1. “Hip raises, bridging and roll over” (Without/with Blackroll (place under hipbone):

Bridge without Blackroll:

Lay on your back // Bring knees over hips, keep legs straight and reaching for the ceiling // Use arms for stabilization on the floor – keep the neck long and don’t move the neck side to side to protect the vertebrae and muscles in the neck // Lift your hips off of the floor // Repeat 12 x 

Bridge with Blackroll:

Lay on your back, arms besides upper body to balance// Place roller underneath the feet // Push the hips up, while engaging the abdominal muscles and pushing feet onto the roll, breath in. Slowly roll down again, breathing out // Repeat 12 x


IMG_2928 IMG_2929

Now, continue with the ‘roller over’:

From the same position: rolling back with straight legs, try to touch the floor with your toes. This decompresses the spine while creating strong abdomen // Repeat 4 x


IMG_2939 IMG_2938

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