Why you should try out these outdoor sports!

Sometimes you want to do a totally different workout and not just exercise in a gym. You can effectively exercise outdoors. When you are on vacation, you do not always have a gym nearby. Outdoor sports can be great fun, but what are fun sports that you can do outdoors? I have listed a number of challenging workouts.


You have probably heard of ‘hiking‘. There are many Fit Girls who do this workout and I can tell you it’s great fun! Of course it depends on where you live, but otherwise look for a place where you can hike. Especially on vacation, this is a very nice workout that you can do almost anywhere. For example, go with sunrise or sunset, then you can immediately take beautiful Instagram photos. Two birds with one stone! 🙂


This can certainly be a good challenge for yourself! You can make it as fun as you want, go to a beautiful and peaceful environment. Gently start building the run and then take on the challenge. First warming up with leisurely walking, then fast walking and running and again fast walking and running again. That way you really challenge yourself!


We all know walking the stairs and we do it regularly. You have a special device for this in the gym, but you can of course also do this outside. This workout is super good for your legs, buttocks and core. So let’s do this! You can also do it together with your workout buddy, that’s even more fun!


Jumping rope is typically something you used to do as a child. But who says you can no longer use it in your workout. Go outside and jump rope! On the internet you can also find various exercises with a jump rope. So make it a challenge, that’s how it stays fun!

Do you prefer to exercise indoors or outdoors? Let us know! We are very curious about what kind of workout you prefer to do. 🙂 

5 tips to make your first visit at the gym less awkward

The first time in the gym is always weird. How do all the devices work? Is someone looking at me?! Very intimidating, we know ;). Right now it doesn’t matter to me anymore, as long as I can kill my workout! That’s why I decided to share my tips and tricks.


Do you have a friend who already goes to the gym? Ask if you can come with her. She will probably won’t mind. Besides that, it will be more fun if you have a friend with you!


Do you see someone at a fitness machine and do you have no idea how it works? Just ask him or her! Most of the people in the gym would love to help you!


Many gyms have an introductionlesson. You will look at your goals with a trainer and which workouts will work for you. It will be very nice to know what fits you. Ask your gym what kind of opportunities they will have for you.


Look up the best power playlist, one that will give you an energyboost and confidence. Turn on your playlist and you will walk more confident in the gym!


By taking a class you can get to know more new people and you will know for sure that you had a good workout! It’s a win win!

I will know for sure that after taking these steps, you will feel more confident in the gym! And like many things: practice makes perfect! Now go kill that workout girl!

How do you become a morning athlete?

Because of your busy life, you sometimes don’t have any time to exercise in between. So you decide to go in the morning. But when the alarm goes of before 7 o’clock, you tell yourself that you will go tonight. That bed is too good to leave right now. Such a shame, because you save time by exercising in the morning and you get an energy boost. 


Yes, it’s that simple. When you go to bed earlier than you are used to, getting up early will get easier! When you wake up that early, you are more tired in the evening. Exercising in the morning will give you an energieboost and make you more alert. You can be more productive the whole day. And you can relax earlier ;)!


When you have a routine with waking up early, your body will get used to that and your body will adapt itself. For example, don’t watch seasons of your favorite serie, but just watch 1 or 2 episodes. Exercising in the morning can be good for your routine as well. Decide what you are going to train, so you can jump out of bed in the morning and know exactly what to do!


When you meet with your best friend to go to the gym, you can keep your promise to her. When you have agreed with someone, you are less likely to snooze and to sleep in. By motivating each other, the time will go by really fast. But you have to find that friend who is as motivated as you are. Otherwise you will booth snooze! 😉


Do you want to be more healthy and exercise more? On the 4th of February a new group of Fit Girls will start their fitjourney with our Guides. Together we stay strong and hopefully you can reach your goals! Do you have a Guide? Shop it here! Good luck! 🙂


If you have trouble coming out of bed in the morning, you can put  your alarm on the other side of the room. You have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm. Still having trouble waking up? Download an alarm app where you have to figure out a puzzle to turn it off.


Remind yourself of why you want this. What are your goals? How good are you going to feel when you finished your morning workout? Figure out why you want to be fit and healthy. Also a good tip: reward yourself! You can do that by a protein shake when you come back from a workout. Treat yourself!


How do you motivate yourself to workout in the morning? Let us know in the comments! 

From sneakers to heels and back

Either you’re getting back to your office job or simply getting ready for a night out with the girls, making the transition form flats, sneakers to heels and back can prove to be a difficult and even painful process. As a shoe shopaholic addict, I know… 

From sneakers to heels and back

As a #Fit Girl in progress, I love my heels as much as I love my sneakers and in order to prevent “stiletto related injuries” I’ve scooped up some useful fitness routines to smooth the transition. These types of injuries can go beyond blisters and into chronic static nerve pain, foot stress and even hip and knee tendinitis. Ouch!

1. Leg day! Oh yay! When you’re at the gym, don’t skip leg day and also don’t skip the leg press! This machine works up every muscle group in that is activated when you walk on heels, meaning quadriceps, hamstrings, calves but also gluteus maximus. Make sure you adjust the appropriate weight and do about 4 sets of 10 reps.



From sneakers to heels and back

2. On your tippy toes!  You can do this anywhere, anytime (almost). Doing floor calf raises improves posture, stability and mobility. You can either do them standing or sitting, with or without added weights. This exercise will help you generate more force in the joints and muscles in your ankle area as well. Try doing 3 sets of 20 reps.

CALF-raises          3. Raised standing hip abductor    First and foremost, avoid all eye contact while using this machine at the gym. Now that we have that out of the way, here’s how it goes. Normally you would do this exercise while sitting down, however, if you modify the position so that your bottom is raised about 6 inches off the seat,  it directly targets your glutes.  Having strong glutes helps prevent lower back injuries, that’s the area that supports your pelvis, which in turn is tilted slightly different when wearing heels. 3 sets of 20 reps should do it!


4.  The ABC of ankles  Yep, easy as that! Drawing the letters of the alphabet in the air with your ankles with a full range of motion boosts blood flow and loosens ligaments and tendons in the area! You can do this at home, from the comfy-ness of your  living room!



5. Extensions, extensions…. extensions   So, about leg day again, don’t forget to add some leg extensions to your gym log! Stand a little bit closer to the front, so that pressure moves further from the knee and closer to the hip area. This will increase the strength of your hip flexors! Yup, those have a part to play in this stiletto affair too! Do 4 sets of 10 reps.



6. Arch rolls  That wooden rolling pin in your kitchen just got another part time job! Just roll the arches of your feet on it, this movement simulates a foot reflexology massage. This helps relieve tension and stress from your feet. Roll for 2 to 4 minutes on each foot. You can basically use and cylinder shaped object, a can or even an empty wine bottle!



Are you ready to integrate these moves in your workout routines? Can’t wait to hear about the improvements! 

Your go-to stretching routine

As you may know, stretching is very important for your muscles. Both before and after your workout. Before your workout stretching will help loosen up your muscles and prepare them for heavy use. After your workout it’s also important to stretch as it will allow your muscles to decontract. Now, personally I often forget to stretch.? I’ll either be in a hurry to get home or simply forget to stretch after a heavy workout. However, the times that I do remember to stretch I truly feel a difference. I immediately feel ten times lighter as my muscles will have gotten rid of some of that tension that workouts bring upon them. The main difference is felt the day after though. Often, the day after working out your muscles are stiff and aching, when you stretch you have it less (if at all). So, Fit Girls, prepare those extra 5 minutes in order to correctly finish your workouts. In order to help you we have prepped the perfect stretching routine.

1. Open Lizard

This stretch is perfect for your hips and hamstrings (aka legs). If there is one thing that needs to be said about stretching it’s that you should never force a stretch! It’s not a flexibility test, it’s the opposite it’s a moment to let the tension in your muscles decrease.

2. Butterfly

This is the butterfly stretch and honestly this one is amazing to do! It let’s your whole body breathe, and the stretch in your legs feels so good.

3. Tricep stretch

Make sure to follow the examples well as a wrong movement can set off a sprain or worse injuries.

4. Shoulder stretch

This shoulder stretch feels great after a long #armday! Don’t let your arms get stiff (which may lead to reversed progress), so stretch!

5. Reclined hamstring

Did you just go for a run? Now that you’re home you can grab your yoga mat and get stretchin. Nothing more needed!

6. Lying glute stretch

After a good ol’ #legday you will feel the need to stretch. You will have felt that burn in your booty throughout the squats. Now the only thing left to do is that the muscles repair themselves the right way (and that the booty grows yaass), so get stretchin.

7. Standing wall calf stretch

This calf stretch only looks minimal, yet it is a crucial stretch in order to avoid later strains. I often having a shooting pain in my calf when I tense it the day after working out my legs. This shooting pain hurts so much and it is the reason why I started to focus more on stretching.

8. Bicep stretch

Last but not least, the biceps! Don’t forget to stretch them.

And then you’re done with your workout! Good job! ? 

Photo Credits (Header): Matthew LeJune, via Unsplash

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Now, once you’re done with your pre-workout stretches you could get this booty workout going that uses weights.

HIIT workout: ABS!

We’re almost half way through the summer! It’s going by so fast, like whuuutttt. I think some Fit Girls are already starting to think about what goals to set next. I mean, in order to remain motivated and passionate you have to have a clear mind about why you’re doing this and how can I do this. Often the summer is when Fit Girls take a break and celebrate their achievements.

Now, we totally agree with treating yo’ self and enjoying the summer! However, sometimes Fit Girls lose their flow and then struggle to get back on track. We want to help our Fit Girls avoid any negative thoughts and feelings, which is often done by getting in a quick workout! A workout will make you feel extra good about yourself and will help you get back into that workout routine. Not in the mood for a looonnggg workout session? No worries! With this quick HIIT core workout you will get in enough exercise.

1. Spider plank

Start your HIIT circuit with this exercise: Spider plank! Hit that timer and let’s get those 45 seconds going. After the 45 seconds you will get 15 seconds of well deserved rest. But first you gotta attempt this mighty sweaty exercise.

How to: Start in a plank position. Then ,push down and lift your knee up to your elbow.

2. Alternating arm row

After a 15 second rest you get back to work by doing 45 seconds of the exercise above.

How to: take on the plank position while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Then, slowly lift one arm up to your shoulder. After this, slowly go back to your starting position. Simply repeat this with both arms. Make sure to keep your core stable in order to fire up those abs!

3. V-sit

This is an exercise that I personally love to do as it truly buuurnnssss. You know the drill, after a 15 second rest, get this exercise going for 45 seconds. It is very important to keep up with the timer properly as this will ensure a successful HIIT workout. The more you move, the more you sweat! Don’t let your muscles get cold by taking a break for too long.

How to: Start by lying down while keeping your head lifted. Then come to a sit while keeping you back and legs straight. (it’s called the v-sit as your back and legs should make a V-shape)

4. Russian Twists

If you don’t know them yet, Fit Girl meet Russian Twists. This is a love and hate relationship that’s unavoidable. In order to work the side of your abs, aka the olbiques, you NEED this exercise. The heavier the weight that you choose to use, the more intense the workout will be.

How to: Sit in a V-position. Then slowly turn from side to side with the weight in hand. Keep your core stable in order to put pressure on your abs.

5. Diagonal reach in plank

If you didn’t know so yet, this workout is heavily inspired by our Fitgirlcode Guide. The picture above is actually a sneak peek from our Guide! Now, repeat the usual 15 second rest (use the rest to catch your breath, or take a sip of water, maybe even wipe off some sweat).

How to: Plank position, here we go again. The touch with your right hand, your left toe by bringing the two to the middle. And, repeat with the other leg. Keep this up for 45 seconds!

6. Scissors

The final exercise in this HIIT circuit is the scissors. Don’t give up just yet! Because you’re going to have to repeat this circuit 2-3 more times (depending on how long you want to workout for). Luckily after you have finished this whole circuit you get to have a 75 second rest. Take this time to stand up, walk around a bit, and DRINK WATER!!

How to: Lie down on your back, place your hands under your lower back. Lift your legs, and feel those abs tighten! Now slowly move your feet above and then below the other.

There you go! Get in that solid workout and BE PROUD OF YOURSELF! I mean, when have you ever regretted having completed a workout?! I don’t think it’s possible to feel bad after having done a workout (and I mean bad as in ‘not proud’ not that you were necessarily physically feeling very alive haha it’s of course possible to feel absolutely shattered after a workout)

Do you like HIIT workouts? Try out our sweaty full body HIIT workout >

Sophie’s summer body workout

Let’s be honest, summer is all we’re thinking about at the moment.☀Those long hours spent tanning, reading a book, relaxing in your garden… Summer is the ultimate time for relaxation. Hopefully you’ll all be taking some time off to chillax. I will be enjoying Switzerland’s mountains in July. I can’t wait to be hiking up the mountains in the sun and enjoying a well deserved ice cream treat once having reached the top.?In order to easily hike up the mountains and comfortably wear the denim shorts I bought last summer, I need to prep my summer body. A summer body isn’t made in a day and thus requires quite some time and effort! This is why having a go-to summer body workout is always useful.

I want every Fit Girl to enjoy their summer, so I thought to share some of my workout exercises. These include core, upper-body, and lower-body workouts. This is a total-body workout that is perfect to get you started on your summer body!?

1. Core workout

These 3 core exercises are shown done in the gym, however you can easily do them at home as well. For the first exercise, if you want to do it at home, simply lie down on the ground and do the exercise as a crunch. Pull your legs together, towards your belly. The second exercise stays the same. The third exercise is also simply done on the ground by lifting your legs up, and back down again.

2. Upper-body workout

If you are looking to do these exercises at home follow these suggestions. For exercise 1: push ups, push ups will train the same part of the body, simply in a different way. Exercise 2: grab a weight and follow the same posture instructions. Finally, exercise 3: grab a weight and push it up above your head an back down to your side, like shown in the picture.

3. Lower-body

This is a small home workout that I like to do when #legday comes around. The number of reps I do is 30 and then 3 or 4 sets. Try to increase the number of reps over the weeks in order to keep toning your body. Increasing the intensity of your exercise is important as your body will get used to the intensity of a workout if you do it often and thus you won’t make much more progress.

Your summer body goal is easily attainable if you make sure to eat healthily and in a balanced way, as well as workout about 3 times per week (as a minimum).
I am in week 4 of the Fitgirlcode Guide right now and will be writing about my own summer body progress when I will have completed the 4th week. I’ll finally be half way through the 8-week Guide.?

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A sweaty HIIT workout

Otherwise known as High-Intensity Interval Training, HIIT is there to get your body moving and your fat burning. HIIT has gained popularity over the last few years as it is a quick calorie and fat burner that can easily be done at home. If you are looking to lose weight then HIIT is definitely something you should be thinking about! However, if you’re looking to build muscle, then HIIT is not the perfect fit for you. In the Fitgirlcode Guide there is a HIIT circuit presented and it sure does make you sweaty (even after just the 1st exercise).

Now you may ask yourself, what does a HIIT workout actually consist of? Well, it’s a circuit based on quick sets of intense exercises that work anaerobically, followed by shorter periods of rest. In our Guide we suggest you do 45 seconds of an exercise with 15-20 seconds of rest before the next one. Of course, everyone is different when it comes to HIIT. I am actually terrible at HIIT compared to, for example, cardio training.? I am simply not a person that is good at anaerobic workouts, but that is why it’s even better that the Fitgirlcode Guide is making me do some more HIIT workouts. The only way is up.?

Here is an example of a HIIT circuit:

1. Burpees

2. Jumping Jacks

3. Squat jumps

4. High Knees

5. Lunges

6. Mountain climbers


Aim for a 30-minute HIIT workout if you’re looking to get that summer body in no time! ? HIIT is a guaranteed sweaty shredder, there is no questionning that.

Are you an expert when it comes to HIIT workouts? Comment which exercise you like most! Let’s help get each other some workout inspiration.

The life of a Fit Girl consists of workouts and healthy food.

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Yes, you heard that right! I said 20% DISCOUNT! You may or may not know this, but our new webshop design has been released. This means that you will be able to surf through our shop and look through our Guides in the shop more easily. Since we’re very proud of the new look that our webshop has gotten, we want to share our joy and excitement with you. This is why from today until the 31st of March you will be able to happily purchase one of our Guides with a 20% discount. It’s time for some deliciously healthy food schedules and some killer workouts that will tone your body in no time! Now, which Guide would be best for you?

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 You may think to yourself, what does all that mean? Well, the 8 weeks of workouts (at home or at the gym) consist of 20 minute workouts with the instructions on what to do and how. You will be expected to workout at least 3 times a week and the workouts will focus on a different aspect of your body every time. Moreover, you will be given weekly grocery lists, make sure to follow these! Although you can easily replace some of the ingredients that you don’t like with a relatively equal alternative. In the book we share over 80 simple but delicious recipes with you! These include breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and desserts. We’re all for eating enough and don’t like crash dieting. We need you energetic and on top of your game! Then finally, as a bonus, you get your own fitness happiness journal that you can fill out daily/weekly to track your progress!

The Fitgirlcode Guide is particularly aimed at toning your body and losing fat over the course of eight weeks. On Monday, the 16th of April I am going to personally start the Fitgirlcode Guide. You know, with them summer body goals and all, I thought ‘LET’S DO THIS’! So, if you’re scared to do it alone, buy your Guide now and then we can start together and motivate each other through the blog and online community. ?

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What does this mean? Well, part 1 (the first 6 weeks) consists of weekly food schedules with lesser caloric intakes. This means that even though you will be taking in less calories, your fun in the kitchen will only increase. And we promise: you won’t be hungry! The flexibility with this Guide is that you can do part 1 (weight loss) until you have reached your weight goal. Did you finish the first 6 weeks, yet you want to lose even more weight? Simply do it again. However, after you’ve reached your goal, move on to part 2, keeping it up. These 6 weeks of food schedules bring your caloric intake back to normal, while keeping fatty substances on a low.

There are no workout schedules in this Guide, as it fully focuses on your eating habits 12 weeks long, however you can still exercise and even include the workout schedules from the Fitgirlcode Guide or from your own routine. Does this Guide sound like what you need in order to bring back your health goals happily and healthily?

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Drum roll… We are launching the #FITGIRLCODE Guide

Yes, after a long wait the time has finally come! In mid-December we will launch our first e-book: #FITGIRLCODE Guide. Say what? Together with the help of experts in the fields of nutrition, fitness and mindfulness we have designed an eight-week guide that gives you the tools to make the best choices for your body and mind so that you can achieve your goals and unlock your personal code to a healthy lifestyle.

What can you expect?

  • 8 week workout schedule (no gym equipment)
  • 8 week eating plan with shopping lists
  • 8 week mindfulness program
  • free audio mindfulness exercises
  • Happiness Journal to track your progress
  • 76 easy and delicious recipes

We made this guide so that you have all the tools you need at your fingertips to kick-start your healthy lifestyle. When you’re browsing the internet you come across a million and one different resources, some of them free, others costing you a fortune, but none are anything like our guide. We believe that by living a healthy lifestyle you can be the best version of yourself. And that’s exactly what you will achieve by following the #FITGIRLCODE guide.

the fitgirlcode guide


Why is #FITGIRLCODE Guide unique?

We have listened to all of your questions and listened to your concerns since launching #FITGIRLCODE back in 2014. With all of this, we have created a guide that is easy to fit into a busy lifestyle, allows you to enjoy lots of healthy treats and most importantly allows you to unlock your personal code to a healthy lifestyle. Our guide is great to get started living healthy but what happens after those eight weeks? During those eight weeks, you will learn that healthy living is mainly about making the right choices. When you complete our guide, you will have enough knowledge (about yourself too) to continue this new way of life on your own. In addition, we of course will continue to inspire you on #FITGIRLCODE daily with great articles and juicy recipes.

the fitgirlcode guide

What do you get in it?

T#FITGIRLCODE Guide is the handbook for Fit Girls. All of the girls who work at #FITGIRLCODE have a decent fit journey behind them and write from their experience. By now, we know how we can maintain our healthy lifestyle and we are only too happy to share that with you! We will explain why you should never trust the scales and the importance of before and after photos. An important part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise. In the guide you will find a full-body workout schedule which includes power and HIIT exercises that cause you to be the fittest version of yourself.

Being fit and healthy is for everyone, this guide has adjustments for all fitness levels. The workout days of are suited to the most advanced Fit Girl and for those who are just starting out.

Ever heard of the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen?” You can work out until you drop (preferably not), but if you don’t eat healthy then you can think again about getting those results that you are dreaming of. The best ‘diet’ is in fact not a diet, but a lifestyle, where you create flexibility, choice and variety for yourself so that you can maintain eating this way, happily, for the rest of your life! The meal schedules in this are made based on macro- and micronutrients. What the fudge is that? You will learn it all in our guide. In creating our recipes we have thought about making sure you can buy everything at your supermarket. We know that you have busy lives. That’s why we have easy recipes, that use easy-to-find ingredients so that you’re not running around shopping for them.

Last but not least: the mindfulness part. Through mindfulness exercises you will learn to deal with stressful situations. Eventually, you will realize the effect your new lifestyle has on your mind. Inner change is perhaps even more important than external changes! For eight weeks, you will have a different mindfulness exercise to practice, which is supported with an audio-guided exercise. Together these will give you a helping hand living a healthy lifestyle. For example, you will learn how to eat more mindfully, so that you can fully enjoy your meals and feel more satisfied.

the fitgirlcode guide

Happiness Journal

Being happy and healthy is a state of well-being and it is not determined purely by your appearance. That’s where the Happiness Journal comes in. In this journal you can measure and track how you feel. The bottom line is you have be honest with yourself – especially if you’ve experienced some not so Fit Girl moments. Setbacks happen and that’s OK. If you can understand why and how it impacts you, you can help yourself to deal with it better next time.

The perfect present for Fit Girls! 

#FITGIRLCODE Guide is the perfect present to put on your own wishlist. We will start on the 2nd of January and we challenge you to start with us too, and maybe you know someone who always says she wants to be fit and healthy but doesn’t know where to start. This guide could be the final push she needs. Plus, it’s really awesome to take on this kind of challenge together!

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Elze-Mieke’s food and exercise schedule

Hi all! I’m Elze-Mieke, a (sports)model, healthy food lover and sport addict! I travel a lot for my job and that makes a healthy lifestyle quite difficult sometimes, but I try to keep it up as much as I can. Working out and eating healthy is for me, a way of life. That’s why I would like to share my food and exercise schedule with you Fit Girls so you can take a look at my life!

Nutrition & Exercise

I have actually always been concerned with nutrition. As a child I did not eat meat. I would slide it neatly to the side of my plate because I did not like the structure. My mother would cook an egg instead. There was a short period of time that I did eat meat once in a while but I’ve been vegetarian for years now. I do eat fish which is sourced in a sustainable way however. I have the feeling that my body reacts well to it. Besides, I love it and I know it’s good for me too. As you can see in my food schedule, I eat a very diverse range of food. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables and am not convinced that you should only have two servings of fruit per day. I eat as much fruit as I want and that’s a lot! I also consume a lot of bananas during the week through food and smoothies. The claim that bananas and fruit make you fat is a myth. Just make sure that you exercise enough.


Since childhood I have always been heavily involved in sport and I have never stopped. I have also done high-level athletics for a long time. During high school I would choose the gym class so I could work-out extra, and besides that I was riding horse, playing softball and doing gymnastics. I would go to gymnastics on Friday night along with Aranka! Now, I exercise 4 to 5 times a week. Especially cardio, strength, and sometimes once a week I go to Bikram yoga. On my rest days I always walk for an hour. I love to clear my head in the fresh air. An additional motivation for me to stay in shape is my work as a (sports) model. In this line of work you have to deal with many other girls who have a beautiful body, so staying in shape is a must. But I think it’s important anyways and I enjoy working-out.

A way of life

I have absolutely no difficulty with working out so often and eating healthy, as it is a way of life for me. I don’t really think about it and because I work out so much, I allow myself to eat healthy bread (eg. Fitkorn, sourdough, spelt and rye), brown rice and whole wheat pasta. Eating healthily is all in the choices you make. Choose for sustainable, organic or unprocessed products. And when I crave something, I just allow myself to eat it otherwise that desire will remain in my body and mind, and that bothers me. I’d rather run a few kilometers more than skip the carrot cake if that’s what I really want. Besides, in such situations you crave the taste. You do not have to eat the whole bag of chips to satisfy that taste, just eat a few. Buy a small bag, instead of a medium sized bag.


I travel a lot for my work which makes it difficult to eat healthy sometimes. I try to as much as possible, preparing my meals as much as I can. I always bring some healthy things to photoshoots, like homemade raw bars, raw nuts, dark chocolate, bananas, a smoothie or sometimes a wrap with salmon when I have a long car ride. I do the same when I have to fly. When I have a long flight, I always ask my flight provider for a vegetarian meal on the plane. On set, there’s generally enough to eat, especially with the French and German clients, but just to be sure I always bring my own ‘smart bag’ along too.

My food an exercise schedule


Finally, I would like to share some of my favorite recipes so take a look at my blog www.elze-mieke.com for more recipes, fashion, travel and beauty!

Be proud of who you are! You are unique and a confident woman, radiates most power!-

Yola’s food and exercise schedule

Every day I get a lot of questions about my food and workouts and I love to answer all of them. My abs are quite visual and I have some deep definition lines in my stomach area. Many of you are curious what my week looks like, so I decided to keep a food and exercise schedule.

First of all, let me say that every week looks different and this is just an example. Please, do not read this diary as the ‘perfect’ example for what you should eat and what workouts you should do. Every body is different and responds different to food and workouts.


I’ve always had quite a healthy and active lifestyle. Healthy eating isn’t a big deal for me because I just love healthy foods like fruits, veggies and nuts and they have always been a part of my daily intake. I don’t count macros, calories or follow any diets. I never have. I think there is no need for me to track what I’m eating, since my body tells me exactly what it needs. I mostly eat healthy, but I like to go out for dinner as well. And I like cookies, and icecream, and peanutsauce. So whenever I feel like having some, I just take it! Luckily that’s not too often, otherwise my body would probably look a lot different.

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Kate Upton’s body confident food schedule

Kate Upton is amongst some of the women believed to have a naturally balanced figure and hour glass measurements.She is also wellknown for being on the cover of  Sports Illustrated in 2013 and 2014. But she admits that she too, makes healthy choices each day to feel her best. Here we have her typical food menu, that helps keep her going strong through 10-hour working days.


How she stays body confident

Her confidence and balance that she maintains throughout her busy lifestyle could be thanks to her positive body philosophy. She believes that everyone has insecurities. It is normal to feel insecure at times but she doesn’t allow it to stop her from enjoying her life. She overcomes these thoughts by appreciating the body that she was given and does her best to take care of it every day – here’s an example Kate Upton’s body confident food schedule:


Scrambled eggs (one white, one whole) with spinach and green tea

Morning snack

10 raw almonds and a green juice


Herb-crusted grilled chicken, quinoa, and grilled veggies

Afternoon snack

Protein bar


Kale salad with grilled salmon and cashews, or sashimi


Kate’s average daily diet is balanced with protein from different sources, greens that provide fibre and healthy fats. She has flavoursome food by using herbs and spices, a great way to ensure that meals are tasty without the extra artificial sugar that might be found in some sauces and dressings. Her treat? Kate prefers a savoury salted treat over sugary sweets when she decides to indulge!

This is just one example, so make sure you keep things interesting by varying your menu each day. Looking for some more meal inspiration?Take your pick from eight of our Fit Girls’ weekly food schedules here. 


Stephanie’s food and exercise schedule

I’ve never have been a tall and slim woman, but a short happy girl with a curvaceous South-American body 😉 What I sometimes struggled to love, because of my insecurities and the outbalanced life I was living. I was a busy cute couch potato,  with an all you can eat philosophy, working 24/7 and taking care of everybody but herself. My life took a turn in 2010 when I decided that I needed to take responsibly for the state of my body, mind and health. 

During my study career I was involved in anything and everything but never took the time to listen to my body and neglected my health. I wasn’t even noticing I was gaining weight until after my graduation. I decided to finally hit the fitness centre again after sponsoring them for over a year
 So like most girls I wanted to know my start point and stood on the scales
 I became a curvaceous woman of 198lbs (90 kilograms)

Graduation party – 2010

 so the only wise decision I could think of back then, was to start a diet
 if I had the knowledge I have now about a fit and healthy lifestyle, I would have never let myself starve, but kicked my butt into the gym and would have changed my food schedule. I guess it was al part of my journey I had to walk before I could start to develop my fit and healthy lifestyle. Because we all know that dieting is not good for you and it doesn’t provide you a fit and healthy body. Let alone a balanced mind.








So like most dieting journeys I lost weight but also gained weight and came to the realisation after 5 months that I would not be able to continue this lifestyle for the rest of my life. Also I was having inner fights with myself and became so tired of constantly forbidding myself to eat anything outside this dieting schedule.

There was no room for a treat day because than I would go flamingo crazy and eat everything and anything that crossed my path. The next day or sometimes even 5 minutes after this all-you-can-eat exercise I was feeling guilty and would be impossibly mean and harsh to myself. Putting myself down and pushing myself to do a better job next time
 even writing this down makes me tear up again
 that hate feeling towards yourself is unhealthy and so not necessary.

Because I was so mean towards myself and hating the process I was in, I started to develop an unhealthy relationship towards food. During this period I was not in a happy place
 I became a grumpy girl, who wasn’t fun hanging around with anymore
and because of all the emotions running towards my body, dieting was even harder. Back then I just couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t feeling better
 I was losing weight right? That was what I wanted
 at least that’s what I thought.

Well this story has a happy ending, I promise 🙂

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Roos’ food and exercise schedule

after sixfortyHi Girls! I’ve had many requests to tell a little bit more about my fitness journey, and to show you my food & fitness dairy, so here we go!

My fitness journey started 2,5 years ago. Over the college years, I graduately gained about 10 kilo’s, because of all the fun dinners and parties with friends. Exercising was something I did off-and-on. Some months I would go to the gym, to Zumba, or go running with friends, but especially in the wintertime, I would prefer to stay on the couch and watch movies all night. Preferably with some icecream or Doritos!

When I started working as a medical doctor, I made very long working days. I would come home and be sooo tired, that after a big evening meal I would often fall asleep on the couch. I realised I needed all the energy I could get. So that’s when my decision was made: I wanted to gain back my healthy, strong and toned body. More importantly, I wanted to feel more energized and less lethargic!

How did I change this around?

I read a lot about weightlifting and it convinced me to give it a try. bought a book about weightlifting for guys. It had different training schemes, all designed to gain muscle mass. Also, I changed my eating scheme. This took some getting used to at start!

The most important differences with my old eating habits were:after dl

1. Eating a large breakfast with a good amout of protein.

2. Eating a healthy and filling snack at 4PM, to prevent myself from overeating at dinner.

I still consider these two eating habits the best two changes I ever made!
Nowadays I train a lot at Elevator Gym in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). It’s a high intensity total body  circuit workout with weightlifting and cardio elements. It’s super fun! If you’d like to try circuit training, check out the NTC app (Nike Training Centre) and pick chapter “Get Toned”. Or incorporate plyometric movements (like jumping squats) in between your weightlifting sessions.

What changed for me?

Well, I lost a total of 12 kilograms. But really, that’s not the important thing. What’s important, is everything I GAINED from changing my lifestyle.

I made a list, because it’s a list I’m proud of, and very very happy with!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

1. I lost 12 kilograms. Fact.

2. I gained a LOT of muscle mass, giving me a toned look, but also giving me strength and a strong core, and making me feel powerful.

3. I gained more energy. I feel much more alive. I don’t have “food coma’s” anymore, where I fall asleep after eating like a trucker. I sleep better in general.

4. I gained more positivity. I lost a lot of anxiety. I’m more open and confident to speak to strangers. I’m less scared to fail, which for me is a big improvement. These are things I practiced in the gym, but I also see changes in my daily life.

5. I gained more happiness and self-love. Nowadays, I don’t just workout for the physical changes, but also for the amazing happy feeling after a workout (endorphines, I love you!). I’m happy with my body in general. I treat my body so much better. I like giving my body nutrients, sleep, love, exercise, lots of water, and ofcourse the occasional chocolate splurge.

6. I gained more friends. I met so much amazing people through fitness. Some in real life (like the entire amazing #FITGIRLCODE crew), some online via my Instagram account.

Okay, so this is my story! I hope it inspired you to take good care of your body and soul. You truly deserve it. The toned body and biceps guns are also nice, ofcourse 😉

If you have any questions, please leave them in a comment below or send me an e-mail on fitgirlroos@gmail.com. I’ll get back to you and maybe write a blog about the most asked questions!

Below is my current Food and Exercise Schedule. This is a regular working week for me. I hope you notice I eat quite a lot! And I’m also not afraid to eat carbohydrates. With this kind of scheme I’m still losing fat and gaining muscle. If you want to copy my scheme, be my guest! But you know your body best, so please listen to your gut and adjust the scheme if necessary.


Roos (@fitgirlroos)

Food and exercise schedule

food diary roos

Lisanne’s Exercise and Food Schedule

This week, I’m sharing my food and exercise log with you. When I started my fit journey, a lot of things changed. It took me a long time to really commit to my fit journey and make a real change. But when my lifestyle changed a lot, I noticed I felt really different. I had much more energy and motivation. My energy level changed the most when I started eating differently.

Before I started my fit journey, I was already trying to eat healthy and exercise but it didn’t really work out. When I finally commited, everthing changed. Because there is such a big difference between how I used to eat and how I eat now, I made a ‘before and after’ food log. I thought it would be nice to show you what the difference is between my old unhealthy lifestyle and my new healthy lifestyle.

Before exercise and food schedule
Schermafbeelding 2015-01-07 om 15.34.39

As you can see, I ate a lot of fat and processed foods. I also ate some really unhealthy snacks. I never really thought about the consequences of my bad habits. When I started my fit journey, I learned to replace some unhealthy foods with healthier versions. After a couple of days I noticed that I had much more energy. The food really nurtured my body instead of just being stored as fat like before.

After exercise and food schedule
Tekening zonder titel

It seems like a really big change, and well actually it is. But if you gradually introduce some new things to your lifestyle and leave out the unhealthy ones, it isn’t that big of a change. You can just replace unhealthy food with a healthier version, step by step.

Some tips:

  • Take it easy, a slowly transition is easier than a fast one
  • Replace some of the foods you eat with healthier (wholewheat) versions
  • Make things from scratch; then you can easily leave out the unhealthy ingredients or replace them with something healthy. Besides, homemade food doesn’t contain e-numbers and other additives you don’t need
  • Prep your food. If you prep your food and take it with you, you won’t feel the need to buy unhealthy food on the go

I hope I’ve inspired some of you Fit Girls with my exercise and food log. Did your lifestyle change a lot when you started your Fit Journey?

Follow my journey on Instagram (@lisanne_fgc) if you like.



Anna’s exercise and food schedule

Half a year ago I started the most serious part of my fit journey. So far I have lost 15 kg (33 lbs) and more than two clothing sizes. On top of that I gained much more confidence and physical strength. So what happened? To be honest, I just turned the switch entirely. Before I wasn’t really prepared to make sacrifices. Until I realized that if I tried to achieve a goal by only putting in half the effort, the only thing I was going to get from it would be frustration. So I decided to suck it up and fight for something I really wanted:

To become a woman who is comfortable in her own skin

This is for everyone who wants to become the fittest version of themselves: there is no secret recipe or pill that’s gonna help you. You just have to eat healthy and work your ass off. It sounds easy, but I know it’s not. You will shed blood, sweat, tears and go trough fit dips, but along the way you’ll also reach important milestones that make the effort well worth.

The more I transform into Anna 2.0, the more questions I get about what I eat and how I exercise on a daily basis. So just like Aranka and Chris, I decided to keep a food and exercise schedule for week to show you how I roll! Please keep in mind that what works for me will not necessarily work for you. You will have to keep adjusting your food and exercise routine till it feels right, just like I had to do. And still, my eating habits are not the same every week. For example, a few weeks ago, I had a bit of a set back. I just hated everything that had to do with being a Fit Girl. I asked my trainer Georgios for advice and he told me to just keep going without beating myself up. He told me, that after all these years he still experiences the same thing every now and then. Your workouts might suck for a week (or longer) and you cheat more than you should, but eventually your aversion will fade away. I followed his advice, and now I slowly feel like I’m getting back on track again.

So remember, when you screw up, skip a workout or eat bad foods, it does not make you a bad person. It makes you human. Welcome to the club, there’s like a 7 billion of us.

Exercise and food schedule

Anna's food and sport diary

Explanation: Sixforty is the name of the gym I work out at. We lift weights; do HIIT (High-intensity interval training), cardio, crossfit and a LOT of burpees! Everything is at your own pace and level.

Shelley’s food and exercise schedule

My life has been incredibly busy for a couple of years now and that definitely didn’t change when I started my Master studies last September. I asked Santa for an 8th day in the week but unfortunately he wasn’t willing to bend society’s rules for me 😉 However, I still do the very best I can to live a healthy lifestyle and to take care of my body. 

I don’t have ‘normal’ weeks so this food and exercise schedule is really just one individual week for me. Let me sketch my life for you a little bit. My study takes about 40 hours per week and you can find me at the #FITGIRLCODE HQ another 20 hours per week. Then I haven’t even slept yet, and I try to make that at least 7 but ideally 8 hours a night. Moreover, I spend about 12-16 hours per week traveling from Rotterdam (where I live) to Amsterdam (where I study). You can probably imagine that next to studying, working, sleeping, traveling and of course eating and basic stuff like showering and doing groceries, there’s not that much time left to maintain a social life, have some leisure time to relax the mind, and exercise regularly.


Let me be clear that I’m definitely not nagging about my busy life! I love staying busy, a little bit of pressure makes me thrive. And of course life is how you create it to be so if you don’t like it, change it. That is also why I am choosing to have my studies as my #1 priority instead of getting rockhard abs (although I wouldn’t mind having them ;)). At this point in my life the main goal is to earn my Master’s degree with the highest grades possible and to maintain a healthy lifestyle next to that. I eat the foods that are good for my body and energy, but if a cheat presents itself, I’m not always going to shy away from it (which you can also see in my food schedule).

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Aranka’s & Christel’s exercise and food schedule

Fitgirlcode was started by myself and my best friend Chris. When we started Fitgirlcode we wanted to inspire ourselves to get healthy and fit, and what happened in this process is that we inspired a lot more people to do the same. We received a couple of e-mails from you guys asking us what we do to get in shape. Not just tips and tricks but what we eat, how we train and what we do. You asked for a personal exercise and food log. Well…here it is!

We’re all different

We used to live together, we are both short, have brown hair and are quite cheeky and energetic. However, we are also very different. Chris has a technical degree and I have a fashion background. Although we physically look a like, our bodies respond totally different to food and exercise. We are so different and that is a good thing, the world would be a boring place if we would all be the same.

IMG_5434 cut
Picture by Vivienne Magalie

Hey Chris and Aranka,

Can’t remember how i found your site on the internet but actually I’m lovin it. 😉

But i still have some questions and maybe you are not to busy so you can answer me?

Cause even though it sounds easy to say: “Just eat healthy stuff and do exercise and you’ll be fine” How did you two start? I mean what are you eating the whole day ? And with which exercises did you start? 🙂

This is one of the many and lovely requests we received and we sat together on how we could answer you guys. We are not personal trainers, nor are we health experts. We are just two girls who figured out the way to become healthy and feel better than before. And that is what we want to share with you. However, like I said in the beginning of this article, Chris and I are similar in many ways but also very different. What works for her, does not work for me. She has a different job, her body reacts different to exercise than mine. Chris eats very healthy she is true on her 80/20 rule (80 of what she eats is considered “clean”). And I am more on the 60% clean, 40% Kinder Bueno 😉

So, what works for us will not necessarily work for you. You will have to keep adjusting your food and exercise routine till it feels right, just like we had to. We did want to show you that we do eat, a lot and often might I add. So we kept our promise and filled in a food and exercise schedule for a week to show you what we have been up to. Please e-mail us your questions and we will keep blogging at your request. Also we will post more of our workout routine in video’s soon!

Exercise and food schedule: Christel

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-17 om 17.13.38

Explanation: Elevator sports is the name of a gym we work out. It is a total body workout for 1,5 hours and burns 1000 calories. We lift weights; do HIIT (High-intensity interval training), cardio, and squats. Everything is at your own pace and level.

Exercise and food schedule: Aranka

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-17 om 22.20.16