#FITGIRLCODE community: I have a confession to make. I have not always been a pillar of total fitness! I was that girl who all of her friends hated because I had the appetite of a defensive lineman yet I never put on a single pound of weight despite how much food I ate.

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Coming to Terms with total F(ood)ITNESS!

During my undergraduate years from 2007-2011, I ate whatever I wanted at Trine University (Angola, IN) like so many of us do. I was lucky enough to be an ectomorph, what the fit world considers “a hard gainer”, meaning I have a naturally lean body that has a difficult time gaining weight. Despite eating Taco Bell, Burger King and Pizza Hut like it was my major on a weekly basis, I still lifted weights 5-6 days a week on campus so I thought I was perfectly fit!

Fast forward 3 years later, as I began to interact with more likeminded fit people on Twitter and Instagram I realized I was only 50% fit. The critical half of being 100% fit that I was missing was…you guessed it…eating healthy. You may have heard the term “You cannot out work a bad diet” and I never thought it to be true. However, for one month I challenged myself this past June to cut out sweets, fast food, pop and desserts to see if there was a change in my appearance simply from switching to a cleaner diet. And the result was a leaner body and better muscle definition than I had ever experienced in the past, even while being a college athlete. I started the challenge at 147 pounds, lost 10 pounds and today, 4 months later I am still maintaining a leaner, more muscular body at 137 pounds!

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