating myself up. He told me, that after all these years he still experiences the same thing every now and then. Your workouts might suck for a week (or longer) and you cheat more than you should, but eventually your aversion will fade away. I followed his advice, and now I slowly feel like I’m getting back on track again.

So remember, when you screw up, skip a workout or eat bad foods, it does not make you a bad person. It makes you human. Welcome to the club, there’s like a 7 billion of us.

Exercise and food schedule

Anna's food and sport diary

Explanation: Sixforty is the name of the gym I work out at. We lift weights; do HIIT (High-intensity interval training), cardio, crossfit and a LOT of burpees! Everything is at your own pace and level.

Free #FITGIRLCODE water bottle

You now get a free #FITGIRLCODE water bottle with every purchase over €50 in our webshop! More reasons to start drinking more water! 🙂 We also included our tips to change boring water into colorful, tasteful and healthy water full of vitamins!

I like big bottles and I cannot lie..

With every purchase over €50 in our webshop, you now get a free #FITGIRLCODE water bottle! YAY! You can buy one of our awesome hoodies for your BFFF and you will receive one waterbottle for free! Now you and your BFFF can shine and stay hydrated in the gym!

Water is good for you!

By adding fresh herbs, pieces of fruit or sliced vegetables, your water gets a surprisingly delicious taste and it looks nice too! We’re going to start with the most common one, lemon water. You’ve probably tasted this combination. Besides it being tasteful, there are three different reasons why we should drink this every day.

1. It’s a natural energizer! It hydrates and oxygenates the body so it feels revitalized and refreshed.
2. It’s cleansing. The citric acid in lemons helps maximize enzyme function, which stimulates the liver and helps in detoxification.
3. Digestion. Not only will this killer combination relieve indigestion, it will also help flush you out.

 More ideas to spice up your water:

  • One of our favorites: water with lime and orange.
  • Add herbs to your water, like fresh mint or lemon grass.
  • By adding fresh cucumber your water gets a subtle,fresh and nice taste.
  • Add fresh cut ginger to your water. This gives it a somewhat more powerful and slightly spicy taste.
  • Add the juice from pickles into water. Kind of weird, but it actually tastes nice.
  • Add berries (blueberries, gojiberries) or pomegranate seeds, deliciously sweet.
  • Combine strawberries and kiwifruit, dangerously delicious!

Drink water in style

Ofcourse you want to carry around your water in style! Especially for you Fit Girls, we’ve created super stylish #FITGIRLCODE water bottles. From now on, drinking plenty of water will never be a burden!


Find your superpower

It’s been a while since I shared something about my fit journey with you guys. Wasn’t there something worth sharing? Well, I guess there was but I was so busy running from one thing to the other that I didn’t really have the time to reflect on myself. The storm has settled and I start to see everything clear again. So what happened over the past few months?

In summer, I decided that I wanted to do something I was truly passionate about. I quit my job and devoted most of my time to #FITGIRLCODE and Jogha. Although I consider it to be one of the best decisions in my life, a lot of things changed. My boyfriend also got another job hence we had to deal with different schedules. Eating and working out separately , became more a rule than an exception. On top of that, we also bought our first home and we decided to get a dog. Although this was all pretty exciting, for me personally, it was a lot of change to wrap my mind around.

The result of all these changes was that there wasn’t much time left for exercising. Of course I tried to squeeze it in and dragged my butt to the gym, but I felt like I wasn’t making enough progress in the Fit Girl department anymore.

My head felt like exploding
Although my job was very fulfilling, I was a bit disappointed in myself. I just wanted to do it all right: have a career, be an awesome Fit Girl and have a rocking social life at the same time. It started to frustrate me that I wasn’t able to handle my situation well; unlike other people who didn’t seem to have the same problem. Sometimes at night, my head felt like exploding and I couldn’t sleep at all. When I thought about the situation I was in, I realized that it wasn’t the first time that I felt like this; so overwhelmed by everything that was happening in my life. It was a recurring thing, which was actually always there; sometimes it just felt more pressing than other times.

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The Selfie Guide

Selfies, your social media feeds get overflowed with them every day. People claim to be bothered by selfies, but actually everyone is guilty of making one every now and then (either you post the pic or not). I myself am also guilty as charged for making shameless selfies. At #FITGIRLCODE HQ people even call me the Selfie Queen. At first it felt bit awkward, making photos of myself like this, but as soon as I got over the awkwardness I went all out.

If you never posted a selfie before (which I highly doubt) or want to improve your selfie skills you should definitely continue reading. Although I appear to take a mean selfie myself, the selfie guide from Wikihow absolutely taught me everything I didn’t know yet about making the perfect selfie. You don’t just point your camera at your face and take a shot without planning—there’s an art to taking attention-grabbing selfies that your friends will love seeing in their feeds. Watch and learn 🙂

The Selfie Guide

Capture a good angle. Instead of taking the picture head-on, experiment with different angles to show off your features. If you turn your head a few degrees to the right or left, your features will appear less flat. Holding the camera slightly higher than your head so that it’s pointing down on you will make your eyes look bigger and help you avoid “pig nose.” Here are a few other ideas for finding a good angle:

  • Know your “good side” and take the photo from that side of your face. It’s the side of your face that looks the most balanced and symmetrical.
  • Angling the camera slightly above yourself and taking a snapshot of your face and chest will highlight your cleavage. Since this position is fairly unnatural, odds are, you already know what the camera will focus on when you take a selfie like this.


Show off something new. If you decide to take a selfie to show off a new haircut or a new pair of earrings, make sure that you frame the photo in a way that highlights the new feature that has you so excited.

  • A selfie showing off your new hairstyle, for example, should show your hair from the most flattering angle. For the men, a selfie showing off a mustache should show the mustache straight-on, and the same goes for a selfie showing off a new pair of glasses.
  • You could also take a selfie holding a new item you just bought, or even a food item you’re about to eat. I went for the apple, didn’t eat it though, it was just for the show. The Kinder Bueno? Ah, you guys all know the answer to that question. 😉


Focus on one feature. If you’re planning on doing a closeup of your face, consider glamming up one feature while downplaying the others. This works especially well if there is one feature that you are especially pleased with.

  • For instance, if you love your eyes, play them up with mascara and complementary eye shadow while keeping your complexion and lips fairly natural.
  • Likewise, if your smile is your most charming feature, keep your cheeks and eyes looking natural while donning a stunningly beautiful lipstick.


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