What about injury?
What about injury? Injury is and will always be a risk of resistance training or any other fitness exercises. Whether you’re an adult or a five year old, if you’re going to do something without an instructor, coach or supervisor, you’re going to risk injury if you’re uninformed about the subject.

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The best way to avoid injury is to simply find yourself someone who’s able to show you the ropes and reduce the risk of unnecessary injuries.

Keep in mind injuries aren’t exclusively set aside for people who go to the gym. Soccer, tennis and even bowling are sports that deal with injuries, so it doesn’t matter what you decide to do, if it means you have to leave the house and move, you risk injury. Completely eliminating sport-related injuries is unrealistic. Get a good supervisor or coach and use your common sense so you don’t end up on the Akward Gym Moments* Facebook page.

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