Yoga stretches for runners

We are all aware that running is known for tightening the muscles in the legs. To combat that, try out these poses that will not only help you create flexibility in the back of your legs, but actually create space for the muscles to extend and strengthen. So, for all the runners out there with tight leg muscles, these yoga poses are especially for you!

Running puts a lot of strain on the hamstrings, and that’s why these yoga stretches for runners especially target them. For those with real tight hammies, please bend the knees as much as you need. Your pose may not look the same as mine, but that’s okay. Everyone’s body is different, so make the suitable adjustments till you find the right pose for you.

 Downward Facing Dog


We’ll start with one of the most practiced yoga poses. Downward facing dog. This is what all dogs do as soon as they wake up from their nap. Take a page out of their book and begin by coming onto your hands and knees, spreading out your fingers and pressing your palms firmly into the mat. Try to push evenly with your hands and feet so that your hips can go up to the sky. It’s okay to keep the knees bent here to get more length throughout the spine. Instead of having your shoulders all the way up in your ears, try to push them away, so you give your neck more space to relax.

Downdog Split


Now sweep one leg up behind you, and come into Downdog Split. Keep your hips nice and squared so that both hips are at the same height. To engage both of your legs, you can also flex your foot by pushing the heel away from you.  Remember to keep pushing equally with both hands on the mat.


Now return the swept leg back to the mat and align the heel of that one with the big toe of the grounded foot. This pose is quite intense so don’t sweat it if you are not able to keep both legs straight. It’s okay! Keep on practicing and you will definitely see improvement in your capabilities.

Continue reading for more poses.

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Why it’s ok to have a setback

Sometimes we can really get mad at ourselves. We give ourselves so many obligations and if it doesn’t go as expected, we failed. At least, that’s what we tend to believe. Recently I was in such a situation. I had fanatically exercised, but afterwards I completely let myself go when I had dinner.  I could and wanted to eat everything, and ended up laying in bed nauseously. I was so frustrated with myself, how could I let this happen? But, I soon realized that this is also part of it and that a setback is ok.

It’s part of it

A child learns to ride a bicycle by falling a few times and this also applies to reaching a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you have to fall to get back up stronger. Only this way you can discover your weaknesses and look for a way to deal with them. It may not always be perfect and you certainly should not pursue it. A healthy lifestyle is not about whether you have the strength not to eat that bar of chocolate or bag of chips. It’s about knowing your own body and realizing what does and what doesn’t work for you. And this you’ll only find out by making a few mistaking along the way.

Balance is the key, just like enjoying yourself.

Please don’t be too strict on yourself! Healthy food is delicious, but everybody likes a bar of chocolate or a greasy snack from time to time. I noticed that by banning certain foods for myself, I only wanted them more and after a while simply couldn’t control myself anymore. From now on everything is possible, but to a certain degree. Balance is the key! And that works best for me. I generally try to eat healthy and when I really feel like a Tony’s Chocolonely Caramel-Sea Salt bar, it just go for it. Because I have continued to eat healthy on all the other days, I no longer feel guilty. You can call it a cheat meal or a reward for all your hard work, but enjoy this balance!

Do you restrict yourself with foods that you can and cannot eat? If so, how do you deal with eating sprees? 

Mindfulness can help you become aware of the moment and keep your thoughts in check. Here are some tips on how you can achieve it!

Eileen’s fit journey

We always love to put a Fit Girl in the spotlight who has experienced a special fitness transformation and journey. She shares her ups and downs, tips and tricks, annoyances, good and bad habits and hopes to inspire you to also become the fittest version of yourself. If she can do it, then you can too!

From struggling with day-to-day health habits, to becoming a mum and prioritizing a healthy, active lifestyle. Eileen has gone through an amazing Fit journey which can be an inspiration to anyone who finds themselves struggling to keep up healthy habits and wants to change that for the better. Balancing the time spent with her kids and the time spent working on herself is also something that Eileen has had to learn throughout her Fit journey. Three pregnancies later, Eileen is on top of her Fit journey and is here to share her experience with you!

The fitness transformation

What was your goal when you started your journey and fitness transformation?

When I started my goal was to feel confident about myself. I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin and comfortable in my new very important role as a mommy!

What or who motivated you to keep going?

My Babies. I have two little girls and a baby boy. I want good health choices and overall wellness to be a part of their everyday life, and It starts with my husband and I.

What were you ashamed of in the past? Or what were you really looking to change?

I made the decision to get fit and healthy a few years back. Back then, I wasn’t making the right health choices and that was dragging all parts of my life and happiness down. I had no sense of self worth due to my bad eating habits and life choices. Exercise and eating right seemed like a distant dream. I thought I was destined to be miserable and stuck in my unhealthy patterns. When I decided to speak up about my struggles and ask for help I was amazed at how quickly my thinking and habits turned around! I felt brand new! Then I thought to myself: “If my thinking could change, then there is no way that my outsides can’t match it!” I really wanted to feel as good on the outside as I was starting to feel on the inside

What does your workout schedule look like now?

Oh man.. I had this dream of being the mom that wakes up at the crack of dawn and does yoga or goes for a five mile run, lol! As a mommy and a business owner, it’s not something that my sleep cycles can take on! I don’t have a set time, but I make working out, at least 4 times a week a priority for sure. Most workouts I do are no longer than 45 min.

What was the most difficult throughout your fitness journey?

ENERGY…. It was like a sick cycle. If I work out, I won’t be so tired, but I’m too tired to workout. Now I know myself enough, so I’d put on my gym clothes in the morning when getting the little ones ready for preschool, knowing that having my gym clothes on would motivate me more to workout during the day.

What’s your favourite healthy meal?

One of my favorite go to meals is whole grain rice over meatless crumbles with sautéed lemon spinach. Sooo good and really easy to make! The kids even eat it! I’ve been experimenting with a plant based diet and I can definitely feel and see a difference in my body.

Do you have a favourite cheat meal?

This is one of those things that I don’t really agree with. In the past I ate like that. Avoiding foods and only allowing myself to eat a cheat meal once a week. I’ve learned not to look at food as good or bad. I go by how it will make my body feel. I feel like a cheat meal would set me up for failure. It’s just that I would wait alllllllll week for that one meal and then on Sunday I’d be like- “ how about a
cheat day”? So now the biggest adjustment has been pausing and listening to my body. I make sure to stay well hydrated so I won’t confuse thirst for hunger, I try to eat frequently and I try my best to get a good night sleep. But if I find myself craving a cheese burger I think okay I probably need some iron, a good amount of protein and some carbs. So ill make an alternative and 9 times out of 10 the craving is gone and I don’t feel sluggish or dense the way I do after a burger and fries

What’s your opinion on counting calories?

I used to be a calorie counter- that stuff drove me up a wall!! I’d find myself sitting in traffic going “okay so I ate 1000 oh wait was it 1050?” and “what can I make for dinner with the calories I have left”, “will I be able to make a super healthy dinner so I can have calories left over to eat some dessert”. HA! I felt like I was in number prison. It wasn’t until I stopped counting calories and decided to TRUST myself that I got an understanding of the difference between diet and lifestyle.

Did you have any bad habits at the beginning of your fitness journey? Where you now think ‘I shouldn’t have done that’?

Yes I did. I thought diet soda was a food group (!), and I smoked ciggarettes. I also did this horrible thing where I’d negatively self-talk. Id tell myself, while working out, that I was fat and that I’d better not quit this work out or rep or mile. Now, I look back and think how much harder I made it to actually enjoy the process and my progress!

What do you think is a bullshit hype in the fitness industry?

Fad diets and low fat or fat free foods. It makes me so mad. When I ate low fat food I would just eat more of it. Not to mention there are chemicals and a ton of other unhealthy substances in those to make them fat free or low fat.

Do you have a piece of advice for other Fit Girls who are trying to reach their goal?

You are worth it. You can do it. Screw the Fear. I think Fear holds so many of us back. If you put in the work, if you’re consistent and persistent there’s no way you won’t hit your goal

What are your long and short term goals?

My short term goal is to get my body back after baby number THREE! He’s 7 weeks old right now and I’m having fun regaining my strength and muscle tone. My long term fitness goal is to get really into yoga. I love the spiritual aspect of it and I want to be able to do all those funky positions I see all over Instagram!

Are you curious about Eileen’s progress? Check out her Instagram page!
Do you want to lose some weight yourself, or get toned and you don’t know where to start? The Fitgirlcode Guide is here to shape your meal plans and workout schedules 8 weeks long. You got this Fit Girl!

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Sophie’s Fitgirlcode Guide Review- 4 week progress

The time has come! I am finally halfway through the Fitgirlcode Guide?. And I must say, there have been some ups and downs, but the results are most certainly there. The 2-week progress review, which I of course posted 2 weeks ago, feels like 4 months ago or something ?. Time is literally flying by as I do more of the Guide. Now, I won’t keep you waiting much longer, here is my 4-week progress and my 4-week Fitgirlcode Guide review:

The transformation

So, first of all, let’s not critique my photography or modelling skills as they are non-existent ?. Secondly, yes, I did get more tanned, and no, the Guide did not help with that (lol sorry). Now, let’s talk about my progress. In the article about my 2-week progress I mentioned the changes that I had noticed, and how I felt about the Guide 2-weeks in. Quick summary: after 2 weeks I felt a lot less bloated and already quite a bit leaner as well as confident.

Throughout the first 2 weeks I really kept to the Guide’s food schedule which luckily enough included a cheat meal per week. When I think about it, I didn’t even “need” the cheat meal as all the food tastes good anyways (and there’s definitely enough food, TRUST). I only really needed the cheat meal because I would go out to a restaurant with my friends or family and then it’s quite handy to not constantly be thinking “omg I can’t pick anything cause it’s not in the Guide”, the cheat meal allows you to think “it’s okay to enjoy a nice meal, this will keep me motivated”.

4 weeks… It’s as if my whole body got stretched out in just 4 weeks! The most significant changes, to me, are my tummy and legs. Both of those got more toned and muscular. Thank the squats and leg raises!?The craziest thing?! I didn’t really gain or lose any weight.? How come?! This is because I included quite a bit of weight training into my workouts. Meaning that the fat that I lost was then replaced by muscle, and muscle is a lot heavier than fat. So, even if I lose 5 kilos of fat, the muscle I gain (which tones my body) will weigh about the same.

How do I feel?

Damn… I FEEL GOOOOODDDD!! haha It’s honestly amazing, even though I haven’t reached my goal yet, I already feel so confident just knowing that my body is healthy and fit. As I mentioned, there were some ups and some downs. The occasional down often came after a long day or week where I felt tired and wouldn’t be in the mood for whatever workout I had planned. In order to counter that down and still get in my workout I’d adapt the workout I had planned to whatever I was in the mood for. Normally, all my workouts start with about 15-20 minutes of cardio, but I don’t really like cardio that much. So, when I’m feeling down I just think “okay I’m just going to do whatever I’m in the mood for”, and then it brings me to the good feeling…

…the glorious ups! These are just the constant good vibes and feelings that you get after having done your workout or while you’re eating that delicious healthy meal. Seeing your hard work pay off… Damn! That’s the best feeling ever!

Favourite meals so far

4 weeks of snacks, dinners, lunches, and breakfasts… That’s a whole lot of food! So, which meals will I most definitely keep in my life, even after the Guide? Yogurt bowls! Gaddamn I love yogurt bowls now. I used to not really like yogurt that much but the Guide has given me the most perfect yogurt recipe: low-fat yogurt + strawberries + blueberries + nuts + honey + cinnamon.?? Many of the other breakfast recipes also gained a place in my heart, for example, the banana mugcake and the buckwheat pancakes. In addition, the Guide introduced me to cream cheese (light). Cream cheese in pasta, on rice cakes, on bread… Cream cheese everywhere! My favourite cream cheese recipe is without doubt the creamy broccoli chicken pasta.? I absolutely love getting introduced to these new recipes, they most definitely help me create a healthier and tastier everyday life.

Last pieces of advice

As a student I can say to my fellow student Fit Girls: Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on healthy food. In the beginning of the Guide I had to stock on some basic ingredients such as buckwheat flour, protein powder, raisins,… Just really random stuff that I didn’t have before. This made my first week of groceries a bit more expensive. However, now that I’m 4 weeks into the Guide I’m spending a lot less money on groceries than I was in week 1.

Don’t stop yourself from having fun on the weekend or at any other time! I admit, on the weekend it was harder to keep up the Guide’s meal plan. This is because I would go out, have fun, enjoy the sunny weather. I wasn’t prohibiting myself from having ice cream or a glass of wine. I simply made those occasions more special by not doing them during the week. It’s all about balance in the end!

I’m in week 5 now and will make sure to keep you updated on my progress at the end of week 6 and finally after week 8 when I will have finished the whole Guide.

Are you ready to take on the Fitgirlcode Guide challenge? Get the Guide right away >

Are you curious about what my workouts look like? I describe my summer body workout here >

3x eggs for breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?! Well, I truly hope so because breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Hot or cold, extensive or minimal, sweet or savory? How your breakfast looks is completely up to you! There are so many variant foods that are appropriate to eat in the morning that you can change it up every day. What I love to eat on a sweet saturday morning: EGGS. Whether I’m hungover (lol) or not, eggs just seem to always be lying around, ready to make my day a little brighter. Here are 4 different ways to make eggs for breakfast:

1. Spinach omelet with salmon and cottage cheese

One way to boost your breakfast is with an omelet. This crêpe looking omelet is the perfect healthy breakfast for a Fit Girl. Eggs, salmon, cottage cheese, spinach, pine nuts… An omelet is just what you need if you’re feeling hungry yet you don’t want to lose track of your healthy eating habits. A slice of brown bread is never wrong to add to this recipe!

2. Scrambled eggs in avocado

Yum, yum, yum! That’s all I’m thinking right now. A simple and quick cook up of scrambled eggs mixed with some avocado, olives and spinach is a perfect and balanced way to boost your energy in the morning. Are you also an avocado-passionate Fit Girl?! ?

3. Savory vegetable pancakes with poached eggs

Well, doesn’t this just look delicious? These pancakes made from cauliflower, spring onion, broccoli, parsley, egg and milk is a beautiful alternative for the classic “pancakes for breakfast” recipe. With just a poached egg on top to top it off (and some cheese of course because… Cheese!). A saturday morning that is simple yet complex, a Fit Girl food-challenge that you can enjoy and that will be rewarding in taste and nutrition.

Are you also someone who liked to enjoy a nice egg breakfast on a saturday morning? Or do you prefer something else, tell me in the comments! I could write about it in my next article. ?

Photo credits (Header): Rachel Park, via Unsplash

Are you someone who enjoys treating themselves on a saturday morning? Try out one of these breakfasts.

Sophie’s summer body workout

Let’s be honest, summer is all we’re thinking about at the moment.☀Those long hours spent tanning, reading a book, relaxing in your garden… Summer is the ultimate time for relaxation. Hopefully you’ll all be taking some time off to chillax. I will be enjoying Switzerland’s mountains in July. I can’t wait to be hiking up the mountains in the sun and enjoying a well deserved ice cream treat once having reached the top.?In order to easily hike up the mountains and comfortably wear the denim shorts I bought last summer, I need to prep my summer body. A summer body isn’t made in a day and thus requires quite some time and effort! This is why having a go-to summer body workout is always useful.

I want every Fit Girl to enjoy their summer, so I thought to share some of my workout exercises. These include core, upper-body, and lower-body workouts. This is a total-body workout that is perfect to get you started on your summer body!?

1. Core workout

These 3 core exercises are shown done in the gym, however you can easily do them at home as well. For the first exercise, if you want to do it at home, simply lie down on the ground and do the exercise as a crunch. Pull your legs together, towards your belly. The second exercise stays the same. The third exercise is also simply done on the ground by lifting your legs up, and back down again.

2. Upper-body workout

If you are looking to do these exercises at home follow these suggestions. For exercise 1: push ups, push ups will train the same part of the body, simply in a different way. Exercise 2: grab a weight and follow the same posture instructions. Finally, exercise 3: grab a weight and push it up above your head an back down to your side, like shown in the picture.

3. Lower-body

This is a small home workout that I like to do when #legday comes around. The number of reps I do is 30 and then 3 or 4 sets. Try to increase the number of reps over the weeks in order to keep toning your body. Increasing the intensity of your exercise is important as your body will get used to the intensity of a workout if you do it often and thus you won’t make much more progress.

Your summer body goal is easily attainable if you make sure to eat healthily and in a balanced way, as well as workout about 3 times per week (as a minimum).
I am in week 4 of the Fitgirlcode Guide right now and will be writing about my own summer body progress when I will have completed the 4th week. I’ll finally be half way through the 8-week Guide.?

Do you think that the Fitgirlcode Guide would help you reach your summer body goal as well? Get the Guide right away and start next Monday >

Are you curious about how my first 2 weeks went? Read my review here >

5x best cafés in paris

There is not one year where Paris doesn’t manage to lure tourists in and wow them with its beauty and culture. From the Arc de Triomphe, to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, there is so much to visit in Paris and it remains on our top list of best city trip destinations. The month of May is great for city trips as it is less packed and the weather is amazing! Are you planning on going to Paris some time soon? Make sure to check out these 5 cafés that make for the best cafés in Paris.

1. Café St. Régis

This café situated near the Notre-Dame in Paris, on the Île Saint-Louis, is a must! With their delicious menu which offers sweet as well as savory meals, it is precisely the type of French cuisine that will make you feel like a real local.

2. Café Oberkampf

This café which lies in the middle of the lively and young district in Paris, offers the utlimate sandwiches and toasts. It makes for a perfect lunch hotspot with your friends.

3. Café Charlot

Located between the Hôtel de Ville and the Place de la République, Café Charlot is there to make sure you enjoy your sunny lunch in the heart of Paris. Between the museums and the shopping, this café offers the perfect rest to your busy day city tripping.

4. Café Carette

Right next to Le Marais, which is the best city-shopping district in Paris (I believe), lies this cute café: Café Carette. If you’re looking for a lively district in Paris with lots of shopping around it, then you’ve found it! Start your day with a lovely little brunch at Café Carette and you’ll be energized enough to walk the streets of Paris all day.

5. Le Peloton

Only a block away from the Seine, which is the river shaping Paris, lies Le Peloton. Le Peloton is a café that displays the beauty and talent of the well known French desserts. Are you in need of a sweet treat in Paris? Make sure not to miss this one.?

Can you guess where I’m going in 2 weeks? PARIS! ? I actually am French and lived in Paris a few years ago, so I can personally attest to the greatness of these cafés. When I’ll be there I’ll make sure to leave some time in my days to enjoy these little cafés that are typical of the Parisian lifestyle. Gosh I miss it!
Have you been to Paris before? Which café still holds a spot in your heart?

Photo credits (Header): Hello Light Bulb, via Unsplash

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A sweaty HIIT workout

Otherwise known as High-Intensity Interval Training, HIIT is there to get your body moving and your fat burning. HIIT has gained popularity over the last few years as it is a quick calorie and fat burner that can easily be done at home. If you are looking to lose weight then HIIT is definitely something you should be thinking about! However, if you’re looking to build muscle, then HIIT is not the perfect fit for you. In the Fitgirlcode Guide there is a HIIT circuit presented and it sure does make you sweaty (even after just the 1st exercise).

Now you may ask yourself, what does a HIIT workout actually consist of? Well, it’s a circuit based on quick sets of intense exercises that work anaerobically, followed by shorter periods of rest. In our Guide we suggest you do 45 seconds of an exercise with 15-20 seconds of rest before the next one. Of course, everyone is different when it comes to HIIT. I am actually terrible at HIIT compared to, for example, cardio training.? I am simply not a person that is good at anaerobic workouts, but that is why it’s even better that the Fitgirlcode Guide is making me do some more HIIT workouts. The only way is up.?

Here is an example of a HIIT circuit:

1. Burpees

2. Jumping Jacks

3. Squat jumps

4. High Knees

5. Lunges

6. Mountain climbers


Aim for a 30-minute HIIT workout if you’re looking to get that summer body in no time! ? HIIT is a guaranteed sweaty shredder, there is no questionning that.

Are you an expert when it comes to HIIT workouts? Comment which exercise you like most! Let’s help get each other some workout inspiration.

The life of a Fit Girl consists of workouts and healthy food.

Sophie’s Fitgirlcode Guide Review- 2 week progress

Hi Fit Girls! As you may or may not know, I started the Fitgirlcode Guide 2 weeks ago.?The reason why I started it is because I am leaving to Singapore this summer (I am basically fleeing to warmer weather). And, in order to be able to enjoy the weather, I want to feel as comfortable in my own body as possible. I love summery dresses and clothes, but I often don’t feel as comfortable wearing shorts as I’d like to be. Therefore I decided to do the Fitgirlcode Guide and aim for the body that I have always wanted. That is, a body that is strong, toned and healthy. The Fitgirlcode Guide supports precisely such a body type so it was a perfect fit! Here is my 2 week Fitgirlcode Guide review:

How do I feel about the Guide so far?

I honestly enjoy every day of the Guide. How come? It’s because the Guide is not restricting and thus doesn’t really feel like a “diet”. Diets are often associated with negativity because you’re giving up good food… However, the Fitgirlcode Guide isn’t really a diet, it simply gives you a very healthy and balanced meal plan with an accompanying selection of workouts that will tone your body and give you that strong and healthy look.

What also makes the Guide easier is that you don’t need to “strictly” follow the recipes the way they are shown. For example, I don’t eat fish or seafood and so, instead I just eat chicken whenever salmon or tuna is mentioned.

In terms of motivation, it’s all still there at the moment! ? Since I haven’t lost any motivation, I haven’t diverted from the meal plan. Except for once in the weekend… In the weekend it’s hard to keep up every meal of the Guide as you’re often out and about, enjoying life and taking part in activities with your fam and friends. This is luckily not a problem, the Guide encourages you to be active and to enjoy life. The only thing it stresses is that you should keep a balance and not go completely off track. This means that I could guiltlessly enjoy the fries and burger I had on Sunday night.?

Is there any progress?

Two weeks isn’t much, so I don’t have my perfectly carved abs YET! ? However, I do feel a lot leaner. I can see my body getting more and more toned every day, and guess what?! I LOVE IT!! After week 1 I felt a lot less bloated, which was really a problem that I had when I wasn’t eating very well. And now week 2 is where my body started to really get leaner.

Apart from the physical changes, I now also feel A LOT more confident. I am starting to love my body and what it’s capable of (which I notice in the gym)! My dedication to the Guide grows every day which means that saying no to beautiful little snacks is maybe a little painful, but the pride I get afterwards is so much better.?

In addition, I have made a lot of progress in terms of my appetite. The Guide has really taught me to stick to 3 meals with small, healthy snacks in between. Before the Guide I was just kind of eating whenever I wanted and it made me constantly crave more food. However now I just look forward to a particular time of day when I will eat, and the snacks in between are very useful as they kill my cravings.

Is it easy to keep up?

It’s neither easy nor difficult… It simply takes commitment and preparation. Your life actually becomes easier because you know exactly what you need to eat every single day. However, when you have a busy schedule and don’t have so much time, it gets difficult to prepare all your meals. Resisting temptation is of course also difficult but if I manage to conquer my cravings for snacks, then you can too! ?

The workouts are not too intensive as there are only 3 per week (I actually do more than the Guide suggests because I am a sport fanatic). Some of the exercises are difficult and need real persevarence, whilst the other half of the exercises are a bit easier and more enjoyable. Much like the meal plan, the workout plan is also flexible. For example, I love weight training, and so I just do the Guide’s workouts as a warm up and then do my usual weight training.

I hope this review helped shed some light on what you could expect from the first 2 weeks of the Fitgirlcode Guide. I honestly recommend the Guide as it allows you to reach your goals quickly and easily, in a fun and healthy way! If you have any more questions or comments don’t hesitate to comment or email them. I’d be happy to answer them. Otherwise, I’ll see you in 2 weeks with my 4-week transformation pictures! ?

If you’re curious about the ways in which I remain motivated you should check out this article I wrote >

How to: Homemade peanut butter

Recently Fitgirlcode’s newsletters have been booming with inspiration and fresh doses of motivation. We love to personally hand you our favourite recipes and workouts, as well as our thoughts on the most exciting happenings around the world. We’ve also decided to send out FREE DOWNLOADS to our dear Fit Girls so that healthy cooking and fun workouts are never too hard to find out about. Do you think that you could use some weekly new workout ideas and refreshing recipes? Are you someone who likes to hear the words “YOU GOT THIS”? Our newsletters will boost your motivation, and help you stay on track in a HEALTHY WAY. Take the leap of faith and sign up.

Now, one of the free downloads that we have sent out in our newsletter is about, what we’ve all been waiting for, HOMEMADE PEANUT BUTTER! The road to a Fit Girl’s goal is long and hard, sometimes its best to just treat yo self and use it as a moment to gain motivation once again. Bake a cake! Or make one of our vegan PB cookies! Upgrade your treat with your very own homemade peanut butter.

Homemade peanut butter: Free download

This is one of the 3 pages of the whole download, the full download is available once you join the Fitgirlcode newsletters. Every week, a download like this one will be delivered straight to your inbox! Ranging from recipes, to workouts, to mini-guides… Curious as to what is waiting for you?! ? Try it out!

Making peanut butter now actually sounds pretty simple… Make a first attempt and comment down below how it went for you!

Photo credits (Header): Christine Siracusa via Unsplash

If you’re looking for a bigger Fit Girl commitment, try out our Fitgirlcode Guide!

Fitgirlcode Guide Reviews From You!

The Fitgirlcode Guide is celebrating its relaunch today! We have been listening to your wants and needs and we have managed to incorporate your wishes into the Guide. What will make this updated Guide even better is its international orientation. Now you can get the Guide with the measurements in both grams and ounces! As a plus, the design has been updated and made even more appealing. So, no need to hold back on sharing those Instagram pics of you and your Guide!

In order to show you the success of our past Fitgirlcode Guide we want to share some of the Fitgirlcode Guide reviews that your fellow Fit Girls sent us.

The Fitgirlcode Guide reviews:

“The easiest thing is that you now have a weekly menu. We don’t need to think about what we want to eat every week anymore. We do the weekly groceries in the weekend and then we conveniently have everything in the house which allows us to cook and eat on time and in a relaxed manner.”

“The Fitgirlcode Guide definitely gives a lot of support. It indicates precisely what you’re allowed to eat, how much you should eat, when you should train, and also when to give yourself some rest. That works incredibly well.”

I find them very easy to follow! The simplicity of how everything is explained is very enjoyable, particularly for the recipes.”

I found the recipes delicious and I still make some! I even enjoyed the workouts, and they were very manageable at home.”

“I am personally very happy with the Fitgirlcode Guide. Thanks to the handy tips and the variant tools (workout routines, grocery lists, motivating quotes here and there, mindfulness audios) you feel way more engaged and committed, which helps you keep it up for a longer amount of time. If you were still doubting, I would give you a push in the Fitgirlcode Guide’s direction, because it truly is worth it!”

I actually personally started the Fitgirlcode Guide 1 week ago. So I can attest to these quotes and say that they are 100% true. From my experience so far I can definitely say that the fact that there is a food schedule for everyday is very convenient. No more worrying about what to eat, and you can look forward to what you are going to make days before you even make it. A great aspect of the Fitgirlcode Guide is also that there are weekly groceries, so I would just tick off anything I had bought.

If these reviews have convinced you of the Fitgirlcode Guide’s wonders, then you can buy the Fitgirlcode Guide right now!

4x Active Holidays

Spring has emerged from the dark and coldness, and it’s already making us fantasize about the summer. Even though many of us will be busy treating ourselves with cocktails, tan lines, and culinary wonders, some of us look for more active holidays. Personally, I go to switzerland every summer and hike up the mountains in the beautiful summer weather; so I can definitely recommend trying out a holiday that keeps you on your feet! Try something that is out of your comfort zone, put yourself out there, and enjoy the adventures that come your way! Get inspired by these 4 active holidays:

1. Backpacking

Backpacking holidays have gained, and keep gaining, popularity among travellers world wide as it is a cheap and fun way to discover all sorts of places around the world. However, backpacking doesn’t necessarily have to be in a far away country, it can also be done in the mountains nearest to you, or even in a forest. Any mesmerizing landscape that you have not yet discovered can be one to put on your backpacking list.

The most popular all-out backpacking trips are made to, for example, Thailand or Peru. This is because these places offer many beautiful landscapes, one after the other. They also have neighbouring countries that offer the same thing, thus they are a great hub for exotic hot spots.

Backpacking is also a great holiday option if you’re looking to learn a new language. Spanish, French, English? All of these languages can be combined with a suspenseful holiday on the road.

However, backpacking isn’t just a 24/7 hike, it is so loved by the people because it offers flexibility in its duration and activities. Are you tired after a whole day of walking? Take a rest day on the beach and enjoy a night out with your comrades.

2. Surfing

One that is becoming more abundant over the years is the surf-holiday. A holiday for just you and your partner, or for you and a whole group of friends? Surfing is fun with anyone and everyone. Even though it is becoming more and more abundant, it is still a pretty special holiday! If you’re scared to take on this active holiday because you have never surfed before, don’t be, because that’s the whole point in doing it a week long. Personally, I went on a surf holiday once (I can’t surf at all btw), and it was so much fun. I learned that surf destinations are filled with admirable people that only look to get to know you and have a drink with you! It is definitely a holiday that I want to do again.

From Australia, to Hawaii, and to France,… Every continent has its top surfing locations, just take your pick! Are you packing your swimsuit already? ?

3. Cycling

Another way to spend your holiday actively is by biking from location to location. Is walking not your thing, you prefer the thrill of speed? Then biking is definitely a top choice for you! The level of difficulty of your holiday is totally up to you. Are you looking to do it with your family? Then 2 hours of biking per day can already get you a long way. Looking to go with some sporty friends? You could easily tackle up to 4 or 5 hours per day. Cycling along a coast is the easiest, and in the mountains it will obviously be a slightly bigger challenge. Either way the landscapes will be breathtaking and Instagram-worthy ?.

Some of the common cycling holidays occur in Italy, Canada, and New Zealand. Doesn’t sound so bad does it? This is your perfect escape from the metropolitan life, or just the work routine that you need a break away from for 2 weeks.

4. Yoga Retreat

In terms of the mindfulness that our Fitgirlcode Guide stresses, a yoga retreat should be welcomed by every Fit Girl. The contradicting phrase of “active rest” comes into play when on a yoga holiday. Become aware of your body’s needs and capabilities, and let the yoga zen you. One way to take part in a yoga-filled holiday is by simply booking a ticket to somewhere peaceful and beautiful, and just doing some yoga there. But, another way to do it is by going away with a yoga retreat. The perks of a retreats are that they will make a programme for you, and you will have enough guidance around you to help you perform to the best of your abilities.

How do you like to spend your holidays? On the beach tanning with a few drinks by your side? Or by remaining active and upbeat? Either way, holidays are meant to be enjoyed and all of these types of holidays have that as their number 1 priority. Let us know what your ultimate summer holiday plans are in the comments! We are very curious. 

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Work that ass: 5 bubble butt exercises

If there is one thing that Fit Girls like to work on, it’s the booty! Some people have the lucky genes of growing the perfect bubble butt very quickly, while some have to work just a little bit harder. But(t), if you train hard enough it’s easily possible to get that extra little layer of ASS. A lot of people think that squats are the best way to train your derrière, however if you combine the following exercises you will get your booty results much faster. Let’s kick some ass!

Single-leg bridge lift

This exercise is doable just about anywhere where the ground lies, so there’s no getting out of this one! It is the perfect exercise for your booty, and as a bonus you also get to train your legs. Simply lift your hips, wait till you feel that squeeze in your bottom and then slowly lower your hips again.

How to:

1. Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your hands flat on the ground.

2. Stretch out 1 leg and then lift up your hips

3. Go back down again and repeat this 10 times, then SWITCH LEG & REPEAT!

Leg kickback

This is an exercise that you can even do from your bed, which makes it one of the best exercises ever! ? I don’t think it gets much easier and comfortable than that.

How to:

1. Lie down on the edge of a bench (or your bed) with your upper body. Bend your knees.

2. Slowly lift your legs up.

3. As you have lifted your legs, tense your butt for 3 seconds. Then lower your legs again

4. Repeat this 10 times (or more if you can take it on!)

Donkey Kicks

This is one of my favourite butt exercises, simply because it truly works and you can feel that it works! After just one solid set you feel your butt working its ass off. ?

How to:

1. Sit down on your hands and knees. Keep your back straight (this is very important)!

2. Lift one leg up and then down again.

3. Repeat this 10 times and then switch legs.

Single-leg deadlift

You probably have heard of the normal deadlift which you most likely ace in the gym! But, did you know that it is also a great butt exercise?? Simply give the original deadlift exercise a small twist and voila! the perfect ass workout.
Do you not have any dumbbells at home? No problem, just grab 2 water bottles and you’re good to go as well.

How to:

1. Grab a dumbbell in each hand and stand with you feet at shoulder-width, keep your back straight.

2. Next, bend over with the dumbbells in your hands and lift up your right leg at the same time.

3. Come back to your initial position and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

4. Repeat this 10 times.

Side leg lifts

Guess what? For this exercise you get to lie comfortably on the ground, but DON’T FALL ASLEEP! Prepare a small video to watch and get ready to train your butt in the most easy way, yet don’t underestimate the intensity of the exercise.

How to: 

1. Lie down on your side and support your head with your elbow. Place your other hand on your side. Keep your legs slightly bent from one another.

2. Lift up your upper leg. Once in the air, hold the position for 3 secconds and then slowly lower your leg again.

3. Repeat this 15 times and then switch sides.

I’d give every exercise about 5 sets, and don’t be afraid to increase your reps if it is too easy! If you do these exercises enough on a regular basis then you will be growing that bubble butt in no time. Feel the butt burn and enjoy it!

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How to: prepare for a marathon

Whether you’re planning on running half a marathon, a full marathon, or even a simple 5 or 10k, you need to take part in some marathon preparation! Going from running 15 minutes on the treadmill, to running for an hour to 4 hours straight, is not easy. That’s why I am here to help you. I’ve personally never run a marathon before, because I am not “old enough” yet to participate (you have to be 21), but I have already done a 21km and 10.5km marathon. One was in Brussels and the other in Rotterdam. My time for the 21km was 2 hours and 5 minutes, and I ran the 10.5km in 57 minutes. Given that I ran the 21km half-marathon 4 years before I did the 10,5km, I was glad to have improved my time (if you calculate it). I would love to do more marathons, but they are, funnily enough, quite expensive. #studentlife In 2 years (when my body will be ready for it), I’ll want to take part in as many marathons as possible. It is on my bucket list to take part in a marathon on every continent.

So, how can you improve your running time and accomplish a 42km marathon successfully. There are 3 things that you need to focus on in order to prepare yourself for a marathon:

1. Training

How you train will define how you complete your marathon. You must train, in order to do well! But, don’t just start 2 weeks ahead, training for a marathon should take at least 4 months. In those 4 months, aim to run about 3 to 5 times a week. Start slow and build up your time/distance every training. Set yourself a time goal in which you want to complete your marathon and base your training on that goal.

If you are lifting and working out with heavy weights, you should definitely lose the weights and focus on working out with your body weight, and doing cardio. This is because lifting will only build muscle and make you heavier, when you reach that 29km mark and you still have 11 more to go, you will feel your weight holding you back. You want to be able to move your body’s weight comfortably and for a long time.

The consistency of your training is highly important as it will help you avoid injuries. Be consistent with your planned trainings and then your body will be able to strengthen itself over time.

2. Food

I have a new word for you: CARBO-LOADING. Carbs will become your best friend as you get closer to the marathon date. Carbs are a source of pure energy that are there for quick use. Unlike fat which is more difficult to take up, carbs are an easy source and that is what you will need throughout those 42km. Whole-weat pasta is my personal favourite as it just tastes so good. 4 days before the marathon you should definitely start upping your carb-filled meals, and avoid fatty treats. You will never find an as good excuse to just eat pasta all day, every day!

The night before the race, eat a whole plate of carbs and get a good night’s rest. Then, in the morning, atleast 3 hours before the start of your race, eat about 150grams of carbs. aka breakfast = (surprise) CARBS.

3. Hydration

Source: Element5 Digital, via Unsplash

It is very important that your body is hydrated so that it doesn’t break down or lose energy. So, as you are training for months and months, STAY HYDRATED. DRINK THAT WATER. I want to see you drinking at least 1.5 litres (6 cups) of water a day.

Then, when the race day finally arrives, 3 hours ahead of the start, you should drink about half a litre (2 cups) of water. The carbs and water will keep your body at its energy peak. Throughout the race you should definitely stop at every station and grab the sports drinks offered. These drinks will be like a fresh boost of energy and are easily absorbable thanks to the carbs.

There you have it, the perfect formula to ace a marathon. Marathons should be on everybody’s bucket list as they are a scary, yet exciting adventure that will leave you prouder of yourself than you’ve ever been. Between the training, carbs, sports drinks, the marathon will have nothing on your fitness!

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Materials needed to complete the Fitgirlcode Guide

Have you heard? I am starting the Fitgirlcode Guide on the 16th of April and I want you to join me! You have about 3 weeks left to mentally, and literally prepare. As in, there are some materials that you will need in order to do the Fitgirlcode Guide. But no worries, I am here to tell you exactly what you will need.
The Fitgirlcode Guide is going to open the gates to a healthy active lifestyle, so your food and work out habits will become those of a Fit Girl. It’s much easier then you may think, and in no time you will have reached your goal. So, what exactly should we prep? There are 3 things!

As a bonus, you can get the Guide with 20% discount by using the code CELEBRATE20, so, no excuses! (valid until 31 March 2018)

1. Fit Girl outfit

Just like everything else, it all starts with a nice outfit. A supportive sports bra is the first thing that you need to put on your check list! There is nothing worse then doing a work out and feeling uncomfortable while doing it. Some of the sports bra brands I love are Reebok and Under Armour. They are not too expensive, true to size, and really support the girls ?.

Next, you will need some fitting leggings. I always seem to struggle with finding the right leggings because I don’t like them when they’re too tight and I always need high-waisted ones. I also particularly like cropped leggings as they are less warm. Gymshark is definitely the perfect go-to as they have a range of different types of leggings and colours. If you are living in Europe then you are very lucky because our very own clothes are being sold through this website:

Finally, we cannot forget about the shoes! For the Fitgirlcode Guide you don’t need anything too fancy. Just make sure to have comfortable shoes that will literally keep you on your feet.

2. Workout accessories (optional)

Working out on the floor isn’t the most comfortable thing ever and it definitely is not good for your back! Solution: get yourself a nice yoga mat. This shouldn’t cost you more than $15 so it is a small and worthy investment. I got mine from Body & Fit and my back is very happy with it.


You don’t really need any particular accessories for the workouts that the Fitgirlcode Guide asks of you. However, there are some things you could get in order to make it a bit more challenging. For example a resistance band, and/or some dumbbells and a kettlebell. You can get these anywhere, from Grace Fit UK, to Amazon, just type it in on Google and the best deals for you will pop up.

3. Kitchen utilities

One of the 3 parts in the Fitgirlcode Guide focuses on food and healthy eating. For this it provides you with a weekly food schedule and grocery list. The recipes in the food schedules are very balanced and so you will find yourself cooking and baking up all sorts of things in your kitchen. For some recipes you will need particular kitchen utilities. The first is a blender. You will use a blender weekly as you make the smoothies and you can also use the blender to make your bake mixes. The prices for blenders range immensely, but a suitable one will cost you about $50.

Next, you should definitely invest in a cake mold. This is because of the desserts and breads (for example banana bread) that you will make. The easiest way to successfully make these is by using a cake mold. For a good one that will prevent your food from sticking to the side too much, you should expect to pay between $10-20.

Finally, throughout the Fitgirlcode Guide you will cross paths with some healthy waffle recipes. So, you could buy a waffle iron or make sure to borrow one from a friend once in a while. A waffle iron that does the job will cost around $20. The oat waffles are totally worth it!

There you have it! Everything that you could expect to need when doing the Fitgirlcode Guide. Isn’t so bad, is it? I am luckily already equipped with sportwear, though I always get tempted by new releases and discounts. A gym membership definitely comes to your advantage if you’re interested in using weights, since all the equipment is already there.
Are you ready to take on the Fitgirlcode Guide and become the healthiest you possible?

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How the Fitgirlcode Guide Worked For Me

New Year, New Me

Last summer, I decided to go back home to St. Maarten for 2 months. I hadn’t returned for about 2 years at that point, so I was really excited for it! Of course, when it was time to return to work and school, I found myself coming back to the Netherlands with not only an impressive tan, but also a full suitcase, memories of fun nights out, and about 8 kilos/17 pounds extra weight on my body.  In those two months, I lost my rhythm completely when it came to my fitness and eating habits. I splurged on all my comfort foods from home that I can’t get here in The Netherlands, and while I don’t regret it one bit, I couldn’t exactly say I was pleased with the outcome.

After coming back to The Netherlands, I didn’t end up getting any better. My schedule was insane, and I experienced my first winter dip, making me one sad panda. Then January thankfully rolled around, and I was determined to start working on me again to be happy with how I feel about myself and how I was choosing to spend my time. I knew it was time to change!

I began going to the gym two to three times a week, biking everywhere I could and I put myself on quite a strict diet. This worked for a while, and I lost about 4 kilos by March. The only problem was that I wasn’t happy with how I was doing it or even feeling accomplished. I loved working out at the gym, but my eating habits were just killing my vibe. I wasn’t looking forward to my food, and it wasn’t something I could commit to since it felt so boring and restrictive. One can only eat so many apples, and sad salads before you break. Don’t trust stock photos, salads are really not that funny.  Cue the change, once again. I chose to try out the Fitgirlcode Guide to see if this was a better fit for me in terms of variety and making me a bit more pleased with what I was eating. If you don’t want to read this whole blog, then here’s all you’ve got to know: it worked amazingly and it’ll probably do the same for you too.

Here are the details

I followed the Fitgirlcode Guide for 4 weeks and lost 3 kilos in that time, 5 cm from both my bust and my stomach, and 10 cm from around my hips. But what I think is the most important thing that happened was that I also developed a healthy relationship with food. In the beginning, it feels like a lot of work cooking in advance and planning, but as I kept at it, it became something I craved. I loved the structure it gave to my diet, and the meals never made it feel like I was missing out on something. I looked forward to my meals instead of having a craving to order something or to go out for dinner somewhere nice. With this guide, I never got the feeling that I was missing out on eating something tasty and nice. In fact, people were watching my meals and intrigued with what I had! That’s probably the reason why I stuck to it. It simply felt and tasted good. It wasn’t a diet, just eating more consciously and eating better.

Interestingly, when I did go out to eat, my body could immediately tell the difference. I would get bloated, tired and feel sluggish. This was a huge switch from how I felt all my other days following the guide: refreshed, alert and I just had so much energy. I figure that you simply feel healthier when you’re filling your body up with the right nutrients that you need, instead of eating junk.The Fitgirlcode Guide gave you a clear overview of exactly what you’re putting into your body in terms of nutrients which I liked a lot. I did most of my groceries on Sundays, but strategically got small things through the week as well. This way I ensured that some things, like lettuce, would still be as fresh as possible when I’m ready to eat it. Having my meals so structured also of course was kind to my bank account. You’re not going to go out for dinner if you already have the groceries there waiting in your kitchen, or the meal prepped and ready to go. Do you have any idea how much you save when you stop eating out?

Set for life

After doing the four weeks, I’ve been finding myself cooking a lot of meals from the guide simply because I enjoy them and know it’s good for me. So it definitely gave me all the tools I needed to be healthy and actually learn what that truly means. There’s no ‘look’ with being healthy, and also no quick route to get there. At least not any quick route that will actually last you a lifetime. That’s the plus point with the Fitgirlcode Guide. It truly sets you up for life and teaches you what a day of healthy eating looks like (and gives you a huge amount of recipes to choose from later on).

Without the Fitgirlcode Guide, I’d probably still be unenthusiastic when going about trying to be healthier, and without that excitement, there would for sure be no way that I would have stuck to it. Curious about the guide and want to give it a shot yourself? Use the code “CELEBRATE20” and get 20% off your very own e-guide until the 31st of March! That way, you’ll have all the tools you need to kickstart that healthy life of yours. Good luck and let me know how it goes for you! 🙂



Yay! 20% discount on all our Guides!

Yes, you heard that right! I said 20% DISCOUNT! You may or may not know this, but our new webshop design has been released. This means that you will be able to surf through our shop and look through our Guides in the shop more easily. Since we’re very proud of the new look that our webshop has gotten, we want to share our joy and excitement with you. This is why from today until the 31st of March you will be able to happily purchase one of our Guides with a 20% discount. It’s time for some deliciously healthy food schedules and some killer workouts that will tone your body in no time! Now, which Guide would be best for you?

20% off the Fitgirlcode Guide

discount fitgirlcode

The legendary Fitgirlcode Guide has proven to be the most popular among our Fit Girls, and there is a reason for that! The Fitgirlcode Guide is an 8 week long body toner. The (e-)book allows you to enter a Fit Girl promised land which offers 8 weeks of laid out workouts and food schedules, as well as 8 weeks of mindfulness and a happiness journal which will help keep track of your progress.

Hmmm… You may think to yourself, what does all that mean? Well, the 8 weeks of workouts (at home or at the gym) consist of 20 minute workouts with the instructions on what to do and how. You will be expected to workout at least 3 times a week and the workouts will focus on a different aspect of your body every time. Moreover, you will be given weekly grocery lists, make sure to follow these! Although you can easily replace some of the ingredients that you don’t like with a relatively equal alternative. In the book we share over 80 simple but delicious recipes with you! These include breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and desserts. We’re all for eating enough and don’t like crash dieting. We need you energetic and on top of your game! Then finally, as a bonus, you get your own fitness happiness journal that you can fill out daily/weekly to track your progress!

The Fitgirlcode Guide is particularly aimed at toning your body and losing fat over the course of eight weeks. On Monday, the 16th of April I am going to personally start the Fitgirlcode Guide. You know, with them summer body goals and all, I thought ‘LET’S DO THIS’! So, if you’re scared to do it alone, buy your Guide now and then we can start together and motivate each other through the blog and online community. ?

20% off the Happy Healthy Guide

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Then you’ve got the Happy Healthy Guide which is different from the Fitgirlcode Guide as it focuses on weight loss by changing your eating habits! It also differs in the fact that it is 12 weeks long, and not 8. It is, however, split into 2 parts. Namely, part 1 is WEIGHT LOSS, and part 2 is KEEPING IT UP.

What does this mean? Well, part 1 (the first 6 weeks) consists of weekly food schedules with lesser caloric intakes. This means that even though you will be taking in less calories, your fun in the kitchen will only increase. And we promise: you won’t be hungry! The flexibility with this Guide is that you can do part 1 (weight loss) until you have reached your weight goal. Did you finish the first 6 weeks, yet you want to lose even more weight? Simply do it again. However, after you’ve reached your goal, move on to part 2, keeping it up. These 6 weeks of food schedules bring your caloric intake back to normal, while keeping fatty substances on a low.

There are no workout schedules in this Guide, as it fully focuses on your eating habits 12 weeks long, however you can still exercise and even include the workout schedules from the Fitgirlcode Guide or from your own routine. Does this Guide sound like what you need in order to bring back your health goals happily and healthily?

Go get the Guides HERE with a 20% discount! Use the code CELEBRATE20 and save yourself some hard-earned bucks. Be quick, because the discount is only valid until the 31st! 😉

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The best songs for your workout playlist

If you know me well, you’ll know that I spend all my days listening to music. Whether it is in the shower, on my bike, or even right before I go to bed. I simply can never get enough of the good vibes that music sends my way. The same counts for when I’m at the gym and a pumping song comes on. Any song that has a quick and rhythmic beat will give me that extra energy and motivation to do my workout better and longer. Time also seems to fly by as I concentrate more on my performance throughout my workout. This reason alone is already enough to trigger me to find the best songs and build my perfect workout playlist!

The workout playlist

1. J Balvin & Willy William- Mi Gente (feat. Beyoncé)

2. David Guetta & Afrojack- Dirty Sexy Money (feat. Charli XCX & French Montana)

3. Fitz & The Tantrums- HandClap

4. Robin Schulz, David Guetta & Cheat Codes- Shed a Light

5. Jason Derulo- Swalla (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign) [Wideboys Remix]

6. Kristine Blond & James Hype- Love Shy

7. R3hab- Icarus

8. Bruno Mars- Finesse (Remix) [feat. Cardi B]

9. Little Mix- Wings

10. Major Lazer & Showtek- Believer

11. Flo Rida- Low (feat. T-Pain)

12. Kokiri- Chasing (Tobtok Remix)

13. Sean Paul- Temperature

14. Sigala & Paloma Faith- Lullaby

15. Favulous- G I R L (feat. DiRTY RADiO)

16. Stefflon Don- Tight Nooki (feat. Jeremih)

17. The Black Eyed Peas- Pump It

18. Jaden Smith- Watch Me

19. Zak Abel- Unstable

20. Elf Kid- Reload that

21. A$ap Ferg- Plain Jane (Remix) [feat. Nicki Minaj]

These songs will guarantee an energy boost for an hour and 11 minutes. Download them right away, put them together into a playlist, and go kill that workout! What is your all time favourite workout song? Or, where could we find your workout playlist? Share it in the comments! ?

Does this music make you want to get exercising right away? Here are some of the ultimate moves that combine cardio with abs and booty workouts >

Tips & Tricks for the Fitgirlcode Guide

Following a food and workout schedule perfectly can take up quite a bit of effort and devotion. Although, if you prepare yourself properly you’ll see that it is much easier than you may think. Since we want you to accomplish your fitness goals as successfully as possible, we have gathered our best fitness tips & tricks in order to go through the Fitgirlcode Guide without a hassle. You got this!

The better you prepare yourself, the easier it will be.

Just like everything else in life, when you prep and organize yourself, it’ll come at you much softer and easier. Well, the exact same counts for the Fitgirlcode Guide! The first of our fitness tips is to make sure that you buy all your groceries in time, and that you free up your Sunday in order to get some prepping done. Once in a while you will have to bake some banana bread, and it is also probable that you won’t be free every lunch time. Thus, you should prep some of your meals in the weekend. What a relief it will be when your food is simply waiting for you in the fridge!

Follow the mindfulness exercises

Here and there we get questions about why the Fitgirlcode Guide includes minfulness exercises, and we cannot stress the importance of these exercises more. They are going to help you! It may not sound logical at first as to why sports and mindfulness are so interconnected, but they honestly are inseparable. The exercises will teach you to eat in a stable way, which will help you in losing some of the unnecessary apetite that you will cross paths with. It is going to teach you to enjoy what you eat more. One of our favourite mindfulness articles that you can read about next is about embracing your imperfections.

Follow the guide with a friend

Together we are stronger, that’s for sure. This is why you should try to follow the guide with a friend. Do the workouts together with your BFF or partner that also want to get fitter, or prep and eat your meals together. It is always more fun to do something when you can share it with someone who understands your mindset. That person will also drag you through your less motivated days. Grab your fit buddy and get started!

Stay positive

A lot of people find keeping up with food schedules very difficult, because they make it harder for themselves than it actually is. Remind yourself that IT IS NOT HARD, and that any doubts are from within. These doubts need to be gotten rid of. The more you think that you can’t do it, the more you are inclined to give up. If you think positively, and take every day step by step, then you will see that the 8 weeks are going to fly by.

Join the community

Did you know that if you follow one of our guides you will get exclusive access to our Fitgirlcode Community? Within this community, more than 2500 women are waiting to share their experiences and motivations with you. We’re all in the same boat after all. All the fit women in the community are going through the same journey as you are and they share the same questions and insights. If you’re feeling down, or you’re actually feeling very proud of yourself, then the Fitgirlcode Community becomes your safe space where you can share your thoughts comfortably. This extra girl power will boost you and help you in successfully completing the 8 weeks!

So, you see? It’s not as hard as you may think! You’re still on time to start your summer body, so don’t hesitate to buy the guide and get crackalackin’. We believe in you and are convinced that you will make it! Did you follow the guide, and do you have some more tips & tricks for your fellow Fit Girls, then don’t hesitate to share them.

Photo credits: Fredo Figaredo via Unsplash

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Ready to start the journey? Get the Fitgirlcode Guide right now > 

Recipe: Healthy pitas with falafel

This week my obsession for pita bread has been taking over. Pita is a treasure from the Middle East that has concurred every foodie’s heart. I love pita bread so much since it fills you up quite quickly and there are so many recipes you can make with it. And no, I am not talking about making big ass kebabs (even though they do have the word ‘abs’ in them), because they will not strengthen your Fit Girl habits. I am talking about healthy pita recipes that will keep the calorie count relatively low, fill you up, AND taste delish. Here is Fitgirlcode’s favourite pita recipe:

Falafel and pita

Interested in eating vegan? The first step to eating vegan is discovering the lovely wonders of falafel. Falafel is a deep fried ball most often made from chickpeas, and is nowadays the world’s known meat replacement. Even though you can just eat them as a snack, since they taste amazing on their own as well, I prefer to make them with pita. In our Fitgirlcode Guide we describe the recipe in full with the ingredients being pita, falafel, lettuce, tomato, cream cheese light, and low-fat yoghurt. As usual, you just stuff the ingredients in the pita pocket and there you go! Your very own vegan lunch break. ?

From burgers, to pizza, to veganism, pita is the underdog of foods and will take over your world as you begin to realize its magic. Pita, a long-lasting ingredient that can also simply be eaten as a snack with some hummus? We need more!