Raw chocolate balls recipe

Yes I know, ‘chocolate balls’ sounds a little bit odd :’) But that’s what it is! And did you know that they can be HEALTHY? Chocolate and healthy in one sentence, it’s like a dream coming true isn’t it? Eating chocolate was already one of my favorite cheats, but now you can even eat it guilt-free. Now without further due, I present to you, the (super easy) recipe for raw chocolate balls. 

When I wrote an article about cutting the crap for 30 days, I asked you about easy and healthy snack recipes. Nadine was so nice to share this really awesome and super easy recipe with us!

What you need:

What you do:

This is incredibly easy! You just throw these 3 ingredients in a food processor and mix until you have a sticky substance left. Then you take one full tbs and first mold it with your hands into a ball. Then roll the ball between your hands so it becomes really round and sticks together nicely. If it keeps falling apart, add more dates to the mix. After you’re done, put them in the fridge and then enjoy your healthy snack!

20% Fit Girl discount at The Boyscouts

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The Boyscouts have amazing jewelry and are definitely a must-have for every fashiolista, but also for Fit Girls. Their necklaces were part of the goodiebag of the Nike We Own The Night run last year and were received with wild enthusiasm by the thousands of girls participating in the run. Us included! We immediately fell in love with the design and collections of their jewelry and can’t stop thinking about it ever since. Naturally, we’re incredibly excited to share this discount with you!

boyscoutsSpecial Fit Girl Discount

If you go to their site and use the discount FITGIRLCODE20, you will get an exclusive 20% discount on all items. Note that this code is only valid from 9 till 11 February 2015. If you order before the 12th, our dear friends at The Boyscouts will do everything in their power to make sure you still get your item before Valentine’s Day! So you can still surprise the love of your life, or your BFFF to thank her for all the love and support 😉


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This contest will run till 8 February 2015, 3PM Dutch time. Rules and regulations can be read here

Shelley’s food and exercise schedule

My life has been incredibly busy for a couple of years now and that definitely didn’t change when I started my Master studies last September. I asked Santa for an 8th day in the week but unfortunately he wasn’t willing to bend society’s rules for me 😉 However, I still do the very best I can to live a healthy lifestyle and to take care of my body. 

I don’t have ‘normal’ weeks so this food and exercise schedule is really just one individual week for me. Let me sketch my life for you a little bit. My study takes about 40 hours per week and you can find me at the #FITGIRLCODE HQ another 20 hours per week. Then I haven’t even slept yet, and I try to make that at least 7 but ideally 8 hours a night. Moreover, I spend about 12-16 hours per week traveling from Rotterdam (where I live) to Amsterdam (where I study). You can probably imagine that next to studying, working, sleeping, traveling and of course eating and basic stuff like showering and doing groceries, there’s not that much time left to maintain a social life, have some leisure time to relax the mind, and exercise regularly.


Let me be clear that I’m definitely not nagging about my busy life! I love staying busy, a little bit of pressure makes me thrive. And of course life is how you create it to be so if you don’t like it, change it. That is also why I am choosing to have my studies as my #1 priority instead of getting rockhard abs (although I wouldn’t mind having them ;)). At this point in my life the main goal is to earn my Master’s degree with the highest grades possible and to maintain a healthy lifestyle next to that. I eat the foods that are good for my body and energy, but if a cheat presents itself, I’m not always going to shy away from it (which you can also see in my food schedule).

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5X WIN: A personal 12-week body transformation plan

This contest has been closed. The winners are Merel, Lys, Yvonne, Lydia, Godelief, Nina, Anousha, Anneclaire, Michelle and Marit – you have been contacted over email. For those who didn’t win: don’t worry, we got a small surprise coming up for you 😉 Keep checking back on the site, we’ll post an article about it soon!

January is all about reinventing yourself and starting (or continuing) to work on an even more awesome you. Maybe you want to become more confident in your skin, or perhaps you aim to become fitter and more energized. Whatever your goal is, what better way is there to achieve them than to have a personalized, 12-week body transformation plan with someone coaching you? Oh yes, together with StrongFit we are going to make 5 Fit Girls very happy!

2015 is going to be all about you getting to your goals. StrongFit is going to help you with this by designing a personal 12-week body transformation plan together with you. First your current lifestyle will be analyzed, after which feasible and responsible  goals will be set. You’ll get a personalized food and training schedule which you can keep up with in an app for your phone. Daily (online) conversations with your coach will help you in your 12-week journey and will keep you motivated!

So what’s your goal for 2015? Getting killer abs? Losing the love handles? It doesn’t matter what you’re aiming for, StrongFit is going to help you achieve it! Check out the results of others who have tried the StrongFit method. Also, be sure to follow StrongFit on Instagram for tips and a daily dose of motivation.

Although the website is in Dutch, do not worry international Fit Girls! Everyone can participate in this contest. Everything will take place online so that your location does not matter. Now… How to win?


Complete all three steps below:

  1. Like the StrongFit Facebook page.
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  3. Tell us in the comments below why YOU should be one of the five lucky winners.

Aaand go! Tell us why you should win! Contest runs for one week and ends 13 January 2015.

Look what Santa brought us…

Apparently we’ve been good Fit Girls at #FITGIRLCODE HQ! Because Santa brought us some really awesome goodies.. Basically everything we need to kickstart 2015. Here’s what was beneath our #FITGIRLCODE Christmas tree!



Dermalogica multi-active toner

Fit Girl Aranka is completely in love with Dermalogica, and the rest of the team cannot wait to try it out too! Dermalogica is one of the few brands that cares about your skin and your skin only. Their products look simple and luxurious, which makes us love it even more. This multi-active toner will hydrate, refresh and soften a Fit Girl’s skin. Exactly what we need in the winter!






Body & Fit Shop Shake & Smoothie mix

Our Santa at the Body & Fit Shop sensed that we wanted to make 2015 even healthier than 2014 was! Is this even possible? We say hell yeah! The shake & smoothie mix of cacao, cashew and flax is gonna make our yogurts, shakes and smoothies so much more delicious. Because what more does a Fit Girl need than some healthy chocolate in her food? 😉




Colourful Rebel beanie

To keep us warm in the cold, cold winter, we really neeeeded these awesome beanies from Colourful Rebel! Now everyone can see we’re (fit) rebels, hehe. What do you think? Can Fit Girls Nathalie and Shirley pull off the Rebel beanie successfully?


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Christmas discount at #FITGIRLCODE

Christmas is close and Santa Claus is coming to town… Bringing you a 20% discount on all your favorite #FITGIRLCODE items! So be quick, because this discount is only valid for the first 250 orders! Don’t miss out! Use the code SANTA20 to get your 20% discount before it runs out. 

To give you some inspiration, these are some of my favorites which I hope to find under the Christmas tree!

DSC_2406Kopie kopie

Beanie there, done that

The black beanie is definitely on my wish list! It could keep me so warm this Winter.. Please Santa?





Hoodie Pizza Forever

This quote cracks me up every time! How awesome would it be to walk around in this hoodie?!





 Gym bag

I’m in love with our new #FITGIRLCODE duffle bag! I could use this when I go to Elevator Sports or when I’m taking my laundry home to my mom (that’s right.. not ashamed of it – I’m a student ok?) Either way the duffle bag would be so useful!



Now be fast Fit Girls! Only the first 250 orders get the 20% discount on the #FITGIRLCODE shop! And P.S. it’s also valid on Jogha items 😉 

Yay, it’s giveaway contest time!

This contest has been closed. The winners were Lisa (+BFFF) and Desirée (+BFFF).

It’s December and this month is all about giving, right? That’s why we have an awesome giveaway contest lined up for you! And to make it even better… It’s for you AND your BFFF! What are the free goodies you ask? Let me tell you a little bit about it…

Working out at Bodytec LoungeIMG_2822

Bodytec is an awesome new fitness concept that has finally arrived in the Netherlands! I tried it out a while ago and absolutely loved it (that’s me squatting in the picture) – if you’re curious, check out this video at 1:53, where I try out Bodytec myself. The workout is only 20 minutes (perfect for busy Fit Girls) and you get put on a vest with electrodes, which is linked to the Bodytec station. Does this sound scary? It isn’t! It definitely does NOT hurt. They will adjust the impulses to a comfortable intensity and do the training with you, which consists of all the exercises you probably know of like squats, supermans and boxing. The impulses come every couple of seconds and stimulate your muscles like no other workout. One Bodytec workout of 20 minutes equals a 3-hour gym workout. It strengthens your core and works all your muscles at the same time.

Sooo we are going to give you AND your BFFF both 3 free trainings (worth €120,-) at Bodytec Lounge in Amsterdam!

And there is more…

Virtuoos wants you Fit Girls to be as healthy as possible and therefore, you are also both going to get 3 months of probioticum! Probioticum contains good bacteria which will restore balance in your digesting system and makes sure that everything works properly in your body. Probioticum is known to contribute to your health and is widely used among top athletes.

the mermaid tote bag white

There is still more!

As December is all about giving, #FITGIRLCODE is also going to throw in an awesome free goodie: the white Mermaid bag from our very own webshop! Imagine you and your BFFF rocking this bag together… You both get one! How cool is that?





Ok, tell me, how do I participate? >>>


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6x Eating healthy on a budget

A while ago, we got the question from Gladys on how to eat healthy when you’re living on a budget. All those spelt breads, quinoa, and mountains of veggies can become quite costly sometimes. As I am a student, I definitely understand how it is to fit everything within a tight budget and I thought there are probably more Fit Girls dealing with this problem. So, here are 6 ways to keep eating healthy on a budget!

1. Shop at your local market

There’s always a local market somewhere at the place you live in. Depending on where you live, it can be there once or twice a week. Make sure to go there in your break from work or in between classes to shop all your veggies, fruits and superfoods, because believe me: it is so incredibly cheap in comparison to a supermarket. Why pay a euro for 1 avocado in the supermarket when you can have 5 avocados for that same euro at the local market? I’m not even exaggerating, it’s really this cheap! Try out different stalls and compare prices and quality and after a while, you’ll have found your favorite. If you go there at the end of the afternoon, everything is even cheaper because the sellers need to get rid of as many products as possible so they’ll give you a better deal.

2. Don’t shop when you’re hungry

Many of you probably already know this, but we easily buy more food when we’re hungry while shopping. I once went to my local market to buy fruit and veggies while I was really hungry, and I ended up coming home with way too much fruit for one person. I wasn’t able to eat everything before it was starting to go bad, so unfortunately I had to throw some stuff away. That’s a waste of both food and money! Make sure to eat before you go out to do your groceries and stick to your shopping list.

3. Embrace left-overs

Left-overs are amazing! I often deliberately cook more than one portion so I can put the left-overs in the freezer for another day or take them with me the next day for lunch. Never ever throw your left-overs away, it’s not necessary and its such a waste of food. You can buy six plastic boxes to put in the freezer for 2 or 3 euros at stores like Action. Take your left-overs out of the freezer the night before you want to eat them and when it’s dinnertime, warm it up quickly in a pan or in the microwave. If you want, you can also take your left-overs with you to work or school to have it for lunch.

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How I’m doing with cutting the crap

19 days ago I decided to cut the crap out of my food intake for 30 days, with 4 cheat days allowed. Many of you have joined in on Instagram (go Fit Girls!) and together we have been cutting the crap out of our lives. I thought it’d be nice to update you halfway through the process – so here it is!

The hardest thing for me was to stop snacking on chocolate. It wasn’t like I was eating an entire bar every day, but if someone had some chocolatey goodie (chocolate ‘kruidnoten’, mmm) I just couldn’t say no. So that was my  first hurdle: saying no to sweets and unhealthy snacks! I’ll admit, the first four to five days, saying no sucked big time. I was craving sugar! So I started looking up recipes for easy sweet snacks and got some very useful tips from you Fit Girls. My favorite were the chocolate-date balls Nadine told me about – oh my, those are amazing.


On day 2 I went to the market and did some major veggies & fruit shopping to make sure I got enough healthy food to snack on. That was never really a problem before though, I always bought a lot of veggies and fruits, but now just a little bit more. Red bell peppers, apples, kiwis, zucchini, dates, bananas, broccoli, mushrooms, brazilian nuts and a mix of cranberries and various nuts. It’s really cheap if you go to your local market instead of going to the supermarket!

Although it was hard at first, my cravings have seriously dropped to a new low and I can honestly say that my energy went up (way up!). Uni is still incredibly busy but still I’m feeling better and more energized. Of course I haven’t become some superhuman and I’m still really tired at times, but I feel way more capable to cope with my daily high dose of stress and lack of time. I used to fall asleep completely exhausted, and now I’m just tired and satisfied when I hit the pillow. And this is only day 19, imagine how I’ll be feeling at day 30!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep this up after the 30 days end. It feels so good to nourish yourself with the right foods and discover new recipes you love (such as the filled bell pepper recipe, one of my favorites now). I’d love to hear how you are all doing in cutting the crap! Leave a comment below or feel free to check out my Instagram account if you haven’t joined cutting the crap yet.

Will you be joining me? 

Enjoy chocolate while you can!

Chocolate. Our number one best friend. Chocolate equals happiness, joy, temporary love even in some situations…However,  it was recently in the news that chocolate might become priceless (literally) in the future. Don’t panic yet! Let me explain why this doom scenario has been predicted.

Countries like China, India and Brazil are buying increasing amounts of chocolate, while in the Western part of the world, the demand for pure chocolate (Fit Girls everywhere!) is exploding too. This results in a worldwide scarcity of cacao. They are saying that in 2020, we will be short of one million ton of cacao, of which you could make about seven billion chocolate bars. Oh my, that doesn’t sound very good, does it?

If no one takes any action, chocolate could become a luxury product in the future. In the past few years, the price of cacao has already increased a lot, so just imagine how it would be if this scenario plays out. And the thing is, cacao farmers in Africa are very poor, since farming cacao doesn’t really pay that well. So what would be a solution?

Better infrastructure in these countries would help in getting fertilizer for the farmers’ ground, so cacao could be farmed more easily. They also need more land, more training and better loans. Luckily, Hans Perk from organisation Solidaridad is trying to prevent this awful thing from happening! Just in case, I’d say stack up on that raw cacao powder while you still can 😉

Source: nu.nl

What do you think Fit Girls, will chocolate become a luxury product in the future? 

Cutting the Crap for 30 Days

Ever since I started my Master studies two months ago, I have been eating so much crap due to a lack of time and motivation to eat healthy. Like really, you can’t even imagine all that I have stuffed my face with. And I enjoyed it, so there’s really no shame in it, but I do notice that I feel less and less energetic and that I have a lot of ‘bad’ moments in which I feel I just don’t have the energy to keep up with a 40-hour study and a 20-hour job. Which is busy, I know, but nothing I shouldn’t be able to handle if I’m in the right mindset. So yesterday I decided: I’m cutting the crap. 30 days, of which 4 allowed cheat days. Are you with me?

Fueling your body with the right foods can make such an incredible difference, we all know that! And now that I need the energy more than ever, I’m eating all this crap, which makes me even less energetic – something I really can’t be right now. I need all the energy I can get. Cutting back the crap for 30 days will be hard – oh yes, I will probably hate myself at some times for doing this, but hey, I’m quite sure the benefits will outweigh those insignificant moments of despising this.

I was tired of being tired (oh the irony) so I started YESTERDAY. I was already changing my mind about the whole idea half an hour after I came up with it, so I immediately told the #FITGIRLCODE crew about it so it would become a little embarrassing to change my mind after that.. And here I am writing this article, telling you thousands of Fit Girls about it. No way back for me anymore, huh?

Probably I will wake up more than once thinking “Oh God.. What have I done”. And you might too if you decide to join me. But let’s try to remind ourselves of the benefits of persevering – feeling fitter and better just and solely by cutting the crap! This is not about losing weight or getting that sixpack, this is about us feeling better. Cheat days are part of that, otherwise we’ll all go cray cray and eat the entire world’s stock of M&Ms (good for the company, not so good for us). So you get 4 cheat days, plan em whenever you want. Have a birthday or family dinner coming up? No problem. Just take one of your four wildcards and devour whatever comes in your path 😉

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Healthy blueberry muffins

Recently I’ve made these easy and healthy blueberry muffins with a friend, to serve as a snack on our movie night. Healthy muffins? Yeah, they exist. How great is that?

Healthy blueberry muffins

What do you need:

  • 1,5 big bananas or 2 small ones
  • 1 egg
  • 1,5 cup of (uncooked) oatmeal
  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons of baking soda
  • A handful of blueberries

First you pre heat the oven at 200 degrees (Celsius). Then:

  1. Mix the bananas and the egg in a blender until it’s completely smooth.
  2. Now add the baking soda and the cinnamon and blend again.
  3. Pour everything into a bowl and add the oatmeal and blueberries and stir a little with a spoon.
  4. Divide the batter across the muffin cups and put it in the oven for 20 minutes.

Enjoy without any feeling of guilt! Special thanks to Studentenvoer for this awesome and easy recipe!

WIN a Polar Loop activity tracker!

Being a Fit Girl, I always try to make sure I get enough activity during the day. Even if you don’t have enough time to exercise every day (I sure don’t), there are small little things you can do to make sure you move enough, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or bicycling to the office instead of taking the car. The Polar Loop activity tracker is perfect to help you track your activity and make you rethink your day. What makes you move? 

The Polar Loop tracks all your activities, from a simple walk to the refrigerator (hehe) to a hardcore CrossFit workout. It even tracks your movements during your sleep! When you’ve been in one position for too long, it will also encourage you to start moving around again. It’s just like having a tiny personal trainer around your wrist.

On the website, you can keep up a workout log and schedule your sessions. Scheduling when you are going to work out can be very helpful – you actually free up time to make sure you get moving!



Now here’s the best thing: you can WIN one of these babies! Show us on Instagram how you #rethinkyourday by tagging @polarglobal and using the hashtags #rethinkyourday and #polarloop to get your hands on your very own Polar Loop! You even get to choose the color yourself. The contest runs for two weeks until the 27th October, so let’s get started!

#FITGIRLCODE challenges you to show us how you #rethinkyourday and be more active in your daily routine!

This post was created in collaboration with Polar and Fashiolista Agency.

5 unsexy truths about exercising

Working out makes us sexy beasts, we all know that. Isn’t that common knowledge by now? There is some doubt however, whether the sexy beast-mode is activated during or after your workout.. Honestly I find myself to be very unsexy when exercising.. Do you feel me Fit Girls? Here are 5 unsexy truths about exercising of which I’m sure you will recognize some!

1. “Sweat is a sexy glow”

Well… Not always. I don’t find myself particularly sexy when dripping with sweat. It might look really awesome in movies and stuff, but in real life, it’s actually kinda gross to see when you’re leaving behind small pools of sweat.

2. Being chased by actual beasts

Yeah, running is awesome and all, but chances are that if you run in a non-urban area, you are getting chased by animals sometimes. Not kidding. My BFFF and I were once chased by a momma goose which suddenly jumped out of the bushes when we ran past her. Imagine us screaming and running like our lives depended on it – not sexy at all.

3. Sudden bowel movement

Hopefully I’m not the only one, but… What’s up with the sudden bowel movements?! I was running 12k in a race last month, and suddenly my bowels started to come to life. Very, very awkward and uncomfortable, not even to mention very unsexy.

4. The squat fart

I’m not sure which one wins the award for awkwardness, but we’ve all experienced this one. You are going for a good, deep squat, and those damn bowels again decide that this is the moment to release some tension. Voila, there you have it: the squat fart. Sounds familiar?

5. Attacking your meal

Ok, don’t get this wrong, a good appetite is super sexy, but the monster I become when I eat my meal after a heavy workout is definitely not sexy. It’s like I haven’t eaten in years, that much enthusiasm and speed is involved. Recognizable?

Now, of course, these unsexy truths change nothing about the fact that you’re all super awesome for working your ass off every time! Let’s just admit that it ain’t always pretty 😉 Which surely does not matter at all. After all, bitching doesn’t burn calories. Which is exactly what my new favorite sweater says. Buy it here!

sweater bitchin n burning

Special Fit Girl discount on protein and vitamins

Yes, it’s that time again! Shopping with a discount, don’t we all love it? This time we got you a special Fit Girl discount at MyProtein and MyVitamins! Use FITGIRL at the end of your order and get 15% off! I’m sure you won’t have any problem finding something you like on there, but just to be sure, we listed some of our faves for you.


Protein A

 Lemon Cheesecake Protein Bar

Bella recently reviewed the lemon cheesecake protein bar of MyProtein, and she loved it! It helped her deal with her cravings for sinful sweets while it also provided her with some extra protein intake. Perfect for after a workout or as a snack during the day which you won’t have to feel guilty about.




Wheatgrass Powderenergy

Annegeke tried out wheatgrass powder from MyVitamins and wrote about the benefits of using it. She used the powder in her favorite smoothie so you can get used to the taste. Wheatgrass will help you to boost your immunity, kill harmful bacteria in your digestive system and rid your body of waste. Why not try it out yourself?



protein cookie

Protein Cookie

Wait, what? Protein COOKIE? Hell yeah. This is the perfect combo of sweet and nutritious. I’d say you take this chance and get these babies with a 15% discount!





Don’t forget to use FITGIRL at the end of your order! What are you going to buy?


Special offer: Free HIIT training workout video’s

Did you know about the Willeke Zorg Workout Club yet? Well, you should, because you can get some free online workouts there together with your BFFF! Allow me to explain who Willeke Zorg is and why you should go do her 12-minute hiit training workout video’s with your BFFF as soon as possible.

Willeke Zorg understands that you have been a little bit lazy this summer, laying on a beach, sipping cocktails, enjoying the sun.. But she also wants to help you get back on track again. That’s why she now offers the ‘Team Up!’ program in which you and your BFFF can workout together. When you both sign up at the website, you can see when the other has worked out and when she didn’t. So no more excuses, your BFFF is watching you!

Special #FITGIRLCODE offer

We got all you Fit Girls an offer you can’t refuse! If you team up with your BFFF, you each receive one month free Premium Membership. Didn’t find your BFFF yet or do you prefer to roll solo? No worries! This offer applies to individual Fit Girls as well! Did you get the hang of it after the first month? Great!

  • You can continue training two more months for only 7,95 EUR instead of 15,90 EUR.* That’s pretty awesome right?
  • After the first three months your membership will turn into a Premium Membership of 7,95 EUR per month.



Your results will be kept up to date at the website, but you can also track your progress with an app you can download on your phone. Now here’s the best thing about these workouts: they are only 12 minutes. Willeke bases her workouts on the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principle, which she encountered in the USA. These workouts are available for you online, so you can do your workout wherever you are and virtually connect with your BFFF. And after three months of following the program, you both will get a nice surprise!

What can you expect? All kinds of exercises are being incorporated in your daily workout. Check out a sample video of a medium workout below!

If you have any questions, please contact us. To sign up, get your fit ass over here! Are you guys ready to become the fittest version of yourself? Go Fit Girls!


* If you don’t want to continue your membership after the first month, you can unsubscribe instantly. You’ll receive an e-mail with the offer to continue training for a special price for two more months. If you don’t respond to this e-mail your membership will end automatically.


We’ve all been there – you go to a city you’ve never been before and you don’t know where to go. Where can you get the best smoothies? Where do you go for a healthy lunch? Where should you show off your dansmoves? DELI Amsterdam now has the solution for you: a personal and tailored overview of all the places in Amsterdam that you would be interested in going to. So no more wandering around and hoping this cafe will have spelt bread on their menu, now you know where to go in advance!

Last week, I went into the city with DELI Amsterdam and I have to say, I had a really awesome day. Tailored to my Fit Girl preferences, they followed me around while I went to Dr. Blend, SLA, Adidas, Run2Day, the Bodytec lounge and Cottoncake. I think most of these names pretty much speak for themselves 😉 Let me tell you that it was definitely a fit day in Amsterdam! I ate really healthy and delicious food and had the best smoothies at Dr. Blend, SLA and Cottoncake, worked my ass off at Bodytec and got some new running shoes from Saucony at Run2Day.

So to all Fit Girls going to or even living in Amsterdam: go explore the city! Find the best smoothie bar or the most awesome gym (I had a great workout at Bodytec). DELI Amsterdam is a free service so what’s holding you back? Go to their website to see what you should be doing in Amsterdam.

Check out my #24HOURSINTHECITY with DELI below 🙂

Fannetiek’s yummy raw chocolate brownies

I’m a sucker for chocolate, so when I saw ‘raw chocolate brownies’ on the blog of Fannetiek, I was immediately sold (picture me heavy breathing). I. Must. Make. These. And so I did! These awesome and delicious brownies only require 5 ingredients and since they’re raw, you don’t need an oven! Perfect, right?

So what do I need?

It takes you only a short trip to the market or a quick visit to the Body & Fit Shop to get the ingredients you need. Go and get the following:

Make sure all the nuts are unroasted, it’s healthier and we’re making raw chocolate brownies, after all.

Ok, got it. What do I do?

Get out your blender or food processor, it’s time to grind everything up!

  1. Blend the walnuts untill there is a flour-like, somewhat sticky substance left. It will still be a tiny bit chunky.
  2. Add the raw cacao powder, the dates (without the pits) and the salt and blend again. Watch out with the salt – I added a bit too much, so my brownies were a bit salty (still delicious though!). Check whether the mix is sticky enough, otherwise you can add some more dates.
  3. Now step away from the blender/food processor and chop up the almonds. You do not blend them with the rest but throw in the chunks and stir them through the mix.
  4. Get a small plastic box or an oven dish – you can decide for the size yourself, I had about a 15×15 box so my brownies were very thick. You can also go for a larger box and make the brownies a bit flatter. Cover the bottom and sides with baking paper.
  5. Put your creation in the box and make sure to really flatten every layer with a spoon. Press really hard to make it all a coherent whole. I didn’t press hard enough so my brownies sometimes fell apart when I ate them.
  6. Now let it sit in the freezer for an hour, and voila, there you have your raw chocolate brownies!

These delicious babies are super easy to make and the preparations don’t take up a lot of time. They are perfect as a healthy snack during the day or as a treat when your BFFF comes over for a cup of tea! Enjoy Fit Girls!

Source: Fannetiek.nl

30 Day Arm Challenge Video

We’re well past the half of the 30 Day Arm Challenge! How are you doing? Fit Girl Suus and Tizi wanted to share their progress with you and work out together. That’s why we made a 30 Day Arm Challenge video! Check it out below.

Let’s go through the exercises one more time!


Make sure to keep your back straight at all times. Push-ups can be really, really hard, so don’t worry about it when you can’t do many in one row. Take breaks whenever you feel you really need one. If regular push-ups are too hard to complete, try the knee push-ups. This way you will still be able to finish the challenge, but won’t overburden your muscles.

Reverse push-ups

Ouch, this one is a real b*tch. Try to keep your body straight as a plank and flex your abs while doing the reverse push-up. Make sure that your booty doesn’t touch the ground everytime you go down. You might feel ridiculous while doing the reverse push-up, but think of that badass body you’re working to get 😉

Kettlebell lifts

Flex your entire core while doing the kettlebell lifts. Don’t choose a weight that’s too heavy, it will make you move too much while the focus should be on your arms only – but don’t make it easy for yourself either!

Click here for the entire 30 day schedule and for more explanation on how to do the exercises. Also don’t forget to follow us on the #FITGIRLCODE YouTube channel! We’re gonna post vids regularly.



Tag your pics with #FITGIRLCHALLENGE and show us your progress in the 30 Day Arm Challenge! We love to see how you are doing, no matter which day you’re at. Keep up the good work girl!