Quench Your Thirst With a Free #FITGIRLCODE Bottle

Yes, we know — it has been said one too many times… but, IT’S SPRING TIME! What does that mean? It means we want to celebrate the freshness of Spring fruits and the tang they add to our water to the fullest . How? With a FREE water bottle nonetheless!

Starting today until Sunday May 10th 23.59 CET, you can get a FREE #FITGIRLCODE bottle with any purchase above 50 euros. This means that once you reach that amount, a bottle will automatically be added (make sure not to add it in yourself!) to your shopping cart 🙂


Hydrate yo’self. 

At #FITGIRLCODE, we always try to get our daily intake of water straight. This is why we decided it’s time to promote that habit to ALL the Fit Girls! There are just too many benefits to drinking nature’s purest beverage, so why not make use of this fruity season to make it even funner?

Fun fact: one serving of these big ass bottles equals 1L of water, drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon and Ta-Dah! Your daily requirement is met and you’ll be wanting to drink even more 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait until the last minute –

10 things to do while being injured and stuck at home

You got injured! What now?! When you’re injured, it’s especially important you take enough time to let your body heal. With a serious injury, you often find yourself resting more and exercising less or maybe not even at all. You’ll end up being stuck at home a lot more, bored out of your mind. To make it more fun, I made this funny list of things to do when stuck at home while being injured.

10 things to do while being injured and stuck at home

I’m currently stuck at home, I recently broke my rib by coughing too long and too hard. Oh yes this actually happened, it’s not a joke. It’s totally possible and very painful (don’t try this at home haha). It’s really annoying too because I can’t do a lot of things that I would like to do. Fortunately there are still things that I can still do. Such as; inline skating, low intensity weight training & light yoga. Always consult your doctor when you have an injury and you want to find ways to stay active.

I can’t run (I’m really bummed out about this) and I shouldn’t do any contact sports though I have to admit I played a friendly match of football with my friends (I’m only human). Being stuck at home more often than normally can get really boring. I found several ways to ease my boredom and I’ll share ten of those ways with you in this article, yay!

  1. Dress up

Don’t let it go(at)! If you look the part, you’ll feel the part!

  1. Tidy up your house

An organized home is a happy home!

  1. Find your special talent or learn a new craft

Remember to take it easy though, don’t hurt yourself in your excitement lol.

Continue to page 2 for more funny ways to keep busy when stuck at home!

  1. Give your pets some extra attention

Now remember, don’t smother, be gentle 😉 If you don’t have any pets, borrow one of a friend or a family member!

  1. Invite some awesome friends over

and play games with them, boardgames are optional too!

  1. Take a selfie or two

Do this in the garden, so you’ll get some extra vitamin D. Don’t forget to smile and show your dimples!

  1. Prepare a healthy meal for your family

No matter how delicious the dish is, don’t be greedy, share it!

Continue to page 3 for more awesome ways to keep yourself occupied! Exciting! YAY!

  1. Try some light yoga

Yoga is so much fun, it improves flexibility and it builds muscle strength. If this looks too complicated, just stretch!

  1. If you really want to exercise (because you can’t sit still like yours truly)

Do it moderately and responsibly, ask your doctor for advice about what you can and can’t do!

  1. You can always take a nap

When everything else fails, take a nap. There’s nothing a good nap can’t fix!

I hope you won’t need this list of activities, but if you do, I wish you the best of luck and hopefully you’ll have a quick recovery! As always, I’m curious to hear from you. How do you fit girls cope with being stuck at home because of an injury? What are your favorite things to do?


Safira Audrey


Event report: Training with Vita Coco @ Sixforty

Hi ladies, how are you today? Last week, me and some other #FITGIRLCODE crew members decided to sign up for a super fun training event with Vita Coco (you know, those healthy and delicious coconut water drinks!). We did a tough workout at the brand new Sixforty gym. We had a blast!

IMG_9820 IMG_9819


Up: Fit Girl Stephanie attacking Anna, while I (Roos) try to flex my baby biceps.
Down: Fit Girl Safira looking flawless as ever <3


IMG_9646We met each other at the Sixforty gym in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This gym just moved to a brand new location. Everything looks super fresh and shiny! For me, this wasn’t the first time at Sixforty. Since two months, I own a gym card here, and I’ve fallen in love with the type of explosive, tough and diverse workout! Did you know there’s actually a couple of the Fit Girls training at Sixforty? Fit Girl Anna and Stephanie are two of the oldest members! It’s a definite must try if you’re looking for a new fitness experience!


We all got some yummy Vita Coco coconut waters to keep ourselves hydrated. Time to get started! Trainer Georgios showed us the workout.  This looks pretty easy, right? Well be warned.. sometimes the easiest looking workouts are the toughest!


After a heavy warming up (seriously, we were dripping in sweat, haha!), we spent 10 minutes on skill training. Personally I love training skills. I always feel like a little kid, when learning something new. It’s fun and it kinda tickles my brain, if you know what I mean! Today? Front squats! We practiced with a broomstick, before taking on the real weights.
PS: look at Fit Girl Anna’s squat booty! Whoop whoop!


Okay let’s rock the WOD (Workout Of the Day)! Two sets of six minutes insane madness! It might not seem like much, but OMG we went on full 100% beast mode! Haha 😉

Some pics to give you a glimpse of the training:









We had a BLAST! Working our asses of, meeting other cool girls with interest in sports, sipping’ on coconut water and playing around in Sixforty, one of the hottest (and best!) gyms in Rotterdam.


A little tip from us at #FITGIRLCODE: We really liked mixing the coconut water with water in a 1:1 solution for some extra hydration. Our own bottle #FITGIRLCODE is practically perfect for it!

I hope you liked reading this event report. Next up? The We Run Amsterdam race, hosted by Nike! We’ll be joining with a big group of Fit Girls, so we’d hope to see you there!



How I almost got a sixpack for my birthday

Hi girls! Four months ago, I set a goal for myself: I wanted a sixpack for my 30th birthday. And today is my birthday: Hip hip, hooray! I’ll share my journey on how I almost succeeded on my way to get some more ab definition. Let me tell you how I got as far as I am now. Hopefully you will learn some tips and tricks from my journey: the road to a sixpack! 

Okay, so, why a sixpack? It might sound like a superficial goal: of course a sixpack looks great, but what other purpose does it have? Well, I’ll tell you. To me, a sixpack is the ultimate proof of fitness. You’ll have to train hard, but also keep a close eye on your nutrition. And you’ll have to be patient. Very. Very. Patient. For those who have never met me: I’m a super impatient girl! I cannot sit still for a minute, haha. So sticking to a fitness and food regime for a long term goal, was the best thing I could commit to. No quick fixes! This goal will take me months to reach! And I was up for a good challenge.

So when I started blogging for #FITGIRLCODE, I was looking for a long term goal. A sixpack it was! I started using the hashtag #sixpackbefore30 on my Instagram account (@fitgirlroos), because I would turn 30 in April. It was my goal to be the strongest, happiest and fittest version of myself at the age of 30. With some good abs, preferably!


One of my Instagram pictures: My weight hasn’t changed much! But my abs have changed! This is why you shouldn’t trust your scale 😉

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10 Reasons not to be a Fit Girl

Being a Fit Girl requires time, effort and dedication. Why else would fitness journeys be so rewarding? Although, we can’t always assume this is everyone’s cup of tea. I’m constantly hearing comments such as “I don’t want to bulk up and look like a man”, or “I cannot find time in my week to put in a workout”. So after much thought and consideration, I came to a realization and came up with quite the list of why you shouldn’t want to be a Fit Girl 😉

10 Reasons not to be a Fit Girl

1. That bikini body you’ve always dreamed of, yes, that one, well who needs it? I mean, really…

2. It’s awkward to have so much energy throughout the day once you start working out more and eating properly

3. Once people start noticing your progress, the shower of compliments is just unbearable

4. Being constantly surrounded by an awesome positive community is… too good?

5. The feeling of not only looking good but feeling great on the inside is unsettling.

6. Why would we want a healthier, more nutritional version of pancakes if we have perfectly fine processed 800-calorie servings ready made?

7. It became un-cool the second our parents gave us so much support to follow this healthy lifestyle choice…

8. The rewarding feeling of soreness in the morning is not all that they make it to be

9. The huge array of workout clothes with spunky colors and patterns is overwhelming.

10. Peanut butter and all those gooey healthy things are too overrated.

What I’m trying to say here is… there are basically NO logical reasons why you shouldn’t lead a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle 🙂 So keep on doing your thing and hope you had a good laugh Fit Girlies!

Training with the #FITGIRLCODE community

In our last article we challenged the Fit Girls to join us for a special #FITGIRLCODE community training. On the 22nd of March it was time for some action: Six Fit Girls accepted our challenge to release their inner badass and went for it!

Training with the #FITGIRLCODE community

We gathered at the Kralingse Plas: Rotterdam’s magnet for outdoor athletes and our favourite training area in the vicinity of Rotterdam. While we waited for the group to complete, we had a moment to meet each other and share some thoughts. We briefly explained our philosophy and our way of training, which you can also read about. Despite the typically Dutch (fresh) weather, we advised to leave some layers of clothing in the car and start off at a kickass pace right from the beginning. And we were off!




What followed was one badass workout. More than an hour of mud, struggle and rock and roll. While most people were having a casual walk with the dog or having their easy Sunday morning run, we ran and struggled through muddy trails and swampy fields, making a simple movement from A to B, a challenge in itself. And while other people were eating their breakfast and drinking their coffee in their centrally heated living room, we made ourselves warm by flipping over logs as fast as we could, wrestling like the New-Zealand rugby team in a scrum, frog jumping, carrying each other uphill and climbing trees. You definitely nailed it Fit Girls!




Thank you all for your energy in the training and participation in the contest: we had a great Sunday morning! #FITGIRLCODE and NatuurlijkSportief proved to be a great match and we are looking forward to a follow-up training session. Make sure to follow us so you can join a next session. And if you can’t wait for a next #FITGIRLCODE community training session, you are most welcome to join one of our regular trainings!




 All pictures by Runningpictures.nl


5 Most Stylish Fitness Bloggers

Fitness bloggers – we see them everywhere. Seriously everywhere. One of my main struggles when I’m browsing for good night-time reads on these things is that I’m just too overwhelmed! Not only are there gazillions of blogs roaming through the web, but they’re also on multiple networks: Tumblr, Instagram,  websites, webshops, you name it!

So in light of making your lives a bit easier and spare you some growing time at night when all you really want to do is read and scroll through, I have collected 5 fashionable fitness bloggers. These women are inspiring, motivating and insanely driven!

1. Finders Keepers x Fit

This blog was born out of a high-end streetwear brand. Its aim was to extend from just a clothing line to a label with a focus on lifestyle, as much as fashion. I fell in love with the founder’s, Kate Anderson, most recent extension to her collection and blog to a Fitness section. She expresses her gratitude to extending her brand to something even closer to her own lifestyle and passions – Health & Fitness. Fun Fact: her motto is almost the same as ours, Anderson’s aim is to help girls around the world “achieve their full potential”.

2. Sweat the Style

This blog is everything I look for in fashion, health, and fitness. The founder, Adrianne Ho, reflects her inner wanderlust and edginess through her writing style and her approach to taalking about issues. Her aim is to portray  an active lifestyle culture and a brand devoted to fashionable fitness, natural beauty, positive health, and real food. Icing on the cake: she keeps it real by having straight-up talk about the challenges of staying fit, healthy, and stylish in our ever-changing, fast-paced modern environment. Hence her creation of a fun community to stay fly, strong, nourished and most importantly hydrated.

3. Jen Selter

An all time classic. I don’t think you can get much more motivation from anyone else! Known as Instagram’s best ass, Jen Selter does not fall behind on the list of my top fitspo bloggers. This instagram sensation shares workout videos to get killer bootays and abs as well as day dream photos of beauty locations and a top notch

4. Sporteluxe

This blog is run by a full-time power girl — Australian Bianca Cheah. What started out as her personal blog about fitness and fashion, soon developed into a cult following. Being affiliated with some leading health and fitness experts and top sports brands, Sporteluxe incorporates informative into their fresh and spunky equation, which is something that I usually weight strongly when I follow a blog. And when it comes to article topics, they do not run short! From beauty, fashion, drinks, health, lifestyle, food, etc, I can guarantee you will not exhaust all the recent topics in one go 😉

5. Fashercise

This last blog, which was originally just a webshop as well, covers all things  health, fashion, and beauty. What first attracted me to them was the fact that their brands vary from big names to smaller independent young designers — which already says a lot about the essence of their brand. Secondly, the two best friends and founders Alex and Cam reflect their spunk and humbleness by really showing that they are real girls, living real lives, and they aim to reach just the same. The website is all about keeping fit, but having a blast and looking great doing so.

5 tips to start running

The sun is slightly out and summer is just around the corner. The perfect time to get in to running mode, if you haven’t already. Here I’ll share with you 5 tips that keep me running between the seasons. Best case scenario; they will get you up and running in no time too.

1. Stamina
Want to start running? Go OUTSIDE! Running outside, on an uneven surface will make you work harder than a treadmill ever will. Bumps in the road ask for you to adjust your posture all the time. While doing so you are challenging your balance and you’ll become more aware of your steps. Worrying about your stamina and wondering just how well running really can pay off? Try to take the stairs more often, avoid the escalator and the elevator too, and see how long it takes before your lungs start burning. As time progresses you’ll notice that you don’t feel like falling apart after you sprint to catch the train or the bus or go for another run.

2. Vitamin D…come and see me
While running outside you’ll be exposed to more vitamin D instantly as sunlight is one of the most abundant sources of it. People who miss-use sunblock, spend most of their time indoors and those who have lots of pigmentation (darker skin) are more at risk of lacking vitamin D. Running outside makes you fuel up in the ‘D’ department, a win-win situation if you ask me.

3. Finding your flow, stay focused
If you run long and relaxed enough you’ll experience sheer joy.
This can also be described as: -locking in to- your flow. This is a stage where you feel invincible and super confident while running. For me this translates as unleashing my inner Usain Bolt and feeling as fly as him too just to the stage where elderly people pass me by with their electric bikes :-). Just the thought of being as fast as the speed of light should be enough motivation to keep you going, please keep that in mind anytime you think of giving up.

4. Free your mind and the rest will follow
While running there is no use for stress or overthinking your to-do lists. Instead, focus on your breathing, the environment around you or on that sick beat pumping through your headphones. The satisfaction after conquering those miles, stepping through the minutes and burning calories will be so rewarding that ruining it with the thought of awaiting tasks is just not worth it.


5. Lean Mean Running Machine
Getting lean and muscle definition is a win-win situation. Running will make your metabolism go faster and will add to your overallflexibility. While maintaining proper form, engaging your core and tightening your abs every step you take, you’ll slowly but sturdy will turn in to a lean mean running machine # dontbelievemejustwatch :-). I accomplish becoming this by executing my runs wearing a 25 LB weighted vest, which challenges my endurance while i get stronger at the same time.

6. Take it one step at a time
Remember, Rome wasn’t build in a day, so don’t expect to become Flo-Jo overnight. If you want to know more about running or have any questions about my routine, please send me an e-mail me at irisfitgirl@gmail.com or hit me up on instagram @iris_fitgirl


Meet our newest Fit Girl Iris

Hi y’all! My name is Iris and I’m from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Recently I got lucky enough  to become a member of the very #inspirational, #loving and #badass #FITGIRLCODE crew. Want to know why I signed up to be a member of this fabulous community? Just keep reading!

About me

I am a dreamchaser by day and a vampire at night who eats Kryptonite for breakfast :-). Although I consider myself as being strong there is one thing I can’t conquer or overcome and that is SLEEP.

Besides my love for sports I’m also into dancing, especially Latin-American styles. The sounds of bachata, merengue and samba music always make me want to get up and move as listening to such tunes, and being able to dance  just gives me life.  Even when I should be acting all civil and business appropriate I always feel the need to take out my 15 seconds of fame and bust a move on-the-spot. I think I got it from my mamma 🙂

My fit journey
As long as I can remember I’ve been interested in various kinds of sports. I’ve ran track, played basketball and kickboxed for a while.  Doing the same thing over and over again is something I’m  allergic to. That is why until a year ago I kept searching for a sport or activity that could keep me entertained and challenged for a longer period of time. I found what I was looking for when I decided to start working out with a personal trainer at a gym in Nieuwegein. My PT didn’t joke around,  he meant business and really pushed me in our sessions. He made very clear why I was there right of the bat:
‘ You are not here to make friends or like me. You are here to #WORK.’

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Join the #FITGIRLCODE Movement

Dear Fit Girl community,

We are currently in the process of creating the #FITGIRLCODE movement. What we have in mind, is to create a promotional video featuring our crew AND all of you. So founder of #FITGIRLCODE, Aranka has a special message for you! 

Sometimes, when things get too crazy at the office, we forget to do the small things that really matter to us. It’s easy to lose track of things —  we are humans after all 😉 but this is why we need you! To remind us what this is all about, share your story to the world, and be a part of the #FITGIRLCODE movement.

All we need is for you to send us a good quality, bright video that tells us what this community means to you. In order to make this possible and for everyone to have a chance to be featured, we have come up with 3 picks for you to choose from to make your video. So, you choose 1, and make it your own!

(Please keep in mind that the video should be a maximum of 15 seconds.)

  1. #FITGIRLCODE to me, is…
  2. #FITGIRLCODE motivated me to…
  3. Being a Fit Girl means…

As for the video requirements, they are simple and will help us out A LOT:

  • Filmed outside, with a pretty background 🙂
  • Full upper-body shot, from hips to top of your head
  • HD
  • Good lighting
  • Good audio (no background noise)



Submit the video as an MP4 file to ambassador@fitgirlcode.com

 Join the #FITGIRLCODE Movement

We are beyond excited to see all sorts of videos coming in! And seeing as this is the most beautiful thing you could be doing for us, we will be including ALL of the videos that meet these requirements. Thank you for being you Fitties!

With lots of love,


P.S.: By submitting a video to ambassador@fitgirlcode.com, you are giving us permission to include it in our promotional #FITGIRLCODE video for the world to see! 

Meet Fit Girl Ily

Ola Fit Girls! Meet Fit Girl Ily. I’m really delighted  to be part of la #FITGIRLCODE familia!
I am a theatremaker & director by day, a soy-no-water-chai-tea-latte – addict by night and a  certified weightlifting fanatic all day, every day. On  FITGIRLCODE I’ll  be writing  a variety of fitness, lifting & workout articles for you, in which I hope to inspire you to (further) p unleash your inner Fit Girl! But first things first #inmyJayzvoice : please allow me to reintroduce myself 🙂 The name is I-L-Y : -)

I’m 28, hail from Utrecht, The Netherlands and have a bloodline that goes all the way back to the borders of Senegal & Gambia, as both my parents are from Creole – Indian – Surinamese descent and the Dutch and the Surinamese share a long history between one another.
Theatre is my middle name and when I am not making it, teaching theatre class or directing theatrical plays you can be sure to find me either in your nearest Starbucks, shopping mall or if you are really lucky, at your local gym. London &  Jamaica are my favorite places, I love me some gangstarap and I have made it into a sport to workout anywhere, whenever I can so do not be surprised if you see me getting a workout in anywhere outside of my hometown.

My Fit Journey
I’d love to tell you I have been a sports fanatic my whole life but I would be flat out lying to you so let me be real. I grew up being the fat kid. I use the word fat on purpose because that is the best way for me to describe how I felt back then. Since the age of six I had always been obese and when I turned 16 this spiraled into the morbide version of that disease. Call it genes, call it nutrition, call it a combination of both but weight, body image and depression (because of it) controlled a big part of my childhood and adolescence.  When I was in my last year before graduating  high school and got my class picture, a picture where I was sitting on a chair, looking more like one of my classmates mothers or aunts, a lightbulb went off in my head. I stared at the picture and saw a person I didn’t want to be anymore. From that day on I made a promise to myself to change my habits  and be the best possible version of me, I possibly could be.  This promise to myself did come at a price though. I had set backs, lost tons of weight, gained all of it back, lost it again, developed an eating disorder, went to therapy , trained with a personal trainer, lost the weight again, gained some of it back and at one point almost gave up. I say almost  and I say it proudly because during these years of struggle there was one person who kept me going and never gave up on me ; my big sister and fellow #FITGIRLCODE blogger, Iris.

Iris, during all these years supported me, even when I was at my lowest point, emotionally not stable, tipping the scale at almost 250 LB’s and barely hanging in there. When I was down she always picked me up, drove me to my appointments, sat on my couch, made me eat food even when I didn’t want to and above all she never, ever judged me.

As of december 2014 I can proudly say that I have been able to maintain a stable and healthy lifestyle that allows me to live, enjoy life and be successful in all endeavors I take on. For the first time in my life I enjoy being active, feeling soar, putting my body to work, eating healthy and taking responsibility for my health all by myself. I take  just as much pride in my work accomplishments as I do to the one regarding my sports activities and have come to the conclusion that I feel more comfortable being a ‘strong’  girl than I have ever felt while I was trying to be a ‘slim’ girl. I approach working out as taking care of my self  and see it as an appointment I’m in control over, just like a boss. And you know this thing about bosses, they never cancel on themselves 😉


Never giving up
Last year, following my sister I joined a  small gym in Nieuwegein where I steadily  grew to the level of fitness where I am now guided, by my personal trainer.  At this gym there are a lot of kickboxers and while I am not a kickboxer myself ( I have a mean low kick though… don’t get it twisted) , the  sports mentality I picked up there has become something I now live by ; winners aren’t people who never fail, winners are people who never give up.

At the gym, just like in life I can be found mostly doing that, not giving up. I love olympic weightlifting, CrossFit inspired excersises, circuits, routines, sprinting, bootcamp, and have a love for combining, shortlisting and performing the best YouTube-excercise-video’s out there, right in my own living room.
For #FITGIRLCODE I’ll write about all of that and then some and if all goes well I might just start making my own video’s just for you all 🙂

I am looking forward to this new online adventure and hope to connect with you guys, if you have any questions you can hit me up on Instagram @ily_fitgirl or send an e-mail to mailvoorily@gmail.com

Talk soon,


5 Instagram yogis you must follow

One of the best ways I like to inspire myself to get on the mat is to have a little look on Instagram! I have to admit, my Instagram feed is mostly yogis! So here are 5 Instagram yogis you must follow!

1. Rachel brathen (@yoga_girl)


This is the happiest yogi on instagram! Not only does Rachel really inspire people with her incredible yoga poses against beautiful backgrounds, she’s always posts really deep and understanding texts. You can tell she’s really a human being and that’s why I like her so much!

2.Kino Macgregor (@kinoyoga)


Kino is the bendiest yogi on Instagram. What this woman can do is just absolutely incredible! What I really love about Kino is how she always smiles in her photos and videos. She is truly one smiley yogi!

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Photo diary of Roos: March 2015

Hi girls, how are you? Today I’m sharing my photo diary of March 2015 with some of the highlights of my personal Instagram. I always love reading other people’s photo diary, so hopefully you’ll enjoy mine!


This Berry Booster Smoothie Bowl (recipe here) tasted amaaaaazing and was ready in 2 minutes! I made this when I just ate an entire chocolate bar and felt like crap. This super smoothie gave me a brand new start of the day, feeling energized and fit!


Pretty workout clothes make you train harder, don’t you agree? At least that is what I tell myself…Haha! This Jogha outfit is one of my favorites. Seriously these loose shorts are brilliant and I wear them all the time 🙂


Sushi salad is such a life hacking dinner idea! It tastes like sushi, it looks great (guests will love it), but it’s ready in 5 minutes. Perfect for lazy or busy Fit Girls. Anna wrote down the recipe here.


I’m not ashamed of my “old” pictures of myself. They remind me of how much I’ve changed. I’ve lost 12 kilo’s, but the biggest difference I’ve made on the inside, finding peace of mind 🙂


Quick smoothie: yogurt / blueberries / oatmeal / coconut water. Yum!


Yessss! I tried to do some clean and jerks with 40 kilo’s and I succeeded! This picture shows my victory face, haha. Sometimes it’s good to try something out of your comfort zone. If you fail, you know your “limit” and have set a new goal. If you succeed, well, you’re one step closer to being a rockstar 😉


Zoodles! Waaaah I love these zucchini noodles! You can make them using a spiralizer. Adding shrimps and tomatosauce is a classic combination at our place 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this quick photo diary with some of the highlights of my Instagram account 🙂 My Instagram feed is always filled with easy recipes, workout pics and simple meal ideas!




5 Ways to get a 6-Pack in a Matter of Minutes

We all know the struggles of not getting results fast and easy. A fitness journey takes time, hard effort, and most of all patience.We’re all acquainted with the famous saying: “it takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world”… But lucky for you, us Fit Girls have gone above and beyond to provide you with 5 easy ways to get a 6-pack in a matter of minutes!

Plus, you don’t even need to follow a healthy nutrition plan. It’s all about tweaking your environment and making good use of the tools around you 😉

1. Take your selfies in the correct lighting

Girls — I cannot stress this enough. Having an appropriate lighting whilst taking your mirror selfie is crucial to getting that ideal bikini body! Never underestimate the power of a proper shadow adjustment and a decent phone angle.


2. Make good use of your entourage

Seriously though, why do people make it sound like it’s so much work? Just take a look at how happy these two are! Wanna know why? Instant abs. That’s why.

3. There are make-up tutorials for anything – literally.

Just like you could paint yourself towards looking like Beyonce or an Avatar blue monster thingy, you can also “work” your way towards built abs in no more than a 7  minute Youtube video. Got to love the Internet!

4. Get creative with objects around your household

Going back to basics. Might be nice to give your vacuum a funky-er use than cleaning the house. All you have to do is place it behind you casually during a selfie and voila! Fat is absorbed and 6-pack is in sight 😉


  1. take a break between every shot, the vacuum should not stay stuck behind you for over 7 seconds. This will avoid awkward-looking hickies.
  2. Make sure the vacuum is not apparent in the picture, this could lead to some unwanted comments and a major street-cred decrease.


5. Indulge in 6-pack shaped items

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE. It’s all about the power of the mind. If it looks like a 6-pack, it can turn into one. This is probably the easiest, yummiest, and happiest way to achieve your dream bod (mentally), all you have to do is purchase these lovely little squares in a chocolate form. They might not be perceived at first, but once you gob the whole packet down you will surely be feeling the love in your stomach. 🙂


I hope these tricks are as useful to you as they were to me. But on a more serious note, let’s put a stop to these “fast ways to…” or “easy fat and weight loss” articles. I encounter these daily and they are either repetitive, unhealthy, or a pure scam. You Girls should do you and what works for you. There is no easy way to get there, and if there were, would we want it as badly? Just work your butts off and show the world that a Fit Girl can go above and beyond to get to her goals 😉 And remember, it’s always so much funner if we share our journeys! Simply tag us @fitgirlcode or with the hashtag #fitgirlcode and show us and the rest of the world how far you’ve gone!

From Fit Girls to Burger Queens

Just last Friday, we finally managed to gather all of our busy Fit Girls into one place for some catching up time outside office hours. Since this is not a usual event, we decided to make it extra special and really go all out. So we put our red lipsticks on, did some squats, and headed out to Level Rotterdam.

On the menu? Some mouth-watering burgers, crunchy potato wedges, and red-beet & pomegranate cocktails. Yes, not very Fit Girl-ish but it was definitely worthy of a champion’s cheat meal 😉 and also proved to be the perfect formula to create some smiles and happy tummies. After all, Fit Girls who pig out together stay together, right?


The main takeaway of the night would definitely be how tech-savvy our team is. Once the burgers landed on the table and the cocktails reached our hands, it was only a matter of time before the Instagram feeds started clustering with pictures.



After such a nice evening filled with laughter and good company, we realized how lucky we are to have the opportunity to work side-by-side with a group of such positive, motivated and supportive women. But what we’re even more grateful for, is the support of the #FITGIRLCODE community online! YOU girls are what makes all of this possible, and for that we are forever grateful and more motivated than ever to bring to you exactly what you want.


But going back to the burger topic 😉 we did not forget about our foodies and hungry Fit Girls! We have gathered 3 original ways to make home-made burgers in a #FITGIRLCODE fashion.


These recipes will make sure to give you a happy tummy without having to leave the comfort of your home! They are delicious, very high in protein, and will undoubtedly “Wow” your guests!



{Recipe 1: Original Beef or Turkey Home-Made Burger}



{Recipe 2: Sesame Seed-Crusted Salmon Burger with Yoghurt Sauce}


 {Recipe 3Turkey and Oats Burger}

And of course, we never forget about our veggie monsters! Click here for some mouth-watering vegetarian burger recipes.


Hopefully these will satisfy your burger-craving and leave you rolling out of the door like we did last week!


With lots of love,



3 more days of free #FITGIRLCODE goodies!

Our 7 days of #fitgirlfever is almost half way through! We are so happy to see you guys be so active and enjoying our fever week. You still got some time left, so go ahead and check out the options you have!

 3 more days of free #FITGIRLCODE goodies












Picture by @fitgirlwen




Picture by @lottadenktbreed



Picture by @annageertje_fgc

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Here are the goodies that you can receive for each day of the week:

  DSC_2406Kopie kopieMonday: Free Beanie (Black & White)

Well this would wrap up perfectly in this chilly weather..! Sweaters and beanies is the way to go when it’s drizzling, snowing or raining outside and when your hair gets way too messy once you step outside into the madness. Wearing this hat, you can easily say Beanie There, Done That every time you completed a killer workout!



Tote Original ZWART fotoshoot

 Tuesday: Free Original Bag (Black)

It is the all-time classic and our own personal Audrey Hepburn of the bags. It almost sums up what Fit Girls stand for and what we all wish to achieve in life. If you agree, then show it to the world by joining our 7 days of Fit Girl Fever on Tuesday! The bag is also made from a strong fabric so that it would be possible to carry more with you. It is also made out of 100% organic cotton, which means it didn’t do any harm to the environment. Furthermore, the ink on the bag is on the basis of (honest) soy-oil.



waterbottle header fitgirlcode

Wednesday: Free Water Bottle

If you are always struggling with the amount of water you should drink and you’re looking for a fabulous accessory to bring to work you should totally consider tuning in for 7 Days of Fit Girl Fever on Wednesday and receiving this amazing water bottle which not only can fit fruits and berries but also can make a good accessory for an Instagram post or your work desk.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThursday: Free Mermaid Bag (White)

Everybody wants to be a mermaid. Carefree, mesmerising and Queen of the Seas. By having The Mermaid bag, you would at least be one step closer to becoming one! The bag is also made from a strong fabric so that it would be possible to carry more with you. It is also made out of 100% organic cotton, which means it didn’t do any harm to the environment. Furthermore, the ink on the bag is on the basis of (honest) soy-oil.



Tote Craver ZWART

Friday: Free Craver Bag (Black)

We all crave for food, however this craver bag completely motivates you to opt for a Victoria’s Secret Model rather than a bar of chocolate. The Craver bag is suitable for any kind of appetite! The bag is also made from a strong fabric so that it would be possible to carry more with you. It is also made out of 100% organic cotton, which means it didn’t do any harm to the environment. Furthermore, the ink on the bag is on the basis of (honest) soy-oil.




10919402_917667331577114_52752468013493225_oSaturday: Free Water Bottle

If you absolutely love those #FITGIRLCODE water bottles and you so happen to miss Wednesday’s order, fear not! You can still do so on Saturday and get your exclusive water bottle. It can be used universally, however suggested to be seen more at the gyms. 😉




    Tote Badass WIT fotoshoot nieuwSunday: Free Badass Bag (White)

Pizza is everybody’s friend and you can never go wrong with it! The Badass bag couldn’t care less for opinions and is meant for ladies that would always choose a pizza rather than knowing what those haters think! The bag is also made from a strong fabric so that it would be possible to carry more with you. It is also made out of 100% organic cotton, which means it didn’t do any harm to the environment. Furthermore, the ink on the bag is on the basis of (honest) soy-oil.



Free Shipping!
In addition, in order to receive free shipping you should order over 75 EUR in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg and over 150 EUR ordering internationally. Also, take into account, that if by any chance we run out of certain goodies for that day, either way you will receive a #FITGIRLCODE bag made just for YOU!

Also, keep in mind that due to a large amount of orders we might face a slight delivery delay, however we will make sure that your order will reach you as soon as possible!

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Alle artikelen van Laura

Alfalfa powder mug cake

Mug cakes! The cutest and easiest breakfast you can make! Have you ever heard of them? Well, I only discovered them recently when I was looking for a new type of breakfast next to my Miyogis. First I tried a traditional one, but then I instantly wanted to try something special. All my posts this month are themed by the words ‘re-invent yourself’. And voila! This is my inventive mug cake: alfalfa powder mug cake 😀

So we’ve seen a lot of green powders pass by such as wheatgrass and green tea powder. A while ago I got a big pot of alfalfa powder to try it. It is known as a superfood that has a lot of benefits that can enhance your healthy lifestyle.

Centuries ago, the Arabs used nutrient-rich alfalfa as food for their horses, because they claimed that it made the animals swift and strong.  They eventually became so convinced of its benefits to their own health that they named the grass “Al-Fal-Fa”, which means “Father of Foods”.

Sounds pretty awesome right? Well I really like it because it has this “green tea matcha” kind of flavour. And i just love matcha. So… Here we go!

What do you need?

-A mug

-1 whole egg

-1/2 Banana

-3 tbl spoons of muesli or oats

-1 tbl spoon of alfalfa powder

-1 tbl spoon of honey (or more, depends on your sweet tooth :D)


Squash the banana in your mug, add the whole egg, the oats/muesli and mix it well. While mixing, add the powder until there are no chunks left. Place the mug in the microwave for about 1- 2 minutes (check if it goes well! Every microwave is different). Take out your mug cake and reverse your mug on a plate so that it cools down and eventually will come off.jpg

For the topping you need…

-2 tbl spoons of yoghurt

-1tbl spoon of vanilla protein powder

-1 tbl spoon of whey isolate crisps

-5 almonds

Mix the yoghurt together with the protein powder until there are no chunks in it. Pour it on top of the mug cake and sprinkle the crisps and almonds over it. Voila!! Enjoy your mug cake and make sure to share them with me on Instagram! You can find me as Fitgirltizi 🙂



8 weirdest workouts you’ve ever seen

Just when you thought that as a Fit Girl you have heard it all.. Aaand no. I’ve recently come across 8 weirdest workouts that apparently a lot of people are interested in. And thought you’d like to check it out as well. You can take it into account, or even take it home and just try some of them out.



For everyone who is still not over twerking and moving that bootayy back in 2013, you can still do it these days in “Twerk it out” classes which are quite popular in London. Your dream is not over yet and no, you’re not the only one who is still into shaking that booty up and down. And trust me, not everyone can do it either, so get your bottoms over there and do a great workout for your own sake!


Another great workout for you to try is the Ravercise. Which for the people into unusual dance classes, should  not sound foreign. It is basically a dance class, however with a proper DJ and it would look like its an ordinary clubbing day, but it’s not entirely true since the moves of the dance class are actually choreographed. Hence, a lot of arm waving, footwork and no sleep for the rest of the night!


Now I bet that’s a new one. It was for me.. This class, also very much popular in London, is relevant to the sweet dog owners who love their pet so much they wanna workout with them. So there’s a chance to do so, by attending Doga with your little pug. It is basically a dog yoga, meant to relax the pet and its owner. At this class both of you will be working on your breathing and trying to strengthen your immune system. Of course, a lot of dog owners would say that this is impossible since my dog would never stay calm for these exercises, but there are special ones by lifting them up into the air and using them as your pillow… According to the people who did it, the first 30 minutes are chaotic but once the owner relaxes, the pet does as well. So apparently it works, you just have to go there and see if it’s true!

Barry’s Bootcamp

Now if you thought that you were keeping up with hardcore workouts all this time, think again. Cause Barry’s Bootcamp is the most intense thing you’ve ever seen. You can burn a 1,000 calories in 1 hour only!!! This crazy workout feels like a party, since you’re doing it in such a big group of people sweating along with the loud music. People are motivated and therefore forcing themselves to go this extra mile (or a couple hundred miles) in their workout and achieve results they never thought they could reach. Barry’s bootcamp is hardcore but challenging and resultful as well.

Vikings & Valkyries

If you’d have to compare Barry’s Bootcamp with this one, the former would be equal to fairytales and rainbows. In the 45-minute ‘workout’ you’ll be lifting barrels, pulling anvils, swinging ropes and engaging in numerous tug wars. It all takes place in railway arches in London where people almost literally kill themselves to prove it that they can. It is a good thing, since it challenges you a lot, and if you do manage to go through it you’ll feel like your on top of the world, or actually, on the very bottom of the ground.. 😀


You always thought that bikes at the gym are not hard enough for you? You don’t like sweating on that chair and barely lose calories? Well there is always Hydrofit, which is made to workout in the water and especially on a bike. So it makes your workout a little more intense but you can still have fun and listen to music or watch TV in the mean time. In this 30 minutes workout you will engage in some high-resistance biking which will leave you exhausted but your legs will thank you for it in the future.

Hula Fit

Miss having fun at the gym? Well Hula Fit is definitely not boring. Not just that, but it also brings up your childhood and reminds you how much fun you used to have back in the day. Twirling in those hoops you will enjoy yourself and won’t even notice that you’re working out. Something that all of the Fit Girls would want to try! And thing is, it doesn’t require any complex machinery or a lot of money. You can just buy a hoop or two for you and your friend and have fun on a daily basis!

High Heels Workout

Any of the previous workouts are possible to you? Well this one definitely is. During this high heel workout you will experience muscles you never had before. Especially for the girls that are not used to wearing them. This class is meant to help the girls not only learn how to wear heels, but help strengthen their leg muscles and learn how to fix your posture so that you wouldn’t damage your feet and back as much. This class run by podiatrists and professional dancers helps girls to learn the tips&tricks of wearing heels and this way making it easier on your body and hurting it less when wearing those Prada shoes.

Source: Now. Here. This. – Time Out London

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