Pinterest craziness

I like Pinterest a lot. Pinterest helps me to see the beautiful sides of life (in pictures ;)) and keeps me motivated because of the many inspirational quotes. Moreover, the most beautiful fashion pics are displayed on Pinterest. Reasons enough to love it (and that’s actually also the reason why I wanted to share my favorite boards with you). Plus, we want YOU on our Pinterest page!




I absolutely adore the board sportedit by Gabriela Seára. Her pinned outfits look clean, fashionable and sporty. If you need some fashion inspiration, this is definitely the place to get some. The outfits that are pinned on this board are not as girly as usual, but they still look really feminine.




Fitness Motivation

Sometimes I really don’t feel like exercising. That’s why I need some extra motivation to make me feel good about myself and to go work my ass (in stead of sitting on it). The board Fitness Motivation of Health Fitness really helps me in achieving this. Their board is full of motivational quotes that will definitely get you in the mood to workout.





Workout | Fit Girl Sports

Sometimes I want to do something else than running. That’s why I am looking for some workouts that I can easily do at home. The board Workout | Fit Girl Sports from our own #FITGIRLCODE Pinterest account really helps me in doing this, because the exercises can be seen as accessible.




Don’t you have those days that you just want something different for your hair? I do! But since I am to afraid to do something drastic at the hairdresser, I prefer to braid my hair. That’s why I love the board braids from The Beauty Department (and they have really nice make-up tutorials as well!).



board5Workout Lookbook

One of the reasons that’ll motivate me as well to go for a run is when I buy new sports clothes. This workout lookbook of Andrei Orozco has so many beautiful clothes. This board will inspire you definitely and will help you to make decisions when you’re going shopping for some new sports clothes the next time ;).



Do you like these boards? Start pinning and make sure you follow us on our #FITGIRLCODE Pinterest page. Moreover, we also need you! As you may or may not know, with every purchase from our webshop you get two free stickers. They are also for sale! Stick it on an object or in a cool place in the most creative, original and funny way you can think of. Take a good picture and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #fitgirlstickers and #fitgirlcode. Tell us why you chose to put your sticker there and maybe you’ll be the proud new owner of a #FITGIRLCODE t-shirt! And who knows, your picture will be featured on our Pinterest board: Fit Girl Awesomeness | Fit Girl Community!

Read more on the sticker contest here!



You guys made the sweater!

A little while ago we asked you guys which sweater we should make next. Almost all of you wanted both and hey, maybe we’ll just do that. But for now the majority of you voted for the awesome  I Am Sorry For What I Said When I was Hungry. YAY! So here it is, specially made for all you Fit Girls worldwide. Hope you’re as happy as we are! 



Fit Girl Nathalie:” I love the ‘I Am Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry’ quote. It’s totally applicable to my life since I sometimes can turn into a real hangry bitch when I’m hungry. I think many girls can relate to this. And we have some good news for you, this awesome sweater is now available in the webshop!”



Tank Top Time WIT


Fit Girl Anna: “I think ‘No Pants Are The Best Pants’ is the best quote ever. I love it when you get back home from work, get rid of those thight pants and just relax on your couch. That’s why this quote totally fits my lifestyle when I am home alone…I like to run around naked 🙂 ”


Tote Mermaid ZWART (2)



Fit Girl Bella: “I believe that ‘Reasons To Be A Mermaid: No Thigh Gap, No Pants, Free Clam Bra’ is the perfect quote, because, you know, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid and have all of those privileges? That’s why I also have the Mermaid tote in my collection of bags.




Fit Girl Danique: “My favorite quote is ‘My Abs Are Like My Boyfriend, I Don’t Have A Boyfriend.’ I don’t have abs and I don’t have a boyfriend, that’s why I think this quote is hilarious. I’m working die hard on my abs though;)! And some more good news, we’re going to have this quote printed on one of our new tank tops soon!


Now that we have shown you our favorite quote, we would really like to know if you have one! Let us know in the comment section!  

My Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is one of my guilty pleasures (actually you may also call it a serious addiction as I can spend hours on it haha). I follow many accounts that I absolutely adore, so it was really tough to select my five favorites. I tried to anyway, so here they are in a random order (cause no really, I can’t choose!);

My Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts:


Schermafbeelding 2014-08-31 om 10.14.14.png

Marie from papaya_sunshine delivers the most beautiful and colorful dishes. She updates her account several times a day, and makes me drool with every single shot. Who says clean eating and healthy food was boring? (Oh and she also has this really cute kitty Toby who says hi sometimes :D)

 LagalletteSchermafbeelding 2014-08-31 om 10.46.42.png
If you have a sweet tooth like me, you’re gonna love this one. Because. This. Girl. Can. Bake. Zainab’s food pics look flawless and effortless even though some of her creations look Michelin star worthy (I mean really, look at those deconstructed desserts!).



Schermafbeelding 2014-08-31 om 10.47.13.pngHoly_cacao 
This “unofficial queen of cacao” shows off some serious foodporn. Some of Sarah’s pictures make me want to lick my screen (almost). But not only does she make you wish that you had a waterproof phone, she also makes you smile because she is an incredibly talented writer.



Schermafbeelding 2014-08-31 om 10.34.19.pngAdrianneHo
Not sure how to rock your new sneakers? Adrianne Ho from Sweat The Style will help you out. Her superstylish sportswear outfits will make you want to work out – did you know that wearing cute fitness gear will motivate you to go even harder? Say bye bye to those old baggy sweatpants!



Schermafbeelding 2014-08-31 om 10.31.12.pngFithealthyworkouts 
With all the fingerlickin’ food accounts that I’m following, I need to get some fitness inspiration in as well. Fithealthyworkouts is the workout account of Shonda1020, and I absolute love this one because she shows how exercises are properly done and provides creative workouts. With equipment, without equipment, at home or at the gym; whenever you feel a little uninspired, head over to this one because she’s got you covered!

Phew, that was damn difficult! My list can go on an on.. Now tell me, what are your favorite Instagram accounts?

Happy BFFF Day

You workout together, sweat together, motivate each other and share all the ups-and-downs together. But this time you want to give her something more than a high five. Surprise your BFFF with something nice to show her that you’re proud to have a friend like her. Tell her she’s the best and motivate her to keep going. But what do you give a Fit Girl? I made you a small list for a big smile 🙂


 Sexy glow

After a sweatdripping workout this product is such a treat for your body. Creamy and fresh! €16  from the The Body Shop.






Schermafbeelding 2014-08-21 om 12.03.46Bottle up

Whether your Fit Girl is hitting the gym, the streets or an outdoor adventure through freezing temperatures, this double-walled bottle design keeps your liquid stable even in the hardest conditions. Of course it’s BPA free and the coolest part is that your bottle offers a 360 degree visibility when running in low-light conditions. And it matches your other gym essentials for sure. (€12,99 Nathan Fire & Ice bottle)






nikeDon’t let ‘hair’ down
We can’t get enough training essentials. This hairband will be her lucky hairband. Make it a friendship strap and treat yourself at one too. (€18 Nike)







chocoTreat a cheat
For the big ups or the big downs there’s just one big wannahave every girl is longing for. Chocolate. So give it to her. To celebrate, for a well-deserved cheat day, for a bad day or just because she loves chocolate. And why not share it together? 😉 €3,95 at V&D







shirtWe never part
You want the full “OMG! You’re the best!“ experience from your Fit Girl? You must have these shirts and you will never part 🙂 €29,95 at Fitgirlcode.





When was the last time you surprised your BFFF? And what would you like to receive to stay focused or motivated? I was thinking about setting a date for an International BFFF Day and share this great fit friendship with the rest of the world. What about September 16th? (My Birthday, so you can treat me double J) No serious, are you in for an official BFFF Day? Let me know!

High Five,


Things you should never ask a Fit Girl

Living a fit and healthy lifestyle is or once was new to all of us. We’ve now grown accustomed to eating our veggies, cooking healthy meals and working out several times a week. However, the people surrounding us never seem to get accustomed to it at all.. Am I right? I keep getting the same questions and remarks over and over again! That’s why I have compiled a list of 6 questions you should never ask a Fit Girl. 

1. Are you really going to work out againAre you really going to keep asking me this?

2. (At night, cooking food for lunch prep) What on earth are you doing, cooking food this time of the day?

3. (After they noticed the good smell of what’s cooking) Can I have some too?

4. Why do you work out so much? Really? Can’t think of any good reason yourself?

5. Do you ever eat something unhealthy? Yes, I am still a human.

6. Aren’t you afraid you are going to become super bulky, like Arnold Schwarzenegger-bulky? 

Which question is the most recognizable for you? Any more questions you should never ask a Fit Girl? 

Spot the Fit Girls at Rock & Run!

The #FITGIRLCODE crew will be present at yet another event – this time the Rock & Run in Amsterdam the 14th September! Not only will we be running a couple of kilometers, but we will also have a stand where we are selling the #FITGIRLCODE bags. So tell me Fit Girl, do you want to have an awesome day with us, get your #FITGIRLCODE bag (you’re saving on the shipping costs, yay), and run for a good cause? Come join us at the Rock & Run!

Yeah, you read that right, you’d be running for a good cause! Rock & Run donates part of their revenues to LiveBuild, a project that aims to lower the rate of child mortality as a consequence of polluted water with 20 percent. Their Children’s Hygiene Intervention Program (CHIP) supports 24 villages in improving their hygienic situation and sanitary facilities. So if you run along, you will actually be contributing to less polluted water for a village in Cameroon. Run Fit Girl, run!

Of course the #FITGIRLCODE crew will be running as well, but before and after the run (during the awesome music gigs), we will also be selling the infamous bags! If you want one of these babies and save on shippings costs, come and visit us at the Rock & Run to get your favorite. But wait! There is more!

Spot the Fit Girl

We will be present with 13 members of the #FITGIRLCODE crew, all wearing #FITGIRLCODE tees. If you spot us, be sure to take a picture with us. The person who has spotted the most Fit Girls wins a #FITGIRLCODE hoodie! Yay! So how does it work exactly?

  1. Spot as many Fit Girls as you can. We will be recognizable by our #FITGIRLCODE t-shirts. If you see us, come say hi and take a picture together. After the event, make sure to email us the photos you have taken with all the Fit Girls you spotted.
  2. Post on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #fitgirlcode and #rockandrun.
  3. Tell us why you should win the #FITGIRLCODE hoodie.

Get your tickets to the Rock & Run event below! See you there!

Strength beach lunges

Doing our Thigh challenge on vacation to get lean, strong sexy legs? Awesome! Try doing the lunges in the sand to get a stronger and more effective result! Let’s do beach lunges! A fun but simple way to train your thighs and enjoy the beautiful surroundings 🙂

When you walk on the beach the sand slips away under your feet which makes it slightly harder to take steps and to keep your balance. You get the same workout but you get more out of it because of the difficulty to move in the sand. You have to put more effort to get up and must keep you core strong to keep your balance.

Strength beach lunges  The walking pirate beach work out

Look for some stones on the beach. Count ten big steps and place the stones on the end of both sides. I took ten big steps and walked back and forth for ten times with a one minute break the fifth time. Do that once in the morning and once in the evening and you’ll see the benefits showing in that killer bikini body of yours. You’ll even get a great tan doing it!!


Join forces with another Fit Girl!

Here is a funny game that makes you forget you’re working out. Y’all know how sexy captain Jack Sparrow always finds his treasured rum? I’d say by doing a killer thigh workout! Well sort of. I’m talking about  the walking Lunges. To find you treasure you must take 10 Lunges North, 2 North-East and 6 East!! If you keep track of time you can decide who’s the winner and you can treat yourself to a delicious Froyo or cocktail, because you are still on vacation and you are obligated to enjoy yourselves 🙂

What do you need?

–       Plain papers to draw on

–       Pens

–       Starting point marked with a stone

–       Ending point marked with a stone/stick/object (but it must be a secret for the other!!) where the treasure is to be found in the sand

–       Treasure. You’re on the beach. There are a lot of little treasures to find, such as lovely seashells (make a bangle out of it, cute souvenir!).

Getting your workout, getting tanned, finding treasure and have lots of fun. Sounds like a Fit Girl vacay to me!!




Top 5 favorite Instagram accounts

Since most of us girls spend a lot of time on the internet nowadays, we see a lot. But we always have those favorite accounts  that we get back to over and over. Today, I would like to share my top 5 of Instagram accounts (next to @fitgirlcode of course 😉 ). Hope you’ll enjoy it!



1. @2sisters_angie

This is an Instagram account of a mother and her daughter, Mayhem. Together, they make an outfit of paper almost everyday. The outfits look really cute and are often inspired by famous figures. Moreover, the outfits are fun to watch and the mother describes some of the pictures hilariously. Follow this account for your daily dosis of cuteness and awesomeness. And pssst, they also have a blog ;).



blog2. @mirrorsme

I recently found out about this Instagram account. It’s the account of a Norwegian girl who loves to draw on mirrors. Say what?! Yes, drawing on mirrors. She draws funny stuff on mirrors and then positions herself in this drawing which results into awesome images.





blog23. @robynlawley1

Robyn Lawley is known as one of the most famous plus-size models. She’s posting a lot of pictures of her new swimwear collection that I absolutely adore. I really love the fact that they are using plus-size models (I don’t believe they’re plus-size of course, but it’s what it’s being called). The account shows inspirational pictures that show the different sizes of a woman’s body shape and I absolutely adore Robyn’s shape!



4. @katgaskinblog3

Looking for some color in your life? This Instagram account gives me that dreamy feeling. This girl loves pineapples, the beach, and many bright colors. If you follow her, you will definitely get a summery feeling everyday she is on your timeline of your Instagram account.




blog45. @esmeeworldpics

Since I was sixteen years old, I am a huge fan of Esmée Denters. She inspires me a lot. I also follow her YouTube channel, but her Instagram is nice as well! On a daily basis, she posts selfies, inspirational quotes, outfit posts and short singing videos. Be sure to check her out! She is an amazing talent 🙂 .



What is your favorite Instagram account?


Get your #FITGIRLCODE bag at Boothstock Festival

Have you always wanted to have your own #FITGIRLCODE bag? Missed out on the giveaway a while ago? Well, now there is a new opportunity! #FITGIRLCODE will be present at the Boothstock Festival in Rotterdam the 2nd of August and will be selling a bunch of these awesome bags!

Boothstock is a yearly summer festival, presenting an amazing house and techno line-up for you this year. But not only do they make sure there’s good music for you to dance on; they also provide a great food line-up! They even have a satay bar.. Mmm, I know what I’m gonna get! Plan your cheat moment well, this festival is going to be awesome.

Even better is the fact that we will finally be able to make some of you happy with more #FITGIRLCODE bags! We will have a small, cute stand at Boothstock where you can buy your bag and take a fun photo with your BFFF or with the #FITGIRLCODE team. It’s all up to you!

Make sure to visit us when you’re there, and don’t forget to buy your ticket soon. The bags will be limited so don’t wait too long to come and get yours!


Timetable poster 2014 DEF Low_Res

Dreaming about my bucket list

I had never really thought about a bucket list before reading the lists of Nathalie, Shelley and Anna. It got me dreaming about my bucket list and ended up with a list that made me dream and smile. I didn’t have the intention of posting it when I wrote it, and I feel the list is quite personal. I decided to share it anyways because I shouldn’t be ashamed of my dreams! I hope it leaves you daydreaming too!




– Spend winter in a sunny place

– Watch the sun rise and set on a beautiful beach

– Inspire a group of people

– Accept myself completely

– Own a garden full of flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits. With space for a table to enjoy amazing meals with friends and family.

– Sleep outside (again)

– Buy my parents a house in France

– Travel to Australia

– Go on holidays with my sister

– Learn to windsurf properly

– Bike to the top of a mountain faster than my dad (because I’m fit, not because he’s getting old)

– Cook beautiful meals for people in a little lunchroom or restaurant that I own

– Experience a spiritual revolution

– Learn to speak French or Italian fluently

– Run a marathon

– Live abroad


What are you dreaming about? 

6 rules of the gym etiquette

We’ve all been there, that moment when you’re at the gym and you are so incredibly annoyed by some things other people do. Maybe you are the annoyed, or perhaps you are the annoyer… The point is, there is a certain set of unwritten rules that you should follow at the gym. After all, you are not the only one working your butt off there, so let’s make it a little bit easier for each other! Here are 6 rules of the gym etiquette. 

1. Use deodorant

Really, use some deodorant. Of course, your sweat “is a sexy glow” and “it is your fat crying”, but it doesn’t smell so good. Nothing to worry about when you’re by yourself, but it’s not so nice to the person next to you. Deodorant won’t get rid of all the odors but it masks the funkiest smells!

2. Wipe off the equipment you used

When we’re still on the subject of sweating, please wipe off the equipment you used. There’s nothing more disgusting than lying in someone else’s sweat. Even if you don’t think you sweat that much, you still leave your mark behind. And it’s not that much effort to swipe that towel back and forth for 5 seconds right?

3. Don’t stare!

This goes for everyone: guys to girls, girls to girls, girls to guys, guys to guys… Seriously, don’t stare. It’s awkward. People are there working their bodies, so if you’re staring at them, they will either think you are creepy and might jump them in the locker room or that you are ridiculing them. Even if a girl is wearing only a sports bra and is exposing her tummy, she’s not inviting you to stare at it. She’s just warm and needs to release some heat.

4. Don’t ridicule others

This might sound common sense, but in reality, I see too many #gymfails passing by on social media. Of course it can be funny when someone totally misunderstands the purpose of a machine, but they are trying and they can’t do everything right the first time. To ridicule others who are new, like you once were too, is just sad. Instead, smile and go over there to help! Who knows, maybe they know a secret exercise that you don’t 😉

5. Stop taking so many selfies

You’re there to work out, not to take a fotoshoot. The occasional selfie is allowed (we know you have to have some material for your Instagram account), but don’t overdo it. Especially not while you’re still occupying a machine – someone else might be waiting for you to finish your workout so he or she can use it, so take that perfect snap somewhere else. And by the way, if you’re still looking cute and adorable during your workout, you’re not working hard enough.

6. Don’t make eye contact with people on certain machines…

Please, please, please, avoid this intense awkwardness.

What do you think is the #1 rule of the gym etiquette? 

Finish your bucket list or die trying

Lately Nathalie and Anna have told you about their bucket lists, now it’s my turn! However, I’m gonna do it a little bit differently: I am also going to include the things on my bucket list I have already been able to do. It’s important to have dreams and plans for the future, but maybe even more important to also appreciate the chances you got in the past. Let me present to you: my bucket list!

My bucket list (Part I?)

  • Visit Rio de Janeiro (during carnaval would be awesome)
  • Go to Machu Picchu
  • Explore India
  • Ride an elephant
  • Ride a camel
  • See the pyramids in Egypt
  • Walk on the Great Wall of China
  • See the skyline of Hong Kong
  • Visit the Forbidden City
  • Party in Shanghai
  • Ride a gondola in Venice
  • See the Grand Canyon
  • Learn to speak basic Mandarin Chinese
  • Go to Rome
  • Drink from a coconut
  • Finish a Wreck This Journal
  • Earn a Bachelor’s degree
  • Earn a Master’s degree
  • Meet my doppelganger
  • Start my own business
  • Get a black belt in a martial art
  • Go to Hawaii
  • Send a message in a bottle
  • Go to a drive-in movie
  • Donate blood
  • Go on a road trip
  • Climb the steps of the Mayan ruins
  • Learn the Italian language
  • Go parasailing
  • Ride a jetski
  • Travel to Australia
  • Swim in an infinity pool

This list is probably too long already, but there is just so much I want to do and see in this world! As you may have noticed, most of my bucket list items are about travelling, but believe me when I say that there is much more that I want to experience. So if you like, I could make a part II someday.

What things are on your bucket list?

My bucket list

I am a girl who loves to dream. Sometimes, I still feel like I’m a little child who has to grow up, while in fact I can almost call myself an adult. However, there are still so many things that I want to do before I die. And that’s why I made a short bucket list. Hopefully, you will enjoy it and will be inspired to make your own bucket list.

#1. Road trip through the United States.  Since I was a little girl I have an obsession for the United States (probably because of the movies idk). But I absolutely love the people, their culture and their enthusiasm (that is most of the time regarded as fake by many other people, not me). But that’s why I want to do this amazing road trip, driving with your car through the desert, listening to Bruce Springsteen and Steppenwolf. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Hopefully I’m gonna do this soon!! So if you have any tips, let me know ;).

#2. Writing a song and sing it in front of 1000 people. I love to sing, not that I am particularly good at it. But I just love music, making music and listening to music. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be on a stage and move everybody with your music? Hopefully, one day, I can write such a song that will move  people and a song that is good enough to be played on the radio.

#3. Improve my French. If there is one language that I absolutely love, it’s French. I love the pronunciation and the romantic vibes present in every single word. Also, it would be so awesome to speak French fluently when I am on holiday so that I can impress people. Yes, I love to do that. :’)

#4.  Go bungee jumping. And with this I do not mean on an island like Chersonissos. I want to do it in Switzerland, at a lake, on a bridge, with beautiful surroundings. And a duo-jump, just like Mandy Moore in the movie Chasing Liberty (if you don’t know it, watch the scene, it is amazing). Is that too much to ask?

#5. Riding a horse on the beach. I am terribly allergic to horses, but I love them! They’re beautiful creatures. Together with the beach and when the sun goes down, this would be an awesome experience.

So many dreams, but I am definitely determined to achieve all of them. Do you have any cool stuff on your bucket list? Let me know, I love to hear your dreams!

Why failing at sports doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing

Once upon a time there was a girl. She tried many sports, but felt awkward and clumsy in doing all of them. All of the sports she tried just didn’t seem to fit her. Catching balls, dancing, it just wasn’t working. Wondering who that girl is? Yep, that girl is me.

I cannot emphasize enough that I am not the most athletic person in the world. I am clumsy, awkward, and uncomfortable when it comes to working out and this already started at an early age.

Failing at sports

When I was still a little tiny girl, I thought it would be fun to join the local gymnastics team because I liked the graceful bodies of the gymnasts I saw during the olympics on the telly. And so, full of confidence, I showed up at my first gymnastics class ever…

How could I have ever been so wrong, it was terrible! I was too afraid to do all of the exercises. I thought it was scary to be that high up. I didn’t like to do backflips or swirl around the air like Epke Zonderland (best male gymnast in the Netherlands). After a couple of lessons I quit. My mom and dad agreed, because it didn’t really help that their daughter wouldn’t dare to do anything except for watching the people who did have enough courage to do the gymnastic exercises.

Eventually, I grew older and got into dancing. I loved the people on the television moving smoothly to the music. I wanted to learn this as well! Together with my sister, we decided that we wanted to be a streetdancer. Little did we know that streetdance moves are fast and quite difficult. And so, we couldn’t keep up :’). When the group moved right, we were still moving to the left. You can imagine what that must have looked like ;). After a while, I think even the teacher got tired of us, because we couldn’t keep up. Even girls who were younger than us managed to do the steps. Eventually, we quit because it wasn’t fun anymore and everyone was mad at us. Oh well..

After streetdance, there was a period in my life I played tennis. I did this for 5 years and I really enjoyed it. But, again, I wasn’t really good at it, what a surprise! Eventually, my sister was so good that she was approached by a team selector. So at least, one of us succeeded. You can imagine that after this, I didn’t do any sports for a really long time, because I just wasn’t good at it. However, I have to say that tennis was one step into the right direction.

The turning point

During university, I started exercising again: zumba. For the first time, I didn’t care how I looked. And although it looked ridiculous, I loved to do it.

Btw, you wouldn’t believe it, but I also picked up running. No matter how slow I run, I am still running. I have not yet fell, I am not scared to do it, and it doesn’t involve any balls. So I’m happy.

Eventually, the point that I am trying to make is that although you can be failing at sports, you will find something that fits you. See it as a journey. You can be clumsy, awkward, or have motorial disabled skills, just like me. But there is always something that suits you and that you will enjoy. Just try out a lot of different sports and if it doesn’t suit you, laugh about it, find some hilarious GIF’s of other people that fail at it too, and move on to the next sport. 🙂 


The awkward moment

Lately, I noticed something pretty special about running which I will call the ‘awkward’ moment. Specifically, I find it really difficult to make up my mind on what to do when passing by a total stranger. Talking about first world problems.. 😉

Imagine yourself running and someone is walking or running your way. You start to wonder what to do; look at the person? Look down? Look away? Help! I usually don’t know how to behave, act and think which doesn’t really contribute to the moment to make it less awkward. Therefore, I have set up some guidelines for awkward persons like myself to survive this somewhat graceless moment.

#1. The most easy way to avoid this awkward moment is to wear sunglasses. However, this is of course only an option when the sun is shining. Since I, for example, come from a country that is not particularly sunny, this option will rarely work unless you want to look like a complete weirdo who wears sunglasses in the pouring rain.

#2. One tip my sister gave me when she experiences the awkward moment is: start staring. Yep, you’ve heard it right, staring. My sister just stares at total strangers as if she participates in a staring contest. According to her, eventually the other person will look away and the awkwardness is gone. Mission accomplished I should say. Though not totally sure if this tip will make the moment even less awkward.

#3. Make a game out of it. This releases the tension by making it more fun. For example, if one person catches your stare, smile! If the other person smiles back, run an extra minute. If not, do 10 crunches. This will help your running routine in multiple ways, no awkward moments and a killer work-out.

#4. Go running with your BFFF. When running together with your BFFF you will not even notice that there is an awkward moment since you are completely focused on how much fun you are having. Again, running with your BFFF will result into more motivation and it will make running a lot more fun. Talking about killing two birds with one stone!

Of course the awkward moment shouldn’t hold you back from going for a run. The most important part about running is enjoying yourself. And just in case that ‘awkward’ moment pops up, think about these tips or, most importantly, try not to think about the awkwardness of the whole situation and enjoy yourself.

Fitgirlcode Plog #3

And we’re back again with a fun #Fitgirlcode plog! It has been a busy week at #Fitgirlcode HQ and this week you get a sneak peek in the Instagram lives of Fit Girls Annegeke, Lisa, Anna and Chris.Check it out, and don’t forget to follow them! 

Fitgirlcode plog #3

Last Wednesday part of the #Fitgirlcode crew killed it at Elevator Sports. No matter how sweaty, red or tired we were. There’s always time for a Wefie! If there’s one thing Annegeke loves, it’s smoothies. And what’s better than a delicious smoothie in the sun? 

IMG-20140530-WA0004 IMG-20140530-WA0006


Our newest member of the Fitgirlcode team is lovely Lisa. BodyCombat and Power Pilates instructor and a bit of a health freak (as she says so herself) This week she treated herself to a seaweed burger…YES A SEA WEED BURGER, and she loved it. Unfortunately, the blister on her feet, not so much 😉 BUT she did ran her first 5k without stopping in less then 30 minutes! YAY!



Fit Girl Anna is working so hard, she thought she’d treat herself to new work out gear at H&M. Looking good, girl! And today she ran the Color Run. She did it without breaking a sweat….well maybe a little.

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So Chris celebrated her 30th birthday this week! And what better way to show it than with a dirty thirty picture 😉  Looking good, girl!  When you work hard, you play hard, so Chris didn’t say no to a double tiramisu when we went to dinner last week. #HEAVEN! 



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