3 Different types of training

There are many, many different ways of working out. There’s running, yoga, CrossFit, HIIT, LISS, Les Mills, dancing, oh I can keep on going. So what does it all involve? What type of training suits you best? Let me enlighten you a little bit about 3 types of training in specific: LISS, Les Mills and HIIT. 


LISS stands for Low Intensity Steady State. This is a type of cardio that doesn’t put a lot of stress on the body. Think of taking a long walk at a steady pace or climbing long stairs. Does this count as a workout? Definitely! Kayla Itsines talks about LISS in her Bikini Body Training Guide and explains that walking burns the least calories, but the most fat per calorie, in comparison to jogging and running. Hard to believe (yeah, I saw that frown)? Well, fat needs oxygen for it to be metabolized for energy. The lower the intensity of the workout, the more oxygen there is for your body to use for the metabolization process. So you do burn less calories by going for a long walk with the dog or the bf, but the calories you burn, burn more fat! Plus, it will boost your metabolism too. Although it won’t make you sweat, LISS is a very good workout to do every once in a while.

Les Mills

Les Mills has become quite famous! It was named after Leslie Mills, four-time Olympian. What you can basically expect is a very sweaty and intense workout, which will push you to the next level! They even call it a revolution, a community, a life-changing experience. Sounds good, doesn’t it? This music-based workout will make you sweat like a pig but hey, sweaty is the new sexy, right? Les Mills is definitely worth trying out. I know several people who are seriously addicted to it!


HIIT is something that probably more of you know already. It stands for High Intensity Interval Training, which the #FITGIRLCODE crew does every week at Elevator Sports. In a HIIT workout, you will be challenged and you will be exploring your boundaries. These short interval exercises will take everything you have, but you will love it in the end, trust me!

If you want to try out a HIIT workout, a good opportunity would be to try out one at the Willeke Zorg Workout Club! You can try out a free online workout at her website. And it gets even better: you can do this at home AND with your BFFF. AND you get one month of free Premium Membership if you and your BFFF team up together. How awesome is that? Check out our previous blog post for more info!

What is your favorite type of training?

Last chance to WIN a #FITGIRLCODE hoodie!

Did you already know that you can win a #FITGIRLCODE hoodie this weekend? Come join us at the Rock & Run and spot the Fit Girls! Who knows, that hoodie might be all yours next week.. Imagine yourself nice and cozy in those upcoming Fall and Winter months..

So let me remind you how it works: spot as many Fit Girls as you can this weekend on the Rock & Run and send your pictures to us. The one who spotted the most Fit Girls wins a #FITGIRLCODE hoodie! Easy peasy, right? Check here for more details.

Besides the fact that you obviously want that hoodie, there are many more reasons to participate in the Rock & Run! It’s going to be a super awesome running event at which you can run either 6 or 12km. Music is going to be everywhere while you run, and even after the run there will be a big line-up waiting for you!

Also, part of the revenues go to the LiveBuild project, a project that aims to improve polluted water in Cameroon. If that doesn’t convince you to come, I don’t know what will.

Get your ticket below! Hope to see you Sunday!



Things you should never ask a Fit Girl

Living a fit and healthy lifestyle is or once was new to all of us. We’ve now grown accustomed to eating our veggies, cooking healthy meals and working out several times a week. However, the people surrounding us never seem to get accustomed to it at all.. Am I right? I keep getting the same questions and remarks over and over again! That’s why I have compiled a list of 6 questions you should never ask a Fit Girl. 

1. Are you really going to work out againAre you really going to keep asking me this?

2. (At night, cooking food for lunch prep) What on earth are you doing, cooking food this time of the day?

3. (After they noticed the good smell of what’s cooking) Can I have some too?

4. Why do you work out so much? Really? Can’t think of any good reason yourself?

5. Do you ever eat something unhealthy? Yes, I am still a human.

6. Aren’t you afraid you are going to become super bulky, like Arnold Schwarzenegger-bulky? 

Which question is the most recognizable for you? Any more questions you should never ask a Fit Girl? 

How sugar affects your brain

Sugar, it’s everywhere. Seriously, it’s in yogurt, flavoured waters, even granola bars. Just check the labels of your groceries and look for sucrose, glucose, dextrose, lactose, maltose or starch – it’s all sugar. Besides that we know that sugar is bad for your health, have you ever wondered how it affects your brain? I found this awesome video that explains it perfectly, so allow me to explain it to you!

Ok, so let’s walk through the process. The moment something containing sugar (which is basically almost everything) hits your tongue, your sweet taste receptors are being activated. They then send a signal to your brain stem, which leads it to several spots in the so-called forebrain. Your cerebral cortex will recognize the taste of sweet, thereby pressing the ON button of your reward system. I’m sure you recognize that warm fuzzy feeling, making you think ‘ooooh this is SO good!’, making you want more of it. The same goes for socializing, sex and drugs – those also activate that same reward system.



We all have those days (at least once a month) when you’d like, no you need to eat everything you can find. However, you can also overactivate your reward system if you eat too much sugar too often. This results in you experiencing a loss of control, cravings, and an increase of sugar tolerance. That ain’t pretty, is it?

Next to that, sugar causes a release of dopamine in your brain, an important chemical which plays the star role in your reward system. Drugs like alcohol, nicotine and heroïne also cause a release of dopamine, but more violently than sugar. They send the release of dopamine in overdrive, leading some people to continue to seek that high. In other words, it’s addictive. Sugar thus works in a similar way, although way less extreme. If you eat too much sugar, the dopamine reaction in your brain will not level out, which makes it that eating sugar will continue to feel like being rewarded. However, let’s remark that eating a piece of chocolate cake every once in a while won’t make you an addict – you’ll be just fine 😉



Do you know even more about how sugar affects your brain? We’d love to hear! 


Spot the Fit Girls at Rock & Run!

The #FITGIRLCODE crew will be present at yet another event – this time the Rock & Run in Amsterdam the 14th September! Not only will we be running a couple of kilometers, but we will also have a stand where we are selling the #FITGIRLCODE bags. So tell me Fit Girl, do you want to have an awesome day with us, get your #FITGIRLCODE bag (you’re saving on the shipping costs, yay), and run for a good cause? Come join us at the Rock & Run!

Yeah, you read that right, you’d be running for a good cause! Rock & Run donates part of their revenues to LiveBuild, a project that aims to lower the rate of child mortality as a consequence of polluted water with 20 percent. Their Children’s Hygiene Intervention Program (CHIP) supports 24 villages in improving their hygienic situation and sanitary facilities. So if you run along, you will actually be contributing to less polluted water for a village in Cameroon. Run Fit Girl, run!

Of course the #FITGIRLCODE crew will be running as well, but before and after the run (during the awesome music gigs), we will also be selling the infamous bags! If you want one of these babies and save on shippings costs, come and visit us at the Rock & Run to get your favorite. But wait! There is more!

Spot the Fit Girl

We will be present with 13 members of the #FITGIRLCODE crew, all wearing #FITGIRLCODE tees. If you spot us, be sure to take a picture with us. The person who has spotted the most Fit Girls wins a #FITGIRLCODE hoodie! Yay! So how does it work exactly?

  1. Spot as many Fit Girls as you can. We will be recognizable by our #FITGIRLCODE t-shirts. If you see us, come say hi and take a picture together. After the event, make sure to email us the photos you have taken with all the Fit Girls you spotted.
  2. Post on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #fitgirlcode and #rockandrun.
  3. Tell us why you should win the #FITGIRLCODE hoodie.

Get your tickets to the Rock & Run event below! See you there!

Shop the Thursday look

It’s Thursday, meaning that it’s almost weekend! Ok, two days to go, but still, we’re already past the half of the week. Of course the weekend means that you can finally relax a little and do things you haven’t had time for during the week, but even better, you have some time to work out. Time to shop some pretty workout gear! I have lined up some of my favorites from The Hut for you. 




Shades of Red

This running shirt from Nike has the perfect shade in between red and pink. With its flat seams you won’t get bothered by irritation or chafing – sounds good, doesn’t it? I definitely love this one!







Badass Black

This short from Nike looks pretty badass to me. And the best thing about it is that it is on SALE! Get it now while you still can so you can shine in the gym or on the tracks.






Pretty in Pink

Ok, I know I have already talked about these in my other article, but I seriously keep coming back to them. Hmm, maybe I should just get them already…




Elegantly Black

This sports bra is so cute! All my sports bras are always in the laundry basket, I really need to get some more so I won’t have this problem over and over again. This one from Lija might be the next addition to my workout wardrobe!



Tote Original ZWART (1)




Well, I don’t need to explain where this one is from, do I? Our very own Original Bag suits any outfit perfectly!




Which one is your favorite?

Sticker contest time! Win a #FITGIRLCODE goodiebag!

STICKER CONTEST! Oh yes, we have #FITGIRLCODE stickers! And we’d love to see you stick them  in the most original and creative way on your favorite items and in cool places! That’s why we made a contest… The prize? A #FITGIRLCODE goodiebag. Can this even get more awesome?


How does the contest work?

  • Get 2 #FITGIRLCODE stickers for FREE with your order, or get them for only 2 EUR (incl. shipping costs) at our webshop.
  • Stick that sticker! Stick it on an object or in a cool place in the most creative, original and funny way you can think of. You get to stick two of these babies so choose your targets wisely! Every person counts as one entry.
  • Take a good picture and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #fitgirlstickers and #fitgirlcode. Tell us why you chose to put your sticker there and maybe you’ll be the proud new owner of a #FITGIRLCODE goodiebag!


Every two months we will pick the most original Fit Girl as the winner, so the next winner will be chosen at the end of November 2014. So stick your sticker in the most creative and original way and maybe you’ll be one of the winners!

Happy sticking!


Your inner critic

Last night I came home from a workout and was contemplating about my progress in the last few months. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed some slight improvements here and there, but nothing phenomenal. However, I did realize that I was much more comfortable and more satisfied about my appearance. And that was when I realized that the only one whose opinion really matters is that of your inner critic.

It’s not like I look in the mirror now and think “Daaaayum girl, you so fine, looking like freakin’ Beyonce over there!” No. It’s more like a “Hmm that’s quite ok, seeing progress, way to go!” Of course I have days that I really don’t like my belly or feel my thighs are too big. But don’t we all have those? Probably more than we like. And guess what? You are the only one who can convince that inner critic of yours to stop complaining and start appreciating!

Even if you don’t like your love handles or feel insecure about your tummy, you should realize that you are beautiful! And you are trying to improve those aspects you don’t like of yourself, so give yourself some credit for that. Don’t link your progress to numbers on the scale, but link it to your satisfaction about yourself. Let’s name it the Mirror Progress. How much do you like what you see in the mirror? Do you feel more confident about yourself? Do you feel that you have gotten that special glow from feeling good in your skin? That’s really what it’s all about. You can look at that scale all you want, but if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, becoming fit isn’t gonna help you feel better.

To all the Fit Girls worldwide, you are all beautiful in your own unique way, and I hope you realize that as well! Let’s stop measuring our progress by the scale and let’s start measuring it by the mirror. Ask yourself this everytime you want to measure progress:

  1. How much do I like what I see?
  2. How do I feel looking at myself in the mirror?
  3. How confident am I about myself?

You are awesome. Don’t let yourself forget that, not even once!

5 tips to stay fit on holiday

There are all kinds of temptations when you are on a holiday. Food, wine, desserts… Not to mention just sitting on your ass all day at the beach 🙂  As a Fit Girl, of course you want to stay on track during your holiday, but how do you do that? Here are 5 tips to stay fit on holiday.


Try to eat the healthy alternative. At the dessert table there are a lot of super delicious, tempting and creamy desserts, but if you can break through your initial staring-and-drooling reaction, you will notice there is a lot of fruit as well! I am not going to pretend that I like fruit more than chocolate cake, but you can try and combine the two so you have a smaller portion. Another option is to make a deal with yourself that you get to take one treat a day, which can either be an alcoholic beverage, ice cream, a burger, basically whatever you like.

Work out in a different way. A good swim is one hell of a workout, and so can be climbing steps or going surfing. There is so much for you to discover in a foreign country, why not combine admiring the beauty of your surroundings with some solid exercise? Or go for a breath-taking (figuratively and literally 😉 ) run at the beach or in the mountains. If you really prefer to spend your days at the beach, challenge those handsome locals for a game of beach volleyball!


Try out the hotel gym. If it’s too hot to exercise outside, often hotels have a well-equipped gym which you can use as a guest. Go for a nice and intense workout and use what’s available! You can go for a couple of miles on the treadmill or go crazy with the weights.

Drink lots of water! Water is super important, especially in a warm country. You are sweating more than usually, so you have to take into account that your body needs more fluids as well. Water is  the healthiest and often the cheapest option when you are on holiday!

Download some apps to help you stay on track. Bella already wrote an article on the best apps to stay fit on holiday, so check out which ones are suitable for you and which you think will keep you on track.

foto 1

We know it’s tough to stay fit on holiday, but we believe in you! You can do this! Don’t forget to tag your photos with #fitgirlsummer and #justdoit so we can see all your pretty and awesome workout pictures outside. We love to see how you Fit Girls are doing on holiday! Post your pictures on Instagram and Twitter and be sure to use the hashtags. We are looking forward to see you being the badass you are and chasing the summer with us!

Healthy home made chocolate

Chocolate is definitely my all-time favorite thing in the world. You can even wake me up for it in the middle of the night! Unfortunately, chocolate isn’t all that good for you… frowny face. Of course there is always dark chocolate as a good substitute, but there’s a way to make it even better: healthy home made chocolate! Wait…What? Rewind!!! Yes, you read it… H E A L T H Y chocolate. Brought to you by Studentenvoer, this recipe is amazingly simple.

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Melt the coconut oil in a small pan on a small fire
  2. Add the raw cacao powder and stir it really well
  3. Add the agave syrup/honey and stir again
  4. Put the melted chocolate in an icecube frame – you can add the hazelnuts too
  5. Put them in the freezer for 2 hours – after this, you can keep them in the fridge
  6. Enjoy this sensation for the tastebuds!


Now you can eat your chocolate or you give at as a present to your friends… Haha as if!
ry it and let us know what the results look like, we’re really curious. Looking for more sweet inspiration? Check out these Square lemon pistachio squares

Get your 10% discount at Body & Fit – only today!

We looove the Body & Fit Shop! Especially today – there is a 10% discount on all products. Oh my! I’d say get your favorites while you can still save some money on them! Here are my five favorites which I am going to order today. Enter ZOMERKORTING at the end of your order and voila! 

    1. Peanut butter
      Seriously, who doesn’t love peanut butter? This one from the Body & Fit Shop is 100% peanuts. Super healthy and delicious!
    2. Whey Perfection
      I always drink a protein shake after my workout, so getting a discount on some whey protein definitely comes in handy! If you’re not sure if and why you should drink protein shakes, check out the article I’ve written.
    3. Smart bars
      A perfect snack if you’re craving something sweet but still want to stay on the healthy track. A smart bar is high in protein and low in carbs, so it satifies your cravings while nourishing your body!
    4. Coconut oil
      I’ve been wanting to order this for a while now. I still cook with olive oil, but I know coconut oil has many more benefits and is way healthier. Gonna try this one out now that there’s a discount.
    5. Pure cocoa nibs
      For a sweet tooth like me, cocoa nibs are like heaven. You can put these in your oatmeal, banana bread, healthy muffins, basically anything!

Don’t forget to enter the code ZOMERKORTING at the end of your order!

Which products are you going to get?

How to get rockhard abs

Recently, we got a question from Ana about how to work on your abs. She was wondering whether it was true that she should first focus on cardio in order to lose some fat around the belly and avoid ab exercises until then. Since the tummy is the most common area that we women worry about, I dived into Ana’s question and discovered the 3 pillars for rockhard abs. 

The ugly truth

Although we would really love it for this to be true, you can’t only target your abdominal area during a work out and expect to have a sixpack in a couple of months. Consider it part of the abfairy myth – your body doesn’t work that way. What you can do however, is work your entire body (in different ways, let me come to that later) and enjoy the results. But it’s not only exercising that paves the way to killer abs. It’s much more than that.

Food, cardio and strength

I went to our own Fit Girl Chris for advice, after all, she has the hardest abs in town. She told me that she actually did not even target her abs in particular, but that they came with the entire package of a healthy lifestyle. Chris combined eating healthy, doing cardio and working her ass off in strength training and there they were: the desired-by-many-rockhard-abs. So to answer Ana’s question directly: there is no need to focus on cardio only until you have lost whatever you want to lose. Start with the complete picture: cut the crap out of your daily eating routine and start eating the right foods, do regular cardio workouts, but also engage in strength training. Even though you won’t be able to actually see your abs until the fluffy parts of your tummy are gone, you should still work on them in the process. You don’t have to do only your abs in particular – train your entire body, because your abs are mostly getting trained with other exercises too.

Besides the fact that strength training makes you fit instead of skinny, building muscle helps speed up your metabolism. When you’re lifting weights in the gym, you’re building muscles that need energy – more energy than usual. This means that even if you are on the couch after a heavy workout, you’re still burning through calories and energy. These same muscles will also be burning more while you’re going for your cardio work out, so losing weight will also go faster if that’s your goal. You see how you are winning here? Now eat healthy food and you are well on your way to a set of awesome abs.

Every body is different

Although it worked for Chris, do remember that every body is different. She didn’t need to target her abs in particular, but it might be the case for you that you need to do some extra in order to get your abs. And then there is a gene factor to take into account: some abs will be more visible than others. They all have a slightly different shape or definition. Don’t take someone else as your example and say: “I want exactly that”. Your body works in its own ways, so appreciate that and find a way that works best for you.

And remember, if you need a little help to start working on those abs, check out the #FITGIRLCODE ab challenge! Good luck!

The Nike+ Fuelband SE

The new Nike+ Fuelband SE is available in the Netherlands since today, and #FITGIRLCODE will be testing these awesome babies! The Nike+ Fuelband gives you insight into your daily activities and the effects of them. I have only been wearing one for a couple of hours now, and I am absolutely in love with it! 

The Nike+ Fuelband measures all your daily activities, from walking to running to dancing at your favorite club – name it and it is measured. And it does not only track how much you move, but also the intensity of it and how often you do it. You can even set a reminder that if you sit still for a while, your Nike+ fuelband will remind you to move again! It is like having your BFFF sitting next to you, encouraging you to stay fit and cheering you on when you engage in an activity. When I started hysterically dancing around to test it, it displayed “GO SHELLEY” – how awesome is that?!

You can connect your Nike+ fuelband with your computer and your smartphone, keeping you up to date about your progress and activities. Your fuelband itself displays your Nike fuelpoints, hours won in a day, burned calories, steps taken and the time of the day. You can set a goal regarding your fuelpoints and your new BFFF will display how far along you are in reaching your goal.

#FITGIRLCODE will be testing out this cool gadget over the coming weeks, so we’ll let you know whether it is a good addition to your work out experience. My friends are probably going to be driven completely insane by me shouting how many fuelpoints I have every 5 minutes, but ah well, a (Fit) Girl has got to make sacrifices. 😉


Nike shoes with a Fit Girl discount

A true Fit Girl always needs (ok… wants) more sportswear, and what is better than to buy it with a discount? Remember last week, when we had a Fit Girl discount for you at the 9 holiday must-packs? Well, that exclusive Fit Girl discount code is valid until tomorrow (31st of July) so why not use this chance to finally get those Nike shoes from your wishlist! If you use FITGIRLCODE15 at the end of your order, you will get 15% off the total amount if you are a new customer at The Hut. I have lined up my personal absolute favorites for you. 




Air Pegasus

These immediately caught my eye. The red and black are a perfect combination and would really toughen up your sport outfit!







Zoom Structure

I am in love!! These are perfect for running in the summer. Their pink-ish color combined with the purple and yellow makes it a very summery shoe. How I wish I had the money this month to buy these babies!






Zoom Pegasus

What can I say? I’d love to add these to my work out wardrobe! Especially since you don’t see blue that much, so they would really stand out in an outfit.






Zoom Structure

Oeh, these are must-haves for every Fit Girl out there. The pink and the leopard print make them really girly, but then again, they are also quite tough. A good mix if you ask me.







More and more you see purple appearing in the gym! And I love it. These purple Lunarglides are beautiful eyecatchers and lighten up every sport outfit.




Which ones are your favorites? Don’t forget that FITGIRLCODE15 is only valid until the 31st of July!

Last chance to win the FRENDS goodies!

UPDATE: the contest is now closed and we ‘re going to read aaaaallll your comments to select a winner. Stay tuned!


The FRENDS giveaway ends tomorrow, so don’t miss your chance to win these awesome goodies! The Layla headphones and Ella earbuds are worth €220,- and you can win BOTH for you and your BFFF! Yes, that’s right, the winner gets two prizes! So go enter the contest now before it’s too late!

Because we love FRENDS and because we know you do too, we have a very special giveaway for you. We’re giving away two items so you can share the prizes with your BFFF! These headphones and earbuds are the perfect mix between fashion and function and are definitely must-haves. So what are you waiting for?! Tell us why you should win at the contest page!

Why you should participate in the FRENDS giveaway

The FRENDS goodies are just too pretty not to try to win the contest.

Think of the face of your BFFF when you surprise her with the headphone or earbuds.

You will rock the gym, streets, tracks, well basically you’ll rock any place with these babies.

Win these awesome FRENDS goodies!

WE’RE HAVING ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! This time you can win these awesome FRENDS headphone and earbuds worth €220,- for you and your BFFF. What?! Yes, the winner will receive two prizes! What do you have to do to enter the contest? It’s real easy!  

Win the FRENDS goodies for you and you BFF(F)!

FRENDS’ mission is to find the perfect mix between fashion and function, and we believe they did with their stunning headphones and earbuds. These babies are not only functional, but they will also turn the heads of everyone who passes you by. We ♥ FRENDS and we know you do too.. So we wanna give you two of these masterpieces! But first, you gotta do something to earn it!

The awesome prizes

frends giveaway collage

We are giving away not one, but two items. One for you and one for your best fit friend forever! Do you want to win the Frends Layla headphones and Ella earbuds? Follow these easy steps!


    • Like the #FITGIRLCODE Facebook page
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    The awesome thing of this giveaway is, you can share the goodies with your BFF(F)! After all, you’re winning a Layla headphone and Ella earbuds so there’s plenty for two 😉 Tag her in the giveaway post on the social media platform of your pick: Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tell us why you two should win.
  • Subscribe to the #FITGIRLCODE newsletter 
  • Comment below and tell us why you are a Fit Girl and why you and your BFFF should win the FRENDS goodies. We love to hear all your awesome and inspiring stories so bring them on!

The winner will be chosen on the 30th of July, so you have one week to convince us you and your BFFF should be rocking the headphone and earbuds.

What are you waiting for?! Go and enter the contest… NOW!



Get your #FITGIRLCODE bag at Boothstock Festival

Have you always wanted to have your own #FITGIRLCODE bag? Missed out on the giveaway a while ago? Well, now there is a new opportunity! #FITGIRLCODE will be present at the Boothstock Festival in Rotterdam the 2nd of August and will be selling a bunch of these awesome bags!

Boothstock is a yearly summer festival, presenting an amazing house and techno line-up for you this year. But not only do they make sure there’s good music for you to dance on; they also provide a great food line-up! They even have a satay bar.. Mmm, I know what I’m gonna get! Plan your cheat moment well, this festival is going to be awesome.

Even better is the fact that we will finally be able to make some of you happy with more #FITGIRLCODE bags! We will have a small, cute stand at Boothstock where you can buy your bag and take a fun photo with your BFFF or with the #FITGIRLCODE team. It’s all up to you!

Make sure to visit us when you’re there, and don’t forget to buy your ticket soon. The bags will be limited so don’t wait too long to come and get yours!


Timetable poster 2014 DEF Low_Res

Why too much is never a good idea

I’d be the first one to encourage you to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Really, fruit is oh-so good for you, exercising makes you happy and I’m proud of you for taking nuts as a snack instead of potato chips. But there’s a limit to everything – too much is never a good idea, of anything. There’s no such thing as too healthy, but there can be too much fruit, too much exercising and too much nuts.  

Ever since I read this article from Jelmer de Boer (sorry international Fit Girls, it’s in Dutch) I have been thinking about writing this blog. Jelmer argues that it’s ridiculous that people put 14 different kinds of fruit in their oatmeal in the morning and wants us to sober up our bowl of oatmeal. And to be honest, I kinda agree. Of course you should do with your oatmeal what you want, but sometimes I feel it’s just getting out of hand. Now, we offer you a lot of inspiration with our blogs to vary your oatmeal, but too much of anything is never good!

We all know that avocado’s are small pieces of heaven sent to us from above, and I delight in them regularly, but that doesn’t mean I should eat them all day long. Yes, they are healthy, but too much of it leads you to take in too much fat through your food. The same goes for nuts; I love to eat a handful of almonds every once in a while, but them being healthy doesn’t give me a free pass to snack on them all day long. In 50g of almonds, there are 300 calories, 10g of protein, 5g carbs, and 26g of fatties. Are they healthy? Hell yeah! But that doesn’t mean you can eat a limitless amount of them and still expect to be healthy or lose weight.

Anna already mentioned in her article that too much exercising isn’t good as well. Your body needs some time to repair and needs the rest, instead of continuous exercising. Too much of it will only strain your muscles and result in injuries. My point is: too much of anything is never a good idea. So, lovely Fit Girls, add some variation to your life and food! You’re on the right track eating so healthy and exercising regularly, but don’t forget to spice up your routine every once in a while. I’m sure you can think of a better healthy snack than all those nuts and apples every day 😉 And if you do have any tips, be sure to share them with us too. We’re always learning! 

6 rules of the gym etiquette

We’ve all been there, that moment when you’re at the gym and you are so incredibly annoyed by some things other people do. Maybe you are the annoyed, or perhaps you are the annoyer… The point is, there is a certain set of unwritten rules that you should follow at the gym. After all, you are not the only one working your butt off there, so let’s make it a little bit easier for each other! Here are 6 rules of the gym etiquette. 

1. Use deodorant

Really, use some deodorant. Of course, your sweat “is a sexy glow” and “it is your fat crying”, but it doesn’t smell so good. Nothing to worry about when you’re by yourself, but it’s not so nice to the person next to you. Deodorant won’t get rid of all the odors but it masks the funkiest smells!

2. Wipe off the equipment you used

When we’re still on the subject of sweating, please wipe off the equipment you used. There’s nothing more disgusting than lying in someone else’s sweat. Even if you don’t think you sweat that much, you still leave your mark behind. And it’s not that much effort to swipe that towel back and forth for 5 seconds right?

3. Don’t stare!

This goes for everyone: guys to girls, girls to girls, girls to guys, guys to guys… Seriously, don’t stare. It’s awkward. People are there working their bodies, so if you’re staring at them, they will either think you are creepy and might jump them in the locker room or that you are ridiculing them. Even if a girl is wearing only a sports bra and is exposing her tummy, she’s not inviting you to stare at it. She’s just warm and needs to release some heat.

4. Don’t ridicule others

This might sound common sense, but in reality, I see too many #gymfails passing by on social media. Of course it can be funny when someone totally misunderstands the purpose of a machine, but they are trying and they can’t do everything right the first time. To ridicule others who are new, like you once were too, is just sad. Instead, smile and go over there to help! Who knows, maybe they know a secret exercise that you don’t 😉

5. Stop taking so many selfies

You’re there to work out, not to take a fotoshoot. The occasional selfie is allowed (we know you have to have some material for your Instagram account), but don’t overdo it. Especially not while you’re still occupying a machine – someone else might be waiting for you to finish your workout so he or she can use it, so take that perfect snap somewhere else. And by the way, if you’re still looking cute and adorable during your workout, you’re not working hard enough.

6. Don’t make eye contact with people on certain machines…

Please, please, please, avoid this intense awkwardness.

What do you think is the #1 rule of the gym etiquette? 

9 holiday must-packs (plus a surprise)

This summer a lot of Fit Girls are taking a break from their busy lives and are going on a well-deserved holiday. Chris already talked you through how to survive an all inclusive vacation, but what about the packing problem all women experience? What do you take with you? Fit Girl Nathalie and I came up with some must-packs for your holiday. Oh, and we have a little surprise for you at every must-pack 😉



You will need a bag to carry all of your stuff. Of course you always want to look fashionable even when travelling, so we’ve picked this fabulous bag with some nice stars.

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On a summer holiday a girl cannot go without a dress. For those hazy nights, it is always nice to wear something that is light. This dress is perfect for those nights and this color will highlight your summer tan.

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A perfect summer hat to protect your head from turning too red and your locks from harmful UV-rays.

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This super cute top is definitely a must-pack. Wear it with shorts and combine it with the hat!

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Well, I probably don’t have to tell you what to combine this with, right? It’s the perfect holiday outfit!

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