Breaker High Protein for busy Fit Girls

If you live an active lifestyle, your body needs protein to repair and grow your muscles. There a many foods which contain a great amount of protein (like fish, meat and beans), but research shows that protein intake trough dairy is the most efficient. It has a good reason that professional body builders cram themselves with quark every chance they get. Protein is not just for top athletes, us Fit Girls should also include protein rich foods in our daily nutrition.

Eat protein throughout the whole day

I speak from experience, when I say that reaching your daily dose of protein is somewhat of a challenge. It’s best to eat protein rich foods troughout the whole day, because your body only uses the amount of protein it needs at that particular moment. The remaining protein leaves your body as waste. Unfortunately your body doesn’t stock up on protein!

Protein rich snacks can be a good solution to keep your system up and running all day long. Especially when you live a busy life (well, don’t we all) ready made snacks are a real godsend. But most of these snacks, like protein bars, also contain a lot of artificial sugar. Fortunately I stumbled upon Breaker High Protein No Sugar Added. On top of that, these yoghurt snacks are low-fat, lactose-free and come in two delicious flavors: coconut and blueberry/banana. I seriously am a big fan! Many times before or after my workout I go to the supermarket and get myself a Breaker. If you’re a big fan of yoghurt, just like me, you’re gonna love it 🙂 It’s nice that I can enjoy something that tastes super delish and is good for your system too!

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