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Author: Roos

Recipe: Beet Burger

Hi Fit Girls! What’s more perfect than serving your friends a tasty burger the next time they come over? Oh wait, I know! Diverting a bit from the traditional, and

Healthy raspberry oatmeal muffins

These tasty, healthy raspberry oatmeal muffins are a hit! They are super healthy and full of those good nutrients that you need. Fit Girls Laura, Yola and Aranka got to

5 exercises a runner can’t do without

Are you a runner? Then you probably know that you’re at risk of getting injuries in your ankles, shins, knees or hips. Getting the right running shoes can prevent a lot

Green Hulk Soup

Today, I’d like to share my Green Hulk soup recipe with you all. It’s a super easy and tasty soup, full of vitamins, fiber and flavor. It is so  delicious

12 tips for healthy night shifts

Hi girls! Do you work night shifts? You’ll probably know just how killer those can be on your well-being. You’re battling a chronic jetlag, and exercising can be very challenging to fit in your schedule.

Why you should try jumping rope

Hi Fit Girls! Have you tried jumping rope? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably done this a LOT when you were a little girl. In summertime, I would often practice jumping

Sweet Green Tea Berry Pudding

Fall has officially arrived and it is getting super COLD outside! We need to treat our bodies well to help our immune system fight viruses, and to fuel our bodies

SOS: Handcare for CrossFit babes

It’s one of the biggest Fit Girl problems: painful, raw hands! Girls who do weight-lifting or CrossFit are especially likely to fall victim to this. Working on your hard body is something

Roos’ 6-weeks push up schedule

At #FITGIRLCODE we get a lot of questions about push ups! A lot of girls struggle to go from half push ups (on your knees) to full push ups. That’s

How to make fancy mango slices in 60 seconds

Hi girls! Mango is one of my favorite fruits, I absolutely love it. But preparing the mango can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Everybody knows the

Report: Nike We Run Amsterdam: My first 10K!

We waited forever for it. We talked about it so many times with our BFFF’s. We trained our butts off (or at least, most of us did) for it. We

Event report: Training with Vita Coco @ Sixforty

Hi ladies, how are you today? Last week, me and some other #FITGIRLCODE crew members decided to sign up for a super fun training event with Vita Coco (you know, those

To do: Vondelgym Workout!

Last month, Aranka and I were invited to a fitness event hosted by Women’s Health NL for a CrossFit workout. The place to be? The hottest newest gym in Amsterdam:

How I almost got a sixpack for my birthday

Hi girls! Four months ago, I set a goal for myself: I wanted a sixpack for my 30th birthday. And today is my birthday: Hip hip, hooray! I’ll share my journey

5 steps to perfect protein pancakes

Hi guys! Today I’ll share my favorite protein pancake recipe. These pancakes are perfect as breakfast, but I also love to take them with me on the road. This guide shows you

Photo diary of Roos: March 2015

Hi girls, how are you? Today I’m sharing my photo diary of March 2015 with some of the highlights of my personal Instagram. I always love reading other people’s photo

Green Hulk Spinach Soup

Today I wanted to share my Green Hulk Spinach Soup. It’s a super easy and delicious soup, packed with vitamins, fibers and flavor. It’s sooo delicious and people will think

5 ridiculously embarrassing Fit Girl moments

‘Oh my god…. Did that really just happen?” “Yup! Unfortunately it did happen!” Being a Fit Girl has a lot of advantages: exercising makes us happy, strong and toned. But sometimes,

Berry Booster Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are a perfect way to get your healthy dose of vitamins, fibers and protein! This Berry Booster Smoothie Bowl recipe is very simple: all you need is a blender

Review: Avanca wireless earphones (+ DISCOUNT CODE!)

Don’t you hate it when you’re trapped in the wires of your earphones, during your workout? Argh. I always feel like I’m in a spider web! Thankfully, Avanca International contacted
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