3. Shovel Lungessnowy workout



To help cutting down on the potential back injuries and limiting the number of reps of squats that you’ll be forced to do, try pushing the snow instead of lifting it. While you’re at it, bend your knees until they make up 90 degree angle or at least go as low as your outfit allows you.

4. Shovel Deadliftssnowy workout

The last exercise of the snowy workout is for the professional snow shovelers out there. But if you aren’t used to the weight-lifting, carefully try a couple of deadlifts with the shovel full of snow. Keep your feet a bit more than shoulder-width apart and maintain a little strength in the knees. Grip your shovel slightly further from your legs and hinge at the hips, keeping the back straight and the chest lifted as you scoop up the snow. Go from the heels as you straighten your back up, and squeeze the glutes while you thrust the hips and return to standing position.

Now all you have to do is grab the largest shovel you can find and go have your snowy workout today or unfortunately, wait by the window until it starts snowing.

No snow? No problem!

As for the girls who live in Bahamas, Fiji or Brazil you can still apply this workout when gardening, playing with your siblings in the sandbox or hoping your significant other will surprise you with a trip to the mountains where you can snowboard and kill 460 calories per hour. Also, don’t underestimate sledding – 360 cal/h, ice skating with 460 cal/h or ice hockey which kills up to 550 cal/h!

Source: Huffington Post

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