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6 Health Benefits of Playing Golf

While golf is not seen as the most physically demanding sport, it is still a sport and has lots of health benefits people may overlook. The truth is that a

5 Best Ways to Boost Your Workouts

If you’re new to the fitness scene or you’re passionate about staying fit and healthy, there may be times when you come away from a workout feeling deflated. Many people

How to Meal-Plan Like a Pro

Lots of people are daunted by the idea of meal planning, but when done correctly, it can be very rewarding. Meal planning is a brilliant way to save money by

6 Tips for Eating Healthy When You’re Super Busy

With the responsibilities of work, coupled with all of life’s other obligations, food can quickly become a secondary concern. It’s easy to get into the habit of running to the

It’s never too late: 3 great sports to pick up as an adult

Learning a new sport is something that is traditionally linked to childhood, as this is when people tend to be the most active and take in the most amount of

A quick guide to making your own supplements

Taking health supplements on a daily basis has been proven to improve your health and wellbeing. Luckily, supplements are readily available, easily accessible and affordable. However, due to this industry

5 Hacks for making your coffee habit healthier

You really cannot beat the gorgeous smooth taste of a hot cup of coffee. Although drinking coffee does hold a lot of benefits, there are a few downsides to it

7 Supplements That Help You Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet

We are all aware of the benefits a plant-based diet offers us, so you may be wondering why you need to take supplements at the same time. Well, although cutting

Getting Back on Track: Exercising After a Lower Back Injury

Sustaining a lower back injury is a personal setback that’s both painful and life-altering. However, when you’ve given your body time to heal and feel that you’re ready, then it’s

How to Recover Faster from Workouts

When it comes to working out, many people think that training hard is the key to better results. Although this can be true to an extent, you need to remember

7 Bedtime Habits That Will Make You Healthier and Happier

The right amount of good quality sleep is vital for good health and a happy mood. If you experience pain when you wake up or your sleep gets interrupted on

Healthy Morning Routine Tips to Kick Off Your Day

The start of the day can often affect how the rest of it goes. There are so many simple steps that you can take to ensure that you get the

6 Delicious toppings for rice cakes

I’m a big fan of rice cakes because they are a healthy alternative to bread. If you find rice cakes taste like cardboard, then I have a few delicious toppings

Best Pre-Workout Food

Now we know what to eat post workout, pre-workout food can’t be left forgotten! The right pre-workout food is just as important as post-workout food, maybe even more. A lot

5 kitchen essentials you’re missing

Being a Fit Girl is hard work. Doing healthy shopping, planning your meals in advance, deciphering recipes on nutritious meals, working out, you know being you. It all takes time

Honey hair treatment for healthy & shiny hair

These days a lot of people are committed to eating healthy. But what about the products you put ON your body, like shampoo, body lotion and deodorant? I discovered that

From sneakers to heels and back

Either you’re getting back to your office job or simply getting ready for a night out with the girls, making the transition form flats, sneakers to heels and back can

6x healthy snack bar recipes

In the journey to one’s summer body, snacking has to be sacrificed. Snacks… Those who are always there for us, those who never disappoint, and those who always get our

Healthy pumpkin spice latte

Winter is here and baby it’s cold outside… There’s just something in the air that makes me curl up on the couch with a cup of healthy pumpkin spice latte

How to make time for exercise

One of the most used excuses for not working out, is probably ‘I don’t have time’. Oh yes, you do have time! It’s about making exercising a priority; you don’t
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