13 Inside facts about the #FITGIRLCODE headquarters

Every office has their special little quirks. #FITGIRLCODE is no exception. I kinda get the idea that we seem more normal on here than we actually are, so I want to change that up a bit. So, I hereby present you: 13 inside facts over the #FITGIRLCODE Headquarters. 

1. Peanut butter junkies

We go through at least two jars of peanut butter each week. I find it a miracle that we all can fit through the door. It may have something to do with the fact that we have to climb all the way up to the 3rd floor everyday (yes, 60 steps.) Fit Girls or not, everyone arrives in the mornings out of breath with some sweat above their lips, and a bit of a limp.


2. Boob expert

Breasts are complicated. They come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s not rare that the left one can be a different size from the right. That’s something you should know! Especially if you are running the customer care for Jogha and #FITGIRLCODE. Luckily, Diana has developed into a true boob expert. She has a knack like no one else to know exactly which sports bra is suitable for you. So men, if you’re looking to buy a gift for your Fit Girl and you have a nagging boob related question: then Diana is your girl. For boob questions and more. FYI: if you swipe long enough on Tinder, you’ll find her yourself. 😉


3. Chilling with your harem

There is exactly 1 man working at #FITGIRLCODE and sometimes we forget that he is here. Now, it’s not that we see through him, but more so that he is a man. With feelings. Because no one even considers going to the bathroom to change into our Jogha outfits; we do it right in the middle of the office. If that’s not enough, we also give him style advice and Tinder strategies. But if he puts in his earphones, then we know we took it too far and back off.


4. A life supply of protein-rich kruidnoten

Shelley has a drawer with an endless supply of food. There must be a double bottom in there though, because it’s been a while since Sinterklaas has been away, and she still bothers us with those protein-rich kruidnoten. But we obediently gnaw away at those tough kruidnoten, because if the world were to end, it’s better to be in Shelley’s good graces. If there’s anyone prepared for the Apocalypse, it’s her!


5. iPhone extremists

At #FITGIRLCODE HQ, there are two camps: Team Samsung and Team iPhone. Team Samsung gets seriously looked down at by Team iPhone. An iPhone 3 actually ranks higher than a Samsung S6 Edge. Aranka actually let it slip yesterday that you can’t get ‘in’ unless you have an iPhone. You can be perfectly qualified, but without an iPhone, you can say bye bye to a job at #FITGIRLCODE. I’m just super happy that I got my Samsung under the old rules.


6. Tremendous Thursday

We have quite the habit of arriving to the office in our sports clothes. Because we can, that’s why. And also because it’s convenient to head straight to the gym without having to change. We are urban nomads and this way, we save space in our backpack. Because we end up looking like Mel C most of the week, we came up with Tremendous Thursday. The idea is that, every Thursday, we pay a bit more attention to our appearance. In reality, everyone forgets about it, and the only thing possible is to put on some red lipstick. Dorien always has 5 different shades on her, so if you look like a slob on Thursday, you can’t get out of it.

7. Designers are always on call

Anneloes is our visual designer. And visual designers are always on call. It is indeed, an art. Thinking of a nice sentence goes well – what I do as a copywriter – but as soon as something needs to be done that’s more complicated than Paint or Picasa, I get into a blind panic. Getting a visual to a specific size or removing a black spot from the background: Anneloes, HELP! As if the poor child has nothing better to do.


8. Sistah from another mistah

For those who don’t know, Jogha is the sister of #FITGIRLCODE. Both are together in the office in Rotterdam. Kim is the fashion designer of Jogha, so she decides how you’ll be looking at the gym next season. So you’d better be in her good graces. We’ve lately put on a ‘child’s lock’ on Kim’s browser, because when searching for fashion inspiration, she often finds herself in the dark side of the internet. The things she has seen cannot be unseen.


9. Anna’s 4 o’clock Dirty Dance

I have ADHD and so, I have the attention span of an Easter egg. I fight hard against it, but at 4 o’clock sharp, my internal clock goes off and I have to move. I turn the music up a bit louder and do a dirty dance in the middle of the office. Nobody ever joins me. They all look at me sheepishly with a  look on their face that says: “what is Anna up to now” It doesn’t seem that way, but I really don’t care at all. My dance moves are truly awesome after a few glasses of wine, but I don’t know if that actually improves my attention span. Maybe I need to try that out one time, since Aranka has no problem with drinking during office hours as long as the targets are met. A bit Wolf of Wallstreet style in that way. 😉


10. Danique’s danceable ringtones

Who has a song as their ringtone in 2006? Well, Danique a.k.a Daneequa does. Danique cannot stand techno, but she goes wild over nice R&B and hiphop beats. When she gets called, the whole office has to a little dance behind their computers. For a long while, we were jamming to Gyptian’s Hold Ya, but at the moment, it has moved to Hotline Bling from Drake. So now you know why it takes so long for her to pick up when you call.


11.  Girlboss with special powers

Aranka is the mastermind behind #FITGIRLCODE. No one will deny that. But she also has a very cool trick. When you’re pitching an idea to her, and you’re momentarily searching for words, she’ll end up finishing up your sentence for you. Freak! What are you doing inside of my brain? In short: she steals your ideas and makes them better. It’s probably a girlboss thing.


12. Welcoming selfie-policy

Taking a selfie in public, is still a bit taboo. But in our office, it’s hugely welcomed and encouraged. No one will even pay attention if you purse your lips while trying out 30 different poses in front of our famous selfie mirror. In fact, if you want to take a selfie there, you’re given priority and there are punishments for photobombing.


13. Weird cat ladies

Shelley and Laura have a thing for cats and kittens. And it goes pretty far. Shelly regularly gets called to Laura’s table in a serious tone (so we don’t catch on) to see the ‘cutest/funniest cat video in the world’. Actually, we always figure it out, because it is apparently so cute that they can’t hide their maternal “awwwwwww”-s. Them weird cat ladies.


 It’s better not to bother Laura if you don’t have a cool cat video to show. 

That’s it for today, folks! I hope that you still like us or even that you like us a bit more after reading this. 😉

Kisses ? Team #FITGIRLCODE

Jogha and denim: wearing sportswear everyday

At #FITGIRLCODE HQ, it’s not a surprise if I walk into the office to see many wearing their workout clothes typing away on their laptops. Working a 9-5:30 means that most of our exercise happens right after work. And if you want to get home to eat dinner before you starve, it makes sense that you’d want to make the transition from work to workout as quick as you can. The solution: wear as much of your gym gear as possible. 

Making sportswear fashionable

It (sadly) wasn’t always easy or socially acceptable to wear workout clothes all day long. Solid color tracksuits don’t exactly seem very suitable for the office, for instance, but there’s been a lot of changes lately that make it possible to wear your active wear on an everyday basis. Designers are incorporating the necessary components of active wear like breathable and quick-drying fabric, into their most fashionable clothing.

wearing sportswear everyday

This still doesn’t mean that any and every workout wear is versatile enough to pull off a chic and sporty look. But then again, those aren’t Jogha. With the truly fashionable prints, they make it possible to make the switch from professional casual to crossfit queen or kickass yogi.  Curious how this can work for you? Not to worry, we did all the thinking already. Two words: Jogha + Denim. This is really the little brainchild of Katrin who walked into the office last week wearing these tights and a denim shirt. Seriously, a match made in heaven. Check it out for yourself.

wearing sportswear everyday

Benefits of putting on your Jogha every single day?

Personally, it acts as a push for me to actually go do my workout. If I’m already in the sports bra and leggings, then I might as well be active in them. And of course, it’s just so comfy. Whether you’re out picking up some groceries, working at the office, or even meeting with some friends for brunch, the sportswear is stylish enough to save you from having an extra duffel bag to tote around, while still being a subtle reminder that you’re a woman committed to her fitness.

wearing sportswear everyday

The sportswear you get from Jogha is created in such a way that your body is sculpted for the perfect fit and incredibly supported. Comfort is guaranteed to push you to realize your full potential in whatever activity you decide to do, and it’s fashionable too. So go ahead and mix and match your Jogha to take this stylish support from the gym into your everyday wear.

Do you like how we rock it and want to experiment yourself? Then we’ve got good news for you. Starting today Monday 14th, there will be 30% off selected Jogha items.  So, don’t wait till it’s too late! Get your pieces and hashtag #joghacom on your Instagram pic so we can see what you came up with. 😉

8 Feelings any food lover can relate to

Sometimes, I really think that food is my soulmate. We’ve been in a relationship for a really long time, and to date, nothing makes me happier. I mean..it’s food. Need I say more? Food doesn’t judge you, it’s always there for you, it won’t leave you or cheat on you and you don’t need to wonder if it will text you back or not.  Want to know if you’re a true food lover? Check out if you can relate to these feels. 

1.The ultimate motivation to leave your house is food

It feels like no outing  is worth going to unless there will also be food in attendance. I can admit that I love staying at my house a bit more than your average 20 year old. So if you want to get me out, you’ve got to come strong and offer something I can’t resist: food.

2. 70% of your conversations are about food

Some of the favorite topics of any food lover include: What are we eating? Where are we eating? Who is cooking? and the most recurring topic, when can we eat?

3. You watch and read recipes online all.day.long. knowing you’re never going to try all of them out

Not sure if I enjoy torturing myself, or that I really mean it every time I say “I’m going to totally cook this sometime.” I swear, I have so many recipes saved in my tabs, and I must watch at least two of those minute long recipe videos on Facebook pages like Tasty. Can’t seem to help myself, can’t seem to get in the kitchen and cook. Stuck somewhere in the middle where I stare longingly…

4. You always have money to get something to eat, no matter how broke you are

Any college students out there reading? You know what I’m talking about. I spend as little as I can on my clothes, accessories and even my school books. Yet when it comes to food, the money just comes rolling out..

5. Everyone knows the ultimate gift for your birthday is to to take you out to eat

This year, I got a voucher for a really nice dinner at a steakhouse. Yes,yes, yes. They really know me. Food is the way to the heart, so what better way to show someone love on their birthday than with a meal?!

6. Your friends don’t even ask anymore, they know you want to help finish their meal

At the start of a friendship, you had to settle for that gut-wrenching feeling when you see them give their plate to the waiter without finishing the meal. Then, came the first time they asked if you’d like some, and now? Now they just pass their plate over to you or put some of their food into your plate without a word.

7. If you’re upset with someone, they know exactly how to make it alright again

So, maybe it’s a weakness. Food is your very own kryptonite and by now, those around you know just that. I think they should be thankful. There’s no guessing game on how to make you happy again, just come with a pizza and you’re good as new!

8. Every single thing in your life is an event deserving of  a good meal out

Got a promotion on the job? Celebratory brunch. It’s the birthday of your great uncle’s niece’s husband? Celebratory dinner. Rolled out of bed this morning? Maybe you deserve a trip to your favorite breakfast place.  Bought a whole bunch of groceries to ensure you don’t eat out for a while? I think that calls for some takeout.

So, proclaimed food lover, did you find yourself in any of these? Let me know which ones I missed and which ones were spot on! 

Where do Vegans get their protein from?

This is the big question that vegans are faced with whenever they let people know about their lifestyle: where do vegans get their proteins from? It’s actually quite silly that this is where most of our minds drift off to when we meet vegans. So, let’s get educated once and for all. Cayley and Nicole are the faces behind Banana TV where they’ve already produced hundreds of videos aiming to educate people about the vegan lifestyle. So, of course they know this question very well,  and here’s how they respond to it. 

What is protein?

For starters, it is a polypeptide, which simply is a long chain of amino acids. While there are 20 different amino acids, the body is capable of producing 11 of them all by itself. This leaves the other 9 essential amino acids to be obtained through our diet. So when we eat proteins, it gets broken down into these individual amino acids which our body then uses as building blocks for what we need. “Think of it as a beaded necklace. Our body takes that necklace, cuts the string and all the beads go everywhere, and then it goes and collects the beads it needs and uses that”.

High Biological value VS. Low Biological Value

Meats are considered to have high biological value, while plants are considered to have low. This is because meats contain an amino acid chain that’s pretty similar to our bodies, which makes it more easy to be used by our body. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for us. While it’s similar to us, yes, it also means faster body growth rate, faster cancer growth rate, and more growth factors. With all the proteins taken out of the meat, the body gets excited by the excess proteins leading to growths, because it doesn’t know what to do with all that protein.

On the other hand, you have plants. When you get your protein from ‘low biological value’ foods like plants, the protein gets synthesized in a slow and steady manner. The body absorbs the amino acids it needs to build what is necessary and that’s the end of it. All plant protein have the essential amino acids that you need, but with different ratios, so what you get from carrots, you won’t get from bananas. In other words, if you eat a variety of whole foods from a vegan lifestyle, you will get those 9 essential amino acids.

Okay, but how much protein do people even need?

While it seems everyone has been taught in school about how it’s necessary to get proteins, what’s missing is the education on just how much protein we actually need. This usually leads to us eating more than necessary. The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for protein is actually 0.8 grams per kilo of body weight per day, roughly adding up to 8-10% of our total calories for the day. Which, really isn’t that much. For an average woman who isn’t very active, this amounts to about 46 grams per day.  That’s truly not a hard number to reach.

Once you break it all down, there really is no point in asking this question anymore. You can get your necessary proteins without eating animal products, since there’s protein in basically everything – Rice, broccoli, carrots, bananas, pasta, lentils, beans, quinoa and so much more!

Why you should be working out on your period

All through high school, my classmates and I were always asking to be excused from gym class because of cramps, and I remember in particular that my gym teacher was always rambling about how working out on your period would actually help. The thing is, she never actually explained why, so doing laps around the field just wasn’t going to happen for me.  Looking back, I can now admit that she was right. Working out on your period is actually a pretty good idea, and here’s why. 

I am superwoman

While all women experience their periods differently, there is one thing all have in common: this is the time your body is closest to that of a man’s. During your period, estrogen and progesterone levels drop significantly, leaving you actually pretty powerful. According to Dr. Stacy Sims, an exercise physiologist from Stanford University, working out on your period may result in you hitting higher intensities, lasting longer in your routine, and with a lower core temperature. Besides that, your pain tolerance also rises. So if you’ve been trying to reach a new personal best, heading to the gym the next time you’re on your period may just be what you need!

working out on your period

Say bye bye to PMS and Mood Swings

It’s not new information that exercising makes you feel good. When you exercise, your brain starts releasing endorphins that act just like opiates. They stop the transmission of  pain signals, and instead produce feelings of euphoria. So instead of taking some pain killers, exercise offers an alternate and much more natural remedy for your cramps and discomfort.  It also helps to reduce some of those negative, depressive feelings and stabilize your mood swings.

While getting yourself to actually start exercising while experiencing all those menstrual symptoms  may be difficult, you’ll be left feeling 10x better afterwards. So, put on your comfiest workout gear and just go for it! Are there any Fit Girls out there who always work out while on your periods? How do you feel?

Sources: Women’s RunningWomen’s Health

5 Everyday Fit Girl Problems

Being a Fit Girl is awesome! You feel super healthy as you sit down with your bowl of kale salad (guilty!). You’re also secretly just a bit proud when you buy almost only fruits, grains and veggies at the supermarket.  And you feel incredibly sexy the day after you’ve exercised. You might even set off a metal detector with your abs of steel! Sometimes though, your friends don’t manage to be on the same vibe as you and you may find yourself on the receiving end of some jokes about your Fit Girl habits.

I’m not the only one experiencing this, right? Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, but some of their jokes really make me want to throw a high-fiber cream pie in their faces. I often catch myself on the defensive “haha, noo, I’m not that much of a Fit Girl!” But really, that gets me nowhere. So what if I am? I’m curious if you all can relate to the most common Fit girl problems (all are true stories bro)!

When you post a super healthy and Instagram-worthy salad and your friends talk it to death in your group Whatsapp.

The salad in question. This picture was later used as a rebuttal to when I once claimed that I wasn’t “such a die-hard Fit Girl.”

When you haven’t seen someone in a while, and the first thing they do is poke your stomach and ask “how is it going with your abs?”

Thank you for inquiring about the well-being of my abdominal muscles. I haven’t seen them in a while, but I’m sure that everything is going well with them. Maybe they’re a bit in shock from the unexpected poke.

When you want to eat a pizza and someone says “But you can’t eat that as a Fit Girl, right?”

Oh watch me.  I like to always choose the biggest and fattiest pizza there is, just to prove them wrong.

When there’s a sleepover, and you suggest a healthy breakfast, and your idea gets completely bashed.

And then they say “We’ll pick up some Greek yogurt for you”. No, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’d rather eat my shoe.

When it comes to sports and someone says “you don’t have time for that”.

1) Are you implying that I don’t have a life? And 2) I make time for things, that is something different. Byeee.

I have to admit that I find my friends super sweet. Thankfully, I have a healthy dose of humor and can laugh about it with them. What Fit Girl problems do you experience? Or do you have some more to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

How to have the best Valentine’s Day ever


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you may already be bombarded by commercials and a gazillion articles about the “perfect Valentine’s day date”. Like you really need to be reminded that you’re single. But fret not, because one, you’re not alone. Two, the expectations never live up to reality and three, there’s nothing wrong with being an independent woman that don’t need no man.

At #FITGIRLCODE, what really matters is a healthy mind and a healthy body. So that’s why we’re here to remind you that you’re pretty great and that you should focus on giving yourself some love this holiday too. Let’s be real, you deserve it. I know; sometimes this is easy to forget when you’re surrounded by people going crazy about finding a date, or wondering what their perfect boyfriend is going to do for them. But what really matters is what you’re doing for yourself. And no, you’re not going to die alone or become a crazy cat lady, stop worrying!


If you’re single this Vday, why don’t you plan a date for yourself? You’ll be in complete control and you know it’ll be great because of that. There’s no pressure to have that romantic comedy type of night looming over your head anymore. Think about it. Who knows you and what you enjoy better than yourself? There’s no room for disappointments here. (Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on sounds like a perfect date for me personally…)

Step two is to look in a mirror and dole out some compliments! You’ve got to love the skin you’re in. It’s basically the glue that holds you together, so it should be treated to some lovin’. Do you love your smile? Your hair? Ah, I got it. It’s your knees, isn’t it? Build your confidence and fill yourself with so much love that there’s no way that images toting “the perfect body” have any effect on you. You’ve already got the perfect body for you.

And if there’s something you don’t like, you have the tools to improve it. With a healthy mind and on a high from a successful Valentine’s Day, you can approach your physical health in a much more constructive way. Once you love yourself, it only makes sense that you’ll be good to yourself and make those kind of decisions that make you happy.

Lastly, of course, there’s the gift. Round up your self-love holiday with the perfect little gift, courtesy of Jogha. Right now, special Valentine’s day e-gift cards are available to make sure that you look as good as you feel when you hit the gym. A girl’s got to splurge on herself every now and then, you know?

So come February 14th, take out a toast to you. To your wit, your personality, your kind soul. To your curvy build, to your intellect, to those sexy knees you’ve got. To your slim physique, that hair, and that infectious laugh of yours. Whatever you’ve got, it’s perfect! 

Face Mapping: how to listen to your acne

Struggling with acne that just won’t go away? If you’ve tried everything you can think of, and still can’t get rid of those stubborn pimples, then perhaps the causes are more than skin deep.

There’s a theory held by traditional Chinese medicine called Mien Sheng that is still around today. In this view, you can infer a lot about someone’s health (and even their personality) from just looking at their face. If your skin is pale, you may need to incorporate some more iron into your diet or if you have dark circles under your eyes, you need to get some more sleep.  Besides that, each zone on the face correlates with a certain internal organ. So, when you have persistent acne that always pops up in the same places, this can be a sign of an underlying issue in some other organ in your body.

What does it mean?

  • The forehead: When the bulk of your acne accumulates here, this might be linked to issues in your digestive system. If your body is not able to properly break down certain foods, this could be allowing toxins to build up. So kick out some of those greasy or fatty foods and replace it with more antioxidant rich foods and drinks like green tea and lemon infused water.
  • On your cheeks: Spots that pop up here are linked to the lungs and can be caused by allergies and breathing in polluted air. If you’re a smoker or breathe in a lot of smoke, it’s a good idea to cut back on that exposure!
  • Your nose: Acne here can be an indication of an imbalanced diet, or show that you’re suffering from high blood pressure or bad circulation. Keep your blood pressure stable by watching your cholesterol intake and keeping your stress levels low.
  • Sides of the chin: This area is linked to your reproductive system and your kidneys. Leading up to your menstrual cycle, you may experience more breakouts here than normal. That part is pretty hard to control, but what you can do is minimize your stress. Stress causes your kidneys to do more work than necessary, so calm down, drink lots of water and eat as many vegetables as you can.

Do note, however, that there are also external factors that play a role, like touching your face regularly with dirty hands or not washing your face every night. These are just some starting points to help you figure out where your problems lie, and shouldn’t negate medical advice.

Sources: annmariegianni.com & davidwolfe.com

10 easy ways to stay healthy on a budget

Staying healthy on a budget. Even though it seems impossible for some people, it certainly is not. In fact it is very easy to live healthy on a budget. Especially if you take some time to plan your meals and groceries. These easy tips could help you to save some money!

A lot of people who are starting to make their diet more healthy, struggle with expensive groceries. Fresh fruit & veggies, meals that contain fish and homemade snacks… This does sound quite a bit pricey, but if you take some time to plan it’s actually really affordable. Buying healthy food without a clear plan will often lead to you paying a fine price for your food.


1. Eat seasonably

When you’re planning on eating mango’s regularly during winter, this obviously isn’t very budget friendly. Oranges and mandarins are very cheap during winter, though. So make sure you spend some time selecting fruits and veggies that most readily available in that season. This is by far one of the easiest ways to eat healthy on a budget, it will save you quite some money each week!

2. Less is more

My meals often contain about 5 ingredients. Sometimes even less. When it comes to cooking my motto is ‘less is more.’ Of course a healthy salad made out of shrimps, avocado, fresh thyme and almonds will be quite expensive. Try to pick just one of these ingredients and then combine them with cheaper food to make saving on a scrummy meal.

3. Eat oats regularly

Starting off your day with a bowl of oats is very healthy and so cheap. I eat oats for breakfast everyday. Sometimes I use oats in my smoothie but during winter I love to eat a bowl of hot oats. It gives me a very satisfied feeling until lunch time. We love to share our favourite oat recipes on the blog, so make sure you check out our breakfast page!

4. Mix & Match

If I get myself a pack of fresh salmon, I make sure I use it a couple of times a week. The same goes for sweet potatoes. I love to make fries out of them for dinner and I also use them to make these pancakes for breakfast. You will save quite a lot of money if you use the same ingredient several times in one week. The possibilities are endless but you need to try and think outside the box a little. 🙂 You could for instance make your own simple version of granola.

5. Don’t buy pre-packed food

Although those pre-packed cookies are delicious and easy, they aren’t that cheap. And most of them are quite unhealthy as well. It’s very easy to make your own bananabread which will last en entire week. It contains only a couple of budget friendly ingredients. Easy peasy!

healthy on a budget

6. Make a plan

When you prepare well before doing groceries you will save some cash. Make a shopping list and plan out your meals and recipes. This will make it less tempting to buy stuff you really don’t need. Not only will this save you money but also a lot of time in the supermarket. Score!

7. Store your food the right way

About 14% of the groceries in Holland go unopened and into the garbage bin. What a shame! Products which are thrown away most often are fruit, vegetables and bread. We should actually all start to invest some time in learning about how to store your food the right way. Vegetables need their own space in the fridge. So don’t just lay them underneath your meat & cheese. And some kinds of fruit & veggies (mango’s, melons, bananas and avocado) belong on the kitchen counter. If you’re afraid your bananas will decay soon, peel them, cut them and put them into the freezer. This way you can even use them for a nice smoothie!

8. Arrive fashionably late at the market

Even though it’s quite a lot of fun to go to the market in the mornings, it’s not the most clever option. When you visit one hour before it closes, everything will be a lot cheaper. I always go around 4 o’clock on a Monday afternoon. This way I can get myself a nice stock of fruit & vegetables that will last the entire week.

9. Check the freezers

Raspberries and forest fruits can be quite expensive, unfortunately. But they’re a lot cheaper when you check out the freezer at your supermarket. I always stock a couple of bags of frozen fruit in my freezer that I use for breakfast. These bags are perfect for lazy fit girls like me. You can also find quite a lot of mixed veggies in the freezer. Delicious and cheap, YAY!

10. Become a couponing pro

With a little time and attention to detail, it is true that any average shopper can lower his or her grocery budget. Subscribe to your local supermarket via email or post to keep up with the offers. And ask your friends to help you out when you need some more coupons! Nowadays it’s even easier to save up coupons with the help of apps on your phone too as they offer different deals each week.

You’ll definitely save some money if you put these tips into action the next time you go shopping. Share your own ultimate saving tips in the comments below because all Fit Girls love to know how to stay healthy on a budget!

Running recovery: Liberty’s journey

It’s been a while since my last post here on #FITGIRLCODE… Weeks have passed and I finally started to run again. Those of you who read my very first blogpost know that I started my yoga journey because of running. Injury stopped me from getting out there for some time, but now I’m back on track.

My Running journey

I used to run 3 to 4 times a week for a long time. I discovered yoga along the way and wanted to deepen my practice, which resulted in less running and of course more yoga. Yoga not only made me stronger physically, but also mentally. There were days where I would put on my trainers and run a 10K without practising or building up on the distance. Mentally I was strong and determined, so before I knew it I would pass 5K and continue running for a few more K’s. Daily yoga practice also increased my lung capacity which made me capable of running even longer, without getting out of breath.

Sadly after months of intense physical practice and exercise I injured my knee and stopped running. I though a few months of rest would be enough to recover, but that was not the case. After months and months of avoiding running, I decided to get back on track and start again.

running running

Road to recovery

A good friend of mine helped me with some exercises that would make my legs stronger, and ready to rack up those K’s again. Also a few deep tissue massages really helped my muscles to recover. I started all over again. Exercises for strong legs (I use the NTC app), daily stretching and slowly picking up distance. I started with long walks, followed by speed walking and eventually back to running. From 1 to 2K, 2 to 3K, and so on. Listening to my body and stopping whenever I feel like it became too much is what I did. There are many ways to recover, but this is what worked for me. I’m happy to say that I finally have my running back under control and I’m feeling great. I try to run 2 – 3x per week (depending on how much free time I have) and still practice yoga every day. I also foam-roll and do some specific yoga stretches after my run.

Just like yoga, running makes me feel alive and present. It doesn’t matter how far of fast you go. Just go out there and start again. Make sure to check out my next post “Yoga for Runners” for some good stretches.



Roos’ spring wishlist

Even though it’s cold and dull outside, that’s no excuse to not make a spring wishlist and do some window shopping (online is totally acceptable, who wants to brave the elements?!). I’m kind of done with the winter coats and boots and wishing it was spring already. It’s time for something new! I’ve spent hours and hours browsing through my favourite websites. Time to give you girls some inspiration!

I absolutely love to take inspiration from my favourite fashion blogs and Pinterest boards. After I’ve finished saving my favourite outfits, it’s time to search for the ultimate look-a-likes. That’s how I create my own wishlist of dream outfits for each new season. Today I present to you my 2016 spring wishlist, full of fashion goodness.

My everyday look

spring wishlist

Retro cropped top ♥ Molly jeans ♥ Suede bag ♥ Denim jacket

Ladies, here is a tip for everyone who’s struggling to find the perfect pair of jeans: Try on the ‘Molly’ jeans from River Island. These jeans have changed my life, I’m not even kidding. I own about 3 pairs of Molly jeans and the quality is amazing. The colours don’t fade and even the crotch looks undamaged after wearing it for one year, YAY! I love to wear these jeans with a denim jacket and a cute cropped top. I’m such a sucker for these cute retro-ish tops.

spring wishlist

Black body ♥ Jeans ♥ Heels ♥ ‘By night’ perfume

The ultimate party look

Bodysuits are so incredibly HOT! Especially the incredibly low cut pieces. To compensate the very outstanding cleavage I love to wear them with a basic pair of jeans. I personally think dancing the night away is a lot easier when you’re wearing a comfortable pair of jeans. To glam up this party look I’d love to combine it with these gorgeous black heels. To finish I always apply a bit of my favourite party perfume.

Am I allowed to already dream about my favourite swimwear by River Island? It’s too cute to be true. Even though it’s still a couple of months until I can actually wear bikini’s, adding them my wishlist won’t do any harm.

spring wishlist

Crochet top ♥ Ripped shorts ♥ Swimsuit ♥ Sunglasses ♥ Shoes

A crochet top is the ultimate must have for the upcoming festival season. Especially when you wear it with a cute pair of distressed shorts. This year I definitely want to get myself a swimsuit. Bikini’s are obviously great for tanning but swimsuits look really chic! I’ve already added this one with mesh details to my wishlist. I’m always struggling to find the perfect pair of shoes during summer. The simple low converse sneakers are cute but not really anything special. These heeled sandals however look cute and comfortable at the same time!

This is my ultimate spring wishlist so far. I really hope I can get myself one (but preferably all) of these gorgeous items asap! 

Winter must haves on sale now

Winter really feels like it’s approaching now with more cold, wet and grey days. It was too good to be true. So maybe there is still time to get the winter coats out of the closet and even to buy some new winter clothes. It just so happens that there are still major discount and with winter must haves on sale everywhere. Could we be lucky enough to save yourself some cash and snap up a cool, new outfit?! Yes and I’ve found some of the best bargains for you!

I’m guilty of spending half of my day ordering everything and anything (yes, I have an online shopping addiction) and I came across some items that you should not miss. I don’t want to infect you with my problem and my compulsive online shopping but it is definitely worth a look. Here are some winter must haves to get you through these harsh and cold months …


winter must haves

Why a teddy jacket? I bought one last year in a blue / purple colour and it really was my best purchase ever. OK if it rains it is not ideal, but then you have to be a little prepared and bring an umbrella or creative and wear a poncho over it, like us in The Netherlands who bike. This jacket is in fact so warm and fluffy that I really want to hug it all day. Actually, I would like to buy another one, this one, but I try to be sensible and not purchase the same thing twice, although I think it’s really cool in the gray…

Was: € 49.99 || Now: € 39.99


These are ultimate winter must haves for any fashion loving girl. I Pull & Bear love long and wide clothing. Lovely to hide away from winter and wear to hang out on the couch. Because believe me if I had the choice, during the winter I would rather lie in bed all day. OK, this is obviously not realistic, but with such an outfit you can even feel cosy in the office. Almost like being at home! It is very comfy but also looks stylish in (if you do have to go out the door). I have do not this particular dress, but I do have a number of similar dresses in different colours and sizes. If you wear this style once, you will never want to wear anything else in winter!

Waas: € 17.99 || Now: € 15.99


Pull & Bear

This skirt is really awesome. I really like everything with suede and the related Pocahontas-look. During my summer holiday in Ibiza I bought a similar skirt with buttons on it and I am so happy that I did! When I cam across this skirt but in black only this week, I had to have it. Heck, you only live once I guess. Such a skirt can be combined with so many different things. A sweater, a top, a long cardigan … and of course thick tights underneath. Then you’re ready for winter!

Was: € 29.99 || Now: € 12.99


Pull & Bear

You can’t have a complete winter wardrobe without it: a warm scarf. How could I leave this out of a list of winter must haves. Especially with the rain and the wind we get here. I never leave the house without a scarf, preferably one that has a hood is even better to handle the terrible weather. I really have a million scarves lying in my closet, but for some reason I always look forward to wearing my favourite burgundy red one. Still, I find this white one very nice too!

Was: € 15.99 || Now: € 9.99


Pull & BearWell, what can I say about this item. Not very wintery, but you can never have enough black dresses in my opinion. My closet is completely full and even though they all look the same, I can not get enough of them. Black is always good. And this is also a bargain. You can understand that I have of course added this to my basket.

Was: € 15.99 || Now: € 9.99



Do you want to get through the coming winter months nice and warm? Then quickly check the sales online and snap up that warm winter sweater or scarf now! You don’t even have to go outside to get the best bargains ;).

These are the most popular and best diets

Every year there is a diet ranking published by US News that reveals the most popular and best diets. At #FITGIRLCODE we’re not really a fan of ‘diets’, because when you want to undergo a truly healthy transformation it’s best to choose a healthy lifestyle where you eat consciously and exercise regularly. But if you still want to go for a diet: choose a diet that is healthy and where you eat enough. Are you curious to know what are the most popular and best diets? Well, continue reading because you are about to find out!

Best diets for overall health

1. DASH diet. The aim of this diet is to prevent, and lower, high blood pressure. The idea is simple: Eat more protein, fibres, vegetables and fruit. And eat as little fatty food as possible. You also need to watch your carb and salt intake. This programme is quite pricey and it can be hard to follow if you already have trouble eating healthy.

2. TLC diet. This diet has the aim to lower your cholesterol. It claims to lower your bad cholesterol level by 8-10% within 6 weeks. In order to reach this you will need to lower your saturated fat intake. You also need to eat quite some amount of fibre. In order to succeed with this diet you will need to watch the nutritional values of all food. This can be quite a pain in the ass.

3. Mind diet. The goal of this diet is to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The emphasis is on eating a lot of healthy food like berries, green vegetables, fruit, fish and nuts. And importantly, avoid these foods: red meat, fried food, butter, cheese and candy.

Best diets for losing weight

1. Weight Watchers. This diet will probably sound familiar to all of you. Following this programme could lead to you losing 2 pounds a week. The emphasis lies on eating food which is good for you and not only counting calories. Weight Watchers works Smartpoints. With the help of these points you can find out how much you can eat a day. You also get support from a lot of people who have already lost weight with this programme. This means you don’t have to do it all by yourself. A con of this diet is that it’s quite pricey and the Smartpoint system won’t be fun for everyone.

2. HMR programme. The goal of this diet is losing pounds by eating less calories. In order to do so, some meals are replaced by shakes, nutrition bars and hot cereal. The emphasis lies on eating a lot of fruit and vegetables. With this programme you will learn a lot about a healthy lifestyle and being active.

3. The Biggest Loser Diet. You probably already know this diet because of its successful TV show of the same name. Their theory is simple: We eat too unhealthy and this could absolutely be improved. You should eat regular, filling meals and start to be more active. There are quite some books available about this diet. It also has a 30 day bootcamp programme which gives you numerous workout videos, which you can follow at home. There are even Biggest Loser resorts in America. There you can rent accommodation which will cost you over 2000 dollars for one week. During your time at the resort you’ll cut the pounds with the help of dietitians and personal coaches.

Here you will find a full description of the most popular and best diets. I love the fact that the diets that rank highest are actually healthy diets. Crash diets might be popular, but they are absolutely not healthy. Changing your lifestyle by making it more healthy, one step at a time, will always be a healthier choice. And of course this is a lot easier to stick to.

As you will probably know there isn’t one ‘perfect diet’. Everyone has their own preferences. One diet might work for one person while it won’t do anything for somebody else. Some people don’t even want to follow a diet at all. The most important thing is to find a healthy lifestyle that works for you. Unfortunately it can take quite a while to find that perfect formula.

Do you have a diet that has changed your life for the better? Please let us know in the comments!

Must-have kitchen gadgets that every Fit Girl needs

Healthy food is very important when you’re on your way to fully living a healthy lifestyle. And spending some time in the kitchen to prepare yummy snacks is a big part of that lifestyle. Today I will share the ultimate must have kitchen gadgets every Fit Girl needs. This will make cooking even more fun!

kitchen must-haves


Smoothies are perfect either for breakfast or for a snack. A smoothie maker is the ultimate must-have for everyone who loves some fruity goodness. I always use this handy blender which comes with a big cup. This mean you even have less washing-up to do. Add your quark, fruit and oats then mix it for a couple of seconds, et voila. Your smoothie is done! You can’t go wrong with a breakfast this simple.

kitchen must-haves

Kitchen machine

A kitchen machine is great for cutting, grating and whipping food. It will come in handy at any time a day. It can easily help you make anything from salads to cakes and even more. A kitchen machine is a great investment when you’re planning on spending more time in the kitchen!


kitchen must-haves


love the Spirelli. A while ago I even wrote an article about this gadget in which I shared easy recipes to try with it. You can find spiralizers online in all shapes and sizes but this one by GEFU is my fave. With the help of this handy spiralizer you will prepare the most delicious low-carb recipes in no-time. Yum! 

kitchen must-haves

Waffle iron

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you will probably love waffles for breakfast. A while ago we shared this recipe for healthy spelt waffles, (if you haven’t checked it out yet, I urge you to now). When you use the right recipe waffles can be very healthy, nutritious and versatile. You can top them off with a splash of quark and some fresh fruit. That’s why you definitely need a waffle iron in your Fit Girl kitchen!

kitchen must-have


A tool which I can use for making juices is definitely high on my kitchen gadget wishlist. I would love to start off the day with freshly juiced drinks. A juicer is also easy to use in combination with veggies. With a juicer you can get in your daily dose of vitamins during breakfast. Yum, a freshly pressed juice made with spinach, orange and lemons. I can already picture it. Delicious!

kitchen must-haves


Steaming is hot! (get it?) When you prepare your food with a steamer there are no fats added and you will maintain all the vitamins. Steaming is one of the healthiest way to prepare your veggies, fish and/or meat. The anti-oxidants will also be saved when you steam your food. You can even collect the liquid that comes from the damp and use it for stock to add some extra flavour to other dishes. This way nothing will be lost.

So which one of these must-have kitchen gadgets are high on your wishlist? 🙂


5 Best celebrity butts on Instagram

“I don’t care about having a good butt,” said no Fit Girl ever. Never before had I seen quite so many #bootygainz on my Instagram newsfeed than in 2015! Fit Girls everywhere were embracing a bigger booty and leg day wasn’t just a thing for Fit Guys; music to the ears of all pear shaped girls out there. So here are 5 of the best celebrity butts on Instagram in 2015 to ass-pire to.

We might have already had the year of booty (supposedly it was in 2014 according to the internet) however seeing a well shaped butt always inspires me to get me up off of mine. You won’t get the ass you want sitting on the one you’ve got, is how the saying goes. For now though, let’s sit and take a moment to admire this slideshow of some of the best celebrity butts!


1.Beyonce in that dress at the Met Gala around this time last year. Wow.

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Flashback: #FITGIRLCODE interviews Kayla Itsines

2015 has come to an end and that’s why we want to look back at our most viewed video of the year. Of course it had to be of our interview with the one and only Kayla Itsines. We can totally understand your curiosity in the video and her interview because how cool is it that she came all the way to Amsterdam and answered a lot of questions for #FITGIRLCODE?

Kayla Itsines, Australia’s most famous Fit Girl, visited Amsterdam this summer for a very sweaty bootcamp and an interview with #FITGIRLCODE. The post we wrote about that awesome day was one of the first posts for the new Dutch version of our blog: Fitgirlcode.nl. That is what makes this video even more special! Don’t stop watching until the very end, because that’s when she receives Aranka’s very special Jogha gift. Her sweet and surprised reaction is priceless!

10 good intentions that make you a better person

New Year’s resolutions like exercising more, stopping smoking, eating healthier and spending more time with family are always relevant good intentions, but it’s sometimes nice to think way outside of the box. I have thought of 10 original intentions to set for 2016 that could make you a better person. Are you ready for this challenge?

10 original good intentions


For those who like to watch television, I gotta break it to you: it does not exactly have a positive effect on your mind. Research has shown that it has a negative impact our life satisfaction. Researchers are now finding it a lot of television can have that much of a negative impact on your life. Wow! Of course you do not need to throw your television right out the window, but a little less will do you absolutely no harm.


Several surveys have shown that giving to charity boosts happiness and reduces stress. So look for a charity or organization where you can make a contribution to each month. Definitely something to think about next year!


Buying cool experiences instead of stuff leads to more happiness for the person who buys it and to his or her environment. So from the results of this research we can say that it is a good idea to tackle this year differently. Do some more cool experiences such as tours, concerts and museums instead of buying yet another new pair of shoes. You’ll thank yourself at the end of 2016!


From now on, write what made you very happy or very unhappy. You do not necessarily have to keep one daily, only in the moments when you feel the need to. How much fun is it to read back over that flirt during your summer vacation or the week in which you decided to become a vegetarian and failed enormously? Sometimes we forget the little things in life. When you see this, you can look back at you how much you have experienced.


Instead of saying you have a huge amount of weight to lose in 2016, you are better listening to your body. Are you tired often even when you have 8 hours of sleep per night? This may be due to eating too much processed food. Or do you often feel very bloated? Then try more often to cook with fewer processed carbs to see how this works for you. Your body always gives signals and it is important to listen.


Whether it’s about school, work or your personal life; ask help from your friends or family when you need it. This will help you to have a lot less stress in the coming year. It’s always possible to call in some help so that you do not constantly have sleepless nights because of all the work you need to do. Stress can result in fatigue and nobody needs tha. Do you find it difficult to ask for help? Think about it the other way around and how you would love to help others. It’s okay once in a while to let someone else help you.

7. SAY “YES”!

Say “Yes,” to questions that you normally would not. This makes sure that you find yourself in situations where you normally prefer not to be. It’s good to come outside of your comfort zone once in a while. And that’s what matters the most. Say yes to the invitation of a friend to dinner when you’d rather sit at home watching Netflix. In the long run it can make you a lot happier to say ‘yes’ to situations more often. Do it!


Snooze, despite how good it can be sometimes, hitting snooze on your alarm is not the best way to start your day. If you have trouble with your sleep patterns then try to set an earlier time for yourself to go to bed. Or use a handy sleep app so you can see when it is best for you to go to sleep and when to get up. Recently on #FITGIRLCODE we wrote this article on how you can sleep like a pro to help you out too. Definitely worth reading!


Are you, like me, a huge Instagram addict? Then you probably  need this tip as much as I do. A little cut down on social media behaviour and enjoying the people around you more is definitely a good intention. Stop constantly checking your feed when you can have fun with all your friends and girlfriends in real life. Isn’t that much more important?


How exciting it can be at times to meet new people that often leads to great friendships.When you feel stuck in your daily routine it can help to connect you for example joining a new gym or going to a club with new people. So pluck up some courage, put your shyness aside and bring in the new year with a new club! You will notice how much fun it can be to meet new people all there.

With these 10 goals, you will get the most out of the new year. And these are good intentions to pursue in the following years too. Good luck in starting them already! 

What women really think of their bodies

On social media it’s almost impossible to avoid articles about ‘the perfect body’, especially relating to appearance summer time. Fit Girls and Fit Guys show up on almost every Instagram feed now too and this can make a lot of people uncomfortable in their own skin, yet they keep following them. Is it really a problem? Refinery29 surveyed a 1000 women to get to know what women really think of their bodies. 

Maybe you’re also tired of reading a lot of articles about how to get the perfect body ASAP. We at #FITGIRLCODE choose a healthy body and happy mind over everything. Tips on how to get ‘summer proof’ can be interesting, but feeling comfortable in your OWN body all year round is a hundred times more fun. Are you curious to see that other women think of this? Take a look at these results.

what women really think of their bodies

bodiesbodies bodies bodies bodies bodies bodies

“It’s your summer. It’s your body. Enjoy them both!” So it might not be summer now but don’t think about having a certain shape of body at a certain time of year. Love your body now, treat it well now and we all hope you will succeed to believe this next summer 🙂 

Source: Refinery92

16 cutest Christmas kittens in the world

We LOVE kittens. Especially when they are dressed in Christmas outfits. There is simply nothing more adorable than this. We want to share our love for these little munchkins with a collection of cute Christmas kittens and spread the joy we get from just looking at them! You’re welcome and Merry Christmas!


Christmas kittens



Christmas kittens



Christmas kittens



Christmas kittens



Christmas kittens



Christmas kittens



Christmas kittens


 Christmas kittens



Christmas kittens


Christmas kittens


Christmas kittens


Christmas kittens


Christmas kittens


Christmas kittens


Christmas kittens

Which of these kitties would you prefer to see lie under your Christmas tree? I’m most fond of kitten number 9. Those eyes are so adorable. I love it!

10 thoughts you have during Christmas dinner

1. You have given all sorts of presents to everybody except yourself. Yup, and now you’re sitting without a pretty Christmas dress.

2. Your stomach is growling for 3 hours because it’s been such a trek to the place where you are eating dinner and of course your family, as always, were running late. You can only hope that no one will see you when grab a bag of chips to save yourself from passing out!

3. Does your aunt ever stop asking why you’re still single? Oh no. She doesn’t seem to understand that you are more than happy with your pizza.

4. When the noise level is rising and everyone is climbing over each other because there are too many people and you’ve clearly not drank enough to survive the chaos. 

5. Just think of all the leftovers you are going to be able to nibble on tomorrow…alone. That will make you enormously happy.

6. When is it appropriate for the quick outfit change? That beautiful dress you started the meal in is now too tight for you and your food baby.

7. Oops! Forget about keeping room for dessert …

8. Do you remember anything about the promise you made ​​a few days ago to take it easy on yourself during dinner? Right …

9. Okay, the next few weeks I’ll not eat anything more.

10. Oh wait, the 26th of December is the basically Christmas day, round two. What’s on the menu?!