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Author: Anne Haakmeester


So how are you holding up with your NY’s resolutions? Still going strong? Hope so. If you are a new-year-new-you kinda person, I might have some great tips regarding your health

Fannetiek in the Kitchen

Healthy Carrot and Almond Cake Recipe: A healthy, gluten free, low fat and low sugar cake that feels totally decadent and indulgent. So decadent, in fact, that I decided this

Do’s and Don’ts in the gym

Maybe you heard of a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to the gymlife. Re-rack your weights, use a towel, use deodorant and don’t be a douche. Because my

The answer is always you

What drives you? I mean really drives you? What (or who?) is your motivation to do what you do every day? A question I ask myself a lot lately. Things

Insecurities: what about ‘em?

Ok, let’s talk insecurities. Because you know that I know you have ‘em. We all have them. Whether it’s about our belly, our butt or our hair, there’s always this

Ambassador blog by Anne

Hi, my name is Anne, I’m a 28 year old Dutch girl and I am a bodybuilder. Before you run away and get scared by my profession, please continue reading
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