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No stress- incorporate cbd into routine

4 Reasons To Incorporate CBD Into Your Wellness Routine

Due to the recent pandemic, a lot of people have decided to take wellness more seriously. They’re now paying attention to their diet. Some have also begun hitting the gym.

5 tips against a bloated belly

On a scale of 1 to stepping on lego, how much do you hate feeling bloated? With all the hard work and effort you put into this new and improved

These are the nicest (and most delicious) hotspots in Los Angeles!

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen some posts pop up of my time in Los Angeles three weeks go! Together with my friend Emilie Sobels from Hashtag Workspace, I

How exercise can improve your sex life

The positive effects of exercise are endless. There are about a million, such as better sleep, stress management, radiant skin and an overall healthy body. We have done a little

Abfairy: 6 tips to burn fat

A friend of mine, lets call her Christy, hated going to the gym. Christy, like many of my other girlfriends, inspired to work out mainly due to social media. All the

Sugar free cocochoco almond muffin

Want to make some easy sugar free healthy muffins? Then try these Cocochoco almond muffins, you will be amazed! If you look at half the recipes on #FITGIRLCODE, I think

VIDEO: Booty Blaster Workout

Fit Girl and personal trainer Alicia and I have put together a the #FITGIRLCODE Booty Blaster Workout for you girls. All you have to do is follow our lead in

#FITGIRLCODE step-by-step exercise and food guide for Fit Girls

#FITGIRLCODE is all about becoming the best, fittest and most importantly happiest version of yourself. The internet is full of articles telling you exactly what NOT to do. This is

How to get to know your skin

Last week I visited an Dermalogica event together with our brand relations manager Shelley to attend the launch of a new product. Well, that’s always a good reason to get out

Aranka’s diary – week 38

I’m all over the place and I’m not a huge fan of structure (but honestly I do need it). Every day is completely different than the other and I’ve never stuck

Jogha Fearless collection launch

Back in 2013 I had the dream of starting my own sportswear line. Now, the second Jogha sportswear collection, the Fearless collection, is finally almost ready for launch! Last week was busy

People and attitudes towards the body across countries

A healthy lifestyle means something different to each person and can be linked to many influences in our lives. Habits like what time you eat your dinner at, are often linked

Our Latest #FitGirlApproved Item – Seaweed Pasta

It had been a while since we found a product that fit the #FITGIRLCODE food standards so smoothly 😉 Our latest Fit Girl approved item: seaweed pasta! We have found

How to dance like nobody is watching

Did you hear about the #dancingman? For those missed out of this social media viral, let me give you a short recap. A bully at a concert saw a plus

#FITGIRLCODE Recipes in the Albert Heijn e-book

Last week Alicia and I cooked  some delicious, healthy dishes at the Albert Heijn Bio pop-up store in Amsterdam! But we weren’t the only ones, there were some awesome bloggers creating some

VIDEO: The Abtastic Workout

We are here again with another workout video for this week! Fit Girls, you can now indulge into another set of exercises that this time will enable you to train

WIN €100,- giftcard for organic groceries at AH Bio Pop-Up Store

As you might have seen on Instagram, Fit Girl Alicia and I went to the temporary Albert Heijn Bio Pop-up Store in Amsterdam last week! Did you have some time to stop by?

Nike event: Fitness Bloggers Prepping For ‘We Run Amsterdam’

The 16th of May we will be running through Amsterdam. Who? You, me and a team of Awesome #FITGIRLS! Nike will organize their famous 10k run, We Run Amsterdam (previously

Reebok Cardio Ultra: for every way the sweat flies

A brand new year started! Was your new years resolution to become fitter in 2015? Way to go girl! You made the first step in the right direction. Whenever you

10 Things you shouldn’t say to a fit girl

You want to eat clean and exercise daily to maintain your healthy lifestyle. However, your friends, family and colleagues absolutely do not understand why. They ask the silliest questions and
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