10 things you can do on a sunday for a better week

 Sunday: for some people a lazy day, for the another a day to be active. No matter how you spend your Sunday, there are a number of things you can do that will prepare you well for your week. Apply these tips and you start your Monday a lot better and more organized. Sounds good, right? 


Do you work a lot or do you go to school? Use you sunday to do your groceries. So you know for sure that you can make all your mealpreps and you have enough healthy and tasty things for the rest of the week. And most of the time it’s more quiet on a sunday in the supermarket!


Sunday is the best time to make healthy snacks and meals for the upcoming week. Bake a healthy and tasty cake and make a few bowls with lunch and diner. Put it in the fridge or freezer and you can eat healthy for the whole upcoming week!


Do you take the time to take good care of yourself? From now on, plan an hour or more every Sunday to take care of yourself. Take a bath or a hot long shower, scrub your skin, apply a mask and paint your nails. You will feel reborn!


Do you have a busy week ahead of you? Take your time to organize your plans. Make a schedule for each day and write everything you have to do. When you have to exercise, what you are going to cook, when you have that important appointment with your colleague. Like that, you know for sure that you have all the time to do all your things. And it also prevents stress!


Nobody likes cleaning, right? But how nice is it, if you come home on a Monday and your house is perfectly clean. Make it a habit to clean your house on a sunday. Do your laundry, vacuumclean your house and change your bed sheets.


Do you have nothing to wear every morning when you wake up? Use an hour on your Sunday to prepare your clothes for the upcoming week. Another tip: look at the weather forecast to adjust your clothes to the weather! 😉


Do you literally have no time to exercise this week? Now is the perfect timing! You don’t have to leave the house, because you can search for an ”at home workout” on YouTube.


Is your pet home alone this upcoming week? Use your Sunday to catch up on lost time! Give your cat or dog some extra attention. They will thank you for that. 🙂


Compose the ultimate music list with songs that make you feel super powerful, collect the best motivational quotes and set a number of goals you want to achieve this week. Motivation guaranteed!


Spend your Sunday useful by teaching yourself something new. Join a workshop, do a new sport, listen to a podcast or read a book. You can never have enough knowledge!


What do you think? Are you going to rock this week? I know that I will! Let us know what you do on a Sunday in the comments or on social media 🙂

5 kitchen essentials you’re missing

Being a Fit Girl is hard work. Doing healthy shopping, planning your meals in advance, deciphering recipes on nutritious meals, working out, you know being you. It all takes time and energy and you could use a little help, especially in the kitchen. That’s why I’ve made a list of top 5 kitchen essentials you’re missing (probably), if not then well done! 


5 Kitchen essentials you’re missing

1. Apple divider 

You already know the story of how good apples are for you and occasionally even toss them in your salad. They make for a great snack and sometimes you just don’t feel like slicing one up. Lucky you, now you can do that in one go, woosh!


2. Cups. In all sizes.

There are a lot of healthy and potentially delicious recipes out there that require you to measure your ingredients in cups.  before getting all tangled up in transforming all the units, take a look at these bright babies and all their colours!


3. Carrot ‘sharpener’ 

Yes, a carrot sharpener. Because why not? The next time you make a salad, just think how handy this can come along! And how interestingly cute it will look! I mean, just having this thing sitting around on your kitchen table top is pretty cool, but the fact that it’s actually useful strikes bonus points! Warning: keep away from eyeliners and curious boyfriends.


4. Avocado slicer 

Alright, well, this thing looks pretty much like a broken egg beater, but don’t let its looks fool you! Slicing up a ripe avocado can be a tricky business sometimes, which is why this super handy utensil will come to your rescue. Invest in one, you won’t regret it!


5.  Unicorn sprinkles 

I’ve saved the best for last! Have you ever wondered where all those confetti looking, colourful and edible thingies on your ice-cream come from? This is quite self explanatory and you need to have it! It’s probably going to be our new office mascot, here on Unicorn Island. Yep, seems appropriate.


Which essential do we miss? Do you have something that we didn’t mention, let us know!

8 stages before going to the gym

A few weeks ago I talked about how I am not a huge fan of the gym, and this is still true. As much as I want to be a true ‘Fit Girl’, I’m being it on my own terms and that includes all my imperfections. From my own experience, I have realized that there is a certain pattern in my behavior, especially regarding to the gym. Here are all the stages I go through before actually going to the gym. 

1. You have been trying to get yourself to go to the gym for months, but never actually went.

2. You finally get yourself together and decide to get a gym membership.

3. But then, immediate regret kicks in when you realize how much money you are spending on something you don’t even like.

4. Okay, Wednesday is the day. You tell yourself that you’ll wake up early and go work out. Then, this happens.

5. You managed to get out of bed and decide to start off the day with a healthy snack.

6. So, waking up early didn’t work. The snack was awful. Nothing is going the way it should and you start to convince yourself that the gym is just not for you.

7. You finally look in the mirror and tell yourself to get your shit together.

8. You arrive at the gym and start to panic when seeing all the equipment and fit people.


This is my journey to the gym! Has everyone had this before, or am I the only one? Let me know! 

Chocolate bar recipe

Did you know that we have a Sweet ‘n Salty Recipes e-book? The only problem is that it’s in Dutch. BUTTT we are translating it at the moment and wanted to give you a sneak peek into what the book has to offer! Basically, the book contains 25 recipes for savory snacks, and 25 sweet snack recipes. Most of the snacks are made in such a way that they are healthy and easy to make. However, we of course had to include some of our favourite treats as well! We couldn’t just withhold what makes us happy! haha Now, in our newsletter we are going to share 3 of the sweet recipes with you over the coming weeks. Which is a solid enough reason for you to sign up for our newsletter, don’t you think? Wait no more and sign up HERE!!

The good news is that we want to share 1 of those 3 recipes with you right here, right now! Can you guess which one that is? Well duhh it’s written in the title… It’s the CHOCOLATE FUDGE BARSSSS!!! Now, let’s get to work! Here’s the chocolate bar recipe:

I made this snack all on my own with nothing else than the recipe (and the ingredients of course). What I mean by that is: If I can do it, you can as well! So, even if you’re not a culinary expert in the kitchen, don’t worry, this e-book will make sure that you can get your healthy snacks done and ready in no time and with minimal efforts. On a side note, I had a lot of fun making this snack (and the other snacks whose recipes I will be sharing in the newsletter), so grab your friends, partner, parent, children,… (!) and enjoy the making of the snacks as much as you will enjoy eating them.

Ingredients you will need

One of the perks of this recipe is that you will only need 3 ingredients! And all of these ingredients you will most likely already have in your kitchen.

1. 175 gr (6.2 oz) chocolate (72% cacao)

2. 200 gr (7 oz) peanut butter

3. 2 wholegrain rice cakes (you can use more if you like)

(4). Coconut oil to grease your saucepan.

Step by step instructions

1. Heat up the peanut butter in a saucepan that has a layer of coconut oil in it (to prevent the peanut butter from sticking to the bottom of the pan).

2. Chop the chocolate into small pieces.

3. Once the peanut butter has melted, add the chocolate to it and let it melt as well. Keep the heat on a low in order to avoid the mixture from burning. Also, keep stirring gently!

4. Crumble the rice cakes into the pan, and MIX!

5. After everything has melted, pour the mixture into a square mold that you’ve covered in baking paper.

6. Put it in the fridge for 1.5 hours.

7. After the wait, cut everything into 8 pieces.

8. Leave it in the fridge again for 1.5 hours or more.

9. ENJOY!!!

There you have it! Your very own homemade chocolate fudge bars. I absolutely loved making these bars, it was fun playing around with all these sweet ingredients and making something fancy out of them. I truly felt like a masterchef. haha In terms of the taste I think I did quite well, only next time I will add in more rice cakes! Overall the bars were very tasty, I simply thought that the bars were a just a tad too chocolatey. Try out the recipe and comment how it went down below. Also, if you liked reading about this recipe and you’d be interested in buying the Guide in English, email us at community@fitgirlcode.com.

Are you a fan of following fun recipes? The more creative and original the better! Here is our peanut butter recipe >

While you wait for our Sweet ‘n Salty recipes e-book to launch, you can have fun cooking using our Happy Healthy Guide >

The weirdest diets in the world

It is not news that people sometimes go far – too far – in order to lose weight. Only eating bananas or surviving on baby food or cabbage soup… But it can be even crazier! We searched for the weirdest diets in the world. And although we were ready to encounter really extreme and weird things, we were shocked by what we found!


Auch! In Mexico there exists a diet in which they attach a small patch to your tongue. This ensures that it is incredibly painful to have solid food in your mouth and chew it, so you have to rely on liquid food. No health risks are mentioned, but this seriously doesn’t sound right.


In (South) America it is normal to do the werewolf diet, also known as the moon diet. The theory: because your body is mostly water, and the lunar phase has effect on water, you can use this to lose weight and detoxify your body. Eh, what? Madonna and Demi Moore are apparently fan of this diet, but we’re still pretty skeptical about it. (Read: we call BS!)


Do you still remember those times when you would hear it from your mom if you would stare directly into the sun? According to the dietitians from ‘sun eating’, you should actually do that. The idea is that you skip one meal per day and stare directly into the sun for 44 minutes. This allows your body to use sunlight as its fuel. Say what now?!


How do French women get their slim figure? It might just have to do with this secret. They tie a ribbon around their waist under their clothes. Throughout the day the ribbon becomes tighter as they eat more, which is of course uncomfortable. This prevents them from overeating. A rather extreme solution, if you ask us.


Run for your life – that’s a bit how the paintball diet goes. In addition to a low calorie diet plan, you are also expected to go to a paintball stadium where 4 professional paintballers are waiting for you. An hour long run is on the schedule. Are you not running hard enough? Then you can expect a few paintball bullets to come your way. The British do know how to motivate…

What’s the weirdest diet you’ve come across? I wonder if you have any addition to this list!

8 reasons why training with your partner is awesome

partner workout

‘Train together, stay together.’ It might sound a bit silly, but it is absolutely true: training with your partner comes with countless advantages! Today, I’ve put together my top 9 that I want to share with you. 

1. You always have someone to spot you

It can sometimes be difficult finding the right person that is able to spot you. But when you bring your boyfriend or girlfriend to the gym, that problem disappears. You both always have someone to stand with you when you’re trying to make a new squat or bench press PR.

2. Sweating is absolutely not a problem anymore

When you’re always coming home as wet as an otter after you workout, it might be a bit uncomfortable to kiss or hug your sweetheart . But when both of you have been pumping iron in the gym together, there’s no reason to be ashamed about it.

3. Cheat days are twice as fun

If you thought it was fun to sweat together in the gym room, just wait until you guys hit your cheat day. Believe me, enjoying a huge, greasy burger is so much better when you get to do so together. You don’t need to control yourselves since you’ll both be back in the gym in a few days and you just get to see the utter happiness written all over their faces as they eat!

4. Your sex life is going to experience a big boost

Working out regularly often works to make people feel better in the skin they are in and also gives their self-confidence an enormous boost. And let’s face it, isn’t sex always better when there’s nothing to be shy about? You’ve got two people who are super comfortable with themselves and also with each other. On top of that, it’s a cardio workout that’s going to build up your endurance. Bring on the extra workout!

5. There is no one to fuss about your workout routine

If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t understand the commitment that comes with a fit lifestyle, it can be sometimes annoying for them to know that you want to spend your Sunday mornings in a gym for instance. But if you share the love of gym and working out, you both can jump out of bed without disappointing anyone about the loss of quality time.

6. You never have to think about what gifts to get

When you share a hobby, picking out a gift gets just a bit easier. Bottles, yoga mats, a pair of dumbbells or a new sports outfit. A special advantage is that you can also use them yourself most of the time! It’s a gift that keeps giving.

7. You always have someone who will encourage you to get off the couch

You sometimes just have those days where it feels like you’re stuck to your bed. Even going to the bathroom takes extreme effort. When you have those days, it’s your partner who comes in with that encouragement to get you out of that slump. Even though you probably don’t want to hear it in the beginning, you’ll be proud of yourself after you go workout!

8. Massages all day long

This is probably the best reason on this whole list. Sore muscles is unfortunately part of the deal when you’re regularly at the gym  or being active in some way. Luckily, your sportive lover knows this all to well. This means that you’re always ready to give each other a nice massage after a day of trying to function with your muscle soreness.


9. You’re going to share a lot more laughs

A healthy diet and exercise improves your overall mood and general feeling about life. So going to the gym together is going to lower the amount of times you get into silly fights over the little things, making room for a lot more laughs. On top of that, you have more energy to actually go out and do things together. No more excuses!

So, are you a Fit Girl who is into training with your partner? Tell me why!

Fit Girl Fails: When you try your best, but you don’t succeed

We’ve all got those days. You try so hard to ensure you’re going to get that workout in, eat super healthy meals and get enough rest. And repeat. But then, life happens.  Throughout the day, it seems that everything is working against you being healthy. Trust me, you don’t know true sadness until you’ve planned your wrap for work, only for lunch time to hit and you find you bought a spoiled avocado. Oh well, you win some and lose some. Every Fit Girl has experienced one fail or the other. Here’s my top 10.  

You go to work with your full gym bag, only to realize when you arrive at the gym that you forgot your running shoes

True story: my housemate wanted to go to the gym together after she finished work. I watched her pack her gym bag all motivated and leave for her job.  After I biked to the gym and met up with her, we entered the changing room, and she just got really quiet. She was wearing ankle boots that day and somehow managed to forget her gym shoes at home.  I still cannot get her disappointed face out of my head. There went our gym idea!

You decide to buy a pack of healthy breakfast bars, only to find it’s completely disgusting

It’s always a gamble when you’re trying out a healthy new snack. I tend to wake up late for everything, so I wanted a healthy breakfast bar since it was so quick and easy. I’d have a good breakfast to start off my day right, and I wouldn’t end up buying something unhealthy instead. It was a great plan! In reality,  the first box I bought was absolutely horrible and it did nothing to motivate me to have a good healthy day. But being cheap, I pushed forward and ate the disgusting thing till the box was done..

You declined a snack and went home to make a shake instead,  and then realize you’re out of protein powder

After exercising all that willpower, you, of course, feel extra committed to your health. Saying no to things like chocolate and a nice piece of cake can be so hard, but you did it because you have a protein shake with your name on it. Bravo! You ride that high of accomplishment, only to check your pantry and see you have absolutely no scoops of your favorite protein powder left. Life is unfair sometimes.

You’ve discovered the  recipe for you, and head to the market or store to find they don’t have the ingredients you need

How many times have you really planned out what you’re going to cook, gotten the grocery list written down and left the house all determined to make the healthiest dinner ever? It happens quite a bit of times, but sadly sometimes ends in disappointment. When the grocery store doesn’t have all the ingredients you need, so you’re stuck with getting the stuff for a not-so healthy dinner that you’re used to.  Can’t they see you’re trying to get fit?!

You grab your healthy lunch you prepared the night before. Except, it’s the wrong tupperware container

Tupperware. Tupperware, everywhere. Most of the time when you’re changing over to a healthier lifestyle, you’ll end up packing a lot of your meals in these guys. You never have enough, you never find the right lid for them, and sometimes you can’t help but pick up the wrong one in your haste to get to work on time. There goes your healthy lunch idea..

After spending so long on your healthy smoothie, you somehow manage to drop it

The feeling of pure despair.  That’s all there is to explain with this one.

When you’re in the locker room putting your hair in a ponytail, and your only hair band decides to burst

I have thick hair which means brushes, combs and most often, hair ties have very short life spans with me. Some days, I put it in a ponytail from the morning just to ensure I avoid this problem later on at the gym. But, other days, I want to have my hair out at work or school, and opt to stuff it into a ponytail only at the gym. It’s usually a mistake, because 60% of the time I try this, my hair tie decides to break. And who is going to try to go work out with your hair flying all over the place?

You’re really going deep with those squats of yours, only to have your leggings rip straight down the middle

You’re going in on today’s leg day, ass to grass and everything. But 3 sets in, you hear a ripping sound.. If this ever happened to you, you know how embarrassing it can be. It won’t be long before you try to slip out of the gym so you can go and change back into your jeans and head home.

You had the best run ever, but you forgot to track it

Trackers are there for a reason. It helps you to feel pretty good about yourself when you can look back and see exactly what you did, or how far you ran. So when you know you’re having an amazing run and can’t wait to see exactly how many kilometers you ran or how much calories were burned, only to realize that you didn’t track it… Words cannot come close to explaining the feeling.

You’ve followed one of the many yummy and healthy dinner recipes you found online, and then you burned it

This one just hurts if you have absolutely no idea what you did wrong, but you ruined it. It’s safe to say you won’t be up for trying anything new in the kitchen for a while after that.

It seriously happens to everyone, but don’t let it stop you from what you want to achieve! Tomorrow is a new day. 😉 What Fit Girl fails have you experienced? Let yourself be heard in the comments section!

5 Types of people you meet at the gym

At the gym, you’re sure to meet all kinds of people; from beginners just trying things out to experts who seem like they own the place. One of the funniest things about going to the gym is noticing some typical gym personalities that are impossible to miss. If you’re a regular gym goer, check out if you’re able to recognize some of these types of  people you meet at the gym.

1. The free-weight’s hoarder

The free-weight’s hoarder does exactly what the name suggests, and they’re present in every gym. He/she claims one spot and slowly brings every free-weight in the gym over to their area. Once they’re done, they then leave it all behind because cleaning up after yourself is a pretty difficult concept for some. They really do need these 6 sets of dumbbells laying at their feet, can’t you see?

2. The gym-bro

This is one of the easiest to spot; the experts that are anything but. Their superior knowledge on everything related to fitness really sets them above everyone else. It only makes sense that they wear tight fitting tank tops, headbands and make loud grunting noises. Curling in the squat rack is hard work, alright.

3. The talker

This group of people work out their mouth over anything. If they happen to be your workout partner, you may find yourself in for a ride as they go on and on about their entire life story from beginning to end. They hang around your treadmill, your bench and somehow even find the energy to hold full blown monologues while they’re doing their sets.

4. The selfie king/queen

They don’t always go to the gym, but when they do, they need some proof to upload to their social media accounts with #SoFit #NoPainNoGain. I get it, when you’re working out, you’re all pumped and looking pretty good which makes it the perfect selfie opportunity. But these gym goers take it to a whole other level. They are more focused on the perfect lighting and angle than on the actual workout they came to the gym to do!

5. The ones absolutely killing it

These are my absolute favorites to see. These are the people who focus on themselves and give 100% in the gym. Whether it be lifting or cardio, you can just see the focus and dedication on their faces. I find myself looking at them every once in a while and being inspired, knowing one day, I’ll be on that level! Till then, I’ll keep on letting them inspire me to give my all.

There you have it, 5 of the most common types of people you’ll find in the gym. Any of these remind you of yourself or someone you know? Did I miss any typical gym types? Let me know in the comments below!

10 Types of people you follow on Instagram

We at #FITGIRLCODE are addicted to Instagram. It’s the perfect medium to share everything that  you do or feel. And as well as this, it can be quite nice to peek into someone else’s life once in a while. Do you recognize any of these ‘types’ from the people that you follow on Instagram?

1. The Foodie

We’re sure you must be familiar with this kind of Instagrammer. Foodies are known for their urge to share absolutely everything they eat. And when I say everything I mean absolutely everything. These meals mostly consist of pizza, sushi, donuts and salads.


2. The Fit Girl

Just like the Foodies, Fit Girls love to share everything  that they eat. But as well as this, they also need to share each and every workout they do. Uh, your workout didn’t count if it isn’t on Instagram!


3. The Clingy Couple

This girl just can’t post a picture without her hubby. They love to be as clingy as possible. They’ve posted so many pictures together that it seems as if they’re glued together. Plus, they love to tag each other in the most romantic quotes. #YUCK


4. The Traveller

This kind never stops posting pictures of beautiful oceans and landscapes. It seems like she never has to work. The one thing you’re always asking yourself is: “How does she even pay for this?”


5. The Fashionista

The ultimate fashion girl who will not stop posting amazing and, especially, expensive outfits. She always takes place front row and knows everything about the latest trends. But hey, she could stop posting her awesome clothes like a maniac because it’s making us quite jealous…


6. The Selfie Addict

A selfie a day keeps the doctor away. While this seems to be her mantra, we can’t seem to notice a single thing that makes yesterday’s selfie any different from today’s selfie.


7. The Party Girl

We’re all familiar with the girl who parties, pretty much every day. Her feed mainly consists of pictures of girls in sexy outfits accompanied by their gin & tonics. And to make it even more mysterious she chooses a seductive incidence of light. Dress-code: As little as possible.


8. #Forever #Hashtagging

Using a couple of hashtags to go with your picture is no strange thing. But some people tend to go a little over the top when it comes to hashtags. #Crazy #love # life #girl. Right, you know what I mean. The Selfie Girl in particular loves to use as many hashtags as possible.


9. The Poet

I’m not the type of Instagrammer who likes to read a post with more than 10 lines of text. The Poet is a kind of Instagrammer who loves to accompany her pictures with as much text as possible. When you’re finished reading the entire report, you’re still not quite sure how this matches the picture of the glazed donut. Oh well.

10. The Overachiever

This person manages to make you feel like a little pile of shit each and every day. This is the kind of person who starts every day with a workout and eats the best food there is. And next to that, his/her job is one of the coolest you could imagine. And even though this kind can be really inspirational at times, they really know how to get on your nerves. It’s a love-hate relationship.


Can you recognize any of these kinds from the people you follow on Instagramm ac you scroll through your own feed? If not: Let us know which type we forgot! 🙂 

Is a runner’s complex stopping you from running?

My mind goes to some weird and wonderful places when I run and questioning what other runners think of me when they pass by me is just one them. I used to have what I call, a runner’s complex. This is something I use to describe that feeling when you think that you can’t be ‘a runner’, when you feel uncomfortable running on the street or in the park, like you don’t belong there. Its one thing thinking it but is a runner’s complex stopping you from running?

For years I wanted to start running because I wanted to be able to call myself a runner. It sounded cool. I imagined a long lean version of myself pounding the pavement as the sun came up. In reality, I used to feel like I couldn’t because I would be doing it wrong, that people would stare or that I just wasn’t capable. Until one day I decided I wasn’t going to let it stop me from trying. But it doesn’t make the thoughts stop. So I wanted to share three things I’m pretty sure every Fit Girl has thought about and why it shouldn’t stop you from running.

Can I really call myself a runner?

Maybe you think that because you don’t run fast or you only run occasionally, as and when you feel like it, that you’re not ‘a real runner’. In my opinion, if you’ve laced up your trainers once to pound the pavement, even if it was only for two minutes before you had to walk, then yes; you are runner. It takes time to build up a minimum fitness level, it took me at least 4 months before I could run 5km in under 30 minutes without stopping, but everyone is capable. It’s one of the most basic and primal forms of exercise, there’s no exclusive membership and no one is going to stop you mid run to tell you that you’re not allowed to do it.  It takes a certain amount of confidence to gear up in your house to step outside and just run. At least it did for me. So the first time you do it, congratulations, you are a runner.

Do I look like a runner?

Next comes the self consciousness of wondering what you look like when you run. I think it’s because of where I grew up, I knew every single person in the really small town, so I would be too embarrassed to be seen on the street running. But we all glance at ourselves as we pass by a shop window or see passengers in cars looking at us and think, do I look funny running? Maybe you look like a gazelle elegantly striding from lamppost to lamppost or you are more like me and look like a baby rhino trying to keep up with the herd, it doesn’t matter. What I love so much about running is that everyone has their own style. Remember that scene from friends where Pheobe looks kind of crazy when she’s running and Rachel is embarrassed? No? Here’s a reminder.

Rachel might be embarrassed but Pheobe feels good doing it, so screw it who cares. The more times you go out and see others running the more you realize that ever the  R If you see someone that does a funny kick out or swings their arms like crazy leave ‘em be, they’re rocking that run and doing it for themselves anyway!

Am I creepy acknowledging other runners?

Are you someone who makes eye contact with other runners and gives them a discreet smile, do you avoid them and stare straight ahead running taller or do you awkwardly glance at your feet and think, “I wish they knew I’ve been running for forty minutes and that’s why I look like I am going to pass out.” If you’ve tallied up a few miles on the clock you will have done all three at one time or another. There is no runner’s etiquette. The chances are the person running towards you also thought about this for a couple of seconds as you approached other. I like to give some kind of acknowledgement if I sense the other person is the type too. Seeing other people running makes me feel proud and motivates me. I feel like we’re all in it together. Cue: my internal monologue. “I’m badass because I’m out running and you’re out here running so that makes you badass too and I want to acknowledge that. Man, aren’t we awesome? Go us!” Even when I’m my most tired, when I pass another runner I find a little bit more strength to go faster and push harder.

If you really want to start running but feel like you don’t know what your doing, read our tips here and don’t worry about it once you’re out there, just run. And remember, even if someone sees you you walking or taking a rest, you came out a runner. Own it. And you shouldn’t worry about what is going on in someone else’s head, it’s none of your business anyway 😉

15 of Ily’s favorite things

Time to get a little up close and personal with 15 of Ily’s favorite things. Some things might surprise you. I tag my sister Iris to do one too. Enjoy!

1. Favorite pet I ever had

I used to have goldfish when I was younger but they always died on me 🙁

2. Favorite meal out, ever

Warung Mini everytime, everything in that place I love!


3. Favorite food I’ve cooked

My scampi & spinach pasta is IMPECCABLE!

4. Favorite drink on a cold winter night

Starbucks’ no water-soya-chai-tea-latte.]

5. Favorite conversation I’ve ever had with a person

All the conversations about life I have with my sister Iris <3


6. Favorite movie of all time

Can’t choose one, but I love me some Tyler Perry movies

7. Favorite book of all time

La Negresse – Lawrence Hill

8. Teacher who changed my life, and why

My grandma, because she taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to

9. Favorite item category to go shopping for with a girlfriend

Shoes! and when I’m shopping with the sister its GYM CLOTHES!

10. Perfect day out – what, where, with whom

Gym  & Shopping – London- Iris

11. Favorite color

Black, I know that is not a color 😉

12. Favorite artist

Mary J. Blige

13. My greatest skill (past or current)

I have soul, I consider that a skill 🙂

14. The best advice I’ve ever been given

Don’t tell people about your dreams, show them

15. The best advice I’ve ever given

Be a boss, build an empire



The 10 Fit Girl Commandments

Being a Fit Girl is not simply a trend or a hype – it’s the real deal, a lifestyle. And once you see big communities growing and getting more prominent, you can start seeing a certain pattern in behavior and actions. So, we here present to you: the 10 Fit Girl Commandments that not only we live by, but we get to share together as a community of strong beautiful women. May this be your mantra, some inspiration, or even just that little kick of motivation when you feel you’re lacking some. All in all, just unlock your very own #FITGIRLCODE lifestyle!

Fit Girl Commandments:

1. Thou shalt not harbor guilt

By shaming yourself with guilt and negativity after every bad meal, bad workout, or bad day/week, you’re just more prone to failing. It’s OK to have slips. We are human, after all, and we cannot control every single moment that life throws at us! Whether it be an intense few weeks of studying, or a stressful day at work, or just a beautiful sunny day that made you want to skip a workout and enjoy some sweets, SO BE IT! 🙂 As long as you know how to get back on track when the time is right, you keep doing your thang.

2. Thou shalt not compare

Nothing more useless in this pretty little life of ours than comparing ourselves to others. It’s a natural reaction, of course, but learning to look past it is rewarding in every sense of the term. One girl’s fit journey might lead her to 6-packs in a matter of weeks, while another one’s journey will give her completely different results in a completely different amount of time! As Fit Girls, we strive to find our own personal recipe to success.

3. Thou shalt cut the crap

Yes, we do indulge in the occasional cheat meal/snack. NO, that does not mean we let loose for a whole day if we have the chance not to! If you don’t work for the results you want, honey that’s on you. We will be the first ones to encourage you to do what you love and train for what you want, and this more often than not involves cutting the crap here and there! So let’s set some realistic goals and get that adrenaline flowing to reach your own personal goals.

4. Thou shalt support each other

Being a Fit Girl means being part of a community. This is so important to know and be a part of, because it shows the true meaning of beauty: a group of women who don’t tear each other down but help each other rise to the top! Also, we’re basically doing a favor to the world by concentrating all of us into one group to talk about our WOD, proteins, food advice, challenges, and so on 😉

5. Thou shalt treat yo’ self

It is CRUCIAL to pamper ourselves (especially if there is no SO to be doing it for us 😉 ). “I don’t need new workout clothes” – said no Fit Girl Ever. You can never have too many colors of the same sports bra or too many different patterns for your tights, so why not reward yourself for the hard work every once in a while? This also means in food, and in beauty, and anything really! Treat yourself to little things and moments that make you happy – that smile afterwards will let you know it was worth it.

6. Thou shalt listen to your body

Your body is your temple, seriously. If that’s not functioning properly, neither can you. So take your naps when you need them, skip today’s workout if you’re not feeling well, and recover from that little flu you’ve been ignoring the last few days! This also applies to listening to your body when you’re hungry — really think to yourself if it’s boredom talking, or your grumbling tummy is in need of its next shot of energy! You have to remember, your body isn’t just working out during your gym sessions. Your body is under a constant workout: replenishing you during your sleep, digesting your food, breaking down the nutrients and distributing them, and burning calories throughout the day/workouts!

7. Thou shalt Instagram your Fit Girl life

If you hadn’t noticed already — which I highly doubt — Fit Girls LOVE sharing their life on our beloved Instagram. From uploading the perfect selfie to creating the ultimate food placement for a proper picture, we’ve done it all. Finding the proper angles and playing with the lightings is an art that all Fit Girls are too familiar with, and it comes with the job of being part of such a big community! We want to be aware of what’s up in each other lives and journey, and this is our way of doing so. At the #FITGIRLCODE HQ, it happens more often than we’d like to admit that we spend more time setting up our plates than eating the actual meal, and this goes without mentioning the dilemma of whether to upload the photo before OR after eating 😉

8. Thou shalt challenge yourself

As cliché as it sounds, you are your only competition. You should find it within you to push yourself to new limits (within good reason) and achieve new records. Because the rewards are not only apparent physically when you do so, but amazingly strong inside of you. Ending a workout that you know challenged you on all levels – mentally and physically – leads to an indescribable feeling, almost like a ball of sunshine stuck inside of you bursting through every inch of your body 🙂

9. Thou shalt not blatantly stare at guys in the gym

This should go without saying, but you never know. Being a Fit Girl means acquiring the ultimate superpower of high-end peripheral vision 😀 We know how to spot that cute guy using the squat rack while we are in the middle of a burpee – we just do, don’t ask how. But this commandment also applies to staying focused. We know why we’re there, we’re sweating our boobs off, and now might not be the hottest time to meet the love of your lives 😉

10. Thou shalt love yourself

Lasty but goldie. This last commandment is EVERYTHING a Fit Girl works for. To feel good in your own skin, understand your body, and love every single bit of it! The best part about jumping on board to this journey is the mental satisfaction you get when you look at yourself in the mirror, no matter what size or shape, and feel a glowing sense of love towards your own reflection 🙂

Why you should try jumping rope

Hi Fit Girls! Have you tried jumping rope? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably done this a LOT when you were a little girl. In summertime, I would often practice jumping rope with my girlfriends. Going super fast, trying tricks and having a BLAST! Recently I’ve picked it up again and in this blog I’ll tell you why you should try jumping rope: a fun and effective power cardio workout!

2014-11-23 16.05.44

These are the reasons to try jumping rope:

1. Cardio blast

Jumping rope burns up to 1000 calories an hour, making it a highly effective way to improve your cardiovascular capacity! Okay, now I totally understand why supermodels bring their jumping rope everywhere they go! You could use a jumping rope in between fitness exercises to keep your heart rate up, create a high intensity jumping schedule, or replace your regular cardio activity with steady state jumping rope.

2. Core stability & coordination

Compared to regular cardio machines in the gym, jumping rope is a natural and free way of moving. When jumping, you’re using your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and your core. Also, you’re constantly swinging the rope from your wrists and elbows. To keep the rope going, your body constantly engages your core muscles.  Do you see where I’m getting at? It’s a total body workout! As you practice more, you’ll get better at coordinating the jumping.

3. Having FUN!

Seriously, jumping rope feels like being a kid again. Especially when jumping with your BFFF, you’ll have a BLAST! I love practicing jumping tricks. It will feel like playing, not training, to try new moves or improving your jumping records.

4. Easy peasy

nike jumping ropeWell… the jumping part isn’t so easy after a few minutes.. BUT! Having your own jumping rope is awesome! You always have a workout wherever you go. Take your rope with you when you go to the gym, to the park or even on vacation. Not really feeling to go to the gym? No worries! Put on your gym shoes and take your rope outside. You’ll be jumping within one minute. Easy peasy, right?



I own this Nike Speed Rope 2.0. It’s adjustable in length and has a super flashy look. Get yours now!


Get jumping! Use my guide to become a jumping rope master!

2014-11-23 16.06.14
Easy jumping:
Start by jumping without a rope. Keep your elbows close and twist your wrists as if you are spinning a rope. Try to find a nice rythm you can keep up with for multiple minutes.

Side rope: Get your jumping rope (which should be at the correct length: both ends should come to your chest): and hold both ends in one hand. Swing the rope and jump everytime the rope hits the floor. Work on your coordination by doing this alternately with your left and right hand

Basic jump: Get to the real jump roping! To get a good cardio blast, make small and fast jumps without a ‘hop’ in between. Make sure to contract your abs and keep your chest up. Can you do 100 reps in one go? What’s your time on 1000 reps? Give it a try!

Double unders: These are tough, so you’ll definitely need to practice these. A double under is when you jump extra high and let the rope pass onder your feet twice. Use your wrists to accelerate the rope and make sure you land softly on the balls of your feet. Start by doing a solitary double under now and then in your set. When you get better, try to do you multiple double unders!

Cross jump: Cross your arms just before you jump and quickly bring your arms back. These are fun to do, but they also engage your chest, biceps and triceps to get those killer toned arms. You could also try cross double unders to spice things up

Running jumps: Hop from foot to foot, as if you’re running. This requires some extra coordination and is a fantastic way to train your calves. Want more? Pick up your knees as high as you can!

Mix it up: Mix up all these moves to get going! It’s also super fun to create a choreography with a friend and try to go the exact same speed.

What’s your favorite jumping exercise? I’m curious! Comment below or follow me on Instagram for more fitness inspiration 🙂

x Roos

How to wash smelly sportswear? 4 things you need to know!

One down side to being a Fit Girl is that you’re laundry basket is never empty! Smashing a sweaty workout several times a week comes at the price of endless, smelly laundry. It’s about time that someone investigated how to wash smelly sportswear for us Fit Girls so we can keep our workout wardrobe looking as awesome as we feel and smelling good.

Why do people think we are always saying a Fit Girl can never have enough workout clothes?! Because we just can’t keep up with washing them! Maybe you’ll admit that you don’t wash your jeans or bra after every wear but how are you supposed to wash your workout clothes? Here are 4 things you need to know to do it right!

1. Detergent and dead skin

When it comes to washing workout clothes my natural instinct is to put them in with as much detergent as possible on high heat. Surely extra soap and heat is all it needs to get rid of the bacteria. WRONG. Adding extra detergent is actually worse. Your washing machine cycle is only set to handle so much soap so it can’t rinse all of the excess off in the same length of time, trapping dead skin cells into the fabric and bacteria continues to grow. If you feel like your clothes still smell, its probably mildew which feeds off of the soap that wasn’t washed off in the cycle! Yikes, less is more in this case!

2. Funky fragrances and fabric softeners

If you use fragranced fabric softener in your washing it makes sense that you would add it to your workout clothes too. They’re potentially the smelliest items in your wardrobe so why wouldn’t you want to walk into the gym smelling like fresh cotton or lavender fields (whatever your preference)?!  But this is actually counter productive for the purpose of workout clothes because fabric softener traps fragrances into fabric. So in essence, you’re trapping the sweaty smelliness into the clothes! That certainly didn’t occur to me. Not only this, fabric softener damages anything that is elastic so it’s doing your gear more harm than good.

3. Do I have to wash my yoga pants as often as my running tights?

According to dermatoligist Dierdre Hooper, the answer is yes, you do have to wash them after every wear. You might think after an easy Hatha yoga class that didn’t you break a sweat but the tight fitting style of clothing means, sweat or no sweat, bacteria rubs off of you and onto your clothes while you wear them. She says, “Many of those bacteria will still be on those clothes the next day—possibly in higher number if they’ve multiplied, which they can do even when the clothes are dry.” Putting them back on means you expose yourself to now – fortified bacteria or yeast and risk irritating your skin and increase the chance of getting an infection!

4. So how do I kill all that nasty stuff without ruining them?

You are not doomed to smell forever don’t worry. Instead of following the normal washing procedure follow these steps to get keep your gear in good form and fresh ore you put them on!

  • Turn everything inside-out to protect the colours. It’s also the inside of the clothes that need the deepest clean because that’s where all of the sweat and skin cells are rubbing onto!
  • If you have the time to, soak clothes in a mixture of cold water and half a cup of white vinegar for 15 to 30 minutes before you put them in the machine. This cleans some of the gross stuff that has built up during and after your workout.
  • Use a small amount of detergent, slightly less than the recommended amount for the size of the load.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water as hot water can damage the fabric causing your beloved clothes to shrink! And the same goes for drying. Use the coolest setting on the dryer so as not to shrink them or better yet be eco-friendly too and let them dry by air!

Now you know how to wash smelly sportswear, get your dirty tights smelling clean, keep your workout wear in good condition and get even more out of your detergent! But it can be our little secret so that you can still use not having enough fresh sports clothes as the excuse to go and buy more, we won’t tell!

How to grunt like a Fit Girl?

We (all) do it on a regular base, or know someone who does it (all the time). Most of the time you’re not even aware of the fact that you’re doing it. I’m talking about #grunting – especially in the gym -! It may sound strange, and funny at the same time but #grunting does have some benefits to it. Let me tell you all about them in this article. Here’s how to grunt like a Fit Girl. 

Grunting equals force
Grunting is a sound that you make whilst you exhale. It can boost your work out, since it may activate the autonomic nervous system. This is the nervous system that controls the fight or flight response — that feeling you get when you become startled or scared. It’s the adrenaline rush that people speak of. And that may help the muscle contractions be more complete and more forceful.” So If you’re stuck on that 60KG deadlift and you want to work up to some heavier weights; just grunt baby, grunt.

Your 60 seconds of fame
Grunting will make you famous in a certain way. It’s like X-Factor: either you’re in or out. There is a variety in “likes” you’ll get; some may find you annoying and others won’t get enough of it. For me seeing people grunt works on my laugh nerves in a good way. But when I’m trying to solely focus on my moves “in peace” I do get frustrated, even though I belong to the grunters too.

Instant relaxation
Even though grunting can be bothersome for others. For you it can increase inner peace and relaxation. It reliefs the tension that might been build up in your body. It could even be used as a quick (temporary) fix for shaking of a bad day or getting back in your gym flow. Beware or square for “no grunting zones”. Since worldwide there are some gyms that have a “lunk” alarm that forbids you to #grunt!

If you want to know more about grunting or see how I and @ily_fitgirl grunt our way up to achieving our fitness goals you can hit me up on Instagram @iris_fitgirl.


Paddle your way to a fit body!

There are so many different kinds of workouts these days that we want to share them all with you! Today Maud from Fit & Fruity wants to tell you about Supping!

Let’s talk about the fastest growing board sports out there and a big trend in the fitness scene: SUP. WhatsSUP?! No…. SUP is no slang for Hey, What’s SUP 😉 SUP is an abbreviation of ‘Stand Up Paddling’. With a supboard and a paddle, you propel yourself across the water. SUPing can be done on surface water, such as lakes, rivers, streams and on moving (sea) water.

SUPing has its roots in Hawai and first became popular among surf instructors and photographers trying to get a higher vantage point than the surface of the water. SUPing is great for both body and mind. It can be done to relax, but can also be a killer workout. The SUP sport has different disciplines: recreational-, touring-, yoga- and waveSUPing.

When you are paddling long distances without slowing down, it’s called tour- or race SUPing. Most calories are burned during race SUPing because your heart rate and cardiovascular are at full throttle. With one hour of touring you can easily burn 800 calories (of course depending on your weight, age and heart rate).

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Yoga SUPing
Besides SUPing being a great work out, it’s also perfect to find your inner chakra. Yoga SUPing is calming and meditative on one side and an intense workout for the mind, body and spirit on the other side. With a yoga SUP workout you burn approximately 350 calories in one hour.

Wave SUPing
This is the best cross training to do when you want to improve your surfing. Wave SUPing is best suited to slower moving waves. With wave SUPing you can burn 600 calories in one hour depending on the size of the waves. The bigger and rougher the waves, the harder you have to work.

Recreational SUPing
This is the most common type of SUPing. People paddle on calm water, light winds at a slow walking type pace. Did you know you’ll burn about twice the calories (300to400) you’d burn on a moderate paced walk?! Isn’t it awesome!

SUPing at the Crossfit Games
Last Wednesday the crossfit games got broadcasted on tv. In the first event of the games, paddle boarding was included. The athletes first had a 500 yards swim , than paddle for 5 miles,than again a 500 yards swim. Kara Web won this women’s individual event and Jonne Koski the men’s individual event..


As above proves paddle boarding is one of the best workouts out there!
On a SUP you have to balance yourself, so your quads, hams and glutes are engaged throughout the whole SUP routine. With SUPing also your strength and endurance is challenged. Full body workout …CHECK!

So leave your fitness device for what it is, and go work out on a SUP and discover the roads mother natures has created for you. 


How Team #FGC is making September healthier

Here at #FITGIRLCODE HQ we keep up with the latest health trends not only to share them with all of you but also to apply them to our own lives! Each of us is different and has unique strengths, weaknesses, schedules, and needs. After a summer filled with one too many scoops of ice cream (sound familiar?) we are ready to conquer September 2015 by trying out something new!

We’ll each share with you one workout, food tip, beauty tip, or new habit we’re trying out this month to continue unlocking our personal code to a healthy and happy lifestyle. We are determined to make September healthier!


Drink 2 Litres of water per day

Shelley, Brand Relations Manager

“I’ve started committing to drinking 2L of water a day and plan to make this a habit. For some this is super easy but for me it’s a downright struggle – I’m just a very non-thirsty person and now I have to go to the bathroom ALL. THE. TIME. They say it takes you 2-3 weeks to form a habit so let’s see if I can do this! Why? Drinking enough water is very good for your health and on top of that, my skin definitely can use some improvements.”

Bottoms up, Shelley!

Vary workouts to avoid a Fit Girl rut

Anna, Press Relations Manager & Lead Editor

“Prevent yourself from getting into a workout rut. If you do the same thing over and over again you’ll get bored no matter what, and the same goes for your workouts. I was doing CrossFit all the time and just didn’t feel like it anymore”

“This month I’m going to try all different types of workouts to keep surprising my body and mind. I want to keep it playful and exciting to avoid getting into a rut and to make sure I keep enjoying exercising!”

“… recently I’ve tried Hula Hoop, swimming, Grit Strength classes, running, and I’m having such a blast!!”

Cutting out dairy and adding fermented foods

Andrea, Marketing Intern

“My skin has been all over the place this summer, and I have not been able to figure out what’s causing it. I eat super well but have a weakness for certain dairy foods (cheese, greek yogurt, ice cream…). Dairy products are full of natural hormones, are a natural source of sugar, and increase inflammation in the body. These are all things that could be contributing to my not-so-great complexion as of late.”

“So as much of a cheese-lover as I am I will do my best to skip the dairy products and go for kimchi instead as I embark on my mission to baby-soft, clear skin”


Aranka, CEO

“I’m going on holiday and limiting myself to 30 min of internet per day during that week. I am going to read books and try to take less pictures. I sometimes don’t even see the view, only the picture of the view… Bring on the beach!”


Train for 10K

Laura, Project Manager
“I slowly built up my running ability to a 5K then had a bad ankle injury. This set me back and I broke up with running for several months. I’m looking for love again and am hoping to find it at the 10K finish line!”
“I’m going to use my Nike + app to train for running a 10K in 8 weeks. I know this is not just for September, but I plan to using the app’s schedule this month so I have clear goals I can stick to. I’m still looking for a race in the Netherlands in the coming months, any suggestions?”


Starting fresh with a positive mindset

Vladana, Online Editor
“This summer was marked by a lot of changes in my life, both good and bad. I met a lot of positive people here at #FITGIRLCODE who helped me change my negative mindset and inspired me to make changes”
“September will be my fresh start. I will find a routine and balance that work for me and get back on track in the gym after being injured for 4 months. More sleep and more water seems like a good place to start 🙂 “


Start going to yoga again

Laura, Chief Production Manager

“Team #FITGIRLCODE is moving to a new HQ! A new office means a new start. I’m letting go of old bad habits, including not going to yoga. I see every Monday as the 1st of January, a new opportunity to start fresh. You’ll see me back at yoga in September!”

Sleeping more

Joey, Graphic Designer

“This month I’m going to catch more zzzz’s and rest so that I can properly focus during the day. I plan to have more energy so I can be more productive and get better results in all I do, in and out of the office”

“A clear mind allows me to be on top of my game while working on my latest big project for the #FITGIRLCODE website! Stay tuned in the coming months to see if I succeed!”

So that’s what the #FITGIRLCODE team is up to this month! We’d love to hear about your plans, goals, dreams, and everything else. Tag us on Instagram or comment below and share what you’re doing to make September 2015 healthier!

Fit Girl Iris’ Delicious Pumpkin – Carrot Soup, with a little extra.

Sundays are soupdays at my house. No matter the season or the reason one of my favorite soups is my homemade: Pumpkin – Carrot soup.  I’m going to share with you how to make this highly classified  top secret #tasty #heartwarming #easy #healthy #winnerssoup 🙂

All you need for this  quickfix


  • A pumpkin
  • A big carrot
  • 2L (boiled water)
  • 2 Vegetable soup stock
  • 1 chili (that’s the little umph a.k.a. extra)
  • 1 onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Basil (if you want to)
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • A good knife (cleaver)

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14 fun ways to exercise throughout your day

You know how it works – there are some days that you’re just not going to make it to the gym, or out for a run. Sometimes, life takes over. And that’s ok! The key is to make activity part of your daily life as much as possible, so that the line between “I’m working out” and “I’m on the couch” is as blurred as it can be. Depending on the type of day you have ahead of you, it is possible to include strength training, some cardio and flexibility just by going through your daily activities.

Here are fourteen ways that you can include activity into your day-to-day lifestyle, without going near your sports bra.


  1. Stretch it out as soon as you wake up.
  2. Do 30 lunges while waiting for the kettle to boil.
  3. Stand on one foot while brushing your teeth (don’t forget to alternate legs though!)
  4. Walk (your pet, boyfriend or cactus) around the block.
  5. Exercise your kegel muscles in the traffic or on public transport (no one will know!).
  6. Park a block away from work and walk the rest of the way – why grab the closest spot?
  7. Walk and talk, instead of sitting down to indoor meetings.
  8. Have an active lunch – grab a friend and go for a walk, lift a few heavy things or stretch it out.
  9. Practice some desk yoga.
  10. Everytime you go to the bathroom (which when you drink lots of water is… all the time) do 20 air squats.
  11. Take a hike to watch the sunset after work.
  12. Put vintage pop songs on and dance around the kitchen while making supper (Eye of the Tiger, anyone?)
  13. When an ad break interrupts your TV program, do 20 sit ups.
  14. Practice mindfulness to relax your way towards sleep (exercising your miiiind, y’all).


And there you have it! While working out in a more conventional sense is important, try to include some sort of activity every day. And tell us below – how do you include exercise in your day?


8 #FITGIRLCODE festival essentials

Our favourite play time activity at #FITGIRLCODE is going to an outdoor festival on the weekends! There’s nothing like dancing for the equivalent of a 10K run in the sun and showing off that booty you’ve been working on for months. I have compiled a list of summer festival essentials that are meant to combine fashion and the optimal festival experience:


  • Fanny pack- This type of bag will make your life so easy while dancing and grooving, and you won’t need to worry about misplacing it anywhere. You can wear it around your waist or across your shoulder, so  many possibilities!
  • Romper with pockets- rompers provide comfort since they are soft and are not constraining, and they also allow adequate air flow to parts of your body that might get sweaty. Look for one with pockets so that you have a place to stow away any trinkets you find, like a lead singer’s guitar pick or your roommate’s keys that she is afraid to lose.
  • Wild and round sunglasses- Let loose with animal print-inspired sunglasses, I’ve chosen one pair of thick glasses and one pair of thin. Which suits you best?
  • Choker necklace- This accessory is easy to pair with any outfit, and you can keep it on all weekend without worrying about it or taking it off to swim, shower, or any other activities you wouldn’t want to wear your precious stones while doing.
  • Suede shorts or skirt- suede is a material that will make you stand out, and you’re sure to wear the item in the future as well as suede can be worn all year round. I love this eye-catching red colour and, again, pockets always come in handy!
  • Monochrome sneakers- are you an all-black or an all-white girl? Take your pick between these amazing sneakers that can seriously be worn anywhere from the office to a party. Keep in mind that if bad weather is forecasted for the day of your festival, you might want to stick to a very old pair of shoes since achieving the perfect festival outfit is not worth ruining these beauties.
  • Fedora hat- Stay cool, protected, and fashionable with this colour block fedora hat. The price is totally reasonable and there are many colour options!
  • Oversized denim jacket- just as comfortable as it is stylish, an oversized vintage Levi-style denim jacket is perfect for a chilly evening once the sun goes down. I highly recommend buying this at a secondhand store near you, otherwise you will often overpay and the quality of the original Levi’s is just unbeatable.

I’ve also thought of some essential non-clothing items that you’ll be glad to have, especially if you’re going to a longer festival. Don’t forget to pack:

  • dry shampoo or taft volume powder (Andrélon sells both)
  • baby wipes
  • a hand-held fan
  • a portable phone charger

All dressed up with nowhere to go? If you’re in the Rotterdam area, don’t miss the Blijdorp Festival taking place on Saturday, August 15th in Roel Langerpark. The lineup will not disappoint any girl who wants to show off her moves, and you’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome and atmosphere. 

Let me know what your festival essentials are in the comment section below!