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Category: Exercise & food schedules

Why you should try out these outdoor sports!

Sometimes you want to do a totally different workout and not just exercise in a gym. You can effectively exercise outdoors. When you are on vacation, you do not always

5 tips to make your first visit at the gym less awkward

The first time in the gym is always weird. How do all the devices work? Is someone looking at me?! Very intimidating, we know ;). Right now it doesn’t matter

How do you become a morning athlete?

Because of your busy life, you sometimes don’t have any time to exercise in between. So you decide to go in the morning. But when the alarm goes of before

From sneakers to heels and back

Either you’re getting back to your office job or simply getting ready for a night out with the girls, making the transition form flats, sneakers to heels and back can

Your go-to stretching routine

As you may know, stretching is very important for your muscles. Both before and after your workout. Before your workout stretching will help loosen up your muscles and prepare them

HIIT workout: ABS!

We’re almost half way through the summer! It’s going by so fast, like whuuutttt. I think some Fit Girls are already starting to think about what goals to set next.

Sophie’s summer body workout

Let’s be honest, summer is all we’re thinking about at the moment.☀Those long hours spent tanning, reading a book, relaxing in your garden… Summer is the ultimate time for relaxation.

A sweaty HIIT workout

Otherwise known as High-Intensity Interval Training, HIIT is there to get your body moving and your fat burning. HIIT has gained popularity over the last few years as it is

Yay! 20% discount on all our Guides!

Yes, you heard that right! I said 20% DISCOUNT! You may or may not know this, but our new webshop design has been released. This means that you will be

Drum roll… We are launching the #FITGIRLCODE Guide

Yes, after a long wait the time has finally come! In mid-December we will launch our first e-book: #FITGIRLCODE Guide. Say what? Together with the help of experts in the

Elze-Mieke’s food and exercise schedule

Hi all! I’m Elze-Mieke, a (sports)model, healthy food lover and sport addict! I travel a lot for my job and that makes a healthy lifestyle quite difficult sometimes, but I try to keep it up

Yola’s food and exercise schedule

Every day I get a lot of questions about my food and workouts and I love to answer all of them. My abs are quite visual and I have some deep

Kate Upton’s body confident food schedule

Kate Upton is amongst some of the women believed to have a naturally balanced figure and hour glass measurements.She is also wellknown for being on the cover of  Sports Illustrated in 2013

Stephanie’s food and exercise schedule

I’ve never have been a tall and slim woman, but a short happy girl with a curvaceous South-American body 😉 What I sometimes struggled to love, because of my insecurities

Roos’ food and exercise schedule

Hi Girls! I’ve had many requests to tell a little bit more about my fitness journey, and to show you my food & fitness dairy, so here we go! My fitness

Lisanne’s Exercise and Food Schedule

This week, I’m sharing my food and exercise log with you. When I started my fit journey, a lot of things changed. It took me a long time to really

Anna’s exercise and food schedule

Half a year ago I started the most serious part of my fit journey. So far I have lost 15 kg (33 lbs) and more than two clothing sizes. On

Shelley’s food and exercise schedule

My life has been incredibly busy for a couple of years now and that definitely didn’t change when I started my Master studies last September. I asked Santa for an 8th

Aranka’s & Christel’s exercise and food schedule

Fitgirlcode was started by myself and my best friend Chris. When we started Fitgirlcode we wanted to inspire ourselves to get healthy and fit, and what happened in this process
FITGIRLCODE is an online community that inspires and motivates women to become the fittest version of themselves. Our mission: to make the world a healthier and more fun place, one Fit Girl at a time.

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