What is so special about tofu food?

If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle or just love to cook, you’ve probably already noticed the increasing popularity of a product called tofu. Although this traditional product of East and South-east Asian cuisine has been known for over 2,000 years, nowadays it seems that it is being rediscovered. It is becoming a food used in the whole world and is highly valued for its beneficial properties. What are they? After answering this question we will discover the key to the popularity of tofu.

Tofu contains amino acids that are essential for our bodies. In order for the body’s cells to function and regenerate properly, your body needs 20 different amino acids. Without eight of them, the body simply cannot function. They are very important for the functioning of the brain, acids are also responsible for the transfer of information from one nerve cell to another. Amino acids are usually found in animal proteins like meat or eggs. Tofu is also one of the foods that have a lot of amino acids.

It has a great amount of manganese, iron, and copper. These elements are vital to our body. Magnesium is important in the production of proteins as well as carbohydrates, in energy metabolism. Meanwhile, iron helps the blood to perform its functions properly – to transmit burns, protect against diseases, and so on. Finally, copper is involved in the production of the pigment melanin, which protects us from UV sun rays. It also has an analgesic effect, protects against infections, and strengthens the immune system.

Tofu is one of the ways to prevent diseases. It is recommended for those with cardiovascular disease or have hypertension as it has less cholesterol and fewer triglycerides than meat. Furthermore, tofu contains calcium which is an essential nutrient for those who are suffering from osteoporosis, osteopenia, or calcium deficiency disease called hypocalcemia. Finally, the good properties of tofu significantly reduce the chances of cancer as well as to contribute to heart diseases. And these are just some of the beneficial properties of tofu.

It prevents overeating. Tofu is also valued for the feeling of satiety it gives. This means that after eating tofu, you will probably no longer want to have a snack between meals. And sometimes it’s so hard to resist chips or cookies! However, if you feel full, you will not simply want to snack. Problem solved! This way, not only will you be able to maintain a healthy diet, but also avoid unpleasant surprises when getting on the scale.

Consumption of tofu helps to lose weight. As already mentioned, tofu is a particularly saturated product. And most importantly, it is low in calories. It is a product that is especially appreciated by specialists because of its useful properties. It also has a special advantage due to its taste properties. You have the opportunity to use it in a wide variety of dishes, as well as marinate in a marinade you like. This way you can eat tofu though every day. The diet will not be difficult to follow when you can eat various dishes the way you like.

Tofu is a soy-based meat substitute. As is nutritious enough to replace meat, tofu is widely used by vegetarians and vegans. The preparation of this product is very similar to cooking meat. The only difference is that you need to drain tofu. Therefore, it would be useful to have a tofu press in your kitchen. Then you have to marinate it and finally fry, bake or boil it depending on the dish the way you are used to cook meat or vegetables.

The Fitgirlcode Guide

We’re proud to let you know that we are currently working on our second English guide, the Happy Healthy Guide! Our first guide, the Fitgirlcode Guide, did so well that we decided it was time to make another one. Before we introduce you to the Happy Healthy Guide (which is coming soon!), we thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone of what the current Fitgirlcode Guide has to offer and let the ones who havent gotten it yet catch up 😉 

Together with the help of nutrition, fitness and mindfulness experts, we have created an eight-week guide that gives you the tools to make the best choices for your body and mind so that you can achieve your goals and unlock your personal code to a healthy lifestyle.


  • 8-week workout schedule (no gym equipment)
  • 8-week eating plan with shopping lists
  • 8-week mindfulness program
  • Mindfulness audio exercises
  • Happiness Journal to track your progress
  • More than 80 easy and delicious recipes

fitgirlcode guide


You can find so many ebooks on the internet about how to live a healthy lifestyle. Some are free and others cost you a fortune, but none of them are like ours. Since the launch of Fitgirlcode in 2014, we have listened to all of your questions and problems, and from this we have created a guide that fits into your busy schedule and allows you to fully enjoy your life! Our guide is a good way to kick-start your healthy lifestyle. But, what happens after you complete the guide? During those eight weeks, you will learn that healthy living is mainly about making the right choices. When you finish the guide, you will have enough knowledge to continue this new way of life on their own.

fitgirlcode guide

By this point we know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and we really want to share that knowledge with you! We will explain to you why you should never trust the scale and the importance of Before and After photos. In the guide you will also find full-body workout schedules with workouts for advanced Fit Girls and Fit Girls who are just starting out.

In the guide you can also find complete and balanced food schedules. These schedules are created based on macro- and micronutrients. What the heck are those, you ask? You will learn all about it in the guide 😉 When designing the schedules we didn’t want to include any difficult, hard to find ingredients either. We know you all lead busy lives!

Last but not least: the mindfulness part. Through mindfulness exercises you will learn to manage stressful situations. Eventually, you will find out the effects of your new lifestyle on your mind. Inner change is perhaps even more important than external changes! For eight weeks, you will be accompanied by exercises that will give you support and a helping hand in dealing with many different situations.


Being happy and healthy is not only determined by your appearance. With the Happiness Journal you can measure and track how you have been feeling. The bottom line is that you should be honest with yourself – even if you have experienced some not-so-Fit-Girl moments. It’s impossible for everything to be perfect, and that’s okay.

fitgirlcode guide


You can download the Fitgirlcode Guide right now and have it immediately. We challenge you to join our fit journey. Maybe you know someone else who always says she wants to be fit and healthy but doesn’t know where to start. Invite her to join too! Even better, start the challenge together!

Join the 65,000 women in our community #FITGIRLCODE and encourage each other to be the fittest version of yourself by using the hashtag #FITGIRLCODEGUIDE on Instagram. Put on your finest sports outfit, drag our BFFF with you to the gym and start your own Fit Journey

Sugar free Gingerbread ♥

Those who say you can’t eat sweet when you’re eating clean must be crazy! We have laid down some delicious sugar free recipes for you to try, like this clean brownie recipe or this over the moon banana bread recipe! You can trust us to provide you with even more delicious stuff, like this sugar free gingerbread recipe from Lisa at Inlovewithhealth.nl. This gingerbread is sugar free, lactose free and absolutely delicious!

A little about Inlovewithhealth.nl

Lisa started this delicious foodblog which is filled with the tastiest & healthiest recipes. Everything is home made and she doesn’t use sugar or artificial ingredients, just what we like! Lisa is also a food nutritionist, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about.

Sugar Free Gingerbread

Recipe for 1 cake, 6 portions (1 slice 165 calories)

  • 2 cups rye flour (you can also use buckwheat or spelt flour)
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tbsp of honey
  • 1 egg
  • 4 fresh dates
  • 2 tbsp of gingerbread spices
  • 2 tsp of baking powder or baking soda

What’s next:

– Preheat the oven at 325 °F
– Leave the dates in boiled water for 10 minutes
– Mix the egg, water and honey in a bowl
– Squash the dates with a fork and add it to your mixture
– Add the gingerbread spices and rye flour and mix it well for about a minute
– Finally, throw in the baking powder and mix it briefly
– Put your mixture in the cake tin and bake it for 50 minutes

Let us know how your gingerbread turned out! Do you have any delicious recipes for us? 

Midweek motivation tips: don’t panic when you start to slack

It all starts at the beginning of the new year. On the first of January we promise ourselves to eat better and train harder. We sometimes succeed and sometimes fail. But in case you need some midweek motivation if you are starting to slack, don’t panic! Just keep trying!

There will be times you just want to eat chocolate, cookies and A LOT of potato chips. And there will come a day, you just despise the gym. When you do, try not to give in. But if it’s still too hard, don’t feel bad about yourself or throw in the towel. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! At #FITGIRLCODE, we’re not experts on healthy living, and it’s not like we NEVER cheat or are always super happy to go to the gym. We know how it feels! So we wanted to give you some midweek motivation and came up with some tips:

  • Talk to your friends about it. Every woman can relate to those difficult moments when you just wanna eat EVERYTHING. Talking about it helps.
  •  Do not go shopping when you’re hungry! I’ve done it too many times and I always come home with the wrong set of friends…Ben & Jerry. And although they’re my friends in time of need, they’re not my FIT friends!
  • Always keep dark chocolate stashed in your cupboard. A piece of it may silence the screaming cravings you’re having.
  • Do you have a friend that is ALWAYS working out? If you can’t find the motivation to go to the gym, ask her to drag you to the gym. If someone is waiting for you, you’ll probably think twice about skipping.
  • Allow yourself a cheat day. If you’re eating healthy, it’s OK to eat something you really want. As long as you’re not obsessed by it. Being obsessed is never good!
  • Have a healthy snack around that is really tasty, but doesn’t have all that sugar and calories. I can say I’m pretty obsessed with rice crackers, healthy peanut butter and banana…wait, did I say obsessed?
  • Do you find it handy to have a schedule that shows you how many times to exercise? Try this daily planking schedule. And you don’t have to start on the first of the month, start today!

And last, but certainly not least: DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF! We can’t emphasize it enough. Every day is a brand new day for you to work that ass off in the gym and eat super healthy. Do NOT let one day of slacking bring you down. And remember: you’re still awesome!

Detox review: Forever F.I.T. Clean 9 program

I love to challenge myself. When my yoga studio Balanzs told me a while ago that they were doing a yogachallenge, in which you join one yoga class every day for one month, I said HELLAYES to that! It wasn’t easy, but I managed to finish it! So when a new – not so easy – challenge came along, the answer was clear: YES! This time it was the Clean 9 program from  Forever F.I.T., in which you follow a program for 9 days that will give you a kick-start to a healthier body. So I started the program and let me tell ya, it wasn’t easy!


That’s me! I love sugar and sugar loves me. I really need to get rid of my sugar addiction and that’s exactly what I did a while ago. Six weeks without sugar and the results were stunning. I wasn’t tired anymore, my face was flawless, I slept really good, I lost weight and I felt SO MUCH better!

I’ve been thinking about eating 100% sugar free again for a while now, but for some reason I don’t seem to manage, so I thought this would be a great way to start my sugar free eating habit again. Just reset everything and make a fresh clean start. That sounds good, right?! I received the box with all the products I needed in it just before I went on holiday, so I had something to look forward to when I got back. Needless to say, I enjoyed the tapas and sangria more than ever during those 10 days!


My colleague Anna tried the Forever F.I.T. programme a while ago and her experiences made me curious about it.

ANNA: “The first two days were really hard because you eat next to nothing. I normally look forward to my dinner, but that’s not going to happen on the first two days. I went to bed hungry and I woke up hungry. Heavy shit. During the day it was much easier! I noticed that I lost weight quickly and my intestines were working well because of the aloe vera. For me personally, 9 days was too long. I used to have a binge-eating disorder and it took me a lot of effort to create a balance in my eating pattern. On day 6 I noticed that the old ‘urges’ rose again. I dreamt about food and woke up in the middle of the night and could stop myself just in time from running to the fridge. That’s when I realised I had to quit the program. Because of this program I had to deny myself a lot and I noticed at one point that this was counter productive for me. I quit the program on day 6 and I ate loooads of food that day. Afterwards I felt super weak and stupid. Luckily, a few days later I was able look back on this experience with a positive feeling. I now realise again how important it is for me to have a balanced eating pattern. All or nothing is not my thang! I just need to let go of it all once in a while to remain control. The aloe vera was really good though! It’s definitely is something you should try when you have troubled intestines.”

Let’s be clear: I joined this program because I thought it would be the right thing for me. Anna did not like it, and that’s okay, at #FITGIRLCODE there are so many different women and that creates different opinions. And that’s a good thing of course, because our community also consists of so many different women.


I should note that I wasn’t a big fan of detoxing at first: in my opinion it was the same as a crash diet. And I know what I’m talking about, I’ve done it all! Crash dieting, juice dieting, lemon juice diet… Of course back then I knew only half of what I know now. I now know what is good for my body and also what’s bad. Obviously, you shouldn’t stuff your face with M&Ms and Oreos right after you finish the detox. That’s just plain dumb. I know that if I don’t eat any sugar for 2 or 3 weeks, it’s much easier to continue eating sugar free. So that was my main goal. Next to that, I’ve always been a fan of fasting. Not so much because of the weight loss, but more because it clears your body and focusses your mind. You would be surprised how focussed you can be during fasting. I myself had loads of questions about such a detox and I’m probably not the only one. So I hope this review is of use for you!

My three goals

  • I’m a sucker for sugar and I really want to live sugar free again. By following the Clean 9 program I want to get rid of the crap in my body and make a fresh start with my sugar free lifestyle.
  • My stomach always causes me trouble, whether I’m very nervous or stressed out… Of course it’s not helping if you’re not eating healthy. I hope that this program will help me control my stomach problems better, because I will eat healthier.
  • I’m tired too often. When I get up, after lunch and around 16:00… And I’m so done with that! So, bring me that energy!


I did the Clean 9 program, and when I first opened the box it was a bit overwhelming, but when I sat down for a minute and read the instructions it turned out to be not so difficult after all. The instructions are easy to understand and it’s all explained very well. You can see exactly what you are supposed to take and it all comes with a small logbook so you can log your goals and your daily activities. I love fast results, so I was happy to see that you have to measure and weigh yourself on day 1, 3, 6 and 9. I also liked the idea of the three goals, so you’re not just randomly doing something. You can find all the information about it here. This is what was in the box:

  • Forever Aloe Vera Gel™ (2x 1L)
  • Forever Lite Ultra™ (15 meals)
  • Forever Garcinia Plus™ (54 softgels)
  • Forever Therm™ (18 pills)
  • Forever Fiber™ (9 sticks)
  • Tape-measure
  • Clean 9 workbook
  •  Forever ShakerForever F.I.T.

…and what are you supposed to do?

During the first two days, you eat nothing at all. You only drink aloe vera gel, protein shakes and take pills. You are allowed to have a few snacks, like fruit and veggies, but I found out about that at the end of the first day… Smartass. From day three on you keep on taking the aloe vera gel (but a bit less than during the first two days), you have more shakes and you’re allowed to eat one meal a day consisting of 600 calories. And this meal, dear Fit Girls, is the best EVER.

and we’ve started!

*I’m not writing down any advantages or disadvantages if there’s nothing new.

day 1

The pills are easy to take, just like the aloe vera gel. The gel is a bit sour, but doable. The vanilla powder is super sweet, but I just get took that with loads of water, so doable as well. In the morning I’m always in a hurry. The first day I had to measure myself and check what I was supposed to take for that day, so I really had to take my time for this. At the end of the day I noticed that you’re allowed to have some fruit and vegetables, so that was a nice surprise.

Advantages: I really took time for myself and I mentally felt stronger than ever: the fact that you’re at the start of something difficult gives a boost. I wasn’t as hungry and tired as I expected and you’re allowed to have fruits and veggies for a snack. YAY!

Disadvantages: The powder is really sweet, but that’s no surprise since you’re not eating anything. I had a bit of a headache and I went to the toilet like 3 billion times, but as long as you keep in mind that you’re getting rid of all the toxins in your body, those 3 billion trips to the toilet are worth it 😉

Day 2

Day 2 was much easier than day 1. That vanilla powder was still is way too sweet for me, though I was getting used to it. I assumed it would get easier step by step. Next to that, I ate an apple for lunch: best apple ever! I ate this apple because I was going for a yoga class in the evening and it’s not a good idea to do this on an empty stomach (37 degrees for 75 minutes!). Because I was having a hard time during this yoga class, I used the child’s pose a lot. Later on during this class I suddenly felt stronger than ever and I found it much easier.  So, I advise you to do low-intensity workouts during the first two days. Because I got home quite late and therefore had a late dinner, I skipped the aloe vera gel for this day. Day 3 I had to weigh and measure myself again and I was excited!

Advantages: It was easier not to eat, after yoga I felt super strong and focused. I almost had no headache.

Disadvantages: Too often  having to go to the toilet, the vanilla powder was too sweet, I found the yoga class much harder than normal and  I was easily exhausted going up stairs.

Day 3

When I looked in the mirror this morning, I noticed that my eyes were much brighter. I’m not sure whether that was because I lost weight or because I mentally felt much better, but I saw a huge difference. I also noticed that I woke up more relaxed, but that could also have been because of my yoga class the previous. I weighed myself that morning and I lost 2 kgs and 3 cm around my waist. That’s good, right?! I was also going to have my first meal that day, couldn’t wait! I decided not to use any of the meal suggestions, but instead make myself a 600kcal salad consisting of rucola, lentils, spring onion, grilled peppers, chicken and goat cheese. In the instructions book you can find loads of recipes for your meal or something you can mix with your shakes. It was so good to finally eat something and it tasted like heaven. I normally add too much salt to my food, but because I’ve been fasting for two days this meal was much better without any salt. Then I went to yoga again.

Advantages: I noticed that my afternoon slump disappeared, I enjoy my food much more, I wasn’t adding salt to food, and I was really creative with my meal.

Disadvantages: Because I had plans with friends, it took me some effort to plan my yoga class and my meals. So next time, I have to schedule that better.

Day 4

I decided to have my meal in the afternoon instead of in the evening, because I was going out for a drink (tea) with a friend. So I had a salad with rucola, beans, goat cheese, smoked chicken and grilled peppers. This salad was sooo good and I also gave some to Aranka. Anna recommended me to use the My Fitnesspal app, to make it easier to create a healthy meal of 600 kcal. I like the suggestions from the book, but I’m kinda addicted to salads, so I prefer a salad. I did notice that I was more hungry after my evening shake, so I had an apple and tea without theine.

Advantages:  No afternoon slump anymore and I wasn’t tired as well. Also, my old jeans fit again. I really took time for my lunch and I hadn’t had any more headaches.

Disadvantages: This morning I was in a hurry to pack all the powders, gel and pills, and although it’s not that difficult, it got me a little stressed out. So, I made sure that everything was packed and ready for the next day. I was a bit more hungry in the evening compared to the past few days.

Day 5

Day 5 was a busy day at work, so I had my shakes and pills way too late. I also wasn’t hungry at all, so I didn’t eat the Forever Fiber sticks which you normally have as a snack. I noticed that I didn’t have an afternoon slump around 16:00 any more like I always have. I was full of energy throughout the day and that’s awesome! I noticed that I was exhausted in the evening, as if I just spent my last bit of energy. So, I would really advise you to take everything in time, so for example set a timer on your phone. This will help you to ‘eat’ regularly.

Advantages: No afternoon slumps any more, my skin looked better, going to the toilet with more regularity.

Disadvantages: Because it was so busy at work, I continuously postponed preparing my shake. I just hadn’t had time for it. My teeth were becoming a bit ‘powdery’, I think that was because of the protein shakes. So, don’t forget to brush your teeth!Forever F.I.T.

DAy 6

I weighed and measured myself again! I lost 2 kg and 2 cm around my waist. But more importantly: I felt strong and rested. And the good thing was, I was really looking forward to my dinner and already  thinking up a combination that I would enjoy even more. With 600 kcal I could make a huge awesome salad. I also ate more slowly (the third day of the detox I just inhaled the salad) so I really was enjoying my food. I started to wonder however what would  best to eat when I finished this detox, I couldn’t find any information about this… but I asked my mentor Anouk.

 DAY 7

I had a very relaxed day. I already finished one full week so that meant I was almost done. I went to the Swan Market with a friend, so I had to bring the shake and pills with me. At first I thought that would be too much of a hassle, but it wasn’t at all. I also expected to go crazy about all the good food they have over there, but that didn’t happen.  At one point I was walking by a fudge stand and I thought, “Oh I’d like that”, but that feeling went away quite fast as well. I really felt like baking sugar free snacks like brownies or banana bread when I finished detoxing. I also had to go to the toilet less often. I’d like to note that from doing this, I drank much more water than I normaly would, I now drink about 2,5L water per day, compared to 1L water per day before the detox. Yay!

DAy 8

I noticed less changes so it meant that I was getting used to it. I was really happy about the fact that my stomach wasn’t bothering me any more. Love it! The MyFitnessPal app was really helpful, so if you need any help with composing your meals, you should download it! I was super hungry that, so that wasn’t good. I literally felt like eating anything and I don’t know why I felt that way. So, I ate cherry tomatoes to satisfy my hunger.

DAy 9

Finally the last day! BAM! When I woke up, I realised I was almost sad that I was almost done. I could easily have continued this detox for another week. Also, I wasn’t looking forward to being able to eat crappy foods, so that was good, but I was actually looking forward to drinking coffee. My mouth was watering at the idea of drinking a huge cappuccino. I took my powders, pills and gels, just as usual. When I finally had my last vanillas hake I was like YEAH, I never have to drink this any more! You’re supposed to measure and weigh yourself again at day 9, but because I still had to finish day 9 I did this the next morning. The results are listed below.

short version

Okay, long story, good job if you read it all! Here I  have listed the advantages and disadvantages (in my opinion):

  • My stomach wasn’t bothering me any more
  • A lot of energy, I wasn’t tired any more and no more afternoon slump
  • Regular eating pattern
  • I finally drank 2L water a day
  • Not using any salt any more (and that’s kinda shocking if you know me)
  • This can be a big kick start to start eating sugar free
  • I lost 6 cm around my chest
  • I lost 6 cm around my waist
  • I lost 6 cm around my upperlegs
  • In total, I lost 6 kg

The only disadvantage, in my opinion, is that after you’re done with the 9 days detox, I felt a bit “lost” about what to eat. But, you are in regular contact with your mentor and you can ask him/her for tips if you need any. I already knew that it was important to eat healthy after the detox, but I’d like to have more information about what specific things to eat (for example more protein). Please don’t be afraid to contact your mentor, he or she will answer all of your questions! I also found the vanilla powder quite disgusting, but that’s personal of course. Maybe the chocolate flavour is better, I can only wonder now that it’s over.

Then the big question: would you do it again? Yes, definitely! I think it’s really good to do a 9-days detox about 3 times a year, because to me it’s important to feel good. But the next time I’d like a different flavour of shake. I hope this review is useful for you and if you have any more questions, just ask! Are you interested in this detox and wonder what it might do for you? Send an email to the sweet people from Forever F.I.T., they can answer all of  your questions and help you get your own Clean 9! If you do decide to order your own Clean detox, just mention your full name and address, and they’ll immediately get you started If you’d like personal coaching, like I had, add your phone number to that e-mail so you can call or text your mentor. The Clean costs €120 (+ €6,95 shipping costs), but I personally think this is a really good investment in yourself. AND if you mention in your e-mail that you heard about Clean 9 via #FITGIRLCODE, you’ll receive a nice present along your detox.

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-04 om 11.46.17

Review: Plenish Juice Cleanse

I LOVE VEGGIE JUICES! I remember the first time I ever tried a veggie juice. It was in Australia in 2001 and we went to this enormous mall where they had a hip juice bar with all kinds of juices. I chose one with celery and apple and with that first sip, I fell in love. Fourteen years later the love affair is still going strong ❤

Veggie juices=energy!

My mom was always making her own juices when I was a little girl and she used to be really hardcore and add garlic and beetroot. Being a little girl, I didn’t like the taste. However, I do remember that the juices helped give my mom so much more energy. I guess that always stuck with me, so when I was asked to do a juice cleanse for a day by Plenish, I immediately said yes! Their combos are pretty awesome and I love their overall look and feel. I did the cleanse for one day, and received six juices with a glass straw and a cleanse guide. Gotta love the details!

Choose your level

I chose level 3 because I wanted as many veggies as possible. I also liked the what they had to say about this level. You can check on the website what kind of level suits you best, be sure to have a look at it to help you choose.

“Our Level 3 cleanse is designed for maximum results and a serious alkaline balancing act! With 4 green juices per day, Level 3 is our lowest sugar cleanse to support weight loss and psychological performance. You’ll consume 6 cold pressed juices per day, 4 of which will be green. All cleanses include a free cleanse user manual, a glass straw and our pre cleanse guidance and recipes”. 



Let’s get started!

That morning I woke up at 7 am to start the day with a glass of warm water and lemon juice. You do this to get everything up and running on the inside ;). Two hours later I started with the first juice, LIFT. All those veggies, WOW! Did you know one bottle contains 1 KG of organic products? And it tasted really good too, kinda sweet. You’re supposed to drink a lot of water between the juices, so that was good seeing as I never drink enough water.


plenishAt 11 am it was time for the second juice, BOOST. I definitely liked this one better, because of the ginger, lemon and pear. At this point I kinda regretted not doing this cleanse during summer, when it gets really hot and you want to drink everything in sight…perhaps I will do it again next year. I was still a bit full from the first juice so I had to really take my time to drink the whole thing. After this juice I drank another LIFT juice at 1 pm. I felt pretty energetic and wasn’t hungry at all. I did however go to the bathroom 8 million times that day! I imagine you get rid of a lot of toxins this way, so I didn’t mind very much.



At 3 pm I was in the mood for another juice, so I grabbed the KICK juice…AND WHAT A KICK! It was really sour and spicy and I really had to get used to the taste, but after a few of sips I actually liked it. I gave all the girls in the office a sip and they all made the sour face, hahaha! It was definitely refreshing! At 5 pm it was time for my “dinner” and I had the BOOST juice again. I really gotta say again how much I love the glass straw. For real, a day of this juice cleanse gives you a week of content for Instagram! LOL.



At 7 pm I had the last juice, BUILD. By then it was the first moment of the day that I started to get hungry and I really wanted to eat something, so I was pretty happy I had another juice. I gotta say, I expected this one to be really sweet but it wasn’t. I think this was my least favorite juice of all. But even though I didn’t really love it, it did satisfy my hunger so that was a good thing.




plenishBut what…There’s more!

The good guys at Plenish added a little surprise for me in the box. Our contact there, Ilona, really loves the SAVOUR juice and she wanted me to try it. So the day after the juice cleanse I had this baby and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. It’s like the best chocolate milk you’ve ever had. I kid you not! So I can definitely say this was my all time favourite. Really, I could drink this every day. So… can I? 🙂


In short…

In short, I loved the cleanse! The taste of every juice is unique and so fresh. I felt energetic throughout the entire day, so no dip at 4 pm. The juices look very pretty, and I love the details, like the glass straw. For me, that’s a sign that the people who make this product really love it. What I didn’t like so much: I went to the toilet like 2000 times (but that’s actually a good thing), I didn’t really like the BUILD juice, and I did get a little bit hungry at night. Would I try it again? I definitely would, but I would love to do it in summer and try it for more days so I can see more changes in my body.

So if you are curious or want to know more about Plenish, be sure to check out their website! Aaand, we have got you a special discount of 20% on all cleanses plus an awesome VIP goodiebag (including an e-book, coolbag and cleanse guide) if you use the code ‘fitgirlcode‘ at your order (valid until 31 December). For now, Plenish only delivers in the UK, so this one’s for you sweet Britons!



Tropical mango & coconut pancakes

Eat breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess, and dinner like a pauper. Truer words have never been spoken. We ♥ a healthy breakfast and we most definitely love these tropical mango & coconut pancakes from Inlovewithhealth.nl. What are you waiting for? Go make em! 😉

For 4 pancakes:

– Half banana
– 2 eggs
– 20 gr coconut flour (or any other whole wheat flour)
– 1 tsp cinnamon
– Water
Pieces of pineapple and mango sauce
Coconut oil

This is how it’s made:

– Mix the eggs and mash the banana
– Mix the banana with the eggs

– Add the coconut flour and a little bit of water
– Stir the mixture for 5 minutes. If it gets too thick, add a little bit more water
– Add the cinnamon
– Heat a frying pan and add a little coconut oil
– Put a little of your mixture in the frying pan
– Bake the pancake till its golden brown, then turn over
– Bake the other side till evenly brown
– Put the pancakes on a plate and drizzle it with the mango sauce and garnish it with pieces of pineapple. 

Now put on some tropical music, enjoy your pancakes and go be yo’ bad self today, girlfriend!♥

Paddle your way to a fit body!

There are so many different kinds of workouts these days that we want to share them all with you! Today Maud from Fit & Fruity wants to tell you about Supping!

Let’s talk about the fastest growing board sports out there and a big trend in the fitness scene: SUP. WhatsSUP?! No…. SUP is no slang for Hey, What’s SUP 😉 SUP is an abbreviation of ‘Stand Up Paddling’. With a supboard and a paddle, you propel yourself across the water. SUPing can be done on surface water, such as lakes, rivers, streams and on moving (sea) water.

SUPing has its roots in Hawai and first became popular among surf instructors and photographers trying to get a higher vantage point than the surface of the water. SUPing is great for both body and mind. It can be done to relax, but can also be a killer workout. The SUP sport has different disciplines: recreational-, touring-, yoga- and waveSUPing.

When you are paddling long distances without slowing down, it’s called tour- or race SUPing. Most calories are burned during race SUPing because your heart rate and cardiovascular are at full throttle. With one hour of touring you can easily burn 800 calories (of course depending on your weight, age and heart rate).

544115007 AS 1

Yoga SUPing
Besides SUPing being a great work out, it’s also perfect to find your inner chakra. Yoga SUPing is calming and meditative on one side and an intense workout for the mind, body and spirit on the other side. With a yoga SUP workout you burn approximately 350 calories in one hour.

Wave SUPing
This is the best cross training to do when you want to improve your surfing. Wave SUPing is best suited to slower moving waves. With wave SUPing you can burn 600 calories in one hour depending on the size of the waves. The bigger and rougher the waves, the harder you have to work.

Recreational SUPing
This is the most common type of SUPing. People paddle on calm water, light winds at a slow walking type pace. Did you know you’ll burn about twice the calories (300to400) you’d burn on a moderate paced walk?! Isn’t it awesome!

SUPing at the Crossfit Games
Last Wednesday the crossfit games got broadcasted on tv. In the first event of the games, paddle boarding was included. The athletes first had a 500 yards swim , than paddle for 5 miles,than again a 500 yards swim. Kara Web won this women’s individual event and Jonne Koski the men’s individual event..


As above proves paddle boarding is one of the best workouts out there!
On a SUP you have to balance yourself, so your quads, hams and glutes are engaged throughout the whole SUP routine. With SUPing also your strength and endurance is challenged. Full body workout …CHECK!

So leave your fitness device for what it is, and go work out on a SUP and discover the roads mother natures has created for you. 


Fit Girl Hotspot: Istanbul

Are you searching for a place with numerous awesome fit spots to hang out? Then Istanbul is the place to be. It is the city that connects continents and cultures: Europe and Asia, East and West. The city that seperates two continents with its gorgeous Bosphorus. That has been the host of many civilizations since ancient times. Now it is my home and I’m lucky enough to enjoy it!

There are too many places for a Fit Girl to discover in Istanbul; when I started to think about this article, I wasn’t sure which one to pick (believe me, it’s a hard decision. When I’ll show you around one day, you’ll agree). So, I decided to choose 2 of them: one from the European side and one from the Anatolian side.


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Treat Day Desserts

We’re always trying to give you plenty of inspiration and motivation for you to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle…But sometimes Fit Girls need to treat themselves too! So that’s why we searched the internet for some super duper delicious TREAT YO’ SELF RECIPES! 

Blueberry Almond Bars

We love blueberries, we love almonds and we love bars! You can imagine how awesome we think these blueberry almond bars are!


  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 12 – ounce package white baking pieces (2 cups), divided
  • eggs, slightly beaten
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2-1 teaspoon almond extract
  • cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup blueberry jam
  • 1/4 cup sliced almonds

Check out the directions here.

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VIDEO: #FITGIRLCODE interviews Kayla Itsines

As many of you know, Kayla Itsines visited The Netherlands last week! The Australian Fit Girl is well known for her e-book Bikini Body Guides and has over 3 million followers on Instagram. During her world tour she does what she loves most: train, inspire and motivate people.  Founder of ​#FITGIRLCODE, Aranka, sat down with Kayla for an interview. 

What inspired you to create the Bikini Body Guide?

I’ve been a personal trainer since the age of 18 and when I would ask my clients what they wanted to achieve, they would say they didn’t want the perfect body, but they wanted to feel comfortable wearing a bikini. That’s where the name Bikini Body Guide comes from.

Do you think you could have done this without Instagram?

No, I have so much success because of social media. If I wanted to do this 20 years ago, I never would have been able to reach so many people.


Who motivates you?

My fans motivate me, and my followers on my Instagram account. I didn’t have much when I started so I became my own motivation. I noticed the before and after pictures motivated my clients, so I started to publish them on Instagram.

Is it possible for everyone to get a Bikini Body like yours? 

Being fit doesn’t mean there is a certain look to that. Everyone looks different. Also, we all have different preferences, some like muscular bodies and some don’t. That is why I focus so much on before and after picture, because if you see so much difference after a couple of weeks, you get your own idea on what fit means.

What is your favourite cheat meal?

I love tiramisu! And because I’m Greek, I’m used to eating a lot of food with plenty of spices, and with my guide all of that is possible. I don’t believe in just eating dry rice and chicken with vegetables. I have tried it, but it’s just not my thing!
We absolutely LOVED meeting this lovely Fit Girl and finding out what motivates and inspires her. Check out the full video interview and let us know what you think! 

Join the #FITGIRLCODE Bootcamp with Next Level Lifestyle

The moment has finally arrived! Personal trainer and Fit Girl Alicia from Next Level Lifestyle is organizing the very first #FITGIRLCODE Bootcamp ever! For 8 weeks you’ll be joining Alicia and other Fit Girls to kick some serious ass in Rotterdam. Are you up for the challenge?

Join the #FITGIRLCODE bootcamp with Next Level Lifestyle

We’re inviting you to sign up for our very first bootcamp. Starting from 3rd of May, for 8 weeks every Wednesday and Sunday the streets and parks of Rotterdam will be ours! We are looking forward to train with you Fit Girls.

What do you need to know?

– Start: 3rd May at 10 am till 11 am
– Duration: 8 weeks
– Length: Every session is one hour
– Days: Every Wednesday and Sunday
– Costs: 12,50 1x per week. 15,00 for 2x per week.
– Other: There is room for 30 Fit Girls

But that’s not all! You’ll also get discount & goodies from #FITGIRLCODE, every contestant will receive a super duper special surprise! Are you up for the challenge? Sign up now and we’ll see you at the #FITGIRLCODE Bootcamp!

 Alle artikelen van Laura


Join the #FITGIRLCODE bootcamp with Next Level Lifestyle

VIDEO: The Full Throttle Workout

We have reached the last week of the month and here is the new workout video by our hard-working Fit Girls Aranka and Alicia. This time the girls decided to level up the intensity of the exercises and prepared for you the ultimate workout for your entire body. Here it is – The Full Throttle Workout! 

#FITGIRLCODE Presents: The Full Throttle Workout

The Exercises

  1. 3 Time Hop: Starting from a straight posture, begin to do series of three high knees. Then, switch legs and repeat the movement.
  2. Skate Jump: Begin by hopping from one side to the other while placing the opposite leg behind you. While you are doing so, reach for your leg with your exterior hand. Make sure to land softly on your knees.
  3. Square Jump Squat: Begin with a small jump and land into a squat position then jump back up and repeat this movement by turning 90 degrees to another side. Repeat the exercise until you have done two full squares.
  4. Alternate Side Jump: From a standing position, hop slightly and slide your leg to the side. While you do so, push your arm forward energetically (same side as the sliding leg). Don’t forget to bend your other leg softly, without hurting your knee. Get back to a standing position.

Make sure that you complete the entire video at least twice with a small break in between. For intermediate Fit Girls, we challenge you to repeat the entire workout 3 times. And for our advanced Fit Girls we challenge you to complete this abtastic workout 5 times!

I want to stay up to date with #FITGIRLCODE

New Video: Sexy Back Workout

Aranka and Alicia got busy and created a complete new set of exercises for you to help you strengthen your back. Now grab your BFFF and let’s get busy! Check out our New Video: Sexy Back Workout!

#FITGIRLCODE Presents: The Sexy Back Workout

The Exercises

  1. Alternate Plank Pull: Get into the planking position on your hands, pull one hand up to your shoulder, place back down. Now pull up your other hand to your shoulder and place back down.
  2. T Push Up: Get into plank position and place one hand to the side. Lower down and come back up. Place your hand back, now do the same on the other side.
  3. Shoulder Raise & 1 Leg Lift: Grab your dumbbells, make sure your feet are together. Lift both arms simultaneously up together with one leg. Lower your leg and arms back down. Now do the other leg.
  4. Bend with one arm swing: Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. Step to the side with your left leg and bring your right arm (with dumbbell) to your left foot. Step back and reach up to your right with your dumb bell. Do the same on the other side.

Make sure that you complete the entire video at least twice with a small break in between. For intermediate Fit Girls, we challenge you to repeat the entire workout 3 times. And for our advanced Fit Girls we challenge you to complete this armtastic workout 5 times!

I want #FITGIRLCODE workout video’s

The battle against anorexia nervosa

I received a beautiful email by beautiful Gudrun that immediately caught my eye. She asked me if she could share her story about her eating disorder on #FITGIRLCODE, hoping to help and inspire other women. I felt so honored and said yes immediately! So read her story and share this with women around you that might need to read this.

How my battle begun
13 years ago, a vibrant, happy, playful little girl of only 10 years old went missing and a shy, self-conscious, insecure girl took her place. That little girl was me. I was the biggest sweet tooth in the whole wide world and my parents could make me do anything just to get pancakes or icecream afterwards. Although I always was a slim girl, somehow the persistent thought developed inside my head that I was fat and ugly. I always was a real perfectionist and everything I did, I did it as good as I could, I was nice to everyone, I got good grades, I was good at sports…. But somehow, even that didn’t feel good enough. I didn’t feel good enough. It began really innocent, eating a little less sweets, eating a little less bread…

Anorexia took over
The perfectionist in me kept screaming “not enough, you’re still fat, ugly and worthless” and at the age of 15, that innocent diet of mine changed into a long journey of eating disorders. Anorexia took over my life. Every single minute of every single day, became a battle in my head against calories. Sleeping became difficult, because the counting never stopped. Going out with friends became impossible, because that felt too dangerous. Eating became a battle, instead of a joy. Food became my enemy. My weight dropped drastically to a dangerously low number and even though my parents felt like something was wrong, I was a real pro at making up stories about how much I ate, throwing away food on my way to school, hiding food in my room… And they believed me. But soon it came to my parents knowledge that I threw away all my food at school and the next day they took me to a doctor, that doctor sent me to a therapist and so on.

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#FITGIRLCODE celebrates International Womens Day

Today is International Women’s Day and we want to celebrate all women worldwide! We celebrate the women in the past that paved the way for all of us. We celebrate the women that are doing their very best to be an example for all, and we celebrate the younger generation that are going to be our future role models.

#FITGIRLCODE celebrates International Womens Day

We want to take a moment to reach out to all the women all over the world and let you know what an inspiration you all are! You are all awesome and we’re proud to work for such an awesome community! You inspire us every day to do our very best and keep on exceeding!


Schermafbeelding 2015-03-08 om 00.15.47Lisa

“Womens Day is very special to me, since it is my birthday. But not just that. Raised by a very strong and special woman, this day always makes me appreciate my mom a little extra, realizing just how powerful one single woman can be. Since I was a little girl I’ve been announcing to everyone who (didn’t) want to hear it that it was Womens Day. Being born on this day is something that makes me very, very proud”. 


Schermafbeelding 2015-03-08 om 00.32.47Lisanne

“For me international womens day stands for empowerment and strength. I think the strength of a woman is still underrated nowadays. What I love about #FITGIRLCODE is that we’re a strong community of  women that support and inspire each other. I hope we will keep on inspiring you for many more years.”



Schermafbeelding 2015-03-08 om 00.17.52Aranka

“National Women’s Day stands for women empowering each other. Giving other women compliments for their achievements, wishing them best without asking for anything in return. My wish for all women out there is the strength to live their dreams and to do what makes them happy.” 

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-07 om 21.06.23Anna

“Everyday is a new and inspiring day for me, because I work with such powerful and dedicated women and we do this for all you awesome women out there!  I’m so grateful to be surrounded with women who inspire and lift each other up. Every woman is beautiful, powerful and unique in her own way, that’s what makes the world an interesting and inspiring place”.



Schermafbeelding 2015-03-08 om 00.19.06Roos

“We are taking over the medical world! The number of female doctors is exploding over the years. Being a doctor myself, I love this evolution. I believe all the male dominated career groups could use some more of our feminine energy! Who run the world? Girls!



Schermafbeelding 2015-03-08 om 00.20.57Stephanie

“Women listen, learn but above all lead. We lead our passions, love, dreams, energy, strength and each other.  Which is beautiful to see and be part of. I hope every girl has the opportunity to be successful in her own beautiful way. Let’s stand up for woman equal rights all around to world! #girlboss”



Schermafbeelding 2015-03-08 om 00.29.04Satijn

“When I think about international Women’s day, I don’t think about my girlfriends and myself. We live great lives and we never get discriminated for being a woman in our country. When we do, it’s mostly positive and we benefit from it: getting things done from men by just blinking our eyes or waving our hair. More I think about women in other places of our world that have a hard time being themselves, because of the situations they live in. But while writing this, I realize even in my own safe country, I think there are women that feel oppressed. I am lucky I have a lot of ‘powerwoman’ friends. They all have an ambition in life, take care of themselves, are outgoing and happy. But it’s a good day to think about girls and women for whom life and freedom is more of a struggle. I’ll send them my love in thoughts today.

I would love to see every single young girl to grow up to be a self-loving, independent woman. But I also want all grown women to realize that they are in control of their own lives. If you are not happy with something or someone in your life: you don’t have to settle. You can work for something better! Life will reward your courage. 

And I think ‘us girls’ should be way nicer to each other. If we all try to become happy women, there’s no reason for jealousy or hatred right? So compliment a girl today! Learn from each other and help each other reach your life goals.”



Schermafbeelding 2015-03-08 om 00.30.44Tiziana

“I think women are the most beautiful thing.We are flowing like water, hard and pushy as the wind, steady as a rock, nurturing as the earth and we can spit fire when we’re passionate.  To me, International Women’s Day is the day I celebrate the presence of the strong, beautiful around me, like my mother aunties and friends. They bring me comfort, support, faith, hope, joy, courage, bars of chocolate and advice. We are crazy, weird, emotional, intelligent, funny, clumsy, moody and I love it!” 

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-08 om 00.39.19Laura

“When I think of International Womens Day I think of all those strong women in the past that believed in equality for women and spend their lives to makes this happen no matter what. We should never take for granted that we as women can do whatever we want. Working with and for awesome woman gives me so much energy and I absolutely love what I do, all because of you!”





Let’s see who you are, Fit Girls! Tag your pictures with #fitgirlcode and let’s celebrate all women worldwide on this awesome day!

Join our 30 Day Back Challenge

This month we’re focussing on a new body part: the back! This is something we tend to forget and it’s so important! So this month Aranka and Roos made a new challenge for you to strengthen your backs. And no need to register or pay for our schedules. They’re always on us! 

To show you how it’s done we’ve made a video especially for you! We hope you like it and don’t forget, if you have any questions whatsoever, leave them in the comments below. Please be sure to contact your physician first if you have any back problems, before doing our challenge!


Join our 30 day Back Challenge

Schedule-6600x4000_ARM ChallengeClick on the visual to enlarge. 

This challenge is meant to help you strengthen your back and this challenge is definitely a great way to start! Remember, this is YOUR challenge so try doing what you can do. Do not overdo it. You can challenge yourself, but try to do it wisely. It’s always better to get to your goal, even if it takes you longer than a month. The most important thing is that you get to your goal!

So what do you think? Are you with us? Let us know and don’t forget to tag #FITGIRLCODECHALLENGE on Instagram and Facebook, we always love to see pictures of you guys. If you’ve completed the challenge and are looking for more, then check out our e-book: the #FITGIRLCODE Guide for a full 8 week plan with recipes, home workouts and mindfulness exercises! 

Good luck Fit Girls!

My 30 days of yoga – the review

A busy job, just moved in together, decided to be my own boss…I had so much going on in my life. The thought of me going to the gym would literally make me sick. So on the 12th of January I decided to get it together and do something that was good for me, physically and mentally: Yoga!

My 30 days of yoga – the review

Fitness bores me beyond believe and running is a no go with that awful knee of mine. I did CrossFit a couple of years ago and I liked it in the beginning but later on I noticed it started to get too tough because it got me too fired up and my mind couldn’t cope with it. So when I read that the lovely people at Balanzs Yoga Studio in Rotterdam were having a 30 day yoga challenge, I decided to step up my game and joined!

Getting ready
The reasons I wanted to join was to find something that suited me well, to get more flexible and most important, to try to get more balance between body and mind. So I got my yoga mat and plenty of yoga gear (shopping rules!) and signed in! The awesome thing is that the yoga studio is very close from #FITGIRLCODE HQ so I could go before or after work. And also, the showers are to die for! 🙂

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-22 om 23.19.59

















The first week
I was super excited to start! It was quite heavy sometimes and the first three days I didn’t feel so good. I had the feeling my body was full of toxins and I was going to get sick. My mind was racing faster than ever during class. When we were in savasana (resting pose) I was thinking of all the emails I still had to answer and why I didn’t answer them sooner and of all the work I still had to do. I was beating myself up for it and I was super moody but I knew my body and mind were just responding to yoga so I was glad there was a noticeable change!

After the fourth day my body felt much better, I started to feel the blood pumping through my body, sounds strange but that’s the closest way to describe it. I was still thinking about work sometimes during savasana BUT I wasn’t beating myself up for it. I didn’t feel so stressed and things seem to go just a little bit easier. And I guess the most important thing: I felt proud of myself for something good, other than just work!

Upwards facing dog

Trying to get those feet flat 🙂


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30 Day Ab Challenge

Back by popular demand! You all wanted to see another ab challenge and as you know: you ask and we deliver! So we gathered our girl Yola and created a brand new ab challenge! Let’s get to it!

To show you how it’s done we’ve made a video especially for you! We hope you like it and don’t forget, if you have any questions whatsoever, leave them in the comments below.

30 day ab challenge schedule



This challenge is meant to help you strengthen and tone your entire body. Getting muscle definition depends per person so unfortunately we can’t guarantee awesome abs, but it’s definitely a great way to start! Also remember: food is as important as the workouts. Stay away from crappy food as much as you can and stick to one cheat day a week. Be sure to have a look at all our recipes! Eating healthy doesn’t mean boring or less tasty 🙂

Remember, this is YOUR challenge so try doing what you can do. Do not overdo it. You can challenge yourself, but try to do it wisely. It’s always better to get to your goal, even if it takes you longer than a month. The most important thing is that you get to your goal!

Love the outfits Yola and Aranka are wearing? You can shop their looks here.

So what do you think? Are you with us? Let us know and don’t forget to tag #FITGIRLCODECHALLENGE on Instagram and Facebook, we always love to see pictures of you guys. If you’ve completed the challenge and are looking for more, then check out our e-book: the #FITGIRLCODE Guide for a full 8 week plan with recipes, home workouts and mindfulness exercises! 

Good luck Fit Girls!

Update – 30 Day Full Body Challenge

We had so much fun starting our 30 Day Full Body Challenge two weeks ago! We’re halfway there so it’s time to turn it up a notch! How have you been doing so far? Are you ready to give it all you got? 

Update – 30 Day Full Body Challenge

So without further ado, get your sneakers and work out gear. Get a sip of water because this is gonna be a tough one! Let’s break a sweat and start!

And Fit Girls, don’t forget to use #fitgirlcodechallenge when posting your pictures! We want to see those bodies woking it! And the end of the challenge we’re going to collect all of your pictures! And don’t forget to follow us on YouTube too!