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Author: Roos Aduagyei

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How to: wash your hair less often after working out

It is not surprising that you easily get greasy hair when you’re sweating like a pig at least three times a week in the gym. 😉 Yet it is not

This is how long it actually takes before you’re out of shape

We all know the feeling. You have an extremely lazy week and got none of your planned workouts in. When you skip one session, it becomes so much more tempting


Today I’m going to share the recipe of my favourite couscous salad with you. If it was up to me, I’d eat couscous for lunch all day err day. But hey,

The 5 biggest fables about sugar

Some Fit chicks have completely renounced sugar. They start with a detox diet and then decide to never-ever eat a teaspoon of sugar again. I hear this too often. But

This is how you check if you are well hydrated

Hot, sunny days can unfortunately be accompanied by sun burning, a fairly dry skin and lack of moisture. Best would be to make sure you always have with you a

Tips that will help you sleep like a pro

A good night of sleep is essential for a productive day. I personally have a lot of difficulties falling asleep. But fortunately there are many easy ways to fix this.

8 Irritating things that men do in the gym

Men. They’re pretty great, but boy, can they sometimes be irritating. There are just these things that men do that make my blood boil, especially while at the gym. Sometimes

We spend so little time exercising

SHOCKING. Even though we’re all increasingly busy with eating healthy and working out a lot, it apparently is still too little, according to research done by Reebok. We spend less
partner workout

8 reasons why training with your partner is awesome

‘Train together, stay together.’ It might sound a bit silly, but it is absolutely true: training with your partner comes with countless advantages! Today, I’ve put together my top 9

Roos tests the magic Physiclo leggings

Attention ladies! There is a brand new sports brand in the market that I’m going to tell you about today. And trust me, you want to know everything about this

Baked sweet potato with mozzarella and chicken

On my busy days, I like to spend as little time as possible on preparing my food, while still ending up with a healthy meal. A perfect example of such

How to be the best workout buddy

Working out alone is not at all an issue, but it becomes even easier to do when you have an awesome BFFF (Best Fit Friend Forever) by your side. It

Tip: Start strength training with MuscleWiki!

For women who start strength training, it can be very difficult, at first, to get a good training schedule that works for you. Not everyone has the money to hire

5 Signs of a good workout

When you’ve only just started working out, I’m sure that your muscles will feel really sore the day after (and maybe even the day after that). But if you aren’t

7x The best veggie burgers

Burgers, I love ’em. To be honest, I always make sure to eat at least one burger during my weekends and to serve them with a portion of delicious sweet potato fries

Sweet potato chips with lemon guacamole

I’m absolutely addicted to chips. Luckily, I’ve learned to control myself over the past couple of months. My favorite chips are the extremely salty ones. Well, that’s not exactly true.. because these

The facts and fictions on detoxes

One week juicing, only drinking detox teas and living off of soups. Detoxing is hip, hot and happening. You can find articles on almost any fitness blog you visit about

5 things you should do when you eat too much

I think we all know this feeling pretty well. You allow yourself a cheat meal and end up with a stomach full of chips, cola, chocolate and other unhealthy treats.

Healthy alternatives for milk

If you take a look at the favourite recipes on our blog, you’ll see that we use different kinds of milk all the time. We sometimes use almond milk, rice milk

What’s in my gym bag?

You could say that my gym bag is my BFFF (best fit friend forever). Wherever I go, he goes. We’ve been hanging around for 3 years now and we’re still
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