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Author: Laura

What is so special about tofu food?

If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle or just love to cook, you’ve probably already noticed the increasing popularity of a product called tofu. Although this traditional product of

The Fitgirlcode Guide

We’re proud to let you know that we are currently working on our second English guide, the Happy Healthy Guide! Our first guide, the Fitgirlcode Guide, did so well that we decided

Sugar free Gingerbread ♥

Those who say you can’t eat sweet when you’re eating clean must be crazy! We have laid down some delicious sugar free recipes for you to try, like this clean brownie recipe

Midweek motivation tips: don’t panic when you start to slack

It all starts at the beginning of the new year. On the first of January we promise ourselves to eat better and train harder. We sometimes succeed and sometimes fail.

Detox review: Forever F.I.T. Clean 9 program

I love to challenge myself. When my yoga studio Balanzs told me a while ago that they were doing a yogachallenge, in which you join one yoga class every day

Review: Plenish Juice Cleanse

I LOVE VEGGIE JUICES! I remember the first time I ever tried a veggie juice. It was in Australia in 2001 and we went to this enormous mall where they

Tropical mango & coconut pancakes

Eat breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess, and dinner like a pauper. Truer words have never been spoken. We ♥ a healthy breakfast and we most definitely love these

Paddle your way to a fit body!

There are so many different kinds of workouts these days that we want to share them all with you! Today Maud from Fit & Fruity wants to tell you about

Fit Girl Hotspot: Istanbul

Are you searching for a place with numerous awesome fit spots to hang out? Then Istanbul is the place to be. It is the city that connects continents and cultures:

Treat Day Desserts

We’re always trying to give you plenty of inspiration and motivation for you to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle…But sometimes Fit Girls need to treat themselves too! So that’s

VIDEO: #FITGIRLCODE interviews Kayla Itsines

As many of you know, Kayla Itsines visited The Netherlands last week! The Australian Fit Girl is well known for her e-book Bikini Body Guides and has over 3 million followers on Instagram. During

Join the #FITGIRLCODE Bootcamp with Next Level Lifestyle

The moment has finally arrived! Personal trainer and Fit Girl Alicia from Next Level Lifestyle is organizing the very first #FITGIRLCODE Bootcamp ever! For 8 weeks you’ll be joining Alicia

VIDEO: The Full Throttle Workout

We have reached the last week of the month and here is the new workout video by our hard-working Fit Girls Aranka and Alicia. This time the girls decided to

New Video: Sexy Back Workout

Aranka and Alicia got busy and created a complete new set of exercises for you to help you strengthen your back. Now grab your BFFF and let’s get busy! Check

The battle against anorexia nervosa

I received a beautiful email by beautiful Gudrun that immediately caught my eye. She asked me if she could share her story about her eating disorder on #FITGIRLCODE, hoping to

#FITGIRLCODE celebrates International Womens Day

Today is International Women’s Day and we want to celebrate all women worldwide! We celebrate the women in the past that paved the way for all of us. We celebrate

Join our 30 Day Back Challenge

This month we’re focussing on a new body part: the back! This is something we tend to forget and it’s so important! So this month Aranka and Roos made a

My 30 days of yoga – the review

A busy job, just moved in together, decided to be my own boss…I had so much going on in my life. The thought of me going to the gym would

30 Day Ab Challenge

Back by popular demand! You all wanted to see another ab challenge and as you know: you ask and we deliver! So we gathered our girl Yola and created a

Update – 30 Day Full Body Challenge

We had so much fun starting our 30 Day Full Body Challenge two weeks ago! We’re halfway there so it’s time to turn it up a notch! How have you
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